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Bethenny Frankel Sued By Ex-Manager For $100 Million!

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Bethenny Frankels Getting Sued by 100 million

Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl cocktail brand sure is lucrative.

It's a shame then, if this is true, that people would be left out of that lucrative sum when they had a hand in brokering the deal.

Bethenny's ex-managers, particularly Doug Wald, claim they are just that, part of the brokering that took place, and then were cut out of the rich deal afterwards!

According to the complaint, filed in L.A. Superior Court:

Frankel signed with APA on August 7, 2008 and also agreed orally that day to retain Wald as her personal manager and pay Raw 10 percent of her earnings (she allegedly confirmed the relationship in an email sent the next day). Wald says Frankel specifically sought out his advice because she thought the Skinnygirl cocktail was underexploited and he could help her make some money from it.

"She expressly represented that any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable under their management agreement," the complaint says.

So Wald says that he hooked her up with David Kanbar, who had a plan to use her celebrity for the brand and then sell in two years. That sounded great, but the only issues was that Bethenny straight up just fired Frankel two days before she signed the deal.

The company was sold, then, for a reported $120 million dollars.

So, the company and Wald want their 10%, and an extra $100 million in punitive damages!

That's quite the hefty sum, Bethenny! We hope it isn't true for your bank's sake!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Bethenny Frankel Sued By Ex-Manager For $100 Million!”

  1. 1

    she looks like a monster mummy

  2. 2

    Can't stand her.

  3. 3

    "Bethenny straight up just fired Frankel two days before she signed the deal." Wait…she fired herself? Is she suing herself too?

  4. 4

    oh gosh, leave her alone, people. that's way too much in punitive damages, please. there's no way she'll ever have to pay that. i'll represent you, bethenny! i'm a law student… but i was hooked on your show during exam month. fail. : (

  5. 5

    cant lie her drink is really good

  6. 6

    I'm pretty sure that Cookie (the dog) is a girl.

  7. 7

    CANT STAND HER!!!! Total self centerered narcassitic bitch. She does nothing but whine and complain and create drama. Cant wait for her show to go off the air and for her 15 minutes to be up FINALLY!!

  8. 8

    dear perez - PROOF READ. JESUS IT'S NOT HARD. write something, then READ IT AGAIN. there's so many freakin' errors on EVERY blog entry it's stupid as hell. it'll take you 5 seconds to reread it and CORRECT MISTAKES like bethenny suing herself.

  9. 9

    Bethenny's dog is a girl. Just saying…

  10. 10

    who are the people that care about this woman

  11. 11

    That Skinny Girl drink tastes horrible.
    Will never buy again.

  12. 12

    This whole story is bogus. She fired Raw in 2008, and if they had a claim at all, it would be for 10% which is $12 million. I'm sure she has a stash of lawyers, she's no idiot!

  13. cika says – reply to this


    "That sounded great, but the only issues was that Bethenny straight up just fired Frankel two days before she signed the deal". Mmmmm isn't Bethenny's last name Frankel?? Why would she fire herself?? I think you confused the name of the agent with hers….

  14. 14

    100 Million in punitive is ludicrous but c'mon she should have known to give the guy a cut if he hooked her up with her agent and BUSINESS PARTNER!!

    Gawd she's self-centered. She is is such a taker.Me, Me, Me. So annoying.

  15. 15

    thank you! I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one thoroughly perturbed by Perez's CONSTANT typos! Bethanny fired Frankel? If you're going to be some form of a reporter, which you are Perez, make sure the news in which you convey to the population is clear and makes some sort of damn sense! You seem really out of it lately, pretty much every post as all kinda of typos! Even as I'm commenting, the words I accidentally misspell are UNDERLINED IN RED! Idiot.

  16. 16

    whatever, fucklist her cause her body is banging.

  17. 17

    Good Lord, it's so annoying to read entries with ridiculous typos. When you combine them with you continuing to give them advice and writing as if you're besties with every celeb makes me want to stop visiting the site altogether. Grow up! You are the kid in high school who thought he was tight with everyone but was really just annoying.

  18. 18

    Seriously! If you want to be a professional, be a professional! These typos are getting ridiculous. Hire a writer who knows how to spell and proofread. As far as the Bethenny story, she could have received a meeting David Kanbar on her own I bet. She had notoriety from the housewives show. SHE is the reason people purchase the beverage, rather than buying a bottle of patron and limes. Mo money, mo problems I guess.

  19. 19

    what is the drink that bethenny is holding in the picture?

  20. 20

    Ok, maybe he should sue for that, but "$100 million for punitive damages"? Get real.

  21. 21

    This Wald guy is greedy. I believe Bethenny fired him because he is lazy. Her husband helped Bethenny and worked hard with her. Wald must be jealous because he didn't have a chance to fly with private jet and didn't appear on the show. LOL. $100 million is ridiculous. Greedy, greedy, greedy!!!!!