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Bristol Palin Admits To Having Plastic Corrective Surgery

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We thought so!

Last week, everyone got in a tizzy about the new angles Bristol Palin was sporting on her face. Besides slimming down a great deal, it was obvious that some work had been done to her nose and that her jaw had been given more definition. The infamous teen mom took her sweet time responding to the "rumors," but ultimately came forward today to confirm that she did have some work done in December 2010.

And we're all just noticing this now? What's wrong with us???

Now, as you might've guessed, Bristol isn't claiming to have done this for vanity's sake. No, she's using the old tried-and-true line that she needed this surgery for medical reasons. She explains:

"I had corrective jaw surgery. Yes. It improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons…so my jaw and teeth could properly realign…I don't obsess over my face… [Still] I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I look older, more mature, and don't have as much of a chubby little baby face!"

We don't agree. You don't look like YOU anymore!

Maybe you didn't love your chubby little baby face, but it made you, when possible, somewhat endearing. Now, we can't help but look at you and wonder how much of this was done to ensure you would get your own reality show away from your mother. Oh sure, you could tell us this was for "medical reasons," but how interesting that the entire shape of you face had to change just so your teeth could be straight. AND, how does your jaw affect your nose, hmm? Did you forget how you slimmed that down too?

[Image via WENN.]

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79 comments to “Bristol Palin Admits To Having Plastic Corrective Surgery”

  1. 1

    LOL, as I said before: having surgery to align your jaw is one thing. Chiseling it in half is another. Why can't people just be honest?

  2. 2

    Hey, When i was 16, i had corrective jaw surgery because of medical complications that would come in my future.
    My entire faced changed and i looked a lot different than i had before, it's amazing how just a change in your jaw alignment can change how you look so much. Just an FYI for you. Also it does change your nose seeing as your top jaw is supporting your nose, if that moves your nose moves.

  3. 3

    Ridiculous excuse, and ridiculous procedure. She looks much worse now.

  4. rcs says – reply to this


    Just who is everyone?

  5. 5

    So how do you report that she had her surgery done last year and that you never noticed and then claim that she doesn't look like herself any more? WTF?

  6. mammy says – reply to this


    she looks alot better.

  7. 7

    We'll see what tune you're singing when you reveal your hair plugs.

  8. 8

    Who cares - give her credit that she realized that she was ugly and had corrective procedures done to fix it. If you would do the same Perez - it hurts my eyes to look at you. Make friends and find out who her doctors are - start a fund and get some work done yourself. Please

  9. 9

    just like her mom a vain mean spirited, power/money hungry liar. the whole family is trash no moral value or shame. i'm starting to believ some of the crap levi said about them though he is no prize either. anyone who doesnt think she is a liar money hungry shallow woman must be republican

  10. 10

    Maybe if she kept her mouth shut she wouldn't have needed surgery…

  11. 11

    My daughter recently had the same surgery to correct a severe overbite. The recovery and rehabilitation period is very painful and no one would sign up for that unless it was medically necessary. In my daughter's case the operation was a total success and some kids at her school didn't even recognize her, especially as her nose was changed when they moved her upper and lower jaw up and forward. The doctor's told us if we didn't do the operation by the time she was 30 she wouldn't be able to close her mouth at all. Sadly, some jealous girls at her school have started a rumor saying that she only had the surgery to look hot, (which she does) which is why I felt like commenting on this story. The thing is, that the overbite is a birth defect and the surgery is making her look as she would have if the defect had never happened. My daughter now has the same shape of face and nose as her two sisters.Leave Bristol alone!

  12. 12

    She looks better now to be honest.

  13. 13

    Why are people so against making facial improvements? She looks about a thousand percent better now.

  14. 14

    I think she looks great! Perez stop being a dick, maybe Gaga should get that messed up nose of hers fixed

  15. 15

    Someone who is as ugly as perez should never talk looks. Oh yeah and she dindn't use coke or meth to lose weight like yourself you fucking pig.

  16. 16

    What would God say?

  17. 17

    Goddamn Perez, shut the fuck up and stop making your own assumptions and do some research in how jaw problems are corrected.

  18. 18

    Seriously…who cares??? And you know what, both my sister and I had corrective jaw surgery and after weeks of horrible pain and not being able to eat, we both looked 100% different. Because of the differences in our looks, people commented all the time about how we had plastic surgery, etc. Whatever! I had a deviated septum fixed in my nose too, which also changed may face…but I didn't have a nose job. Get over it! She looks good. Perez, corrective jaw surgery might do you some good….just sayin'

  19. 19

    You just can't fix ugly

  20. 20

    oh she still looks like a pig !

  21. 21

    I don't care for her at all but she does look waaaayyy better! Who cares if she had plastic surgery?

  22. 22

    My Daughter had Maxilliofacial surgery 2 1/2 years ago to correct a jaw problem and her entire face changed including her nose. Depending on which jaw they are working on if not both…the entire shape of your nose can change. The nose fyi sits on the palette of your mouth. Once you move it the nose move too. My daughter's face changed so much that even I had a hard time with it. Support groups for parents can be needed. That's how drastic one "little" surgery can be. Oh, and after reading the possible side effects on the consent form I feel that anyone brave enough to go through with it is amazing. I refused to sign it and had my husband do it. Unfortunately, we did have a few of those side effects but they were minor in comparison to what could have been. Oh, and one more thing…it is major surgery but the pain isn't as bad as you think because nerves are stretched and your face is numb. Weight loss is inevitable because you are on a liquid diet for many weeks. She looks beautiful and hopefully the surgery has corrected the problem.

  23. 23

    Perez, shut the fuck up. I had a corrective surgery as well to fix my jaw. Did it help me aesthetically? Yeah, my face is much more aligned and my teeth look great, but that isn't WHY I did it. Without it I had a lot of issues with migraines and I couldn't eat "properly" because my teeth weren't aligned the way they should be. It would cause me to over use my back teeth and there was already significant wear on my molars because of it.

    My nose changed after my surgery as well because it changed the entire shape of my face.

  24. 24

    My boyfriend had jaw corrective surgery as well as a close friend. Depending on how misaligned the jaw is you may have to have the top jaw moved, bottom jaw moved or both. Both my bf and friend looked drastically different. My bf had his whole top jaw cut out and moved forward. He was in the hospital for 2 days as a complete swollen/bleeding mess that couldn't talk. You also have your mouth elastic shut for weeks/months depending on how your healing is going. You also cannot eat solid food for at least 3 months. So this is probably why you haven't really seen much of her. It's not something you would have just because. You also lose a lot of weight because there is only so many liquid foods you can handle for 3 months. And even when you can eat again the muscles are weak and you literally don't know how to chew because your muscles are in different positions. So stop spreading ignorance on this surgery to people.

  25. 25

    Actually Perez, it's entirely reasonable that her whole jaw had to change to realign her teeth. And while I don't believe she had this surgery for medical reasons, it is in fact plausible should she be telling the truth. Someone I know had to have his teeth and jaw realigned and it changed the entire shape of his jaw and therefore his whole face.

  26. 26

    I am not against or for the politics that have been brought into this article, BUT, I have a problem similar to Bristol's. I have a "chubby face" that I have grown to accept, but my teeth are also out of line with my jaw and a I have a mild overbite in some sections. IF i ever wish to fix it, the options are to get braces again (yuck) or corrective surgery. Although the surgery is pretty minor, doctors tell you that it DOES change the entire profile of your face. I'm hoping I don't have any teeth problems in the future and can just live with it how it is.

  27. 27

    Re: marlow
    I don't know that people are against the facial improvements somuch as the dishonesty about the facial improvments!!1 She just looks like yet ANOTHER reality housewife now…they all look cloned.

  28. 28

    She looks good.

    So what if she gets a reality show? Look at how many of these "celebs" have their own programs? I don't watch any of them.

  29. 29

    It makes sense, you have to stop growing to have it done and you can't wait that long after that to have it done. I know a number of my kids friends that need it and they are just about that age. I should have had it done years ago, but, no one suggested it, or maybe really knew about it. I had braces from 7-17 and my mouth is still not aligned. Every generation comes up with new techniques. Centuries ago, they put you in a rack to make you taller. AND TO TORTURE YOU!

  30. 30

    She looks like Snooki.

  31. 31

    bully much Perez?

  32. 32

    who knows, but it sems a little funny that she gets her corrective surgery just as she's going hollywood. like many celebs, she's being dishonest.
    who cares what she looks like though. she has a drab personality, no talent, and is riding the coat tails of her mother's "fame".
    known for having a baby as a teen, which is bad for everybody else, but good for her.
    will anyone watch this shoe. please explain why. thank you

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Leave her alone you piece of shit.

  35. 35

    Perez, YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 36

    I don't think she looks that different. To me it just looks like she lost some weight and chubby cheeks. She does look a little bit more like her Mom though.

  37. 37

    Another thing Perez, as you see here, many teens have this issue, so when you say she is lying, ect, you are telling all these other kids that they are lying too, and I'm sure they're being bullied before and after their surgery, so essentially you just bullied hundreds of teens right here in America with this post… Gosh, you've got to feel great about that???????

  38. 38

    Perez…what happened to being the nice guy? Had you pulled your head out of your ass for a few minutes, googled the surgery she claimed to have, you could have avoided coming across as an IGNORANT TWIT. Everything she said is true, and having a disaligned jaw comes with all sorts of painful complications. HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE!!!

  39. 39

    Seriously, why does this matter?

  40. 40

    As many others have said, jaw surgery DOES often change your entire face. Many of my friends had it years ago in junior high and high school and came back looking like different people. Just like Perez, mean girls at school made snotty comments about "nose jobs" and such…that were blatantly untrue. I have a sibling that will be getting the same surgery soon and they were shown an "after" picture…they will look as different as Bristol does. I myself am considering it at some point in the future because my jaw position has caused TMJ, a bad overbite, and difficulty in chewing food. I look a lot like Bristol did before and will probably look a lot like her after as far as a change to the jawline and nose. I hope the Perez's of the world bother to educate themselves before they start slinging mud.

  41. 41

    I may actually believe her… as for the nose, it looks the same to me.

  42. 42

    she's still an ugly, nasty, famewhore just like her mother.

  43. 43

    I don't give a fuck who ELSE got a new jaw or who's kid got one, etc…
    This bitch is a liar, like her mother.
    She had lipo on her jaw line, for cosmetic reasons just like the following was done for.
    She got a chin implant (quite obvious too… longer pointier chin implant).
    Definite cheek implants (or maybe fat injections).
    Bottom lip plumping.
    Possible brow lift.
    Nose looks the same.
    She now looks like a feak. FUCKED up her face. She looks horrible. Looks like Joan Rivers/etc.
    Look at other pics of the before and after.

  44. 44

    who knows… I feel sorry for the girl.. her mother just thrust her pregnant out of wedlock daughter into the spotlight for her own selfish reasons… she never once thought about the damage she was doing to this kid.. now her whole life is in the tabloids.. I am disgusted by her mother but I just kind of feel sorry for her..
    anyway she does look 10 times better so good for her..
    I heard she got smart and moved as far away from her witch mother as she could.. she was out here in AZ for a while and now she is moving to LA

  45. 45

    She looks great. Good for her!

  46. 46

    Perez that is very mean of you to say that the way you did. She looks like herself - just a better version and no matter what her reasons are for getting work done those reasons are her business. She does not owe us an explaination of why she did it no more than you owe an explaination of when you color your hair. She is an attractive young lady. She looks great!!! Go Bristol!!!

  47. 47

    My roommate had to have corrective jaw surgery, and she looked completely different afterwards, especially her chin (which is part of your jaw). Pretty much the same thing happened to her as this girl. She lost a lot of weight because they had to wire her jaw. It was really painful, and the before and after of her chin was really similar to BP's. Bristol Palin might be a tool bag, but corrective jaw surgery does in face significantly change the way you look, both from the realignment of your jaw, as well as weight loss from being on liquids for a while after they rewire it.

  48. 48

    Perez is such a bully. STILL! He can make as many assumptions he wants, doesn't change the fact that he has no idea what the 100% truth is and he is making MEAN comments/judgements (which, I thought he was done doing??). She didn't hurt anyone, she didn't go on a competition asking PEREZ to judge her face and give her the OK. What right does a grown ass man have, anyway, telling a 21 year old girl how her face should look? So ridiculous….

  49. 49

    Perez, you are back to your old bullying ways, what a shame. You are just jealous ’cause there is no maxillofacial surgeon that will touch your "Leno chin" not even with a 10 feet pole!!! Quit hating, she looks good….

  50. 50

    Her excuses are shitty but bitch looks good.

  51. 51

    She looks exactly the same minus about 30 lbs…. and a little bit older. It happens when you go from teenage years to adulthood. And having to deal with jaw issues is very painful, surgery is usually the last resort to correct a lot of issues.

  52. 52

    STHEEFU, Perez and fellow cornholers! Since when were you EVER "endeared" in any way to Bristol Palin?! You "people" are thee biggest effing hypocrite and liars ever!

    That being said, I hate the new look. She looks like every other plastic Hollywood bimbo out there and, in fact, looks like JAY LENO, a clown! BRISTOL: Get back to the surgeon and fix that MISTAKE! LOVE YOU, GIRL, but WTH?! Your round face was your beautiful signature. WHY???

  53. 53

    It doesn't matter how many plastic surgeries this bimbo gets. she's still gonna look ugly.lol this corrective jaw surgery just made her look even uglier then she already is. like mother, like daughter. their both hideous. haha her face is just terrible to even look at. lol blame your ugly mother bristol. she made you look so ugly. poor thing.

  54. 54

    Medical reasons my ass! Why can't this bitch admit that she was self-concious about the way her piggy face looked?

  55. 55

    her nose looks the same..

  56. 56

    This crazy eskomo thinks she is a movie star. So let see she got knocked-up at 16 and her mother is a crazy skank. I have to handed to these skanks make all the money you can before thier 15 minutes is up. Only in america morons can make millions

  57. 57

    JESUS!! CALM DOWN YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!!!! god perez what is with you??? so what if its cosmetic??? leave her alone, what is she? 20?? stop burning this chick at the stake because she had a kid TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO. move the fuck on…report it and most on jesus, we dont care about your views because you suck!!! she can do whatever she wants with her body, just like you use meth to lose weight even though youre still a fatass!

  58. 58

    Oh shut up perez, I thought you weren’t a bully anymore.

    I know a girl who had to get corrective surgery on her jaw, she looks totally different. She had to get it done for medical reasons as well. Considering the fact that she was 15, I doubt her mom would let her just get plastic surgery like that.

    Even if it was plastic surgery: what’s wrong with having a preference? If someone wants to look different (without overdoing it like someone like heidi montag), it’s fine. It doesn’t make them wrong or bad.

    Stop being a bully, I thought you made a promise.

  59. 59

    she look better before.

  60. 60

    to each his own! My only problem with her and these other girls on 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom is that they are making a fortune of money for having no morals, being irresponsible and making horrible decisions. I look at other hard working Americans, that actually break their asses to make a living wage, have to struggle most of their loves to make ends meet and are never given opportunities to like these prima donnas. I cant think of a single person in these teen pregnancy reality shows that you can say are role models. If Sarah Palin was unable to control here own teen daughter, how the fuck could she possibly control a country?

  61. 61

    First, let me start by saying she does look a lot better. It is an improvement for sure.
    But I do not believe that she had maxillofacial surgery. Even all the people on here who are claiming to have it can attest to how painful it is and that it takes months to recover. And if you look at her before picture her teeth are aligned just fine. She just had a weak jaw line.
    Looks more to me like a chin implant with some lipo. If that is the case she should just own up to it. Whatever, she looks good. She must have felt the need to keep up with her mother, who as wacky as she is, is a beautiful woman.

  62. 62

    Perez, to be real, you really are an ass for this one. As you can see from the other posts, Bristol most likely is telling the truth. Do some research before you judge ANY situation. Just because you hate the Palins doesn't mean you have to bash them every chance you get. I thought you were a reformed bully.

  63. 63

    She looked better before. So sad. She's just so young and I think she's doing what she can to fit in. Poor little girl.

  64. 64

    I believe Bristol's story. My face shape completely changed in the time I had braces during my late teens. When I first got them my face was round and soft-looking, much like Bristol's before pic. By the time I got them off 2 years later I had much stronger, more square features. Any type of procedure that affects your jaw will change your face, and many times the procedures are necessary. In this instance, I believe her when she says it was for corrective medical reasons.

  65. 65

    Haaa- does she really expect any one to believe she " needed " the surgery? Delusional bitch…. Why doesn't she just say she's trying to go Hollywood because she's too dumb for politics??? lol

  66. 66

    i believe her. I need corrective jaw surgery too. My smile (because i'm missing a tooth that never came in) makes me whole face look crooked. My dentist and orthodontist suggest either that or have me go into the hospital and have them cut out some back teeth and drill a permanent tooth in. Either one doesn't sound like fun.

  67. 67

    She looks terrible. She was actually very pretty before. She aged herself 20 years. Sorry Bristol.

  68. 68

    She looks like a Kardashian.
    Honestly, it's not like she pulled a Heidi Montage on that one so I think it's safe to say she'll be okay.

  69. 69

    So I am in the process of having corrective jaw surgery and it is NOT fun. Normally corrective jaw surgery IS considered a cosmetic surgery. In my case, I have sleep apnea and wake up about 14 times an hour and it is due to my severe overbite. In Bristol's case…. who knows? I do have to say that the recovery of the surgery being so painful as it is, I personally dont know if I would have the guts to go through with it just for cosmetic reasons alone so maybe she did do it for medical reasons…. Also, sometimes the do have to put a chin implant in or even shave your chin down (which is what they are doing in my case) so that when they do move your jaw forward it is in alignment with your forehead. That is probably why in Bristol's case her chin looks different. If you have never done research on the recovery, you are on a liquid diet for about 8-12 weeks, you have screws put in your jaw to hold it into place and you pretty much cant open your mouth for the majority of that time because of the swelling. It is not a fun process…..

  70. 70

    Re: redmond – Just like celebrities and reality TV "Stars"? If Mario wants to pick on a 20 year old, why doesn't he go after all of his good Hollywood buddies that he used to slam a year ago? He used to hate on everyone unless they were gay or Hispanic. Then he decided he'd make more money whoring himself off as a celebrity sheeple. Mario needs to devote a whole new website to all of his celebre-friends who've had plastic surgery (Almost all of of them) with before and after shots.

  71. 71

    Re: Whitney Evans – I hope your surgery and recovery process goes well. My cousin had a sever underbite and he had the same thing done. The amount of weight he lost through the liquid diet was immense but he recovered successfully. As usual, Perez has shown his supreme ignorance. this is not an operation that people undertake for the hell of it. It is a very major surgery. But as we know the bullying Perez never went away..now he is even worse and more sinister.

    But, good look Whitney. i think it will definatley be worth it in the long run:)

  72. Laura says – reply to this


    I was looking into corrective jaw surgery - purely an elective procedure - to change the shape of my face to make it less flat, and to have my upper-lip/mouth farther out and my chewing more relaxed - however, that shit is expensive AND painful!

  73. 73

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – Thanks girl!

  74. 74

    I honestly don't see any difference in her nose

  75. 75

    I had corrective jaw surgery when I was 18 and let me tell you, you have swelling for a YEAR after it. That swelling can really change the shape of your face along with the surgery. Everything about my face changed after the surgery. So lay off some Perez.

  76. 76

    I don't like her, but I gotta say more power to her if this makes her feel better about herself.

  77. 77

    Re: !hateperez – If you hate Perez Soooooo…much. WHY ARE YOU HERE!!!

  78. 78

    It's interesting that Perez won't say ANYTHING about gay teens, but has no problem harassing straight teens. Interesting.

  79. 79

    Re: so what – I believe her, I need corrective jaw surgery too. Fuck people that refuse to hear perfectly reasonable explanations.