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Justin Bieber Working On New Music Video With Chris Brown

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Justin Bieber is taking a risk with this collaboration.

The Biebs is getting ready to film his new music video for Next 2 You with Chris Brown.

Justin’s manager Scooter Braun confirmed the news on his Twitter account stating:

"NP- #Next2You w/ @justinbieber and @chrisbrown - video treatment is crazy…yeah it's coming!!"

Brown recently spoke about working with the Biebs, stating:

"Being able to collab with [Bieber] was great. He's a young, energetic cat, so being able to work with him, with the fanbase he has, was incredible. I know a lot of little girls are going to love this record. I wouldn't say [he's] my protégé. He's doing his thing at a young age, and I was doing mine at a young age, so being able to see him come up is dope."

Sounds dope to us!

But we wonder, will Bieber’s tween fans be able to look past Chris Brown's violent history?

[Image via Jeff Daly/WENN.]

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49 comments to “Justin Bieber Working On New Music Video With Chris Brown”

  1. 1

    I never even heard the song.

  2. 2

    I don't think he is taking a risk. Chris Brown is a damn fine musician, just a crappy person.

  3. 3

    God help us from scum and brats. work out which is which.

  4. 4

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL……I thought, and I could care less about these two tools, is this guy Chris really gonna collaborate with this douche? Funny that you said that douche is taking a risk with Chris Brown………Bieber is almost gone, his FANS are transitioning from Kotex to plugs….LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  5. 5

    Uh, if it was that big a deal, he wouldnt have done the song in the first place. Ur the one who needs to move on.

    The song itself is pretty good and I hate Justin Bieber

  6. 6

    Wrong move on Bieber's part, he shouldn't work with that woman-beater no matter what. The majority of his fan base is female and he as a teen idol ( like it or not) he has the responsibility to send out the right messages to his fans. I wonder what his mother thinks of this, poor woman had been through hell to raise him on her own. Brat !
    Re: Julie Stone – Rappers and hip hop singers aren't exactly musicians … i doubt if he knows music theory or the ability to play an instrument. He just writes in rhyme (and a whole team he has behind him) and messes with computerized sounds. I wouldn't call him a musician. Just a singer and a performer.

  7. 7

    that woman beater has no right wearing a shirt that praises the beautiful country of haiti. he probably doesn't give to shit about the peoples suffering and poverty. i bet hes only wearing it so he looks "caring." i can't even look at him without wanting to vomit.

  8. 8

    im a belieber & i LOVE this song, and just cause Chris Brown made a mistake doesn't mean his music isn't good, cause hes an amazing musician.

  9. 9

    Once a woman beater…always a woman beater…I lost a bit of respect for the Biebs..I Definetly won't be listening.

  10. 10

    Where is the risk. If anything it would be for Chris B since he is the real deal when it comes to singing and dancing…. Beiber is just a passing fad who has been packaged beyond his talent.

  11. 11

    Why? How desperate can they both be?!

  12. 12

    Hahahaha. Really, Perez? You wonder if "Bieber’s tween fans will be able to look past Chris Brown's violent history"? You're the only one still going on & on & ON about it. Who cares that he trashed a GMA dressing room? Who cares that he punched Rihanna in the face? I'm the sure the bitch had it coming.

  13. 13

    another collaboration. how fresh. can we do it without lil wayne. legally i thought all collaborations had to include him.

  14. 14

    Ok chris dont hit him. He is not a girl.

  15. 15

    Re: armchair – AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    stay clear of the woman batterer

  17. 17

    I don't care about either of them, because one is a 12 year old brat who I could care less about, & the other one likes to beat women to a bloody pulp.

  18. 18

    Re: armchair – Slit your wrists.

  19. 19

    Justin is on his 14th minute of his musical career, it's basically done. Jo Bros, anyone? Yes, he is still a concert draw, for now.

  20. 20

    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – Yeah, sure. I'll get right on that as soon as you climb down from your judgemental pedestal and stop taking offense to the opinions of a complete stranger on a subject that has absolutely nothing to with you.

  21. 21

    Just what Bratber needs, a girl-beating thug friend This will really be good for Bratber's 'tude issues. Maybe he'll develop anger management problems next.

  22. 22

    Re: armchair – your the one who needs to climb down from your judgmental pedestal. when you write such misogynistic comments like the bitch probably deserved it don't try to act so high and mighty when someone calls you out on it. boo hoo hoo. "stop taking offense to the opinions of a complete stranger on a subject that has absolutely nothing to with you". look at the wittle baby who can dish it out but can't take it.

  23. 23

    Re: armchair – oh and your earlier comments about little homos, your a real class act. fucking douche.

  24. 24

    Re: armchair – You just got your ass rammed and you didn't like it. Well i certainly enjoyed it though but since i was so hard on you i'll use lube next time.
    Now go on to beat some girl to get your ego back. You seem like the type.

  25. 25

    Re: AttFinch – Trust me, sweetie: I can take it. And for me to be on a judgmental pedestal, I'd have to give a shit, which I DON'T. I don't care what goes on behind Chris Brown's closed doors, I don't care what goes on behind Rihanna's closed doors, I don't care what goes on behind YOUR closed doors and you shouldn't care what goes on behind MINE. And now, apparently, my comment about "taking offense to the opinions of a complete stranger on a subject that has absolutely nothing to with you" applies to TWO people.

  26. 26

    Re: AttFinchRe: ParalyZzzZzer – Hahaha. Dude, you were SO hard on me! I TOTALLY didn't like how you "rammed my ass"! You sure showed me! Victory is yours! I now fully expect to cry myself to sleep tonight over the fact that some anonymous person on Perez Hilton's website told me to slit my wrists!

  27. 27

    obviously the "tweens" can get over it. they dont give a shit about chris brown beating rihanna. all they care about is bieber. if bieber's name is attached to it, they will love it, even if its bieber taking a shit. money maker. case closed.

  28. 28

    stop fucking bringing up the past perez, is not like you was the one dating him anyways dam GET OFF HES DICK

  29. 29

    what the fuck perez, no one's gonna give a damn about his past if he makes good music. HONESTLY i think your the only one who keeps bringing it up over and over again. LIKE STFU. and get a life. you're so immature.

  30. 30

    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – he's not a rapper OR a hip-hop singer, granted he raps time to time, but chris brown's known for his R & B singing and his dance moves..get your facts straight before bitching off.

  31. 31

    Chris kinda seems like he's using Biebs. I mean if Biebs wasn't so famous, Chris probably wouldn't even look at him and give him the time of day. But the song is pretty good.

  32. 32

    Re: armchair – And yet here you are again … for someone who claims that he doesn't care you sure post a lot !!
    Shut up.
    Re: shadyypotter33 – Same goes for you bitch. A lot of people care about his past especially since it's about violence against a defenseless person.

  33. 33

    Thats great. Make 13 year olds love a women beater. Great example for the world.

  34. 34

    I love that song & I can't wait to see the vid!!

  35. 35

    Douche Brown is a worthless, useless, spineless, woman beating sack of shit.

  36. 36

    taking a risk? Shooting a video with Chris Brown? How is this a risk.. it's not his song, its not on his album.. it is on Chris's. And I like the song and I am glad they are making a video for it. Perez your hard on for breezy is getting old. Justin beibers fan base doesn't give 2 shits about breezys past - they just want to see biebs …. you know nothing about music- with your failed record label and failed music tour.. LMAO

  37. 37

    Perez I agree with you. I hate Chris Brown too. He's a woman beating douche and most of Justins fans love him. I've gotten into arguments with them several times about this already, and they don't care about his past. But saying that, I absolutely LOVE this song and can't wait to see this video.

  38. 38

    Chris Brown will probably beat up the Bieb's mom during the shoot.

  39. 39

    Re: armchair – Actually, you're one of the few people NOT being repulsed by Chris Brown. He will always be seen as a woman beater by everyone (except his less than intelligent fans, who are mostly women by the way..embarrassing).

  40. 40

    Wonder did anyone say anything when JB did that Super Bowl commercial with Ozzy Osbourne? Oh, nothing.

  41. 41

    some of you people are so ignorant and are living in the past. i dont deem what chris did to rihanna as acceptable under any circumstances. but chris without a doubt has undeniable talent, and everyone knows that whether you like him as a person or not. i dont see alot of artists in this day and age being able to sing, dance and rap at the standard chris does, so i would shut your mouth about that. justin bieber is obviously smart enough to recognize the talent of chris, and therefore collaborate with somebody he obviously looks upto - musically and performance wise. andsaying that he was once a woman basher therefore he'll always be a woman basher is a load of bullshit, thats like saying a drug addict will always be a drug addict, even after going through rehab and seeking counselling. and chris did community and service and went through counselling, so everyone should chill the fuck out and stop being such drama queens. they are both talented artists, wanting to collaborate with each other. if you dont like, then dont listen to the music. get over it, your opinion is not needed, because its not like its going to change anything, they are still making the video, they are still suporting each other as artists and your small opinion is gonna change nothing.

  42. BLOSS says – reply to this


    please Perez just leave the violence thing now.It's been used far too much.How can someone try to make their mistakes right when everyone keeps on reminding them.Chris Brown is young and he is learning everyone makes mistakes just like you do.He is not a bad person just that he needs to learn to make better choices.

  43. 43

    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – Calling him a woman beater is ignorant and unessecary. He doesn't beat women has he? No

  44. 44

    He did not punch Rihanna and bite her or choke her!!!! Ahhh! IGNORANCE!

  45. 45

    Re: just_telling_the_truth – IGNORANCE! if that happened to you as a teen would you face the world risk your career plead guilty deal with lies people say about it apologized to the girls father like he did at 18 and face IGNORANT random peeps all OVER the world hating you? Smh! Jerk

  46. 46

    Chris Brown is a skeezy woman beating douche bag. What kind of a sicko bites a woman? He's a scary dude psychologically.

  47. 47

    Re: redmond – He did not bite her. Get te facts straight

  48. 48

    I'm not a fan of JB's music, but I love him as "Justin Bieber". I hope he's around for a while. It's nice to see a fellow canadian in the spot light, he seems like a good kid. Most people who hate on him are guys who want to be him… like honestly.

  49. 49

    I'm not a fan of either one of them, but C. Brown has a better voice and more talented than that little dude. Yes it's true that J. Bieber is taking a risk doing a collaboration w/ C. Brown….the risk is people will notice that his voice is not at the same level with C. Brown. If all of you still remember, how J. Bieber abused the song "No Air", and strugling gasping for air when he sang it with Jordan. LOL