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Lady GaGa Wants A Cameo On Glee

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After covering three of her most celebrated songs to date, is Glee ready to have Lady GaGa actually appear on the show in all of her glory?

They better be because she is totally game for it!

GaGalicious has confided that she would love to make a guest appearance on Glee whenever they could "work it out." She even hinted that the show would be covering MORE of her songs in episodes to come, though which ones she wouldn't say. (Fingers crossed for You And I!!!) She explains:

"I would love to. We should just work it out…I know that they're doing some more music on the show soon - and they just did the amazing Born This Way episode. So I would love to. Glee's an amazing show. I really like what it stands for."

As do we! Oh, how we'd relish the thought of seeing GaGaloo find her way into Lima, OH! We can picture it now: Kurt and Rachel standing in line at the Lima Bean coffee house, waiting for a frappe, when Lady Gaga strolls in for a Chai Tea! Rachel will instantly call out to her, but with his back turned to the superstar, Kurt gently reminds Rachel that this is a coffee shop in Ohio and there's no way GaGa is in there midst. And then he turns around, gets poked in the eye by one of her horns and faints in disbelief. The End.

Write it. Shoot it. Air it. Send us the royalties.

[Image via WENN.]

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67 comments to “Lady GaGa Wants A Cameo On Glee

  1. M: says – reply to this


    gaga is delusional.now she wants to do it like britney? she lost it. she is over. ur done dear.noone can stand u anymore…. even howard stern makes fun of gaga. lololl

    cnn calls her desperate. LOSER

  2. 2

    Just saying she looks like she's trying to do the half and half hair like Cruella de vil - which is already being done by Porcelain black, I would just HATE to see Porcelain come up on the scene and have to hear "She's pulling a gaga" , when gaga is pulling a her.

  3. M: says – reply to this



  4. 4

    She could be the janitor and clean up her act.

  5. 5

    They will all be duped into worshipping their mind controlled Satanic idol who's intent is to control them….paws up little puppets.

  6. M: says – reply to this


    loser all her fake makes me sick

  7. 7

    LMAO, once again she's trying to copy the Queen of Pop Britney Spears by wanting to do a cameo. BTW anyone notice how she's trying to shove her hideous face on any show she can? I mean she's selling out anyway she can. American Idol, Farmville, and now she wants to be on Glee. Isn't the tired tranny going on Modern Family now too? I thought she was only about the art and the music? Please OD on your meth tranny.

  8. M: says – reply to this



  9. 9

    I remember back in 2007-08 there was an app in this site to shut all of britney crazines post, I wish there was one for the gaga posts, because I really like your site but if I ever have to look to another gaga post I might stab my eyes with a fork… just a suggestion

  10. 10

    Great, you just doubled the gayness of this blog. The 2 gayest things on earth, brought together. The show if fucking horrible, almost as bad as this ugly tranny dyke. Well, maye GaGa and Ryan Murphy can compare dick sizes. GAY!

  11. 11

    I love you Perez but you need to face it, YOU single-handedly brought her up from nothing and have since totally leveled HER her again because of massive single-minded OVER-KILL. She's so massively over-produced and talked about, she's more of a house-hold name then Crest toothpaste…I'd be embarrased to even admit I listen to her, she is now so annoying I think to MOST of us now!

  12. 12

    Don't fall for it Glee! It's all about satan's new album, she's desperate since everyone is ignoring all the singels she's forcing on the world. Skunk lookin' media whore!

    I agree with you TORTEZ! It's all about her!

  13. M: says – reply to this


    old crap

  14. 14

    Intelligent readers ALL KNOW that the BTW episode of Glee had the lowest rating and total viewership of the season. Maybe if Lady Gargoyle does a cameo, the show will go off the air from lousy ratings.

  15. 15

    Re: M: – You keep your comments in all Gaga posts, Do you have a Life? At least gaga is Young and has a LOT of time to come up with new stuff, Your dear madonna is old and Ugly, fucking younger boys so she can feel alive, Tell her to stop the hormonal shots, she's looking more like a man everyday

  16. 16

    ughm…she's so desperate for attention!!

  17. 17

    I find it hysterical that Mario claims he graduated with an English degree from NYU, yet he can't distinguish the difference between "there" and "their".

  18. 18

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Britney is not the queen of pop, Britney is Ugly, Fat, She can't sing, She can't play any music instrument, She shaved her hair, and she is kind of bipolar, Not regal at all

  19. 19

    you guys are fuckin losers

  20. 20

    Intelligent readers ALL KNOW that Lady Cocaine's performance on Ellen was SO AWFUL that Mario Lardveranda completely dropped the matter and never spoke of it again. It's TRUE!!
    Even Mario Lardpocket knew that he could not pull the wool over people's eyes and claim the performance was FABOSH!!! or AMAZETESTICLES!!!

  21. 21

    The next pop star to be on that show should be Me, not some old washed up American singer.. And all I'll have to do to get my spot on the show is bat my eyelashes at Simon and he will make it happen

  22. 22

    I would love that. Love her and I love Glee. The reason they didn't make an tribute episode to her is because they want to continue on singing her songs for more than one episode.
    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Britney is only a doll for people to use however they want. She doesn't sing live and she is just borrowing out her voice so it can be mixed in a computer. She was good once but the time when she shaved her head, I think she shaved of more than that. She was much better before.
    Re: M: – And you still obsessing over her, more than her fans. Seek help because that isn't healthy, I mean it.

  23. 23

    the next world famous pop star that should be appearance on this show next is me, not some old,washed up has been like Lady Gaga. & all I'll have to do is bat my eyelashes at Simon and he'll make it happen

  24. 24

    Stop shoving Gaga down our throats!!!

  25. 25

    She's probably be more suited to do a cameo on Animal Kingdom.

  26. 26

    Too bad for her that the BTW Glee episode was the least watched Glee episode ever. :(

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Re: M: – She's always copying someone..that's all she is is a copycat. She copied Madonna's two songs and their religious rhetoric..she copied Britney's outfit on Ellen (which Brit wore 5 years ago)..now she's copying cameo like Brit on Glee. GAG GAG is so pretentious and so self-absorbed it's ridiculous…for a tranny with adam apple, she sure promotes herself. She's always hiding the eyes and neck with dramatic lame costumes/glasses…Marilyn Mason twin to the rescue…she's a trainwreck waiting to happen

  29. 29

    PLEASE GOD NO!!! Two Gaga episodes are enough! In fact, its two episodes too many!! Get over this hag!
    In fact, Glee needs to quit doing tribute episodes all together, since nothing can top the Britney/Brittany episode anyway!

  30. 30

    Re: TORTEZ – isn't she though…all hail the high satanic priestess and atheist…the dumb lil monsters too immature to realize she's only extorting them and riding the gay train to promote more sales…and they fall for it every time-hook, line, and sinker..tragic dummies

  31. 31

    I would stop watching the show, and I love Glee .. but that's just how much I dislike Gaga.

  32. 32

    Re: Electro_storm
    STFU gay face!! Lmao at how the way you write is as gay as the way you look.The sad part being how this smart businessman(CACA) is using most of your community to print $$$. Get a life loser or atleast get a dick and stop commenting

  33. 33

    Re: Electro_storm – despite what you think..Brit is undisputed queen of Pop…she was named artists of the decade for outselling ANY artist in HISTORY and having most albums sold 117 mill…yep that's right-compilations, greatest hits, #1s, and album sales..she has 6 perfume lines…she's hardly fat..she has an amazing physique that's athletic and toned. She's almost 30 with 2 kids and looks incredible. She's had 2 knee surgeries, which prohibit her from dancing like she used too…who doesn't age after 13 years of legendary status in the business…she looks great..GAG GAG TRANNY OF POOP will not be around in 13 years…FACT..google and wikipedia didn't serve you justice…you're just a dumb, immature lil monster who cannot see that GAG GAG GARGOYLE is manipulating and extorting the gay train to make you buy her stuff…LOL SAD..

  34. 34

    Re: Electro_storm – GAG GAG is atheist and satanic self mutilator who blasphemes bible..and that's a role model..yea Brit shaved head but only b/c she medically suffers from proven medical condition called anxiety..her medicine inhibits her body and has side effects..GAG GAG is just plain hideous, ugly, horrendous and a hot mess train wreck w/o medical diagnosis..explain that one ….

  35. 35

    Gaga is so talented and will have a long career but SHE NEEDS TO TAKE A BREAK for a short time to regroup her creativity, her new singles off her new album are Boring.

  36. 36

    And I want world peace and the end of starvation.. But we can't always get what we want now can we? But sure give her a shot on glee.. would love to see another instance of glee hit their all time low ratings due to her appearance.. their "gaga inspired" episode had the lowest ratings to date..LMAO… over exposure isn't a good look.. and neither is your outfits and that ridiculous fried hair.

  37. 37

    her antics are getting old

  38. 38

    Its funny how worked up people get over "M";s comments… Obviously they are just adding fuel to the fire and its hilarious to me. Most of the "anti gaga posters" laugh at all you little monsters getting so worked up. Your like children that throw fits and kick and scream because you dont get your way. the temper tantrums just keep giving the rest of us more ammunition to make fun of you sheeps with. WE love it. Call us names all you want to- we don't even have to resort to name calling to piss you "monsters" off

  39. 39

    Her new album MEGA HUGE HYPED-UP FLOP! The only decent song is Born this way, and its still a rip off of Express Yourself. She does great work for the Gay/Lesbian community, but thats it. 30 minutes of fame and walls closing in. This is the last desperate move of one with no staying power…dont lower yourself any further to stay relevant.

  40. 40

    No. That's a horrible idea. And your plot-line sucks. I don't care for her.

  41. 41

    Re: justacritic – Love it! You hit the fucking nail on the head!

  42. 42

    Idk it was cool when Brit did it. But when GaGa follows the footsteps of others she just looks like a joke. Also Glee sucked to begin with, but after Gwyneth Paltrow I lost the little respect I had for that show.

  43. 43

    Re: M:Re: TrannyTakesATumbleRe: justacritic
    So GaGa says she wants to be on Glee, and all of a sudden she's copying Britney because Britney once said it? I'm pretty sure when she was asked the question whether or not she would like to be on the show, she thought "Gee…what did Britney have to say about it so I can copy what she said?"
    Stop dumbing yourselves down so you can make a stupid point. GaGa saying that is the equivalent of different actors saying they want to work with a certain director, or different singers who say they would like to work with a certain producer.
    And you, JustAFakeCritic: Stop pretending you're so all-knowing. You lost any credibility when you started saying she copied Madonna's "religious rhetoric." What the fuck is her religious rhetoric, and since when did Madonna have a monopoly on anything to do with religion? Tool! Sorry, but the smart angle isn't working with you.

  44. 44

    Re: MsJules
    Whatever. I've seen you get on M's case before, too. People respond to him because he's crazy/annoying. Before GaGa became famous, he did the same thing with Britney during her CIRCUS days, if anyone remembers.

  45. 45

    I'm not digging this look and i'm not sure I ever will.

  46. 46

    Re: MsJules
    I see more anti-GaGa peeps get worked up over Lady GaGa than her fans do. I mean, people seriously lose their shit when Perez just posts a story on her, like it's that hard to skip past it. Some of these people must really have a great life if the worst part of their day is seeing another Lady GaGa post on Perez Hilton.

  47. 47

    I think she is talented. Should drop the phoney Elton/Madonna wanna be act and develop her own …act. And stop preaching. Its annoying as hell.

  48. 48

    Re: GoodBoyNC – I have mentioned something about the fact that she/he posts a lot of repeatitive comments- But I don't sit there and attempt to argue with her/him.

  49. 49

    Re: YoungTaurus – I mean… I think most of the backlash is coming from Perez's long time readers. Everyone is so quick to yell "if you don't like it don't come here" when the fact of the matter is so many original readers still love the site, they just don't like how lady gagazoid it has become. And the commenters post about it in hopes that Perez might see the negative backlash and cool his jets. I for one don't lose sleep over gaga, but it is fun to read other peoples points/posts about topics and clearly gaga is always being posted about, so therefore theres not much else to comment on but some boring ass "so and so was walking down the street" stories. His lack for gossip is going down hill.

  50. 50

    Re: MsJules
    I hate to admit this, but one of my best friends is much like Perez personality-wise. Trust me, this person is a good person, but I see so much of them in each other (for the record, my friend doesn't read this site). So I kind of get Perez and what he's doing, and I'm probably sure he reads a good share of the comments, but at the same time, I know he must do the posts on her continuously because it gets a rise out of people (just like my friend does certain things just to start drama, get a rise out of people, etc.). I even got that more from him when he was doing the interview with LG's choreographer, how he kept referring to the people who didn't get her or are against her. Not defending him, not that he needs to be defended, but he's fully aware of everything he does on here.

  51. 51

    Re: justacritic – Do you think I care about your opinion on me= LOL Look at your avatar's name ”Just a critic” LOL you must be a very sad little person, Aaw, Baby got hurt? Do you really miss the 90's that much? You're Pathetic and Gaga is a Famous pop star, even if she dies today, people will remember her, what have you done? mmm NOTHING, do us a favor and DIE

  52. 52

    Re: justacritic – OMFG you must be one uneducated idiot, a person can't be atheist and satanist at the same time, Bitch pleas GO BACK TO SCHOOL and this time try to read a book

  53. 53

    Re: justacritic
    Sorry, but I disagree with everything you said. When "Just Dance" first came out, I was like "um..OK…cute song." When "Poker Face" came out, I was like, "uh…really?" But she got me with "Paparazzi!" Now I don't like everything she does all the time, but there are times when I think she's fucking brilliant. But there are also times when I think, "OMG, the naysayers are right," but then she turns around and totally redeems herself. Of course she's all over the place, but you don't get that from not working hard..and believe me, she DOES!
    When the Monster Ball came out, I predicted it would be a failure. When she passed out onstage in NZ, I thought, "Oh, lord..she's not going to finish this tour..she's going to burnout and have to cancel the rest of the shows." I didn't even bother to buy tickets when she arrived in my own town. Then she started adding dates, and I was like, "wtf..is she crazy?" But she did it…she proved me wrong, by not only finishing the tour, but also making it a huge success, and for that, I give her props.
    She's not a bad person. I don't see how using the word retard calls for her head. If she milks the gays, fine..at least someone is doing it. It's better than the rather lukewarm, "I love my gay fans" reception that you get from other divas like Britney at the expense of those fans.

  54. 54

    Re: justacritic
    And if she copies Madonna, so what. Madonna set the template for being a successful female artist. Even her peers wish they could copy her. It would be a waste of all the hard work she's done if NOBODY wanted to copy her, and really, it's not like everything GaGa does is Madonna.

  55. 55

    ….ok so because britney spears has had a cameo on this show does not mean gaga is copying her AT ALL. so in other words gwyneth paltrow, idina menzel, kristen chenowith, and charice are all copying britney spears. No not at all its a TV show which many musical celebrities would love to star on. Who are we to call her a desperate loser? And everyone keeps saying she is done. she isnt even close to done just becuz she has a "flop record" (which christina did with bionic) doesnt mean she is done people need to stop acting like the know the reality of things and grow up. Everyone is just assuming things like oh shes not as good as madonna well madonna has been around since the 80's its gonna take some time to reach that height who are we to say she is "done" that makes no sence lie literally maybe u are done with her but her 33+ million fans and probably more then that are not. You are entitled to your opinion but dont sit there and talk like you are her best friend and know her reasoning for doing what she does.

  56. 56

    lol, ew, her already too low ears are even more malformed .. her left ear is higher than her right, which is why her sunglasses are fucked up .. Lol ugly as sin

  57. 57

    Re: squinoa – Exactly what i was thinking..

  58. 58

    Who gives a crap.. she needs to go away.. she is not good anymore and her ego is gross..specially since she steals melodies from other songs and calls it her own.. fucking tacky..

  59. china says – reply to this


    earth to caca, it`s as simple as this:

    tv is about watching.
    nobody wants to see a butterface.
    now what could be the conclusion of the two sentences above????

  60. 60

    Re: MsJules
    Get a life bitch. You're so sad that i can't even hate you.

  61. 61

    Re: elica123 – LMAO.. I'm sad? Yet your the one who always has to resort to calling me names… whos the sad one? Hello Pot Meet kettle.. you are on EVERY post that I am on… but yet I am the one who needs s life? Practice what you preach, you seem so desperate for attention. Resorting to name calling is such an elementary school tactic. Grow up.

  62. 62

    lol see that is the problem with the direction Glee is started to go. It is not suppose to "Stand" for anything, it is suppose to be entertainment and it has gotten to the point where all they do is shove there views on us. I see it having maybe one more year before everyone is sick of the direction the show has taken

  63. 63

    Re: Bagman – they dont shove anything upon you if u dont like what they are doing dont watch its that simple Re: squinoa – she isnt copying her hair u all act like just becuz some other celebrity has their hair like that she must be doing it to copy maybe she felt like just dying her hair? porcelain blakc and gaga are not pulling anything with this hair they just like it.Re: china – I want to watch a butterface

  64. 64

    Re: ImOnTheEdge – apparently you do not read the boards enough to see that I am not the only one that does not like what they are trying to push on us compared to the ideas and writing in season one. And from the ratings, it looks like more and more people are taking your advice, not watching it anymore

  65. 65

    yes yes yessss, MAKE IT HAPPEN! DOOOO IT!

  66. 66

    Re: M:
    No, you're fucking delusional. She hasn't lost it and she isn't over. She has millions of little monsters and clearly, you're one. If you hate her, why spend your pathetic, useless life commenting on her stuff? That just shows you're obsessed

  67. 67

    Bitch please!.. its enough watching yu stupid face everywhere..dont ruin the show for people like me that are gleeks and love the show because this guys dont need do to the kidn of crap you pull off