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Real Housewives Of Orange County's Slade Owes Lots Of Backed Child Support!

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Although one may think that Slade Smiley is a professional dater of The Real Housewives of Orange County, he still doesn't have a legitimate job, and according to court documents, owes $138,857.64 in unpaid child support to his son, Grayson, who is suffering from brain cancer and has serious medical bills piling up!

He's currently attempting to have his monthly child support payments reduced from $3500 a month, and even though he told his mother on Sunday night's show that he found work, the legal documents assert:

"It appears he is currently living with his girlfriend. The evidence shows that…in 2010 he earned $5,000 for participation in another television program. (Smiley) testified regarding his various unsuccessful efforts to find work in the title insurance/real estate industry. He also testified regarding his various Facebook and Twitter entries showing his attendance at various public and social events. He essentially describes these activities as networking with the purpose of securing employment in the entertainment field."

In response, a judge has ruled that Smiley try "to expand his efforts beyond entertainment and title insurance/real estate, and to document his efforts by keeping a detailed log." He also must contact at least five potential employers every two weeks.

Sounds fair to us!

Time's have certainly been tough, so we sympathize, but we'd say it's time to start pounding the pavement for work, just like everyone else!

Especially when your son needs you more than ever!

He's in our thoughts, guys! Stay strong and best of luck!

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16 comments to “Real Housewives Of Orange County's Slade Owes Lots Of Backed Child Support!”

  1. 1

    I've got noooo idea who this guy is. Nice last name though :-)

  2. 2

    His son has brain cancer. Man this guy is a disgusting lizard. Why women are so freakin dumb-his blond bimbo looks like a giant fool. This man should be working anywhere (hey pal McDonalds was just hiring) I say throw him in jail. Let the big boys take turns with this loser. May karma bite him hard in that ugly backside..plus he isnt cute but aging fast. He looks like her dad

  3. 3

    C'mon Gretchen, you're a gorgeous girl! You can do way better than this jerk!

  4. 4

    When is Gretchen going to wake up and tell this jerk to leave. Why is she supporting him? I wouldn't give him a cracker to eat or a piece of cardboard to sleep on. I would be working cleaning toilets if I had to to help my child. This guy needs to get off his high horse and take anything that will pay him a weekly check or throw his ass in jail.

  5. 5

    what a piece of shit he is and Gretchen has gotta be dick-smacked to keep this asshat around. wait, even that's not a good excuse…

  6. 6

    if he legitimately could not pay then he should have gone to the judge way back so as not to accumulate such an amount in arrears
    I don't think he's making a proper effort to get a job- fame and the illusion of a lavish lifestyle and his own over inflated sense of ego and self-importance are more important to him than his sick child obviously, so kudos to the judge for what he stipulated about the job hunting
    when Jo lived with him he had a big house/fancy car and 2 boys with him most of the time - so where did the house go?? guess not sold with the money given to his kids..
    and where is the fancy car-sell it -give the money for the kids and buy a VW or something for transportation
    a real man would do whatever it takes to care for his children
    and Gretchen to me is a bit of a selfish airhead with no conscience- she hooked up with poor Jeff when he was lonely and vulnerable and dying with cancer
    and a real woman would not bother with a man (and in Slade's case I use the word man loosley) who wasn't paying his child support
    I would respect him if he were working an 8 hour day shift at McDonalds and then going to a part time job office cleaning or something until better came along
    doubt if we'll see Slade and Gretchen sitting down to see how "their" money (since they are living together as a couple) can best be used to address the arrears and current payments

  7. 7

    Cancer is man made.

  8. 8

    Why is everyone so nasty toward slade. He is a human being and i'm sure he really feels for his son and would do anything he could to help make his life better, but he is in a bad way money wise..with everyone bad mouthing him doesn't help the matter much…put yourself in his place…its a money issue.I'M sure he is a really nice guy all the woman on the show went for him, when he was doing well..let him get on his feet ..i hope he does well and all is well with his son… I Feel so bad for him, i can't imagine how he feels about himself with everyone picking on him…I'M glad his girlfriend is sticking by him ..she is a good woman….good luck to all of them….maggie

  9. Otter says – reply to this


    Dump him Gretchen. Live life on your won for awhile. You can do it!

  10. 10

    Stay Strong and best of luck? Seriously Perez? Smiley made a shit ton of money when they real estate market was booming- and just like a typical orange county new moneyian he blew through it on stupid stuff and didn't even bother saving enough to support his family. He is not a real man in my opinon. He does not want to work and seems perfectly happy leaching off Gretchen. I mean he did real estate, even in this bum economy he cant manage to sell at least one house every six months? CRAP

  11. 11

    Re: Margaret Ravitch – my mom has a regular everyday job and she made way more than 5,000!!!!! plus tamar started got a job in real estate why cant he?! seems like hes just not trying, AND i remember clearly on one episode he said that he LEFT his real estate job because they werent paying him like they used to!!! Well congrats now you get paid NOTHING!

  12. 12

    I think of all the girls on the show his girl friend is the most normal. The other girls act like high school and they have more ghosts in their closet than Slade and his girlfriend. She is working hard and I think from what I see she's concerned about his financial situation. If he proves everyone wrong the other girls on the show will have to eat dirt and I would love to see that.

  13. 13

    What a self centered slime ball. His little boy has cancer and instead of doing anything and everything to raise money for his treatment, he is spending his time with Gretchen on the Housewife show and going to court to justify his behavior. Disgusting pig!!

  14. model says – reply to this


    gretchen rossi is hot. fucklisted.com

  15. 15

    I dislike these two, so I guess it's a match made. Slade was a business man and since I've been studying business, they continually press investing your money. Why did he invest in her or Jo? Not wise. Has he given up? I feel for his ex and son and hope that they are able to receive donations through charities.

  16. 16

    His stories just don't add up. He was a title/mortgage guy, so why is he now in "marketing and brand expansion?"

    According to one court document, he had Bravo pay him (because he gets at least union minimum for his appearances on Housewives) through Gretchen, to avoid having his wages impounded for his back child support. And supposedly his drivers license is suspended because he is in default on his child support, but he is frequently photographed driving Gretchen's car.

    And how can he be all over the USA and Europe and still pay any attention to his dying child?

    LOSER!! Even Gretchen can do better… And she better hope the child's mother doesn't include her in the next suit, since Gretchen is supposedly paying Slade for his "services" as well as giving him room and board.