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The Situation Responds To His Dad

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You can like the Situation or not, but we definitely feel like his dad is out of line here. He's your SON. Love him as such instead of resorting to such petty practices.

Watch the video above that we posted earlier if you haven't yet.

Sadly, all this stuff is definitely hurting Mike (The Situation), as he says he is:

"extremely saddened by his estranged father's actions."

Here's what his reps had to say:

Frank "has unfortunately decided to go public to garner himself media attention. The Sorrentino family — Marc, Frank, Jr., Melissa, and their mother Linda — remain united with Mike under these hurtful circumstances."

Like we said, Frank, this isn't appropriate at all for a father to do to his son, estranged or not. There's no need for revenge, just go your separate ways!

Or, even better, cut it all out and find a way to reconcile!

Mike, keep your chin up! Enjoy Europe!

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44 comments to “The Situation Responds To His Dad”

  1. 1

    move over michael lohan sadly it looks like you have some competition

  2. 2

    no one know what their relationship is really like, so no one should judge Mike or his father. it was immature for his father to make this public announcement though

  3. 3

    and he REALLY named it Fuck The Little Fuck!!!!! WOOOOW

  4. 4

    If this is for real, it is over-the-top awful. The Situation seem like he can be an annoying little fuck, but his dad doing this is terrible. His father? Just awful.

  5. 5

    I'm sure Michael Lohan would seek him out so they can do a reality show together.

  6. 6

    Once again Mario doesn't have his facts straight…..The dad asked his son (who makes 5mil a yr) to help him out with some medical bills and even offered to pay him back. But the son told him to move to Florida and get on welfare…even that bitch GAGA helped her dad when he had heart issues.

  7. 7

    I dislike the situation and like most ppl think the jersey shore is crap but this is just awful! Regardless of what relationships mike has with his dad, his father should learn that when you have a child your selfless. So what if he didn't give you a dime! This is not the way to discuss this! The only thing this video demonstrates is what a horrible example of a father mike has #hlysh*

  8. 8

    It seems like this "favor" his dad wanted was money, and I guess Mike didn't wanna give it to him….still no reason to but him on blast like that…

  9. 9

    Well, All of those guidos are fucking douchebags..So I'd rather take the fathers side..Basically he probably thought he was too good for his family and turned his back on all of them for 10 min of QUICKLY dying fame and a little bit of money he's sure to blow through and end up bankrupt

  10. 10

    Re: onelovex3 – a couple of hours ago i would have said the same thing….untill i saw the ones he did of Snookie calling her a dumb whore and the one of Ronnie calling him a bitch and a cry baby! Which everyone knows is true but you dont have to be an ass about it and release a public statement, make a website, AND write a tell al book about your kids drug and partying days!!

  11. 11

    seriously, mike the situation is just a fame whore. he doesn't even have any talent. and he's hella ugly.

  12. 12

    very sad for a father do this to his child. I dont see Jersey Shores but, because of this video I want to see the Situation. Why talk with the F F F F F too old and inmature for a father to do this.

  13. 13

    The Constipation, junior and senior edition.

  14. 14

    clearly his dads a deadbeat who probably deserted mike and came back running for some money

    sad shit

  15. 15

    They're both a joke.

  16. 16

    lol…By the way Mike acts like a complete asshole on the show you'd think NOTHING

  17. 17

    Mike is the biggest asshole out there. I could really care less. Hahaha

  18. 18

    Perez is right on this- whether or not you like the Situation, this is very messed up of his dad to do this. So his dad has put his balls on the line for him 100 times?? WOW- that's horrible, because the average parent's answer would be a MILLION times! Now, how many parents on here have gotten their kids out of trouble a million times?? I know my mom did for me- maybe 2 or 3 million. But 100 times, that's disgusting. Talk about a deadbeat. And just like Perez'_unofficial_replier said, parents are supposed to be selfless. That makes me so angry that this dad made this stupid little tape just because his ESTRANGED son didn't give him money. That's the key word here: ESTRANGED. I wouldn't give him a dime, either. And even if they weren't estranged before this incident, I wouldn't have helped my father out if he acted like that. And pie107, if that's true that he's doing a tell-all book, SCREW HIM. That's his freaking kid!! How would he feel if the situation did a tell-all book on him?! And honestly, I'm sure this piece of scum has more to hide than his son does. But on the other hand, I thought it was absolutely hillarious how he started it talking about how hard his life is and was. PSHHH who cares, you know?! I bet you every single person on this post had a "bad childhood"- so the fuc*k what?! That doesn't mean you go around bragging about it! This guy is trash.

  19. 19

    and that folks right there is what you call a lowlife… could he be anymore charming and/or well spoken? :)

  20. 20

    Like father, like son.

  21. 21

    situation's a bitch, but this is way out of line and uncalled for just bc mike wouldn't help him with bills.

  22. 22

    You ignorant, arrogant piece of crap. What kind of a man asks his adult children for money? Get a job you lazy azzhole. And there is nothing more vulgar than publically humiliating your children for revenge because they wouldn't give you money on demand. Children do not ask to be born, so they don't owe you anything. But, you owe your children love, guidance, and your physical presence in their childhoods. You failed him in that obligation, but all you can do is whine about how he was the result of your bad choices. You are one very selfish and stupid man.

  23. 23

    I am reading between the lines. I say that Situation has a coke problem.

  24. 24

    Another POOR excuse for an adult!!

  25. 25

    Mike and his father have been estranged for years. On an episode of Jersey it was alluded that Mike's dad had abused him in the past. I have no idea why it's necessary to hand over money to someone that you haven't spoken to in years that abused you.

    It also says that Mike's family stands behind him in this decision. Clearly more is going on than what dear old dad is saying, especially if the rest of the family agrees with Mike.

  26. 26

    What an asshole!! With the curse words and att. there at least we know where "The Situation" got his from. His dad is a major ass who seems kinda jealous that his son won't support his ass and why should he? It's not up to a kid to support the parents unless he wants to and they were awesome. This guy sounds like a goof that NEEDS to be kicked to the curb!!

  27. 27

    Sorry for the randomness, but I have to ask: WTF is with the background music?

  28. 28

    first of all… if this man was my father.. and he was abusive to my mother… i wouldnt give him a dime either. and this is exactly the case i mikes situation. We all have to admit mike is and can be obnoxious but no one deserves there own father to turn against them. HIs father should grow a pair be a MAN and make his own living. Mike helps his sister brothers and mother even though she is remarried. if he isnt helping his father there obviously is a reason. and its not because he is stingy.

    Blood is thicker the water..

  29. 29

    Seems like his father needs money. Mike should help his family. He raised him!!! The video went a little far with all the cursing, but I feel for his dad. I would help my family in any way that I could… especially if I had that kind of money. I am not a fan of any of the people on The Jersey Shore, but now this is another reason to not like them. Mike is a brat and he should feel bad.

  30. 30

    Like Father, like son. Both loser morons.

  31. 31

    wow learn how to be a parent sickooooooo! No matter what your child does you do not talk about them like that…FREAK! Does he think he's in the mafia or something? Reeeeaaal tough.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    WOW. Hey dad are you reading this. You are the worst kind of father a son could have. What are you saying right now "Fuck off". You think what you did is right? Think again you looser as a dad. Your son proably learned how to be man from his mother more than he did you. For you to shoot off your mouth like that, makes any one understand why he wouldn't help you. YOUR A LOSER!

  34. 34


  35. 35

    This is so funny. I can't stand any of these piss ants, but I am so amused when their own families show just how they became the douche bags they were. I say, MTV should give the parents a show. THAT, I would watch.

  36. 36

    Wow… CLA-SSY… This guy should win the Parent of the year award… yikes, this guy is complete trash, retaliating against his own son for a pay day. Disgusting.

  37. 37

    Re: onelovex3 – Yes of course we can judge them since they decided to air their dirty laundry.
    Mike is a piece of shit and after listening to his father's rant i can see why he turned out to be like that.
    Frank forgot to mention that he only contacted Mike after he became rich and he did so to ask for money so yeah ….

  38. 38

    Re: Rachie Rach – Shut up.

  39. lolli says – reply to this


    you dont get a cookie for being a good parent, which clearly he is not! your suppose to stick your neck out for your kids i mean really?!!! what a selfish douche bag, im like sick and in awe! what kinda italian is this? lol no loyalty or respect jesus!!!!

  40. 40

    obviously his dad watches too much Sopranos..

  41. 41

    Clearly a case of sour grapes because (i assume) Mike wouldn't lend or give him money. I wouldn't give the lowlife any money either if he had physically abused my mother (or whatever he was talking about when he said he solved problems with his fists). Maybe he should get a fucking job and stop being such lowlife, scum TRASH :D This guy is just a disgusting person, no wonder he is estranged from his family. Douchebag. Also it was just plain famewhoring of him to rant about the rest of the JS housemates. He doesn't actually know him, so maybe he should shut the fuck up. He's gross.

  42. Hun says – reply to this


    ewww …

  43. 43

    Re: Brynnator – how the fuck can u say something without know the fact dumbass

  44. 44

    lmfao now i see why the situation is such a douche…runs in the family.