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She's Too Young!!!!

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Okay, WTF?! This girl is 13 years old! Inappropriate much?

We've just come across this picture of Bella Thorne, the latest addition to the Disney Channel princess empire. She's the star of the new show Shake It Up, but at her age, we'd really be more comfortable if she would just cover up.

Excuse us, Bella? WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER??? Does she know you own this outfit? Please don't tell us she bought it for you??

We're really VERY shocked by this! What's going on over at the House of Mouse these days?

Doesn't anyone else think 13 is too young to be wearing THAT?!

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161 comments to “She's Too Young!!!!”

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  1. 101

    First of all she's a child and shouldn't be called such hateful and inapproptiate names. Second the bikini itself is not wrong, i think the body chains, or whatever you call them, is whats putting people off.

  2. 102

    I mean i guess this picture wouldn't be so bad if it was just a regular bikini but WHAT THE FUCK is THAT she's wearing?????
    Even a stripper would tell her daughter not to wear that, jesus and the hand gesture and look on her face. Wayyyy inappropriate and weird

  3. 103

    From the caption and picture, I thought it was going to be about anorexia. It does suck that they make bikinis that look like lingerie for any age. It looks stupid on adults too. No matter how skimpy, if you're looking at a kid in a bikini and thinking anything sexual, then YOU are the one with the problem.

  4. 104

    Re: mfost9 – Very true.

  5. 105

    Re: Sarah13 – It not just a bikini, it's a barely there lace and chains S&M get up on a VERY young girl.

  6. 106

    Perhaps if she was wearing a too small ghetto Homberg it would add some dignity. Bristol Palin had multiple sex partners by the age of 16, plastic surgery at age 20 and is an overpaid spokesperson for Abstinence, is embarking on a reality show where she will share an apartment with 2 black guys, and gets a pass, the poor thing!

  7. 107

    Oooh please! I use to wear the same sort of bikini at 13 (without the chains and less low-waisted). I don't see anything shoking in this. I don't know how american see this, but in France, it's normal. You speak to say nothing by broadcasting this photo.

  8. 108

    disney is the happiest place on earth….for pedophiles.

  9. 109

    so inappropriate - just gross. Disney should be ashamed of themselves….

  10. 110

    disney is the happiest place on earth….for pedophiles. I don't think it's wrong for perez to post this because we really need to address the issue of the sexualization of children as uncomfortable as it is to see pics like this. Seeing an actual pic really enforces the point that this is what's happening in society today. if he had posted the pic saying "looking good" or something then it would be wrong.

  11. 111

    Ok it's a bikini on the beach but the chains are tacky.

  12. 112

    if you dont like what perez posts then dont read the website. negative comments are only obnoxious, not beneficial

  13. 113

    Ew, what a fucking stick. When did looking like a twig become the beauty standard?

  14. 114

    Dressing the way she does
    she might attract pedophiles
    …and I don't even know if I would feel sorry for her!
    SO not appropriate.

  15. 115

    so you think a 13 year old girl shouldn't wear lingerie cause it's too "racy" but you seem to LOVE it when a little boy wears it and dresses in drag? you're fucked up in the head perez

  16. 116

    That chick is fucking 13? omfg where the fuck is her mom? i don't give a damn how hot it is she is way too young for that! that's some fucking 20 year old look.. get some clothes on girl, you have plenty of time to be grown and slut it up later!

  17. 117

    I can't believe some of you bitches are okay with what she is wearing..god forbid you have kids.. there were probably some fucking 20-30 years old dudes hollering at her or whacking off to her.. she is fucking 13..it's not a bikini for a 13 year old you dipshits..not to mention the chains and the look and the pose..what is wrong with some of you? She probably had her fucking period like a minute ago! Who cares if some 13 year old dress like that doesn't make it right and it will continue to get worse the more people accept this..gross!

  18. 118

    Is the Bikini's trim lace or Fish Scales? The trim looks like fish scales, similar to the white fish scale type dress of an oscar winner a few years back. At first glance her bathing suit looks like lingerie, but I believe the trim is fish scales. The rocker look comes in and out of fashion, I believe the belly chain was meant to make the bathing suit seem more fun and rocker glam than sexy. The color choice makes the outfit seem mature and gothic looking, maybe less accessories and a different color.

  19. 119

    Re: Sarah13 – Actually in Europe they would not be topeless at that age. I am from Europe and sorry even we have standards.

  20. 120

    Re: Gilbert Bumpucker – "And shes sharing an apart with two black guys" so if she was sharing an apartment with two white guys itd be better right? lol you're racist

  21. 121

    Shes like trying to look 22 or something. The next Miley everyone! only sluttier!

  22. 122

    umm yeah, that's a little inappropriate for her age. i mean i know it's a bathing suit and anyone can wear a bathing suit no matter what age but how about she finds a decent bathing suit that doesn't make her look like a stripper. lol that's like a bathing suit that the victoria secret models would wear. to show off their whole body and be sexy. this girl is only 13. makes her look a little trashy. i wouldn't be surprised if she gets knocked before she's 18.

  23. 123

    Re: Likeduhh – decent? lol that bathing suit makes her look like a prostitute.

  24. 124

    Re: MsJules – lol it's not just a bikini it's more than that. it makes her look like a trashy slut for a 13 year old. she's just a kid. she's not supposed to be "sexy" lol she doesn't even have any boobs. haha

  25. 125

    Come on guys whoever chose this bikini said "this will look sexy," and that was the deciding factor. The chains are way much - they force you to think of bondage fashion, especially with the straps down the front that wrap around where hips would be on the person this suit is meant for. What's important here is CONTEXT you numbskulls and the CONTEXT is this: not a single image of this girl is released with a lawyer for the Walt Disney Company taking a look at it first. That lawyer did, and that lawyer decided the kind of message this sort of image might send was in line with the message they send at large. That's the problem. Don't get so defensive because you see yourself in a slutty media puppet. It's inevitable with a culture like America's.

  26. 126

    From the first moment I saw her 9 mos or so ago my first thought was: The next Lindsay Lohan. She's a cute little actress but this is too much for 13.

  27. 127

    The better question is… what the fuck are you doing perpetuating and duplicating AND broadcasting it? Integrity sir… look it up, please.

  28. 128

    All you haters and asses out there are just jelous that Bella could wear this and you cant! She wont get hooked on drugs, or be an teen mother, or nany of that shit. You all probaly were and you just jelous. So shut the F up and leave here alone. She is not a slut or a whore or any of that shit. go to hell haters! Bella Your awesome!!!!!

  29. 129

    I really do not see a problem with this at all. It is just a bikini. Sure, the silver chains could be considered a little "too much", but regardless, it is a swim suit.

  30. 130

    Re: italianXgirlXo – you're either
    a) her mother
    b) one of her classy bestfriends
    c) someone that watches her show
    d) all of the above

  31. 131

    Its just a fucking bikini! Everyone wears bikinis, even 5 year olds!

  32. 132

    She is really tall for 13.

  33. 133

    SHE'S 13!! Why did you post this? I agree with all that said he shouldn't add to this by posting a pic of a 13 yr old Child! Also, yeah a 13 year old girl wants to look good but that bikini isn't for that age. There are more appropriate bikinis for her age

  34. 134

    She's getting a head start on the skank train.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's a cute kid, but this isn't a promotional photo. Above article states 'we've just come across this picture…', thus the troublemaking has officially begun for
    Ms. Thorne. It'll go away within a week. However, I liked the way Hillary Duff handled her image. The term Disney slut is almost a part of the vernacular, so Disney needs to watch that carefully. Family values are still strong in spite of the media trash that's being force fed; and it's families that spend or don't spend toward Disney.

  36. 136

    shes 13 and shes at the beach. what else is she gonna wear? ive worn bikinis ever since i was like 5 or something. theres NOTHING wrong with this… except for the fact that youre posting pics of 13 year olds in bikinis, perez. youre gross.

  37. 137

    It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't wearing the belly chains. Skankolicious. She doesn't even have boobs to put in that bikini yet!!

  38. 138

    I bet if Gaga wore that same bikini , u all wouldn't be giving a damn. Take a chill pill dammit. is just a freakin bathing suit, it ain't like she's using it for a stripper outfit!

  39. 139

    I don't think it's uncommon for 13 year olds to wear a bikini to the beach however, hers is way to small and the chains wrapping around her body..well that just makes her look easy

  40. 140

    its a bathing suit? shes at the beach. get over it!

  41. 141

    It's a fucking bikini. 1 year olds wear them what is the problem? You love when little asian boys wear womens lingerie.

  42. 142

    Re: poodlescoot – Didnt stop you from clicking on the link and reading it, then commenting on it, now did it?? Of course this child is a bit too young to be looking like a sex object, and as a mother I think its disgusting, but dont hate if you are right there with the people you are hating on…

  43. 143

    First of all Bella's 14 not 13. I know that doesnt change much but before you post something about someone you might want to get your facts together. Second how is this news worthy? She is a girl at the beach what is she supposed to wear a full body suit? The only thing inappropriate about this is that people are posting it all over the internet. This girl that has done nothing to you doesnt diserve to be called a "slut" for no reason. She's just an innocent girl at the beach and if she wasnt famous not one of the people commenting on this would think twice.

  44. 144

    First of all Bella's 14 not 13. I know that doesnt change much but before you post something about someone you might want to get your facts together. Second how is this news worthy? She is a girl at the beach what is she supposed to wear a full body suit? The only thing inappropriate about this is that people are posting it all over the internet. This girl that has done nothing to you doesnt diserve to be called a "slut" for no reason. She's just an innocent girl at the beach and if she wasnt famous not one of the people commenting on this would think twice

  45. 145

    So why the fuck are you posting it you retard ?

  46. 146

    Oh sweetie, you need a lot of growing to do before you can pull that off.

  47. 147

    Very inappropriate. Shouldn't even post it Perez. Chains and trying to pose like a porn star. These girls need better parents that set boundaries and discipline. No wonder Disney kids turn out to be druggies and alcoholics with eating disorders.

  48. 148

    I mean, come on. She looks like she's wearing something from Fredrick's of Hollywood. Pretty sure I was still wearing one-pieces at that age. I'm sorry, it may be harsh, but she looks like a straight-up hooker. Covering your tits and cooter with 2 square inches of lace and standing there with a come-fuck-me look on your face doesn't exactly scream "wholesome Disney star" to me.

  49. 149

    Re: DUMB2323 – No, she was born in October of 1997 - that makes her 13.

  50. lolli says – reply to this


    a pedophile gets his wish…

  51. 151

    Re: hoopstar – That's true. I live in Norway, and it got a lot of bad attention when a clothing store sold bikinis for babies/toddlers. If I knew this girl was 13, and saw her on the beach waring something like that, I would probably choke on my own spit. I can't believe her parents let her dress like that, even if it's for the beach.

  52. 152

    Very inappropriate especially as she will be a role model to little girls of similar age or younger. Plus, she needs to eat more, far too skinny.

  53. 153

    why is this surprising. it's disgusting, yes. but no way is it surprising.

  54. 154

    Is that a bikini bottom or a langerie underwear/thong? o_0

  55. 155

    What ever happened to 13 year old girls wearing a shirt and some shorts to the beach?

  56. 156

    Re: frrf – WTF are you on?

  57. 157

    omfg what a little slut. guarantee she isn't a virgin lol

  58. 158

    This isn't Perez's fault. If she hadn't done this in the first place it wouldn't have been posted. And to all you idiots saying it's a bikini, it's F*ing lingerie.
    OPEN YOU'RE EYES!!!!!! Perez isn't a pedophile for putting this up. He was making a point that it's clearly inappropriate. Shake it Up is targeted for little girls. They could see this pic making them think it's ok for them to show off their bodies like some prostitute.

    "Oh Bella would have been protected if you hadn't posted this"

    ummm HELLO?!?! It's California?!?!?! Someone would have posted this sooner or later. She's a celebrity, she'll never be completely protected.
    If you want someone to blame, blame Disney.

    They're ruining the lives of girls who just want to live their dream of being famous and slowly tearing them apart.


  59. 159

    You know I remember when I wore stuff like that when I was 15 but now that i look back I really regret it I was too young and all I looked like was a slutty girl trying to look sexy for older men. And now that they made bikini's even skimpier I think it should be illegal for a girl under 17 to wear a bikini because they look no different than a bra and panties and older men ogle them like a peice of meat which no one should think of a little girl that way.

  60. 160

    Re: DarkAlessaGillespie – how old are u now? cause im sure thats the stupidest crap ive heard. hahaha u people need to get ur head out of ur ass, who gives a fuck? crawl back in ur hole if u cant handle this shit. times have changed, the worlds fucked, deal with it.

  61. 161

    Oh My , Oh My !!! :O
    My Sister is 9 She Wears bikini's but not that Provocative.
    And That IS Defently Not A Bikini for a 13 year old.
    she is growing up way too fast.
    she's 13 she should be a kid. (Go To The Park, Skatebored, Hang with Friends)

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