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High School Students Protest 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

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Don't Say Gay Is Not Okay

A few weeks ago, a Tennessee state senate committee approved a vote on a bill that makes it it ILLEGAL to discuss any sexual behavior other than heterosexuality prior to the ninth grade in school classrooms.

Obviously, we were disappointed for a number of reasons in this proposed legislation, but are happy to report that roughly 150 high school students assembled outside the state capitol on Wednesday morning to protest the proposed "Don't Say Gay" bill.

Their protest comes after a petition from 1000 local high school students AGAINST the bill was presented to state leaders.

Students say they fear this legislation may contribute to bullying in elementary schools and we couldn't agree more!

Many people and teachers who disagree with this bill say that the senate is trying to fix a problem that doesn't even exist because there is nothing about homosexuality in the cirriculum to begin with!

All this bill is doing is eliminating a possible support system for gay teens who have no support from their family at home and the teens protesting are aware of that.

Thank you for standing up for those who are too young to stand up for themselves! We're SO proud of you!

The vote on the bill has been pushed back for weeks, but is scheduled for today. PLEASE do not pass this ignorant and unnecessary law, Tennessee!

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19 comments to “High School Students Protest 'Don't Say Gay' Bill”

  1. 1

    more than that - surely it affects kids being brought up by gay parents or who might have a gay relative?

  2. 2

    I am not sure it is the schools responsibility to teach them about relationships and love. Just like religion. It is my job as a parent to teach them these things

  3. 3

    Gay agenda, gay agenda, gay agenda!!!

  4. 4

    That's incredibly sad that politicians feel the need to further discriminate against homosexuals. They're not teaching children anything about homosexuality in schools, and if they were, it wouldn't be explicit material. Do they teach young children about heterosexual sex? NO! What is wrong with children learning that sometimes instead of a couple consisting of a man and woman, that a couple can be two men or two women? I was always told from a young age that some people prefer to be with someone of the same sex and there's nothing wrong with it. I wasn't indoctrinated and I also was never told that homosexuality is wrong. What are they so afraid of?!? I'm a successful adult in a monogamous, loving heterosexual marriage - learning about homosexuality didn't make me gay and it didn't turn me into a delinquent or whatever else these politicians are afraid of.

  5. 5

    Good for them! I live in Nashville and saw them outside yesterday.

  6. 6

    and I agree 100%. My kid will go to school to get an education, not discuss homosexuality. Gay ppl are so damn sensitive it make sme sick…get over it. My kid comes back from school telling me "my teacher was talking about being gay today" i will sue the shit out of that school and the teacher. Its bad enought that homosexuality is all over TV now they wanna have it all over schools?? helll NOOO "

  7. 7

    I want my children to get an education as well however I also don't want them to be taught discrimination either. Sex education should not be discriminatory, having gay content does not mean a gay agenda. Why can't people realize that everyone is different in many ways including sexual orientation. Being gay does not mean they're evil or perverted. Those 'types' can be found on both sides of the 'fence', gay & straight.

  8. 8

    Re: MelboyPete – be gay all you want, be different all you want, but no teacher has the right to sit there and explain that to my son, if my son has any questions about the subject then i will sit with him and explain to him that some ppl have different beliefs. I cant believe how some parents are ok with the fact that some schools are even willing to go over this stuff with kids.

  9. 9

    Good for them!!!! I think they are 100% right, things like that should be the LAST thing discussed when a kid is trying to get an education and there are enough pressures today that they do have more important things to worry about. Plus Jasbel is right, If my kids have questions about that, I want to be the one to talk to them about it and discus it objectively and not have some Perez type trying to shove ideals down in there face.

  10. nezz says – reply to this


    Re: jasbel – Your comments are so ignorant I almost do not want to dignify them with a reply… But I will not sit silent. Being gay is not a belief, for one. And as for teachers not being allowed to answer their pupils who have questions… You say gay people shouldn't be so 'sensitive'. It seems to me you are the one who is sensitive about the subject. What's next? Don't teach children about any aspect of life and the world they live in, such as divorce, domestic violence, unplanned pregnancy, evolution, the holocaust… What century do you live in?

  11. 11

    this is gay and dumb

  12. 12

    Re: jasbel

    You are such a stupid cun*t. You should have had a back alley abortion. I feel sorry for you kid. he will grow up to be as fucking stupid as you.

  13. 13

    Datz GAY!

  14. 14

    Re: jasbel – Hopefully your child does go to school to get an education and doesn't turn out to be an ignorant, dumb bitch like you. I pity children raised by people like you.

  15. 15

    im gay and i dont mind being called gay

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Even as a hetero I find this to be a peculiar piece of legislation. WTHeck. Hiding reality stirs up more neurotic problems than honesty, don't you think? Need to go read up on their rationale.

  17. 17

    Re: jasbel – It must be hell for you to have to cover the sun with one finger and think it doesn't exist when around you you see light everywhere….

  18. 18

    I am one of the students who participated in these protests. It is important to understand that when it says that "the discussion of homosexuality will not be allowed in schools" it means in every form. This means that teachers cannot stand up for students being bullied for being gay or who come from homes with homosexual parents. Advisors, who students are supposed to be able to confide in would not be allowed to discuss this issue with them. Not every child is fortunate enough to have a supporting and loving family with whom they can discuss this issue and from whom they can find reassurance and guidance. This bill would only prove to make more people ashamed of who they are and cause even more problems for gay/lesbian/bisexual students to face. The goal of the protests is not to say that schools should be teaching students about homosexual relationships or any relationships for that matter. The goal is to discourage discrimination and prejudice. This bill is NOT about education, it is about ostracizing people. Silence is ignorance. Ignoring an issue or prohibiting its discussion does NOT make it disappear. When you show children that all people are created equal, you can lead the way to peace for future generations, ignoring the fact that there are different types of love does not promote acceptance. The ignorance in the world scares me, and that is why I am trying to make a difference so that one day ALL people can feel accepted.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: angrybirds – So, this is a case of 'word police?' Really? Have they LOOKED at the programming on mainstream t.v. lately???