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Bethenny Frankel Speaks Out Against Former Manager's $100 Million Lawsuit

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The ladies that make up the Real Housewives franchise all seem to have one thing in common: a fervent love of drama. You can imagine, then, how surprised we were to find that Bethenny Frankel, a former Housewife of New York, is rather unfazed by the fact that her former manager is suing her for $100 million.

Doug Wald alleges in his hefty suit that he's entitled to a share of the profits Bethenny raked in from selling her Skinnygirl cocktail line shortly after she fired him. Bethenny says he isn't getting a dime and isn't concerned about him "bullying" her for more money. She explains:

"Unfortunately, one of the signs of success is being the subject of frivolous lawsuits, like this one. This is simply someone with his hand out, who did nothing to earn it, and I am not going to be bullied."

How sensible. What a simple, rational, non-confrontational thing to say! Who knew she had it in her!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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16 comments to “Bethenny Frankel Speaks Out Against Former Manager's $100 Million Lawsuit”

  1. 1

    The answer probably lies in the black-and-white details of their contract.

  2. 2

    Bethenny fired him in 2008 when she was broke and the Skinny Girl brand was just a dream. She had to go to Canada to get someone to produce it. ALL the liquor companies in the US mocked her idea. Did this manager get her the appts for all the companies that slammed the door in her face?? Bethenny worked her own ass off marketing this brand. Also, Perez, YOU mocked Bethenny's book and speaking tours which she is doing to SELL OUT crowds. Men have no faith in women.LOL Perez, get you nose out of Jill and Kelly's asses and see how smart Frankel is.

  3. 3

    Those hoes make over a 100 million dollars!?!?!?!?

  4. 4

    Re: blsdjan – Agree totally. I bought 2 bottles of Skinnygirl Margarita and they are yummy and I feel no guilt drinking it. I brought one to a party as a gift and a few people said "Skinnygirl! That's the Bethenny Franckel thing".
    I hope bars start carrying it so I can just order it at a bar.

    Bethenny only wants people on her team who work hard. If this guy produced nothing then he should get nothing

  5. 5

    Her books are good. They aren't exactly Einstein material or anything groundbreaking, but they are good. I don't have a problem with her. She seems very passionate and sincere about her weight message and whatnot.

  6. 6

    Bethenny developed her brand with the assistance of a biz devel executive, whom she was introduced to by Wald. B fired Wald days before signing a deal with this exec to build & promote her brand with the intent and purpose of selling for major bucks after a couple of years. If Wald brokered this partnership, then he very well may be due some amount of money.

    I found it disconcerting that Bethenny made no mention of this business partner on her reality show. She acts like she did it all alone, which simply isn't true. I'm not saying she didn't work hard - but to act like she didn't have help with strategic brand development and marketing is simply not true. Additionally, because of the nature of this suit, it's highly unlikely that it's frivolous. A lawyer wouldn't take it on if it didn't have merit b/c attorneys risk serious consequences if a judge rules it to be frivolous.

  7. 7

    I'm not a fan of HW series but I really enjoy watching her show and she comes across as really sincere and honest.

  8. 8

    Re: prickly – Her business partner David is featured on her show. This guy Wald has nothing to prove he was the person who introduced the two, but even if he did by his own admission this is the only contribution he made. He did not come up the concept, they had a "verbal contract" (according to him) and was fired in less than three months three years ago. Why was there no lawsuit in 2008? Because this loser is an opportunist who probably assumed he could shake her down for a few million and she called his bluff.

  9. 9

    There's always someone with their hands out…….funnny how it's in the news she did a 120 million deal, and the following week she has a suit filed aginst her…..Glad our country(Canada) helped you get Skinnygirl everywhere…its all over here in Canada…whoever isnt drinking it, should be……..Happy Summer People Skinnygirl Margartitas for Everyone!!!!Way to Go Bethenny!

  10. 10

    It's still going to cost her something to fight the lawsuit from these greedy opportunists. I hope we will be kept updated on how things turn out for Bethenny.

  11. 11

    I love almost everything about Bethenny. She's intelligent, strong, ambitious, empathetic, funny, you name it. She is incredibly likable to me, and taking her history in to consideration, she is a great inspiration to anyone with similar troubles. Anyone in general, to be perfectly honest. I wish her all the best, and after all the fighting to get where she is today, I'm sure she'll win this battle as well.

  12. 12

    I don't think that she is a person you would want to go up against. She will stand tall and hold her ground if she needs to protect her friends, family and the business that she worked hard for and built from nothing to millions. There had to be a good reason for her to fire him. She is no dummy and she wouldn't of fired him if she thought he could turn around and sue her. I hope not anyways. We will see what comes out of all this but I think Betheny will win.

  13. 13

    She is something else. Her show is one big PR platform. It's like d@mn B*^ch if I wanted to watch commercial I wouldn't have bought the DVR. You can see right through the scheme. She always has wares to sell. Bravo needs to just go away. They lost the script when they got rid of Project Runway. Now it's just the cesspool channel with a bunch of mary kays trying to sell their junk. It's like no thanks Bethenny I don't need your lingerie, cleanser, self-help book, cookbook, yoga dvd, watch you on skating, margarita cooler, vodka cooler. It's ridiculous!

    And it figures she would think she could bully this guy out of his contacts that helped her dramatically. She is that narcissistic to not recognize that she got help.

  14. 14

    This is anexample of somebody who is greedy. The amount of money that this guy sued….100 millions. Are you kidding me? He didn't do anything and sued for that much? I enjoy the show. I love to see her baby, she is so cute. Bethenny has a handsome, nice and smart husband. Bethenny is real and she doesn't like gossiping. Bethenny is smart. The RHWONYC is full of women who want to get attention, Sonya, Ramona, Kelly and LuAnn. LuAnn thinks she is a singer, LOL. Sonya, 43 YO who acts like teenager, wild and shameless, she shows her true color…….she is like a slut!!! I wish Bethenny will win. Brava Bethenny!!!!!

  15. 15

    What you left out of this story is, this guy has no contract. In the lawsuit he is claiming that they had an oral agreement. What kind of bull is that? He is obviously just some jerk who thinks that now that her company is own by a big corporation he can get them to give him money to go away. I hope the lawsuit gets thrown out & I also hope Bethenny counter-sues him.

    And to the commenter who claims that Bethenny never mentions her business partner on her show: Obviously you haven't been watching. The partner has been mentioned in most episodes and also HAS APPEARED on the show.

  16. 16

    Re: Genghis Khan

    Her credibility as an advice-giver is questionable if she's really as neurotic and mean as she appears on her show. I also wonder if she's not bulimic; her salivary glands look swollen.