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32 comments to “High School Senior Banned From Prom For Indecent Romantic Proposal”

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    All of this could have easily been avoided if he would have just asked the schools permission. It sucks that he lost his prom, but what was he thinking?

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    'safety issue'! because he used a ladder and he 'tresspassed' despite you could just get on school ground on a foot path. what really sucks is that his 2 friends who helped him also got banned. Even though they said they would do community service-he is a 'good' student, not a student that gets into trouble. school should have done the detegent and made an announcement that 'ANY FUTURE INCIDENT WILL BE PUNISHED WITH SUSPENSION'

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    Exactly Cassandra. If he had slipped and fell the school could have been sued.

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    If the kids would have hurt themselves doing this obviously dangerous "romantic gesture," the school would have been held liable. Of course they should be punished.

  6. Bytch says – reply to this


    Its trespassing and mischief. Removable tape or not, its defacing someone else's property, douchebag.

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    Are you people serious? I don't think the kid should have been punished for this! Much worse stuff goes on ever day and it goes unnoticed. The first thing that comes to mind is bullying!!! I guess it's ok to be a mean hater but it's not ok to be happy and fun loving. This makes me so angry!!!

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    Fuck off. This is what is wrong with society. There are rules you fucking idots, just because your gay ass thinks it's romatic, doesn't mean it's O.K. What if hanging a decapatated dog from the flag pole was romantic to someone else? Is that o.k. For fuck sakes, there are rules, if you break them there are consequesnces. And you idiots wonder why lindsay lohan is the way she is and others like her. They grew up with fuckers like you who always made excuses for their behavior and complained when they were held accountable.

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    The school would be held accountable if he was there during school hours and injured himself in another way. This principal is a BITCH. I just had on the news and she was speaking and I wanted to slap her. If I was his parent I would contact the other boys parents and devise a plan with them and their boys. I would meet them at the the school with their dates and walk proudly into the school with all of them standing next to and by one another. This boy should not have been punished that harshly for being romantic. You are only a high school student once in your life and this bitch is stealing his memories from him. Grow some balls parents and stand up for what you think is right. If she would call the cops, deal with it as it happens. Walk away proudly and let the kids go out and have a nice dinner with each other. That way they would at least have some type of memory of their first prom.

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    Re: buggadaboo – And when the cops were called and they got arrested, you'd be crying like a bitch about how unfair it is again, even though that is what would happen and everyone knows it. You see, these are called rules, and if you just look the other way cuz your some gay ass hopeless romantic, where is the line drawn. He could have used an overpass, or put a sign up in her yard, etc… many other ways to do this, he just wanted the attention, and now he has it. Reap the whirlwind…sucker!

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    Re: gypsysmama – It's ppl like you who are making this more important than bullying bc you're sticking up for someone who broke the rules. By giving it more press, you're the one sending the msg that this takes priority over more important issues like (bullying), education etc.
    Your defense of "well, I guess it's ok to bully then and not be happy" is a straw man argument. Nobody thinks bullying is ok and while schools/parents/kids aren't doing the best job at solving it, this doesn't mean whenever a kid breaks the rules in another manner, it should go unpunished too. At the end of the day, there were hundreds of other ways to show his 'love' w/o breaking the rules and trespassing.

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    What all of the students should do at that school is not go their Prom. Seriously. Don't go. get some parents to rent out an arena or something and have an unofficial prom. Schools usually make money off of proms by charging students. Well screw that! Every student at that school should not go. That would send a message!

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    Ask yourself: would Ferris Buellerdo do this? If the answer is Yes, then you know it's cool!

    !!!SAVE FERRIS!!!

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    Ask yourself: would Ferris Bueller do do this? If the answer is Yes, then you know it's cool!

    !!!SAVE FERRIS!!!

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    Re: buggadaboo – You are such an idiot. What parent can be so stupid to support tresspassing and the possibily of one of their kids to get injured. If the kids were any smart they would have asked permission the school and support from their parents, and they wouldnt have gotten in this mess cause they would have placed the messege in a safe way with the aquaintance and supervision of adults.

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    What happened to you having the latest news? Old.

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    Re: Bytch – Hey Douchbag. You do know that it's a public school, right? and you do know that you pay for that public school with your taxes, right? And you do know that ultimately, YOU are the principal's boss, right? Oh, and you do know that sometimes children sometime times don't use common sense, oh, and they even make a mistake now and then…that's the difference between adults and children….Adults create punishments to fit the crime and they teach children to enhance their common sense….any public school principal that calls herself a Headmaster is solely working on ego and pride and to change her mind now would damage it. She's just an old coot, who probably never went to her own prom and (hopefully) has no children and has never experienced romance.

    Lighten up and stop calling Honor roll students who made a poor choice names; unless of course you are perfect, which would make you inhuman and I'm thinking that's not the case. At least he shows remorse and took full responsibility for his actions. Do you?

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    One of my friends in college is actually from Shelton, CT and she knows all the people involved, and apparently a lot of local businesses are trying to start another sort of prom night for the the kid and his friends to go to. Plus the governor of CT is stepping in and wants to make a rule that if a kid gets in trouble within the last 30 days of school, they can't be banned from end of the year activities, since it is so stupid.
    It wasn't vandalism, no one got hurt, and the kids were excited.

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    I can't get over all you perfect people. I am just amazed how all you "adults" made it through your teen age years without one instance of poor judgement. No one is saying he shouldn't be punished….he was; with suspension. The punishment does not fit the crime; it doesn't teach the right lesson and it's, in essence, double jeopardy…and for the idiot that compared this to Lindsey Lohans problems, you're just plain delusional. Ms. Lohan takes no responsibility for any of her actions…Mr. Tate took full responsibility.

    Unreal - can't imagine what your youth must have been like. Stuffed in a closet for not eating your peas, right?

  20. 3l$@ says – reply to this


    Let him go to prom give him detention

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    are you people serious?! were you never young once?!? he did trespass and "deface" property (even though is was just tape..) but it was something different. no one got hurt. they defintiely shouldn't be BANNED from prom over something like this…detention? sure. just to prove a point and so no one does it again but banning them from prom is the most absurd thing ever. loosen up, people!

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    Wow, people need to lighten up. It's unfortunate we live in such a litigious society today. 30+ years ago, this would have been no big deal. At most, the kids would have gotten a week of detention.

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    I agree with the last couple posts
    you people are too damn sensative..
    this is like a romantic gesture you would see in any teen movie from the 80s till now.. but in the movies it would be in spray paint or something
    The kid was just being cute
    yeah he was on school grounds after hours so give him detention or something
    this principal is a crazy b**ch who must enjoy making kids miserable..
    Taking away his senior prom.. so overboard
    detention worthy maybe

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    As a teacher, I can say this is what's wrong with America. Instead of teaching children that you have to respect the rules, Perez is telling them that it's okay to break the law as long as it's romantic.

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    This kind of cute thing should be celebrated. These administrators must have no soul left. Please allow this ingenious, romantic young man and his date to attend prom. They'll vote him prom king.

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Glen Coco – It's not about power and absolute rules that disregard any consideration of the nature of humanity. It's about caring, mentoring, shaping and celebrating young men and women to make the most of life. What does this jackboot response teach this ebullient and hopeful young man? It teaches him to close up into his shell, and that his 'teachers' have no heart. Nice going.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    It was removable tape, for heaven's sake. Do these people even look at intent anymore? Can they not make a rational judgement concerning just how much actual harm was done? They could have been celebrated all over the country and acted proud of this charming photo. Now look how they're viewed. These are our children's 'educators?' Sad, sad, sad.

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Rules are important, but kids are still forming people, they're not robots; and our children should be more important to us. You can teach with a measured and proportionate response, or an embittering and harmful response. React and educate properly so that you will deserve to be admired and respected.

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    Proms need to be banned alltogether, as sad and drastic as it seems. If they aren't ostracizing one group, then students are using it as a platform for social and political agendas. Hold them outside of the school. There are places which could accomadate and NOONE could set restrictions as long as it was legal. When are people going to figure this out? It's a no brainer!!!

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    WACK!! At first when I saw it i thought it was painted… but I mean cmon a taped on sign…. I can see maybe giving him saturday school- or on campus suspension (idk if they have these programs, but they did at my school- id know I got Saturday School for cutting lol) but to be banned from Prom is a bit much… sucks :( but whats with these over the top gestures to ask someone to prom? I remember when people use to just use the phone or ask in person lol

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    Re: VinnyD – I know right! My mom said back in her high school days if they got pulled over and had some beers in the car you'd just be asked to pour them out- unfortunatly now a days people abuse everything and it has made the world one big cautious worry wart. I use to be able to play outside in my court with my neighbors while my parents were inside cookign dinner etc- now you can't trust your kids to even play with friends on your front lawn!