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Jesse James Implies Sandra Bullock Is A Liar Good Actress

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Jesse James should probably just stop talking to the press. Every time he opens his mouth, he manages to make himself look worse.

This time the cheater spoke with Piers Morgan where he talked about his life, his career, and his latest book.

Oh, and he basically called Sandra Bullock a liar!

During the hour-long interview which airs this Friday, James said he was glad to be out of the “pretend” Hollywood life, adding he was tired of all the fake people. James continued:

"I don't know how I survived in there as long as I did. You're cool, but the rest of those people? I just can't hang with them."

As for Sandra talking about him during her acceptance speeches, the conversation went like this:

James: She said that same speech at four different awards shows. You saw two of them….
James: What does she do for a living?
Morgan: Movie star, actor.
James: Oh, ok, cool.
Morgan: You think it was an act?
James: I think people have to live in that world.

Sorry buddy, it seems to us like the only one who lied in that relationship was YOU. Lied about who you were and who you were doing!

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53 comments to “Jesse James Implies Sandra Bullock Is A Liar Good Actress”

  1. 1

    "2 total douchebags get in front of a camera and ____________________."

    no offense to the lovely Kat Von D., but if this Jesse James character
    thinks he's "thru with the fake people", he's more stupid than he both
    looks and sounds

    Kat Von D's tatoo shop is well deep in Hollywood, and those "fake" folks
    he claims he's "done with" are buzzing ALL around the Hollywood area

    it is so utterly ABSURD how he simply can't just man up, grow a pair,
    and keep his past in the past. he sits down with another moron, and
    only digs himself even deeper into the media shithole he seemed to
    escape from last year

    i wish Kat Von D would WAKE UP -
    but, she must see and feel something for him that we don't

    i do wish her luck, i hate to think that she would get screwed over
    the same way the last 2 women he was serious about got cheated on

    ah well….

  2. 2

    What an appalling creature. He lies, he cheats, he rapes. No remorse, no empathy, no conscience. He smiles a genuine smile while talking about this, and is quite obviously trying to bring Bullock down the drain with him. And his lack of self-insight and inflated ego makes him quite proud of who he is and what he has done. He's very much enjoying this.

  3. 3

    oh wow… he can even articulate… but anyways.. if he really hated "that world" then why the heck doesnt bury himself in the middle of the dessert where noone can find him? he can dissappear instead of giving talks and showing off himself like that. And being himself the fake =?"($'%//% he is… he is just pretending he doesnt like it but he loves it.

  4. 4

    God, during his interview with Stern one thing that threw me off was that little voice of his, for a big burly man like himself he sure does have an almost whiny-sounding, teenaged voice. The way he handles this question, as a matter in fact, is very immature. A case could be made for what he's saying but the way he says it and his demeanor suggests to me that deep down inside he's just an angry, passive aggressive little boy. Granted, I think all this idolization of Sandra Bullock is ridiculous but I'm definitely not on his side either. And having their son circumcised? Deplorable. Especially the way he described how "cool" it was on Howard Stern. What a fucking moron and Sandra Bullock? She must be a bit less of the goddess she's being portrayed as if she'll far for an obvious douche like this guy.

  5. 5

    Re: Gladiatora

    What sort of dessert? Custard? Trifle?

    Look the word "dessert" up in the dictionary

  6. 6

    he does act like he is 16. i think all it shows is his insecurities. just because she said it 4 times doest mean its fake. she probably ment it all and it sounded good so why keep writing new speaches to say the same things. he should stop talking about her, its not really fair that he cheats on her then keeps on trying to make it all her fault. he wasnt happy, ok grow a pair of balls and leave. dont cheat, slither off like a snake biting back every five minutes. dude needs to grow up 25 years and act his age.

  7. 7

    im so sick of all this people that are always whining and crying how hollywood is so fake and the how miserable they are being hounded by paparazzi and the press and how they're victims.. OMG!!!! STFU already!!! GTFO of there then!!! go live in a cave.
    Sandra has remain so classy and hasn't mentioned this piece of S#$t.
    so much respect for her.

  8. 8

    sadly theres still people out there that like this douchebag, who will probably buy his book and keep throwing their money on any product or business he endorses. disgusting women who will want to sleep with him and idiots who will want to associate with him… sad,sad,sad.

  9. nobsn says – reply to this


    Hipocrite! You're still whyning because she didnt take you back. You're desperate to get into the lime-light and gain some of those fake people's respect, that's why you're doing all this sh*t. Being with Sandra had given you the respect you so wanted when you were growing up and now it's all gone.
    He is still angry that she has totally disappeared from his life and he cant keep himself tied to her somehow. He is a total azz! In another interview he said that by awards season their relationship was doing great and it was at the best point of their lives and that he had put the infidelities behind him. He even suggested that he would be a father to Louis if Sandra wanted him to, ha! like if that would happen now. And now he says everything was an act, you're such a liar.
    And now he is dissing on Sandra for everything. what a d*ck! The good thing is that in a couple of weeks this will all be gone and he will crawl back to where he came from. Now that he wrote the book and is done with the interviews, I wonder what' the next thing he'll come up with to keep himself attached to Sandra's name. Fame-Wh*re! You're the liar and the fake one who never showed her your true colors. Ignorant idiot!
    At least you're back to your own level and have setted for Kat.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Sorry Perez, but the only people in that relationship were Sandra and Jessie so YOU have NO RIGHT to comment on who may or may not have lied. I'm not saying cheating is fine and dandy, but you can't just blindly defend the 'victim'.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    I'm surprised he has a girlfriend at all, if he can run his mouth about his wife like this, who HE cheated on, why would anyone want to be with this pond-scum.

    Why is he getting the limelight so much, what has he done, been adulterous? He's only on Peirs Morgan because of what he did to Sandra Bullock - so who's the fake one? Trying to become a celebrity off the back of hurting your wife, low life.

  14. 14

    This guy is an idiot! What a moron! He is only making himself look worse! He needs to STFU now!

  15. 15

    This guy should really move out of the country. He is so hated. Buh-bye Jesse you filthy, lying, no good worthless PIECE OF SHIT!

  16. 16

    He is such an ass after how good Sandra treated his kids I feel bad for the kids because they have loser parents and Kat Von D better watch out cause once a cheater always a cheater!! I don't know why she thinks she is so special she's not, not to mention she looks like a man!

  17. 17

    He is such a slimy douche bag!

  18. 18

    What world is he referring to? The same "world" that encouraged him to publish a book and then go sit in this "world's" interview shows to promote it? The stupidity of it this man, the sheer stupidity of this man!

  19. 19

    He doesn't sound like an adult, he sounds like a teenage stoner.

  20. 20

    I really wish someone would tell him to STFU.

    Capitalizing on being an immature and deplorable example of a man really is quite atrocious.

  21. 21

    Omg, is this douchebag for real? How easily he puts the blame on Sandra because she's an actor, yadda yadda yadda, he cheated, not once, not twice, god knows how many times. And he did it with trash. Shows how much man he is, can't even be grown enough to own his mistakes. Shame on Jesse. I wish Sandra a wonderful life, WITHOUT this sack of sh*t!

  22. 22

    Oh, right, Sandra and her "world" are fake, but trashbag Kat von D's world is so much deeper and in touch with reality. Has he ever watched her ridiculous "reality" show? But then again this IS coming from the guy who "was born to live behind the scenes" and yet is spreading himself around like the STD's he carries.

  23. 23

    That's right, she's an actor. When she said how much she appreciated that Jesse James had her back, she knew he was cheating scum and was just trying to save face for both of them and enjoy the moment she earned and deserved.

  24. 24

    bahhhh you're such trash. go away.

    how did sandra ever sleep with this guy. marriage, ok. huge mistake. but actually sleeping with this guy! he's like a high school kid in an old man's body.

    i do believe he and dita von deese rip off do love each and and now can truly be happy because they're both pretty dumb.

  25. 25

    "i hate fake people man. i love my swastikas. i'm greasy."

  26. 26

    What a disgusting human being!

  27. 27

    Ok, Jesse James cheated with some porn stars and is probably part of the Aryan Nation but we'll never know what really goes on behind closed doors…We all want to make like Sandra Bullock is America's Sweetheart and all but is she really? She married Jesse James, she must have had an idea about his nazi fetish…I mean living with someone you will get to know everything about them especially marrying someone. Let's not make Sandra the full on victim here, afterall, she did adopt an african american child…was that to say that she is not a nazi sympathizer and make light of the fact that she married someone who is and played the dummy? Yeah sure. Let's get the facts straight here people, she IS an actress. Those people can laugh and cry on cue.

  28. 28

    doesn't want to be a part of "that world" but he goes on Piers Morgan to do an interview…………

  29. 29

    Douche Bag forgot they lived totally out of the lime light. Now he has another woman to cheat on with gross Hooker/Stripper type HO's, and Kat is looking like a used up old road map these days. Those Tat's keep looking more funny as the years pass.

  30. 30

    What a piece of work! He embarrasses her in a very public way and now that he puts out a book so he can continue to talk about what happen and talk shit about her.
    He needs to go back to therapy! And Kat Von D should be concerned because this guy is a time bomb.

  31. jham says – reply to this


    So - I just want to be clear: It's S.B.'s fault you looked so bad for having multiple affairs and lying to her because she made you look like a decent human being when she thanked you for being there for her and supporting her work? WOW

  32. 32

    He sounds like a little boy that can't stand that he lost something and is trying to tell that he didn't care in the first place. Oh he cares, but tries to convince himself he don't. He's not over Sandra and he is angry and through the relationship with Kat Von D he feels he is powerfull and not alone anymore, so is not afraid to let it out now. What a sad excuse for a man!

  33. 33

    generally like Piers but disappointed he gave this guy air time to talk and to promote his book
    c'mon Piers…you can get better guests than this!!

  34. 34

    Luv You Darling,Perez ,You Have The Best Site For All The Great News About The Stars,Awesome Fantastic,Thank You,my Lovely

  35. 35

    Jesse James is upset. He is upset that he got caught cheating and his wife immediately dumped him and he was made out to look like such a bad guy which he knows deep down he deserves. He was totally wrong and deserved to be left, but it is also natural for him to be upset and even somewhat resentful. What he is doing here is just simply a defense mechanism. Most people would be having the same feelings. But he shouldn't be saying them publicly. Sandra shouldn't even begin to take this personally.

  36. 36

    He's seriously a fucking idiot. I really wish I could punch him in his ugly face. Pathetic. Sandra's speech was all an "act." Um correct me if I'm wrong, but was he not the one crying in the audience after she thanked him so much for being her rock? if it was all just an act, he was just as much in on it, and should NOT be bashing Sandra for it. Asshole. I can't believe he tries to justify his cheating… men like him are the reason why I have trust issues. SMH.

  37. 37

    Another attempt to drive the responsibility away from himself and onto other people. Does he think sandra gives a fuck what he says about her now? Clearly he's fucking bitter and a douche bag. He's nasty.

  38. 38

    She was acting? That must be why he cried at the Oscars while listening to her. I guess HE was acting too. Who knew he was so good at it?

  39. 39

    Sandra Bullock was smart to go for full custody of her adopted son without her ex-husband. Jesse James seem toxic to have around.

  40. 40

    First of all: Piers Morgan is the worst interviewer I've ever seen (well, Piers and Larry King in his old days)
    Second: Why the HELL are they interviewing him and giving him publicity for his crap book, that of course, somebody else wrote. These show producers really need to stop putting crap on tv.

  41. 41

    Jesee isn't anywhere near over this whole Sandra situation and he is clearly rebounding with Kat. Anyone can see that and it is as clear as writing on a wall. If Kat was smart she would cool it some with this guy and give him time to work through his feelings. That doesn't mean she can't hang out with him and see him some, but don't go off rushing into an engagement and marriage. Too soon.

  42. 42

    He obviously hasnt learned shit. I hope his life continues to blow up in his asshole face until theres nothing left of him except a crater. I hope his daughter Sunny can get as far away from him as possible as soon as she can. I hope she grows up to be a sweet, brilliant LOYAL person despite having the shitty parents life has given her and tells them both to FUCK OFF! Those people are the LAST people in the world to be in charge of caring for a child. Disgusting trash!

  43. 43

    Wow, is he bitter and angry. If he thinks he is down to earth boy is he pretending.

  44. 44

    Was he not the one crying to the press (who are very much a part of that "world") about how big of a mistake he made and then pretty much publicly begged her to take him back? Give me a break. This guy is an idiot, and so is Kat for buying the shit he's throwing at her.

  45. 45

    He's such a jerk.He knows that he continues to look bad and he's just trying to figure out how to haul Sandra thru the mud to make himself look better.Typical bully behavior.Just the fact of how Sandra lives her life shows how genuine she is.When she married him, i wasn't at all surprised because she comes off as a girl that will over look your status in life and see the person inside.He's messed her up for life.we all know the old saying, you can fool some of the ppl some of the time, but not all of the ppl all of the time. We'll i dont think her "acting" has fooled anyone into thinking anything but the truth.She has always come off as genuine and i've never heard any different.Why can her just take it like a man and move on.Douche.

  46. 46

    He is just so retarded.

  47. 47

    Three words to describe this "man".
    Nasty, Disgusting, Low class.
    The more he opens his mouth, the more I admire Sandra Bullock. May God Sandra and her baby.
    Sandra is moving forward gracefully and this disgusting smelly man is still whining? What a stupid man he is. He belongs to somebody who is in his level not Sandra Bullock.

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    Sitting down for an interview with Piers Morgan is SHOW BIZ. Hypocrite needs to go sit on a 6 foot cactus.

  49. 49

    Jesse shut your fucking mouth once and for all !!!

  50. 50

    Sandra as you can see from all the great, intelligent responses from Perez readers here, we ALL SEE THROUGH this 'professional victim' ex of yours. May Jesse stay as far away from you as possible and preferably forever!

  51. 51

    That ladies and gentlemen is the difference between Jesse "trash" and Sandra "class" You are right Jesse, you have no part in a stand up world. Enjoy your place in life and those you choose to surround yourself with. You got lucky you were even "famous", your fifteen minutes are up, please let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  52. 52

    "You're cool, but the rest of those people?"
    it sounds like he says this to everyone he meets.

  53. 53

    He sounds like my ex blames everyone but himself for the things he does.