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LimeWire Agrees To Pay Record Labels $105 Million To End Suit

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And thus, the days of LimeWire are officially at an end.

This afternoon, the owners of LimeWire, the highly frequented free file sharing application that aided thousands of us to download music illegally, agreed to pay 13 record companies a hefty sum to end their long-standing lawsuit and trial.

The labels, which include Arista, Atlantic, BMG Music, Capitol, Elektra, Interscope, Laface, Motown, Priority, Sony BMG, UMG, Virgin and Warner Brothers, will be paid $105 million in copyright infringement damages.

That's a lot of money…but then again, does anyone else feel like they owe them all much more than that? In the grand scheme of things, we imagined that number being way higher based upon the sheer volume of music we assume is downloaded per day.


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15 comments to “LimeWire Agrees To Pay Record Labels $105 Million To End Suit”

  1. 1

    Limewire, Bearshare, Napster, PirateBay all have The DUMBEST business model in the world. Steal shit and give it away for free.
    Where the hell is LimeWire going to come up with that kind of dough?

    And why are people downloading music when record labels post their artists songs on YouTube to watch?

    ps - The money goes to the labels and not the artists?

  2. 2

    I'm saddened by this great loss :( Oh well, another site will surface I'm sure.

  3. 3

    So does that mean now the mass consumers are forced to pay for downloads, concert tickets will be cheaper? That was the argument artists had about the concert tickets being so high.

  4. 4

    Pay for music, thats crazy talk.

  5. 5

    Insane this day and age that you can't share music. The money the artist's charge for concerts in insane that should be enough.

  6. 6

    So does the artist get any of the money? Probably not. GREEDY assholes. Which is why I have NO problem downloading music.

  7. 7

    Lol I stopped using Limewire awhile ago so idc.

  8. 8

    Well, i just convert songs from youtube and put in on my ipod unless it's an artist that i LOVE, then i just buy the songs. Im pretty sure that's legal. o-o
    And i don't think concert tickets are SUPER high. You can get a ticket with GREAT seats for like 65 bucks. Unless, of course, you go to scalpers like STUB HUB where they'll force you to pay 300.00 bucks for the SAME seat. Long story, but you get it.

  9. 9

    sad. artista are rich and greedy anyways. oh well at least theres frost wire.

  10. 10

    damnit, im gonna miss you Limewire! what about the porn i downloaded? do they owe the porn industry too?

  11. 11

    Anyone remember when you'd hear a song on the radio and then press that oh so convenient red circle button on the sterio to record the song onto a cassette? People copying and sharing music has been happening ever since the cassette was invented for goodness sake. I, by no means, think people should steal music, but this lawsuit isn't going to stop it. People will find a new way. I always saw it as if a person likes the music they've "stolen," then they'll probably buy the actual cd, go to concerts, buy merch, etc. So, they are going to end up supporting the artist in the end. I, personally, like to buy hard copies of albums, because I enjoy album art, the liner notes, etc. I know not everyone does this nor will they go out and buy the music, but a majority will if they like the artist(s). Besides, I highly doubt any of the musicians who's music was shared on Limewire will see a dime of this money. It'll all go to the execs that run these labels and the lawyers.

  12. 12

    They will never pay and there'll be more suits. Neverending story.

  13. 13

    Thank god I can just convert Youtube video to mp3's. Good luck putting the genie back in the bottle, you fucktards!!!

  14. 14

    limewire doesn't owe the music industry shit. the purported millions lost by the music industry should be written off as a research and development fee, because while kids in their basement were building the next generation distribution model, the music industry just kept crying and complaining. i feel no sympathy for a business which was predatory towards its artists, and got fat for years without innovating

  15. 15

    this is such crap. musicians make more money than most people in the WORLD. you can record a song off the radio, are they going to go after blank cd and tape manufacturers next? i thought musicians made music as art, for other people to enjoy. if you're just in it for the money you don't deserve to make music.