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Chatting With… Shania Twain!

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A real dream come true!

Late last week, we had the rare opportunity to sit down with one of the biggest-selling artists of ALL TIME, the incomparable Shania Twain. And she was everything we hoped for - and more!

Being a very big Shania fan, Perez asked some super juicy questions and got some really awesome answers that all fellow fans will LOVE.

We talked about her Vegas residency, a new song she wrote that she will be releasing soon, her new show for OWN, Oprah, her new love and sooooo much more.

Read some highlights from our interview… after the jump.

And watch our chat in its entirety (above)!

Perez Hilton: I've been seeing you everywhere. What's this process been like for you? Because I can imagine it would go one of two ways, talking about it over and over again with people could be healing or it could be a bit of a bummer.

Shania Twain: No it's healing.

Perez Hilton: It is?

Shania Twain: It's very much so that way. You know the more you talk, because it's talking through something so if something's bothering you or you've got, you've been bottling things up for too long, sharing it really helps because then what it does is it invites it invites an exchange. And someone might go whoa, I yeah, yeah I know what you're saying.

Perez Hilton: I went through that, well maybe not that but something similar.

Shania Twain: Exactly and that's exactly what's happening and it's very therapeutic and I'm enjoying that.

Perez Hilton: So the series is the new OWN show.

Shania Twain: Yeah.

Perez Hilton: Which debuted to big ratings for OWN. You're singing on the show?

Shania Twain: Yes.

Perez Hilton: Like in front of people?

Shania Twain: Painfully.

Perez Hilton: Painfully?

Shania Twain: It's not all good.

Perez Hilton: Really?

Shania Twain: That's what I'm trying to say. You know I had to let myself be embarrassed and humiliated. You all, you know I felt like I needed to numb all of that hypersensitive insecurity about my voice. I think it's just a really good thing to do. And then you just start to relax about the things that are bothering you so much. And I'm also sharing this as well because I know I'm not alone. I know there are a lot of people out there who are suffering in silence like that about a lot of different things.

Perez Hilton: Now in the past, you know you would do such big shows, play arenas and stadiums around the world. Were you ever nervous back then too?

Shania Twain: Of course.

Perez Hilton: Really?

Shania Twain: You know I've been nervous of the spotlight.

Perez Hilton: Really?

Shania Twain: But I think that there are a lot of entertainers that are nervous of the spotlight but there's a manageable level of that. And that's where I've got to get to. I don't think I will ever — I don't know I shouldn't say that. I would love to be able to walk up on the stage and just like feel the way Celine looks. You know she's so confident. You know I would like to feel that confident for real and say wow, you know not only do I love to sing, but I'm really comfortable with being out in the spotlight doing it. And that's the battle for me.

Perez Hilton: Well you faked it really well in the past let me tell you.

Shania Twain: And I don't want to fake it though. You know that's the thing, I always look like I'm okay and that I'm doing, that I'm fine even when I'm not. And that's a skill that I learned from a very young age that I really, I don't want to practice that anymore.

Perez Hilton: A necessity you had to learn that at a young age.

Shania Twain: It's a survival thing really.

Perez Hilton: One. What can we look forward to else in the series?

Shania Twain: There's some vulnerable moments for sure in that sense. I'm very honest and frank. You'll see that's it's very much a documentation of a genuine journey. There is singing which is challenging and there are some really satisfying moments for me there, but you know struggling ones as well. And then there's a new song, so I wrote the song in real time with, as the series developed. And that's very exciting for me because —

Perez Hilton: When is this going to come out? Is it going to come out? (See video for answer).

Perez Hilton: Now, it's not anymore rumors, like the Vegas people have confirmed it that there have been talks.

Shania Twain: Yeah.

Perez Hilton: Have those talks progressed any? Is that going to happen?

Shania Twain: (See video for answer).

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    Another gay hat? They're really getting old.

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    I hope you get to sit down with Pres. Obama to let him know how much we love him.

    California loves President Obama and Jerry Brown.
    Two giants that turned this country and state around.
    I wake up daily to a wonderful governor and president.
    Pres. Obama has secured this country and borders from decline in a few years and the economy is booming. Thank you!!!

  3. 3

    shania (sounding like rodney dangerfield) "do you buy that hat and get a free bowl of soup…but it looks good on you though"

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    Shania looks radiant, as always. You however, Pumpkinhead look tragic, dirty, and unkempt. Really, you look like somebody stuck a plaid hat on top of a particularly ugly gargoyle. How dreadful.

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    Honestly…the hats just don't do it for you. They give you the appearance of an organ-grinder's monkey. If you're worried about losing your hair, wear a larger hat. The tiny porkpies look seriously stupid on you.

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    She is such a lovely lady and one of my favs!

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    that hat is too small for you.

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    Re: SimpleBear – The economy is booming??? Either you were being sarcastic or you've been smoking some really good stuff.

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    Take off your hat Moorio, and have some respect in the presence of a lady. And let her speak. Not everything relates back to you, you hack blog troll. Your clothes and hat were a complete disgrace and you should be ashamed. BTW, you're ugly, too.

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    Interesting comments Shania has made. I can relate to the whole thing she said about fears and want to tell her that with persistence you do come out the other side, learn not to be ruled by fear, learn to quiet your mind and stop being your own worst enemy.

    Sometimes we just have to let go and accept that we can't control everything and that, in fact, we don't have to. Chill out and go with life's flow.

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    She looks amazing. You on the other hand look like you got your clothes out of the dumpster. You've worn that same hat for weeks now. Whoever did your hairplugs must have really botched the job.

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    Love Shania Twain & wish her the best!

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    Shania is a sweetheart - I've met her a few times (I'm friends with her brother) and she's just as nice in person as she appears. Very natural, down-to-earth, pleasant and normal.

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    Re: SimpleBear – Most definatly have to side with Mad Dog here, Simplebear must have a great Doc to get his med mojo, either that or he /she is taking extra herbal enhancment to come up with such a ludicris and totally f…ked up statement as what was written. You belong off the streets, in a room with a jacket that has extra large arms so you can hug yourself over your delusions. Then again he/she could be very sarcastic….what do you think????

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    I love her, but I don't know why she'd let somebody like Perez interview her..

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    Re: acupofT – Because she is a people person & not a stuck up celebrity like so many of them are. Love her

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    You do realize that hats are supposed to fit AROUND your head and not sit perched on top of it right? Its obvious you are desperately trying to stay looking young by wearing things ie. hats that are meant for teenage boys. You look pathetic. You are in your mid 30's and wearing hats that don't fit your huge head, its sad.

    Oh and I love how Shania is wearing her sunglasses during an interview to avoid making eye contact with you. LMAO. Her career must be over if she's allowing you to interview her. Pity.

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    I love Shania. I hope she gets back on stage soon. Too bad she agreed to do an interview with such a disgusting troll, though.

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    I absolutely adore Shania Twain!! I LOVE HER!! I am ready for her to comeback!!!!

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    Now that is an interview to watch. You finally got someone worthy to talk to!