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Brad Pitt Wasn't A Fan Of Christian Upbringing

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Brad Pitt Not A Huge Fan Of His Christian Upbringing

Brad Pitt is at Cannes promoting the polarizing Tree of Life (we're talking people were both booing AND cheering), in which he's playing a father.

When asked about his own upbringing in an interview, he raise some concerns he had with having been brought up in a strict Christian household:

"I got brought up being told things were God's way, and when things didn't work out it was called God's plan. I've got my issues with it. Don't get me started. I found it very stifling."

Religion isn't really for everyone, and we aren't going to sit here and take sides. We can certainly understand how a very strict religious household could be stifling though, that's for sure.

We're all about choice around here. At some point, let your kids make their own decision! Just let them know to be a good person regardless of what they choose! They might even decide you were right all along, who knows??

Brad continued about his own kids:

"I think of everything I do now that my kids are going to see when they grow up and how are they going to feel. But they know me as a dad and I hope they'll just think of me as a pretty damn good actor."

We definitely get the feeling that despite your fame, and Angelina's, that you guys would do anything for your kids. We're willing to bet that you guys are pretty good parents!

Now, with all this craziness surrounding Tree of Life, we have just GOT to see it!

And then you can come in and we'll have a chat about it! Sound good, Brad? Give us a call!


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28 comments to “Brad Pitt Wasn't A Fan Of Christian Upbringing”

  1. 1

    Come on now, don't blame your parents Brad , Just stick up for yourself and tell Angelina its okay if one family member is Christian .

  2. 2

    i dont blame him. i hate christianity. it sux. they burn down temples and rape young boys and they all say its gods plan. there hypocrits and they hate everyone who is not white, heterosexual and christian . oh and they dont like women to much either. i dont like religion that is based on hate and violence.

  3. 3

    Team Brad. I'm sick of people forcing that fairy tale known as Christianity down people's throats.

  4. 4

    He wants his kids to remember him as a "pretty damn good actor?" seriously Brad? Is that what's important in life? Is that the meaning of life?

  5. 5

    I'm not much for religion either. It can be stifling. So I understand Brads point, however, for me, Christianity isn't about religion. It's about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus' message was really simple. It was about love and peace.Why people are so repellent to it is beyond me. Its not Jesus' fault that people took his perfect, well meaning message and twisted it and abused it to suit their own warped agendas.

  6. 6

    Re: NotSoGay – When he said that I'm pretty sure he was talking about what his kids think when they see his movies in the future. Like, he hopes that all the roles he plays don't affect the way they see their father, not that he only gives a shit that he was a good actor. Read the entire statement, it is obvious thats what he means.

  7. 7

    I don't find religion a necessity, some people can lead moral lives because they want to some others need 'Jesus' to tell them what is right or wrong.
    Brad should be a good example for his kids , a good father and partner , religion has nothing to do with it. A lot of christians cheat on their wives and abandon their kids or abuse their partners and then they say 'i will ask forgiveness from God'. Bullshit, they should only ask forgiveness from the person they harmed not someone who might not even exist.

  8. 8

    Poor Brad!! He is so lost and soooo stupid!! I have to wonder who Angelina talks to when she wants an intelligent conversation!! He is like a weather vane: a product of his last conversation. Hopefully, he will examine his own thoughts and realize what is important in his life: His family and GOD!! The only things that make sense…

  9. 9

    Re: blaise05 – Not one thing you just said was true. You made yourself look reaaaal stupid. Not every Christian forces their religion on people. and we aren't racist. haha and we don't like woman?? lol… right…. You need to take a lesson on Christianity before you post something like that.

  10. Laura says – reply to this


    thumbs up for non-believers!

  11. 11

    Uhh…..'Tree of Life'? Kabbalah? "Hi, I'm Brad Pitt and I urge you all….be a Jew. Do it for Harvey at Miramax and all my other paymasters." LMAO>>>>>

  12. Low says – reply to this


    Many Christians are bigots and will judge you in a second. It's just a huge cult.

    Any smart person knows it's a religion stolen from other religions. Like the Hindu god Krishna.. and pegan tales.. and so on and so on. It's a mix of all kinds of religions that came and where proven and documented before Christ. There is proof if you wake up and look …

    not to bum you out or anything. ;)

  13. 13

    Re: Low – As the same goes for Judaism. Stolen right from EGYPT. All your religions are Astro theological in reference points to the Sun, Moon, and constellations (stars), as well as planets. The mystery religions and schools that pre date even egypt (Druids) made Egypt everything it was in its heyday. You are living in a country where there is a MEDIA empire owned offshore by European power families. They can tell you whatever they want to, and you'd believe it.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    His parents loved him and got him to adulthood, and he hasn't done too badly. He may not have liked the 'God's way' pronouncements; but it made him think for himself, didn't it.

  15. 15

    Re: HelloKitty127 – ive read the bible. they dont say much good about women, basically that there evil. there are some good things they say but its only when a man told a woman to do something or when a women is trying to save a man. you go up to a priest and ask them if they think homosexuality is right and see what answer you get. now there are some ok christians out there but the majority of them arnt. and in the bible black people are almost always slaves. and have you not seen the news reports on priests raping young boys and the one where that priest thought it was his god given right to torch holy temples because the people who worshiped there werent praying to his god. look at the facts and evidence before you decide to ignore the truth.

  16. 16

    Re: @v@ – [@v@ this RE: is not directed at you] If Christians had their OWN banks and their OWN currency, we would probably be having another conversation right now. The classes of society including the past, are structured as an order, by an order. The masters of this order preside in Europe and control the US currency. A currency that is considered the 'world reserve currency' because of the military placed strategically around the world. And the ones who do the fighting or wear the uniform, reap not one major benefit from this 'order' they subconsciously bow to (all Christians by the way). Food for thought.

  17. 17

    why do Americans always have to make such a big fuss of religion and someone saying he doesn't like it. gosh, in our modern world one would think that religion is 'unimportant'

  18. 18

    The talk of religion on an entertainment and pop culture site is going to spark outrage at times I hope not with this article. We're not Brad Pitt so we don't know what he means by all this but it is what it is. So many europeans and italians who believe in God go to Cannes so this is not a good situation. I hope Brad's rep can come up with a strong statement to back this up because obviously he was puit out of context and he's been around a LONG time, we would have known anything different by now. but yea this article is rough and awkward to hear about.

  19. 19

    Re: Dyna_Chaal – The American media is talking about it constantly. NOT the majority of everyday people. The American Media is owned by offshore Jewish Bavarian Banking families on behalf of the Royal Houses of Europe (6,000-8,000 people) which many of are posing as Christian, Catholic and Jewish themselves. They are the Illuminati chasing the illumination of the Luciferian light through demon spirits known to King Solomon and his high kabbalah going back to Ancient Israel. And they continually slam the hell out of unsuspecting Christians. One day, this small criminal cabal with their fiat toilet paper currency, will be killed by the very group who mocks them without reason. No matter what religion you are, you are ALL 'Pawns In The Game' to this sick inbred oligarchical bloodline family nightmare.

  20. 20

    Re: MICHAELHOLLYWOOD – Hollywood means "Wand of Holly," the wand of the witch. It has played a large part in subliminally turning mankind against God, his Creator.

  21. 21
  22. fiona says – reply to this


    Just because you are selfish and things do not go your way it doesn't negate the values of any particular religion. Self sacrifice and humility are not one of brad's strong suits. His choices in life reveal his true motivations.
    Even agnostics can have strong character and behave ethically. I think brad protests too much, sounds defensive. Maybe as he ages, his choices are coming back to haunt him.
    If he primarily wants his children to think of him as an actor, then I think he has a lot of work to do on himself.

  23. 23

    Why did he even have to bother commenting about Christianity? Religion is very personal and people should respect all religions and not judge an entire religion by the actions of a few. I do however like him as an actor, but he should avoid the religious pontificating if he doesn't want to reduce his fan base.

  24. 24

    Re: fiona – Maybe his wife thinks for him now, and holds out for sex when he doesn't say the right thing.

  25. 25

    There is nothing controversial about anything he said…

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: caravaggio the terrible – I'm aware. Back to Brad here, where my point was this public statement yet his poor parents are still around. If there's any karma in life, his grown kids will make ingrate public statements bemoaning their dislike of their lack of a structured religion growing up, so he too can sit there, be old, and feel like he was somehow lacking. Parents do the best they can with what they know at the time.

  27. 27

    …talk about selling your soul to the devil

  28. 28

    Riiight so racism, bigotry and women hating is reserved soley for Christians!! Goddamnit people grow the fuck up!!!!!