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Lady GaGa Debuts New Song Hair! Listen HERE!

| Filed under: Music MinuteLady GaGa

Yes! Yes! Yes!

POWER anthem!!!!

Like Cher meets Def Leppard! And unmistakably GaGa!!!!

Check out the RedOne-produced Hair (above)!!!!!!!

On instant repeat!!!!

P.S. CLICK HERE to download Hair on iTunes now!

P.P.S. Hair and Edge Of Glory are very representative of the album! A good time, party album with a happy message and filthy beats!!!

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172 comments to “Lady GaGa Debuts New Song Hair! Listen HERE!”

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  1. 1

    I don't like it very much… Hair, Edge of Glory and Born this way are quite bad.. hope the rest of the songs on the album are better than this ones.. The only good one for the time being is Judas, as good as Fame Monster songs..

  2. 2

    *Prepares for all the Gaga haters that comment on every article* Love you Gaga

  3. 3


  4. 4

    o.O the songs are getting worse and worse and worse

  5. 5

    I really like it much better than Judas and almost as Much as Edge of Glory but tons more than Born This Way but its understandable some people aren't going to like the pop and jazz playing it does feel like a throwback but arent the throwbacks classic if we know them so saying that I really like it but if you don't like the song thats your opinion but listen to the song before you say flop don't judge a song just by the artist you don't like i hate Bruno Mars but I love Lazy Song I LOVE Adele but I hate Rolling in the Deep ,Turning Tables, And set fire to the rain but this song has good lyrics and very feelgood

  6. 6

    Only Gaga's hardcore fans will like it. This is boring. Oh Gaga, you should take a little break.

  7. 7

    I found it to be generic… Born this Way is not shaping up very well sonically in my honest opinion.

  8. oh oh says – reply to this


    I see she is ripping off Tiffany's sound now. Gaga could not write lyrics to save her life. They are completely lame, especially in this song. They are for her core audience, !3 year olds that have not come out of the closet yet. You think after that egotistical article she wrote putting everyone down because she knows fashion best she would come to the plate with an impressive album. pffft, lame. She is nothing without those stupid outfits and covering that face of hers. She will never wear a dress or be tastefully dressed.

  9. 9

    As long as Lady gaga exists, I will never be bored! This is history, this is what music is about, the new POP! :)

  10. 10

    it's very fun. not groundbreaking, and very different sounds to her last album, but i'm enjoying the upbeat tones…

    all we have to do now is wait for people with nothing better to do to hate all over this blog post- seriously, guys, do you have nothing better to do than store up hate against someone who makes so many other people happy? it's simply unhealthy and unattractive.

  11. 11

    Those lyrics seem kinda juvenile. 'Free as my Hair'??? Was she inspired by 'Whip my Hair'?? She should have stuck with Madonna when looking for inspiration.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    And the song doesn't have any hooks. Stop kissing her ass and face the facts: this song sucks.

  14. 14

    wow this song is great, swell job Stefani Germanotta!!!

  15. 15

    What's with all the exclamation marks? It's not THAT exciting.. especially when it feels she's been releasing songs every freaking week

  16. 16

    Man that song is really weak…at least she didn't say her name in this one.

  17. 17

    This is SOOO CORNY!!! sounds like a selena gomez song. or worse…

  18. 18

    LOVE IT!

  19. 19

    Absolutely terrible. Sounds like it should be on a record for elementary school students. Judas tanked so she rush releases these equally mediocre at best singles then perez tries to ram them down our throats. I used to love perez :( well…i still do, but good LORD you are borderline needing therapy for your lady douchebag obsession. unoriginal conartist! lyrics kind of feel like a spin off of willow smith….lol j/k

  20. 20

    if her sheeples says that this song is good .. then O..M..G …

  21. 21

    I'm loving it, can't stop listening, totally worth the money.

  22. Lo says – reply to this


    I'm liking her album so far. I like it a lot actually. I like the song but I feel like I've heard it before. It is pretty "generic" but it's still cool. I thought this song would be raw and edgy like Teeth. But I love the sound she has now and I love her messages in her songs. I used to hate her but she won me over.

  23. cuete says – reply to this


    i was hopping that this song was better that the last four… well another dent to the economy. here is another company going down for doing really bad investments.

  24. 24

    First song of hers I dont like.. though I'll listen to it a few more times and then decide .. Hope the album is better

  25. 25

    i like it :)

  26. 26

    Corny. Not in a catchy way neither. Lol at Gaga fans "waiting for HATERS" . Guess what? Gaga fans can't expect to bully other artists and their fans for 3 years straight and expect karma not to bite Gaga in the ass. You guys spent SO so much time tearing other artists down only for your precious mother monster to come out with below mediocre songs with lyrics my 8 yr old cousin can write.

  27. 27

    Perfect song for "Hair" Salons! it's great metaphorically with her right now it's about liberation and poetic spoken words rather than just a good. beat. which is smart because so many artists right now have good beats and this album also is going to re introduce us to Stephanie aka Gaga as a human being and why she's the way she is. This album has main objectives all over it and it was bound to happen her career. not bad.

  28. 28

    I like her voice for acoustic stuff but I really don't like the way her voice sounds against electro beats. Maybe it's because I'm accustomed to hearing softer more feminine voices with those happy hardcore beats. I don't know what it is but I heard her sing edge of glory live & it was acoustic and she sounded great. I don't think this type of music is best suited for her voice.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    I really liked The Fame and I am a huge, HUGE fan of the The Fame Monster. But Born This Way is so… boring compared to her other work. I like Born This Way and I warmed up to Judas, but The Edge of Glory and this song feel so generic and boring. I really hope that the entire album is not like this, and I hope there is something similar to the sound of The Fame Monster on the album.

    I mean, artists evolving is great and all, but this feels like a sudden change, which isn't good.

  31. 31

    There is no doubt that you're getting paid to support and promote her. I think it's a mix of genuine enthusiasm, as she has convinced almost every teenager and the entire LGBT community that she is their Messias, and money. And you really must be paid a lot, seeing how much you post about her and how it's consistently positive. Pure propaganda. But what's ironic, Mario, is the fact that the more you spew out this propaganda, the more people will see exactly how cynically premeditated, calculated and contrived this "Making Lady GaGa" process have been - and still is. You really are doing a wonderful job. On another note, the song is quite generic. I genuinly don't even remember it, and I heard it a minute ago. And I see you are trying to get the focus away from "BTW" and "Judas", but I wouldn't bet my money on this to be what saves the album. Nice try, though.

  32. 32

    WOW, that didn't take long before the haters came trolling. Instead of feeling mad or anything, I feel bad for them, why so much hate? Isn't there enough hate in this world already? If you don't want this song to get so many hits then you can start with not listening to it. And get a life, isn't hard to live in a place with yourself that is full of hate? Seems so sad and pathetic.

  33. 33

    Definitely, I cannot connect to the new lady gaga´s songs, they sound so 80s plus Perez Hilton with the over exposure of her in this page has created the illusion that her new album is going to be great but so far is not that great. So far the only song I like is Judas.

  34. 34

    Def Leppard? You are one stupid person. The only thing this has in common with Def Leppard is NOTHING unless she lifted some obscure chord from one of their lesser known songs. Just another average pop song among a sea of average pop songs.

  35. 35

    I've lost faith in born this way. The last four singles just prove it wont match up to The Fame and The Fame Monster

  36. umama says – reply to this


    I agree with the above comment on how childish the lyrics are. She needs to give herself a resat cause the creatuve juices seem to be at a stand still. I liked Born this way after the second play. I liked Judas after the 3rd play. Edge of Glory took about 4 plays. And Hair well I'll just leave that at the salon. I want to here more piano ballads.

  37. 37

    GaGa 's sound is old beyond her years, she sounds like somebodies mom. Then you listen to her lyrics and realize that she is an idiot pandering to 12 year olds. This is so lame and boring I cannot imagine it will get play. Being played is her audience. Not little monsters, but little zombies or sheep.

  38. 38

    WOW, that didn't take long before all the hater came trolling. Instead of feeling mad or anything I feel sad for the haters. Livening in a lace filled with hate, that's so sad. If you don't want this song to have more hits then don't listening to it. And get a life without hate. Can't the world survive without hate? We have to make the best of the world we have. Don't hate, just don't bother and everybody wins.
    Why waste your time to hate someone, hate is a powerful feeling. Almost as strong as love. So don't like don't bother because you are wasting your own life, that is just sad.
    Loving it GaGa, keep it up.

  39. 39

    hair eletric chapel why soo much dumb songs.

  40. 40

    Her voice sounds amazing

  41. 41

    I hope more songs on the album have an electronic sound to them. The best part of Hair is the electro part that starts around 1:41.

  42. 42

    Just people don't like the song or gaga doesn't make us all "haters". I like TF and some of TFM. But this new stuff just sucks.. i've been trying to like it. This song sounds so corny and really dumb lyrics.

  43. 43

    Re: Félix Rivas – I agree & love your picture of John Lennon so gorgeous! Hair rocks! Gaga rocks….I can see why haters wanna hate!

  44. 44

    As her uncontrollable ego grows, as does the annoyance of her "monsters." Someone needs to show some of these people what music really is, and stop settling for mediocrity.

  45. 45

    I'll admit that some of Lady Gaga's song are really catchy, but this one just fucking sucks.

  46. 46

    Hated it at first. Love it now, and this is far from generic. It's a lot for the ears to digest, but it leaves you breathless. Love it. Love her. She can do no wrong.
    Oh, and to the Britney fans. You want to talk generic? LOL What has Britney done to progress pop music? She's a tired act.

  47. 47

    I'm becoming increasingly disappointed with her songs. Maybe the songs from her previous albums were what she had written her entire life and now she can't come up with the same quality in just a year or two.

  48. oh oh says – reply to this


    it amazes me how many people think she is authentic. All she cares about it ripping money out of her little monter's paws. She could care less about the gays. We are just her smokescreen to push her lame products towards. Her blood and semen purfume should have smelled like bubblegum and shit, because that is what this album is smelling like.

  49. 49

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – you obviously have never taken a musical composition course of any kind in your entire life. i also bet that you are a teenager as well….take a couple courses, study music of the past/present and you'll understand why this song is NOT GOOD IN ANY WAY. i bet all you do is wait for a lady gaga post just so you can put "LOVE IT OMG OMG" underneath it…by the way, this post by perez is an obvious attempt to steer listeners away from remembering the abysmal song that was judas, oh yeah…umm…judas TANKED.

  50. 50

    1. How the HELL does this sound ANYTHING like Def Leppard?
    2. This sounds like it could be Robin Sparkles 3rd single on "How I Met Your Mother"
    3. "Friday" follow up?

    Come on, Perez? This sounds like 5th graders wrote the lyrics!!! Nice beat, but really?

  51. oh oh says – reply to this


    And for those who don't think she is a money hungry famewhore. Why do you think she has made you pay for the last 4 singles and it is not deducted from the album you will have to purchase in a week, huh?

  52. 52

    hahahaha I respect her for being such a hard working 25 year old girl. I love the song.

  53. 53

    hahahaha I respect her for being such a hard working 25 year old girl. I love the song.

  54. 54

    hahahaha I respect her for being such a hard working 25 year old girl. I love the song.

  55. 55

    wtf dude?
    and btw can you try not to talk about her for…lets say 5 minutes?

  56. 56

    Why does everyone think young girls and gay guys buy Gaga's music hahaha how about 30 years housewives, my grandparents their friends, shit i saw old folks getting down to Judas the last time I went to volunteer at the Senior Citizen building. For some I understand for you this is slow relaxing calm yatayatayataRe: Dayna Astbury – don't work i have heard the entire album its has some very fame monster like songs..bad kids, electric chapel, schiesse, government hooker but she is trying to change her sound to not be like everyone you have to understandRe: umama – watch her perform all those songs acoustically at BBC radio 1 Big weekend videos all over youtube edge of glory orange colored sky you and i are all piano ballads…and those who say a 12 year old could wrote this IF YOU READ ANY OTHER POST RegardingTHIS SONG WAS ABOUT WHEN SHE WAS A KID DUH! IT WOULD SOUND LIKE A KID WROTE IT! GOSH..Idiots think they know everything about gaga without evening knowing what the songs about

  57. 57

    It's amazingggg :) ! Not the best gaga song but it's a good filler!

  58. 58

    Really boring. Not going to download song.

  59. 59

    eh just another boring Ho Hum song.. Edge of Glory was better then this…. Still doesn't compare to anything on fame…. But of course her cult followers.. err I mean little monsters would love anything she put out. She could release an entire single of herself releasing bodily gases and they'd be like omg EPIC something so creative! LOL

  60. 60

    Ok, I am a fan. Have been since The Fame, which was a genius record. The Fame Monster was, in my opinion, an even better record. When Born This Way was released I was disappointed. I warmed up to it and wrote it off as a feel good anthem, which always makes for a good single. Then came Judas which I instantly liked and it definitely had a more edgy and raw sound. I also like Edge of Glory but it doesn't even compare to The Fame or Fame Monster. Now this…this Hair song. This is so generic and bland. I don't have a problem with the lyrics they are silly, in a good way. The beat is SOOOO boring though and there are no hooks at all in this song. It sounds like album filler, from someone who is less of an artist than Gaga. I am a fan and am excited for next week when Born This Way the album comes out but I must say that these songs altogether have been very underwhelming. I feel like I am forcing myself to get into the new songs when before I liked them INSTANTLY. I know Gaga can do better than this, she has. Here's to hoping the album is actually GOOD. Also please don't compare this mediocre pop disaster to Def Leppard if you want any of criticisms of music to be taken seriously.

  61. 61

    Again, just because someone doesn't agree with a song that Gaga makes or something she does, doesn't make them a hater! Seriously anyone saying that is an immature moron. And the song? It's a meh.

  62. 62

    Wow….this is total crap. All the songs so far have been sh*t. Caca needs a reality check soon. This song is soooo bbaaaddddd.

  63. 63

    Re: oh oh – not I like Gaga, because I don't- but if the songs were purchased on Itunes.. they will deduct the price from the album. They have a "complete my album" option when the album is released… :)

  64. 64

    dirty beats????? please. these new songs are so generic and corny, its really annoying

  65. 65

    …PU…..who cut the cheese?

  66. 66

    Re: oh oh – the album will have a reduced price if you have purchased the 4 singles. She says so herself on her website and it says it on Itunes as well.

  67. 67

    I like Edge of Glory and Judas. Infact, I prefer Edge of Glory when she performs it live on the piano and pulls it back. I like the feel-good beat on Hair. Just…. I'm not keen on the lyrics. I've been having trouble liking the lyrics to all the new songs. I disliked Born This Way when it first come out but now, months later, it's grown on me. I'm sure Gaga will worm her way into the like section in my brain and I'll love them all anyway. This comment is erratic and doesn't make much sense. Congratulations for reading it.

  68. 68

    sounds familiar for some reason?

  69. 69

    Too much - over exposed and boring. I liked her at first and am not a hater but am truly sick of hearing about her every five seconds. I think she is trying to hard - I'd rather wait for an album that was better quality than have her pump out something new just to do so every time she turns around. Just not impressed with what I've heard so far off this album.

  70. 70

    i hate the saxophone parts in this and in edge of glory

  71. 71

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – Are you like twelve? You sound so juvenile, seriously. If someone doesn't like the song, then THEY DON'T FUCKING LIKE IT! And they have just as much right to say it as you have to say that you're in love with it. Get over yourself.

  72. 72

    I LOVE IT! Six more days and Born This Way will arrive. I can't wait! :D

  73. 73

    Is this album ever gonna be released at all???

  74. 74


  75. 75

    Um, no…I hate every song of this album so far. I don't get it though, I loved every song on her last cd.

  76. 76

    Not feeling it ;( I was hoping for something from the recent gagavisions. This is too generic

  77. 77

    i'm sorry. i love gaga. but seriously, "i'm as free as my hair?" you've got to be fucking kidding me. if you're gonna be a crazy fashion icon and weirder and weirder every day, at least have your music match it. it sounds so ordinary.

  78. 3l$@ says – reply to this


    i like Born this way and Judas but this song Sucks that makes me sad :*(
    I love Gaga

  79. 79

    lol the 80's called they want their music back… I liked her early stuff but now she is trying to be something she isn't. She wants to be controversial like Madonna was but she just isn't. All I can say, "Free as my hair, I just want to be me"…. cheesy

  80. 80

    How much did they pay you to help distance the new album from its first two single release?

    P.P.S. Hair and Edge Of Glory are very representative of the album! A good time, party album with a happy message and filthy beats!!!

    U sold out long ago Mario and this site has been taking one hell of a beating because of it. I come here less and less these days. Why would I want to view page after page of Gaga shit? PPS this song is shit!

  81. 81

    The only thing dull, mindless, and boring about Lady Gaga is the single digit IQ imbeciles who spout their meaningless hatred based on inflated senses of self and a supposed knowledge of "great music." Drop the superiority complex and lighten the fuck up, read up about the background of the song and go complain to someone who cares.
    "WOW MARIO GET OUT OF GAGA'S ASS LIKE OMG LADY BORING IS SO OVER THIS AND THAT TANKED LALALA" you really have nothing better to do with your lives than to park your cellulite deposits in front of a laptop and come up with the same repetitive biased hatred? I feel terrible for you!
    I regularly listen to some of the greatest music of the past forty years, some obscure, some mainstream, and Gaga is up there for sure.
    I'm certain when "legends" were starting out there were assholes like you all spewing crap about them to whoever would listen.
    Fuck it's irritating as all hell, love the song, love everything so far, cannot wait for this body of work.
    Also to the people who are "SICK OF SEEING HER EVERY FIVE MINUTES" it's a gossip blog, fucktard, she's a concurrent celebrity, if you hate it so much, a simple move of the finger to scroll past will suffice, I suspect your bigotry stems from being closeted fans of hers, but being to hipster and egotistical to admit it.

  82. 82

    This song just has no continuity, at first you're like ok this is just a regular bleh ballad that sounds flat then random dancy beat comes on then back to bleh ballad and its like wtf?…. i hope she knows what she's doing because i'm scared of what she WILL do if this album is not a success…her dramatic ass

  83. 83

    lol I'm shocked, I haven't read any comparison comments yet. Well this doesn't sound similar to any other songs/artists like the other BTW songs.

  84. 84

    I couldn't listen to the entire thing, so I looked up the lyrics and they are so incredibly corny. I know lady gaga isn't exactly know for her lyricism, but this is just embarrassing.

  85. 85

    A track written by a 25yo like a 10yo for 8yo's, peddled by 33yo………..Sheesh!

  86. 86

    The more I listen to her new songs, the more I start realizing that almost all of her songs are the same: at first, she tries to be "edgy" or different, and the chorus is something COMPLETELY generic. Really, listen to all of her songs with that in mind. The only exception is Just Dance, which is overall good.

    I have all the respect in the world for her trying to give a voice to those that feel left out, but fact of the matter is that her songs are becoming more and more generic, with nothing special to them.

    She could easily give a voice to "outcasts" in a better way, not trying to provoke everyone all the time with her sense of dress or what she sings about. There's not need to walk around butt-naked or to sing about catholic religion (or dressing like the Virgin Mary, as she did on the Graham Norton show) to stand out. I'm not saying she has to assimilate to "normal" looking people, but I don't get why she always has to dress so trashy, even to her sister's graduation. I'd have so much more respect for her if she stopped provoking all the time, it's getting boring.

    Mark my words, she's this generation's Cher. She won't be able to keep up her "performance" for another ten years. And if she keeps making these generic songs, her moment in the spotlight will soon be over.

  87. 87

    If people really think this is bad. Then you are just a hater. Because you know what is bad? Hold It Against me, Till The World Ends, E.T., S&M, and all those meaningless shitty pop songs that none of those skanks hardly wrote. But keep hating at the end of the day it's the same people who are going to hate her even if she cures cancer and saves the world from that huge meteor coming our way. So you guys can go to hell. :) PAWS UP LITTLE MONSTERS!!! (“)(“)

    "I've had enough. This is my prayer, that I'll die living just as free as my hair!"

  88. 88

    Re: Mike Jonas Grabowski – Dude, you're so fucking stupid. It's called freedom of speech. AKA PEOPLE WILL SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT. Fuck lady gaga and fuck you too!

  89. 89

    Re: Mike Jonas Grabowski – ……hmm free as your hair that is attached to your head??!!……unless it' like LG's of course ,all synthetic, stick on and manufactured…

  90. 90

    Re: Mike Jonas Grabowski – The fact that you startet your post with "(…) the single digit IQ imbeciles who spout their meaningless hatred based on inflated senses of self and a supposed knowledge of "great music," and ended with "I regularly listen to some of the greatest music of the past forty years(…)" (…)I'M AS FREE AS MY HAIR!," makes your entire post an oxymoron and a paradox. You're self-contradictory to the point where it's impossible to take you seriously. There is so much to correct, that figuring out where to start is a task in itself, so I won't.

  91. 91

    Re: Mike Jonas Grabowski – How (balls) deep of you! Mother Monster would be so proud. No one should have to "look up the background" of a song to sway them to like it, good music speaks for itself and one shouldn't have to go to the extreme to find out what it means…shouldn't the lyrics be the meaning? Shocking I know! Lyrics actually sung in a song are what it means?! Who would have ever thought?! But just in case you do hate the song read up on the background and buy into whatever rubbish she wasn't able to say in the actual content of the song? Either people do or they don't and it's their opinion (sort of like your diatribe against those who don't like her) and to end on a cheesy lyric like you did:
    EXPRESS YOURSELF, DON'T REPRESS YOURSELF! (you know, kind of like how people do on comment boards, such as this one)

  92. 92

    Now it is just a game to figure out what artist she listened to before grabbing a mic….this one kiddo's is pure Lita Ford. And to all her fans, I say get a clue, you are clever for creating the next Spinal Tap.

  93. 93

    Honestly not too fond of it, but that awesome rock solo rock sounding part at the end is awesome. I usually love everything about all of her songs, even slow, but this and edge of glory are kind of boring for me.

  94. 94

    Maybe it's just me, but gaga should stop calling her fans little monsters, and start calling them little zombies, because only someone with no brain will buy this generic shit.

  95. treek says – reply to this



  96. 96

    Terrible! 4 singles in and it is now clear that BTW will suck! Guess she peaked with TFM.

  97. 97

    Re: Mike Jonas Grabowski – Also, their hatred isn't biased. People don't like lady gaga for various reasons, but the main reason being they don't like her music. I'm pretty certain it's because it hurts their ears to listen to it. Yeah, sorry, I forgot that not liking her music is a biased opinion. I don't really give a fuck if you love lady gaga, because that's your opinion. Lady gaga has the most butthurt fans in the world. Holy fucking shit.

  98. 98

    You imbeciles don't ever do any sort of research before you shit on Lady GaGa, do you? You're so quick to call it pathetic or meaningless, but if you knew anything about Lady GaGa you'd know that she actually puts thought into the lyrics of her songs. Hair is about freedom of expression and she said herself the song was inspired by her high school days when she had to wear a uniform to school everyday, and the only thing that she could set herself apart from everyone else was with her hair. Ok, so to some people it may sound cheesy, but at least it has more substance than other tacky pop songs that are on the charts right now. E.T.? S&M? Till the World Ends? On The Floor? Complete CRAP pop songs that don't have any real meaning, and those dumbass artists singing those songs barely contributed to the writing of those songs, if they even contributed AT ALL. Call her cheesy but at least her songs reflect her own damn thoughts instead of someone else's.

  99. 99

    this was SUCH a disappointment. I am a monster, however i have a brain of my own, and honestly, i play lady gaga's music everyday, but not from this album. she is totally stuck in the past with her music on this album, and it's not fun at all to listen to, and they all sound the same and boring. I want those bangers like lovegame, paparazzi, shoot even papergangsta is better than all 4 of these singles. I will not be buying this album, hopefully she has something as good as one of her songs on fame monster so i can buy a single.

  100. 100

    I can't even understand half of the songs because of the way she's singing (like she's got a hairball caught in her throat and an octave too low).

    It's really strange that you would promote this subpar album so enthusiastically. It's really a shame.

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