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Rick Springfield Threatened Cop's Life When Arrested

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Rick Springfield Threatened Cop's Life

This isn't good, at all.

Reports are coming in that when Rick Springfield was arrested for his DUI, and they told him his $200k car was going to be towed, that he allegedly yelled at the officer:

"If you tow my car I will f**king kill you and your family."

The weird thing is, though, this wasn't in the police report.

An insider claims that the captain did ask his men if they felt threatened when Rick said that, but they all said it was a loaded question, and apparently everyone just landed on the idea that Rick was belligerent, and belligerent people say stupid things.

Here's the Police Station's excuse:

"It is rare when a drunk doesn't say something outlandish to police when they're arrested. I have no idea what went down with this one, I wasn't there, but drunks are notorious for saying stupid, outlandish things to law enforcement all the time. Law enforcement's job is to get them off the streets, because they're drunk."

We say that's uncalled for in any situation, and something should have been done about it. So the question is: did they not because of his celebrity?

If that's the case, we're kinda sick and tired of celebrities getting special attention in the eyes of the law. While we don't think Rick would ever intend to kill someone and their family, that is just something you do not say to an officer of the law regardless.

Wake up, Rick! Don't let this happen again — you got off easy, considering.

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Rick Springfield Threatened Cop's Life When Arrested”

  1. 1

    The self-righteous blogger strikes again.

  2. 2

    No, it probably is not because of his celebrity. People say stuff like this all the time to cops when they are drunk and in trouble. The cops know they are just drunk and don't really mean it. They don't put it in the report because the person is already in trouble and there is no need to get them in anymore by documenting stupid shit they say that they don't really mean. Of course, there will always be the exception. Like a dickhead cop who wants to make something of it for whatever reason.

  3. 3

    How old is he again? I mean, men should never have facelifts IMHO, a quick look at most of aging Hollywood is proof enough, but this man looks fab for what, 65?

  4. 4

    As the wife of a cop, I can say that these threats happen every day. Really, Every. Single. Day. Regardless, there is nothing more low class than threatening the life of my 3-year-old over the towing of your ego-car cuz you got caught driving drunk. Rick is officially on my $hit list.

  5. 5

    the Jacksons want the wig back…….
    and if that looks fabulous to you…. who is your bf Quassimoto ?

  6. 6

    ….the dood finally flipped over the handle bars……its about time ! …wut took u so long ? …………

  7. fiera says – reply to this


    People don't even remember what they say when they are drunk and Im sure he didn't really mean it, it was the alcohol talking. He should know better not to drive drunk in the first place and being a celebrity and acting irresponsibly in public is not smart.

  8. 8

    at first when I saw this pic I thought it was Chris Angel. it is what is it is and it will be resolved eventually. At times at this I wish he REALLY did have Jessie's Girl.