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Is Britney Spears 'Mentally Incapable' Of Getting Married?!

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This all seems so unfair!

We think everyone can agree that Britney Spears has essentially turned her life around since her 2008 psychiatric meltdown, which resulted in her father Jamie Spears taking conservatorship of her assets, finances, and decisions. However, this apparently means that in the law's eyes, she's mentally incapable of not only testifying in Sam Lufti's lawsuit, but also getting married to beau Jason Trawick if she wanted to!

The pop star recently revealed in an interview that she would happily marry Jason if "the time was right," but according to California attorney David E. Wohl:

"For a legal marriage to take place in California, a person must have the ability to make legally binding decisions. Just signing the marriage license requires this. Because Britney is under a conservatorship for all intents and purposes she cannot get married. The conservatorship would have to be set aside before she can legally tie the knot."

Seriously, this seems like such a technicality!

We personally don't think it would do any good for her to have to go and face Lufti after everything he put her through, but we're sure that if she did want to get married, her family and her team would be more than happy to make the proper arrangements to let her legally do that!

She's come so far, and seems to be doing so well, we would hate for something like this to hinder that in any way!

Keep up the good work, gurl! We're so proud of you!

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38 comments to “Is Britney Spears 'Mentally Incapable' Of Getting Married?!”

  1. 1

    "we would hate for something like this to hinder that in any way!" I really don't believe that bullshit.

  2. 2

    Britney needs to get out of her conservatorship and testify against Osama Lutfi. The only way to get over things is to confront them and move on. Shielding her isn't going to overcome her issues.

  3. 3

    Who freaking cares? It's not like she wants to get married now and when the time comes I'm sure she'll make it happen. Mario stop putting negative post about Britney's mental ability. She's not crazy and it looks like she's come around. Unlike your stupid famewhore gaga who is on the cocaine and alcohol diet.

  4. 4

    BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! How has she turned her life around? By taking her meds that make her a zombie? By dressing up in flashy clothes and standing on stage, not being able to dance? She is mentally ill!! Her family and management are using her as a cash cow, but on her own, she'd be shaving her head again. She should be institutionalized, but she's worth too much money, so they keep propping her up every couple of years for a big 'comeback'. Believe me, I feel bad for her because she is clearly not happy, but why you keep making up this BS sympathy for her Mario I'll never know. Is she paying you too like Lady CaCa?

  5. 5

    what compels women to have that bleached fake wavy curled whore hair. so awful.

  6. 6

    I get the feeling that she's a lot sicker than any of us know. Obviously she'd on meds and doing fairly well, but I get the feeling that if she were on her own, she'd have a lot of trouble.

  7. 7

    wow that really suks! but marriage does not necessarily stand for love…how many failed marriages in Hwood?? too many..as long as she is in love and happy thats all that counts!

    keep yo head up Brit!

  8. 8

    first off perez, it's LUTFI not LUFTI. you used to do stories on that tool all the time and got the name right back then, so what's the deal now? and second, you are so stupid if you really think that she is doing well. i wouldn't say she's totally crazy, but most definitely unstable and certainly on medication to control her chemical imbalance. it's completely acceptable for each party who is getting married to be competent so they know just what the hell they are getting themselves into. i have a feeling if she married mr. old man creeper, she would go off her meds one day and wonder why the hell she married her babysitter and then go effing crazy.

  9. Blunt says – reply to this


    Bullshit! She's is bipolar not Jefferey Dahmer. Her handlers think we are so dumb to believe she's that much ill. The girl is ok, if she wasnt then she would be touring or let near her kids. 3yrs has past, let the girl be free. smh of all hollywood celebs i feel srry 4 britney :(

  10. 10

    Let me see if I have this correct. She is mentall incapable of taking care of her own money or getting married. However, she is perfectly sane to put together a tour around the world and work her ass off for her sick ass mother and father and their greedy ass hands. Her family sucks.

  11. 11

    Her vampire mother should have let Britney stay married to the high school friend she was married to for 55 hours. The guy pretty much kept his trap shut and is not the douche K-Fat turned out to be. It seems she is still fragile and medicated. There's something that a lot of other single moms do…stay single and don't get into relationships until their children are way older. Brit will completely lose custody if she f^cks this up.

  12. 12

    Re: Hypocrite99 – Why should she be institutionalized? Is it because you'd like some company?

  13. 13

    Why are you writing about her as if she is a 16 year old girl? She is a THIRTY year old WOMAN! She needs to grow up. Learn some accountability and responsibility. Maybe if her sycophant family and followers would stop handling her with kid gloves, she could learn just a little in her life. ffs Disney is a factory for Stepford children…they're all a bunch of robots who have been brain-washed and programmed. This is why her mental state is so fragile.

  14. 14

    She has come a long way??? No she hasn't. She is being babysat every day all day to make sure she behaves. If she were living life on her own without any babysitters and doing well, then you can say she is doing well. Now she just does what she is told, when she is told and how she is told. I agree, she shouldn't be able to get married. She can't even take care of herself for Pete's sake. She is a mental midget and probably always will be.

  15. 15

    IF she is ever able to marry again, I hope she had her tubes tied so she can't ruin anymore children's lives.

  16. 16

    If she really wanted to get married couldn't she just get married in another state that didn't have that law?…

  17. 17

    I don't believe she should even be on this still. I wouldn't be surpised that once her contract is up with jive this conservatorship will soon end. Their probably benefiting from it the most. Knowing that they don't have to really deal with Britney, just her father. She probably wouldn't be making cd's or going on tour if it weren't for this conservatorship.

  18. 18

    If Jamie Spears is getting paid being her conservator I wonder if Billy ray cyrus can be apid to be Miley Cyrus' conservator if she ever got one. Celeb legal news is har dto follow because not all news outlets have the EXACT accurate informationa and a chunk of it is taken out by PR and management and some of it is fabricated by PR & management so the public doesn't REALLY know the truth but are left with only a believable speculated information.

  19. 19

    Re: the1 u luv 2 h8! – Great point and there should be an article on all that you said. so true. might have already happened.

  20. 20

    Britany could always have a private ceremony where the two of them exchange meaningful vows. You don't always need a legal piece of paper. In the mean time I agree with perez-Stay healthy and happy and keep getting better girl cuz a lot of us still luv ya!

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Are you kidding me… That woman is NOT okay… If you seriously can look at the above image of her and say you think she looks healthy and happy…………. idk. I feel nothing but sadness for Britney Spears right now. She looks so unhappy, so drained, so tired, so jaded… & That's without the medicine she's apparently on! I love the music she has come out with, though. She has in no way "gotten her life together"

  23. 23

    Girl ain't right. She looks comes across as a puppet and seems disconnected from it all.

  24. 24

    she just has people controlling her every move so she can't repeat 2007 even if she wanted to. she didn't come "so far"….. she sold her life away to Jive & signed her life away to her dad & a team of managers.

  25. 25

    …..she's just a puppet, being manipulated, and having her strings pulled by a whole gaggle of scumbags who are making millions , and millions , and millions off this cash cow. do u think they give a shit about britney ? poor girl cant even sing ! she hasnt been well for a long time now. as is everything else in this country, its all about the money.

  26. 26

    Poor Britney!!! She was diagnoised with bipolar disorder.


  27. 27

    Britney deserves the freedom to do what she'd like!

  28. 28

    Well she's kind of coooccoo so . . .

  29. 29

    Something is definitely not right with Britney's life, those meds she is on make her far more doped up than they should, I don't honestly believe she is as sick as her entourage make her out to be, out may tell her she is.

    Lutfi wants her to undergo a mental analysis to see if she truly is incapable, which I think is a good idea, to prove she's ok. Of course Jamie's not gonna go for that otherwise the conservatorship will end and he will lose his main source of easy money… also goes by the name of Britney!

  30. 30

    Britney can't have it both ways. If she wants to be "mentally incapable" to testify, she has to really go with it-no marriage, no contracts, etc. Lufti may have put her through a lot, but rape victims, and people who have been through way more horrible things have to testify as well against their attackers, so she needs to be a grown up and suck it up, or be mentally incapable for years to come.

  31. 31

    Isn't it obvious that she has not totally recovered from her problems? If she had she would no longer be under the conservatorship and would handling her own affairs. This tour and the rest of the PR bull are just a smokescreen to mask the fact that she is being told what to do and say every moment. It's kind of a sad commentary on the people buying her recordings.

  32. 32

    POST THE HARPERS BAZAAR photoshoot..there are 6 great pics there..instead of horrifying the readers with Lady GAG GAG ugly ass postings, show some beauty with those photoshoot pics from BAZAAR…

  33. 33

    Re: Electro_storm – Poor Electro_Storm. All ”it”does is stalk Britney posts!! Why don't you get back on your knees and suck hard?

    Pez head really is one evil pos! How passive aggressive can one wetback get? You're ugly mother must be really proud of you, Pez head!!

  34. 34

    If you know the laws about contracts you would know it's not just California who has this law. Marriage is a contract. Contracts are invalid if the person is drunk, under the age of consent, mentally unstable, etc. She was deemed mentally unstable and can't take care of herself. Yeah, she's doing tours. I highly doubt she is "running" the tour. She just shows up. Marriage, unlike what Hollywood shows, is a very important decision and considering Britney's track record she should be taking the time to take care of herself, not worrying about running down the aisle again. That and taking care of her sons. They need her attention more than a grown man does right now. Although I disagree with everyone who is claiming that just because she's on meds she shouldn't get married. As long as she's treating her illness and taking care of herself and her kids then once the conservator-ship is over she should do what she wants.

  35. 35

    Re: Hypocrite99 – you said it in just the right way. people who buy tickets and buy her auto-tuned songs are only wasting money. this girl lost all her talent the day she lost her fucking mind, but because her name sells they're keeping her propped up. I would feel sad for her but at this point is\t's just infuriating. why should she be sane enough to marry and procreate but not to do civic duties? she's a joke

  36. 36

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – and you know this because you stalk the "stalker". and for someone who hates perez, you're making an ass of yourself visiting his site. instead of spouting hate and discrimination, how about you do something meaningful and productive? asswipe total, complete fucking asswipe

  37. 37

    She is incapable of the most common tasks.

  38. 38

    i can't believe you would actually put that as the title perez..