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14 comments to “Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Make Peace…On Twitter”

  1. 1

    it's okay if people don't get along or like each other - the world won't stop………..

  2. 2

    I'm not sure why either one of them would bother. Why not just treat each other politely if they ever cross paths? I guess doing it publicly means it is for publicity.

  3. 3

    i'm throw full support at both the private citizens online, otherwise the presidential election - there would be two of them, one for gays, one all zygotes. i'm voting the later, you be a voyeur peretz

  4. 4

    I like Rosie but she was wrong in this this. Rosie was talking smack about soldiers and wanted Elizabeth to defend her, and E said you take responsibility for what you say, not me.

    Rosie was so so wrong, she should apologize to E

  5. 5

    i'll restate the obvious, without prison for child rapists and child serial killing children in the case arisen, internet communications will have to remain retarded. why women?

  6. 6

    …oh gawd…..a kunt war

  7. 7

    Re: KEEFER – Wow, you used a terribly offensive word towards women…It absolutely astounds me the amount of ignorance and hate that is on these comments….I used to think I could be positive to counter the hate, however I am beginning to think it is a lost cause….wow….Anyway, make love, not war….Yes, resolving differences only makes things better in the end. Ortega-get some respect for women.

  8. 8

    Re: KEEFER – You're an idiot who doesn't even know how to spell!!!! hahahaha!!!

  9. 9

    Wow Rosie, you're about 3 years too late though!!! Elisabeth is a person of character and you shit on her over and over.. All the more power to her for making peace with you…

  10. 10

    Elisabeth and Rosie always had their mutual love for their children in common. Play dates with their kids always went well. Rosie is a bully and tried to control Elisabeth & when she could not she picked a fight with Elisabeth and Elisabeth WON on live TV. Rosie ran like a coward like all bullies often do. Sitting on that panel at The View is not for cowards. I do not agree with many of Elisabeth's views but she is a tough gal to have stayed that long. Rosie is loud but not tough. Rosie better grow up as Oprah is the last person that is going to give her a golden opportunity. If she blows this one, she is retired forever. I think Rosie wants to bring Elisabeth on her talk show on OWN. LOL

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: KEEFER – In the civilized world it's called reconciliation, just so you know. Plus it's the opposite of what you stated. Love most of your comments, though.

  12. 12

    Rosie's got a show coming on OWN. This probably has something to do with that.

  13. 13

    Re: blsdjan – totally agree with u on this. personally im thinking rosie either has some motive for her wanting to play nice or she took the right dose of psych meds that day and felt friendly for a couple of minutes. anyway, hasselbeck better beware because one cant trust rosie.

  14. 14

    They're both BULL DYKES