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Jane Seymour Talks Arnold, Says He Has ANOTHER Love Child…Or Two…Or More!

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jane seymour talks arnold

Jane Seymour is certainly not making any friends in the Schwarzenegger/Shriver family with these comments.

Even though it was only yesterday that we learned about Arnold's love child, it seems like everyone has had something to say on the subject, and now it's Jane's turn.

Here's what she had to say about the unfolding Arnold situation:

"I was not even remotely surprised. The moment I heard it, that there was an announcement of their separation—he was obviously jumping the gun before everyone else told the world of the news."

"From what I gather, I think there will be lots of information coming people's way. I heard about two more [out of wedlock kids] somebody else knows about. I even met someone who knows him well."

"I feel sorry for the kids."

Given all the information that's surfacing, we'd agree that it wouldn't be shocking if we heard more "love child stories," but we truly hope that doesn't happen. Maria and her kids have been through more than enough already.

What do U think about Jane Seymour's comments? Do U agree? Or do U think she's out of line with her claims?

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23 comments to “Jane Seymour Talks Arnold, Says He Has ANOTHER Love Child…Or Two…Or More!”

  1. 1

    It wasn't 'claims' she was making Mario, she was saying what she heard… and that, about 2 other love children, IS GOING AROUND ALL THE OTHER GOSSIP SITES AND IT IS NOT FROM HER! As for Maria and the Children being through enough…. Maria comes from a family of DOGS…. Her Uncles and Her Grandfather all had MULTIPLE AFFAIRS, Her grandfather, it was rumored had a love child with GLORIA SWANSON, JFK, well, he had mistresses coming and going at the WHITE HOUSE…. BUT everyone turned their heads! Seems like she just picked a husband that fit right into the family… AND as much as SHE DEFENDED HIM, she had to know HE WAS CHEATING ON HER… MAYBE NOT WITH THIS WOMAN, but WITH OTHERS. Once a dog, always a dog. What is a shame is that Arnie ole boy does not know WHAT A RUBBER IS?

  2. 2

    Yesterday the same was said on the joy Behar show.I wonder if that is the same guy saying that, or they have the same source. Could it get any worse?

  3. 3

    Well well know this witch looking Shriver knows what it feels when your husban fools around look at you ungles thay even killed. Hope you like hell skank

  4. 4

    Well, yes. Children are innocent and for a 10 year old to have stigma attached at such a young age is sad. shame on the sperminator.

  5. 5

    Re: justtfax – Not tryimg to start anything-just asking; Why are you always hysterical?

  6. 6

    Unless one of those is Jane's bastard child from Arnold - I think she needs some scientific proof before she chimes in on this topic. Why would she want to hurt Maria and the children (all five of them)? I'll bet this little boy from the staffmember is going through a rough patch right now - finding out that his Dad isn't his father and his father is admittedly a philanderer. A little respect from Hollywood would be nice if only for Maria and the children. And remember Jane - those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  7. 7

    it is not just maria and the kids we should be sorry for…the secret kid(s), who are innocent victims in all of this, will suffer, too.

  8. 8

    I think Seymour should stay out of it. It sounds like he is digging his own hole and she should mind her own business. Who gives a shit. It is the family who is hurting, and now another child is being brought into his mess.

  9. 9

    Why is she even coming out and speaking about this? She doesn't know them or have any facts, she's just spreading more gossip that she heard which can't help the situation any. Arnold having more kids doesn't surprise me and I'm sure more cases will come out, but Jane needs to shut the hell up and be respectful.

  10. 10

    Where there's smoke there's fire! Poor children…..all of them! Stupid Arnold!

  11. 11

    Who cares about what Jane Seymour thinks?

  12. 12

    Re: atchm005


  13. 13

    I wouldn't be surprised either….he's going to surpass Tiger…

  14. 14

    He embodies all the foibles of the Kennedy men. So, yes, there will be more to come.

  15. 15

    She should keep her trap shut unless one of the love children are hers.

  16. 16

    Jane's so desperate to play Maria in Lifetime TV Channel's "Arnold & Maria: This ain't a Love Story" movie of the week…

  17. 17

    You people do know what they say? SHIT FLOATS! Arnold is so full of shit it's unbelievable. Used to be a huge fan…now you couldn't pay me to go see his movies! There will be a T2 burning once it stops raining long enough. Love Child? LUST CHILD! The guy is a pig! Of course there are other children! Shi floats.

  18. 18

    Everybody knows that Arnold is a womanizer and he always is. But what surprised me is that he is that stupid by not wearing any protection during his actions??? Maybe all he thinks is "I'll be back"". For Jean S. please mind your own business, it doesn't need to pour more gazoline when you know that the wood is already burnt.

  19. 19

    Maria had to of known about this affair/love child. I read that the boy he had with the housekeeper had been in their home on several occasions. They say he's the splitting image of Arnold. Wouldn't you think Maria would of put two and two together?

  20. 20

    She's feels sorry for kids? What does she think her comments are going to do to the kids?

  21. 21

    why would anyone famous especially want to comment to that extent on someone else's personal life and problems that have nothing to do with them
    the classy thing to do if asked is simply to say that you do not have any first hand knowledge so asking yoy to comment is futile and that all you want to say is that your thoughts are with Maria and the children and we should respect their privacy
    by commenting she has shown that she lacks class-doesn't care if her comments affect the children involved and she's leaving herself open to dirt being brought up and made public about her or any of her spouses/children personal lives–and anyone in Hollywood for as long as she's been- you know there are probably well kept secrets somewhere

  22. 22

    ….excellent move…she got her mug back out there…….

  23. 23

    Seymour was correct. a few of my friends work in the movie industry in the LA area, and Arnold and makes Tiger Woods look like a choir boy.

    He has at least one more daughter, and she would be years older then Katherine, Arnies oldest child.

    Years before Arnie became really famous, but after he had married Maria and had the first child, the National Enquirer a woman in the South had filed a claim for welfare benefits for her illegitmate daughter and they asked the name of the Father and she had put down Arnoldl based on a short affair in Ohio while ARnie was traveling there.

    The pic of the daughter they managed to get when she was young looked exactly like Arnold's daughter

    We now move to years later, the woman and her daughter have moved to the Sout