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Jodie Foster Continues To Defend Mel Gibson… More

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Jodie Defends Mel At Cannes

Well, she's nothing if not consistent, LOLz!

Mel was nowhere to be seen at the press conference at the Cannes screening of his new movie The Beaver, which Jodie Foster directed.

That means, unfortunately for her, that people asking questions had to ask through her, and probably were a little more bold without the man of the questions sitting next to her.

She did field them as professionally as possible, and we guarantee she's annoyed with being asked, but this is what happens when you cast someone that has done the things he has just because of your friendship. Plus, we hear that the movie is getting mixed feeling regardless, so all this talk about it rehabilitating his image and him searching deeper than ever before for the role doesn't make quite as much sense without the movie backing it up.

We haven't seen it yet, though, so we'll reserve final judgment until then.

Here's what she had to say:

"He really understood the character in a way that was extraordinary. I think that he was willing to go to such a deep place and willing to expose himself in some ways, to really talk about something he knows a lot about which is struggle, wanting to change, wanting to transform yourself, not wanting to be who you are and I'm so grateful for that performance".

Like we said, people aren't being blown away by the performance. That's a very good way of diverting the questions asked back to the film, with new positive spin in tow, but you're dodging the question.

But also, we get that you're tired of hearing about it, Jodie, and the focus SHOULD be on the movie instead. But you cast him in the role, so, it's your responsibility to deal with it when he's not there to respond himself.

We'd still really like to see the movie, though, we're just pretty skeptical at this point!

Read the rest of what she had to say after the jump!

[Image via WENN.]

Asked if the film would help rehabilitate him in the eyes of the public and in Hollywood, she said: "I don't know, I have no idea."

Foster added: "Anything that you do that you obsess about and think about and give that much to for six months of your life in his case… allows you to look deeper at yourself and the people around you and the effect of what you do and has to have some kind of therapeutic, cathartic end.

"I know that he is incredibly proud of the movie and I think that he is proud of what he's shown and I think he wants people to see that side of him and he's an incredibly private man so what he shows on screen is deep as you could possibly get".

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5 comments to “Jodie Foster Continues To Defend Mel Gibson… More”

  1. 1

    Mel's not the only one who believes in that Jewish conspiracy . . .

  2. 2

    she likes him ever since he called her "sugertits"

  3. 3

    She has repeatedly said she is not defending him or his actions. She is only talking about how she knows him as a friend and the great performance he gives in her film. You can love someone and not approve of what they do. You can say nice things about someone without defending their actions. What do you expect her to do? She's handled this difficult press tour with class all the way through. So it's stupid to spin it around to paint her in a negative light.

    And actually people ARE being blown away by his performance. It got a 10 minute standing ovation at Cannes and all the critics who have mixed feelings about the film agree that his performance is great.

  4. 4

    Let. It. Go. Please.

    Move on now.

  5. 5

    Why would ANYBODY attack a friend for being "consistent" in her friendship? You can disagree with what she says and you can hate Mel Gibson all you want–but to mock Jodie Foster for being loyal to a friend is more than ludicrous it's ****ing stupid. If you you have so many friends you think they're disposable — then you have NO friends. Only convenient acquaintances. Friendship is rare and loyalty is even more rare. Especially in show biz.