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Prepare To Lose Your Appetite! Russian Man Arrested For Eating Human Liver

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man eats a human liver

So much for eating ANYTHING for the rest of the day!

Today, police in Moscow, Russia arrested a man caught "eating an acquaintance's liver." Yuck.

Here's what a police spokeswoman for Moscow's western district had to say about it:

"When the police came to arrest the suspect, he was eating a human liver with potatoes."

According to the spokeswoman, they found the rest of the partially eaten human liver in a refrigerator.

Here's what the prosecutor general's main investigative unit had to say about it in a statement:

"[The suspect] admitted his crime and that he had eaten part of his acquaintance's liver."

Seems so unnecessary! Instead of eating his acquaintance's liver, why couldn't the two of them just take a trip to Trader Joe's together for non-human groceries?

…Okay, so we're not 100% sure how many Trader Joe's locations there are in Moscow, but at the very least there must have been a bodega or a market somewhere nearby! ANYTHING's better than eating your "acquaintance's" liver!!!

Truly disturbing.

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13 comments to “Prepare To Lose Your Appetite! Russian Man Arrested For Eating Human Liver”

  1. 1

    haha that's disturbing, but unfortunately there are no Trader Joe's in Moscow, but poverty in Russia is bad, so not surprised

  2. 2

    I seriously just threw up in my mouth.

  3. 3

    I'm confused as to how he got the liver in the first place…

  4. 4

    Where is the rest of the human? Is he allive?
    i realize that it may be difficult to afford food in this trying time but damn, couldn't you just hunt for pigeons or something?
    And no offense, but i've heard of much more sick things happening than just a liver being eaten, let me know what happened to the rest of this person, than we'll see if i throw up.
    No fava beans?

  5. 5

    it has nothing to do with being poor, for gods sake. this person is just sick. have you people heard of cannibalism?

  6. 6

    in japan its said that if you eat a human liver properly cooked by a holy lady it will give you unimaginable powers and make you immortal. maybe this guy heard about the legend and tried it. just saying.

  7. 7

    Actually humans are healthy to eat..We control what we eat, so if a healthy person eats healthy things..The person themselves would have all of the vitamins and nutrients needed. That said, if the acquaintance "gave" the guy his liver than its w/e..But if the dude killed him than yea..

  8. Fosca says – reply to this


    the story is disturbing but your comment is grottesque.

  9. 9

    Put him in a cage with the shoe licker.

  10. 10

    It's called Cannibalism, & it's not really a new thing…

  11. 11

    Yuck! Liver tastes terrible!

  12. 12

    You act as if you have never heard of real life cannibalism before. This stuff happens everyday around the world. This news is nothing new so get over it.

  13. 13

    Its cannibalism, yes, but going to the store & cooking up a free liver are two different things. If you don't have any money & want some meat with that potatoes, you eat a human's liver. Or another part of their body. I'm not justifying it in anyway, but maybe this says something about the state of the poor in other countries.