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New & Improved!!!

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Welcome to the upgraded PerezHilton.com!

We have redesigned the site with to offer you a faster, easier to load, simpler to navigate and all-around more pleasant viewing experience.

We hope you like it!!!!!!

Feedback? Notes?

Let us know in the comments section!!!!!!


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174 comments to “New & Improved!!!”

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  1. 101

    I like the layout, but so far it is definitely NOT faster and easier to load. I like the tabs at the top, but others are right about the ads, etc. being on the right side– they need to be moved to the left. Also, virtually every article you post has some type of spelling/grammatical error, so you need an editor BADLY. I know this has nothing to do with the layout, but as long as I am offering suggestions, I may as well say it.

  2. 102

    I dont like it, you have to scroll through old news

  3. 103

    dont like the new layout becuz its waaayyyyyy too slow to upload each page. other that that it would be perfect!

  4. 104

    looooveeeee it. thank you perez

  5. 105

    i agree with onewiseman,change sidebar to the left.

  6. 106

    Can you PLEASE remove the huge ads that pop up whenever i'm on my iphone? Everytime I go to the next page now i get a HUGE pop up that blacks out my entire screen and tries to load a video and i have to close it every time i click a new page. please change that?

  7. 107

    This thing is so freaking slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww; I will hesitate to come back because of the frustration. Have to wait for video content to load before you can even scroll down - frozen screen=loss of traffic, Perez.

  8. 108

    I find it very hard to focus the attention on where the post is.

    It's almost like the brain is fighting to figure out which is the main focus point of the page! It looks crooked! You no longer have a center of attention.. you focus neither on the post nor on the advertisement on the right. It looks odd. =/

  9. 109

    I took all that time to post that comment expressing how I felt and you're not even going to post it? Such bullshit. My days here aren't numbered, they're fucking done. After 6 years of longing in about hourly during my work day, I am finished.

  10. 110

    locking up my computer between page changes. no like.

  11. 111

    Takes toooooooooooo long to load. That's really annoying.

  12. 112

    you call this new and improved? you just moved the ads from the sides to the center. all this sending readers to your other sites is lame i never go therre. all it is showing how greedy and self promotong u r. it is all failing as your hits are declining

  13. 113

    Personally I think everything is a little too cramped, I like the style but more space between the articles and even the side bar would be more pleasant on the eye.
    Also - everything is a little small - needs a bigger font and larger graphics.

  14. 114

    It is NOT faster and NOT easier to load…

  15. 115

    You don't fix somethng that isn't broken Perez.

  16. 116

    I'm just glad I haven't seen one pop up yet.

  17. 117

    much better.. it takes less time to load.

  18. 118

    Well, I don't know how this is working for other people, but when I open your site, and each time I got to a new page, it TAKES FOREVER for everything to load so I can scroll down the page. If THAT part doesn't improve, I guess I'll take you off my favorites, ’cause I just don't have time to sit and wait for it…

  19. meme says – reply to this


    Waay slower than the old site. I don't know what you did but tons of shit try to load and there are errors. Call tech support because the way it is now, it's not worth the wait.

  20. 120

    Site takes too long to load now. Worked absolutely fine before and now it takes a couple mins to load a page. I've been visiting this site for about 2 years, almost daily and wont be coming back if it's going to be this slow from now on.

  21. buff says – reply to this


    Not only did I just waste my time writing a comment here only to be told it was too long (and not allowing me to edit), I have now wasted more time because my favorite site is NOT WORKING WELL. I don't care how it looks, but it won't scroll and clicks and clicks and does not scroll down and freezes.

  22. 122

    Great idea to have the tabs at the top for the other sites and to move the search bar to the top. However, its really annoying having to scroll so far down to get the page numbers and next button.

  23. 123

    perfect new image! ^^

  24. 124

    It's taking forever to load when you click on a page..i mean it gets there fast but then it stops and takes forever and it wont do anything until it's done.
    Another thing i think you should change is letting us comment on CoCo Perez.. i want in on that shit.. and less Gaga please..ty!

  25. 125

    I'm a die hard fan, but unfortunately don't have time to read it everyday so i REALLY liked the fact you could jump to whatever day you wanted to catch up. I'm not seeing that on the new site. other than that, love it.

  26. 126

    I LOVE the new layout!!
    Only thing that should be changed is that the main content should be bigger and the sidebar (whichever side you choose it to be on) needs to to be significantly smaller so as not to take away attention from the main content.
    I think what's making the sidebar too big is the "top story"… I'm not really into that either- it's too distracting. I liked how you had the "breaking news" at the top of the page for stories such as those.

    And I miss the rotating perez headers!!

    But in short- I love it! It's less clutteres with other links and such in between posts and it's definitely easier on the eyes. Way to go Perez!

  27. Askim says – reply to this


    dont like sorry Perez….tooo sloooooow now, no gap between stories and not in centre and ad on one side only. Bring back old one please. And to all those assholes saying something about Perez personally, karma will catch ya mfs, he looks gorgeous you should be ashamed to pick on the way somebody looks. Up yours!

  28. 128

    Not sure how I feel about the new layout. Seems too busy to me. I liked how the videos etc were off to the side before, big enough to notice, but small enough not to interfere. Now my eye doesn't know where to look first and it's a little….much. Everything on the page is so big, the entries aren't the focal point like before. It will take some adjusting on my part.

  29. 129

    Way tooooo slow.
    Too much going on over on the right side.
    I liked the old site better.

    I just typed in the address to come to the site and a pop up was covering my whole page with no way to close it so I had to refresh the page to get here. Annoying.

  30. 130

    Takes FOREVER to load. I had to abort the first comment attempt after waiting over 5 minutes to load the page. Bottom third of the page is blank. New page = #fail.

  31. 131

    Not loving it.

  32. 132

    i honestly don't dig it. i don't like the page orientation, i don't seen to see the right hand side of the screen full of videos, load time is slower, it's a mess. is this the final build?

  33. Rohan says – reply to this


    Great, now this ad-festival of self promotion site loads even slower than it did before! Just another reason to come here less and less, not to mention the "news" is always stolen a day or two late from every other site it was already posted on. I guess unless you're gay and/or a Gaga fan there is really no reason to come here anymore!

  34. 134

    Doesn't work with Firefox 4.0.1 0 all of the ads usually in the left and right columns are on the very bottom under the stories, stacked, and the top story is fully expanded. Must scroll down forever to get to the Back 123456 Next

  35. 135

    It's slower for me now …

  36. cdm says – reply to this


    love it!

  37. 137

    I like you P-nizz, but I dont know if i have the patience for the duration of the loading, the popups that slide accross the screen and the clutter. Sorry, goodbye :(

  38. 138

    What a hot fucking mess. It takes waaaay too long to load now.
    I am so over all the bullshit with this website lately. This is officially my last visit to perezhilton.com.

  39. 139

    Taking a very long time to load pages??? Frustrated!

  40. 140

    Horrible horrible layout..Everything is so clutered..There does not need to be cocoperez,fit perez at the bottom..You dont need the perez tv on the side..my god, you made this site suck even more ROFL

  41. 141

    It still takes a year for comments to show up. BOO !!!!!

  42. 142

    Terrible! Slow loading. Why did you change it to THIS! Change it back! =(

  43. 143

    I like that it seems cleaner, but the left-side column of news makes the view feel very off balance.. not a fan of that part. Can we get a centered news column and keep the rest of the updates?

  44. 144

    Re: pareidolia – I said previously 'ads' on the left and right are on the bottom- but I meant, EVERYTHING that is typically shown in the left and right columns is stacked one below the other all below the stories. The left and right columns are empty. That's Firefox 4.0.1. Loads fine in Google Chrome but Painfully slow. Now that I've seen it in Google, I agree with the others that the right column with ads and such feels cluttered and too close to the stories- feels crammed and hard to read comfortably. I like the navbar at top. It feels more orderly overall- but just too much stuff. :-)

  45. 145

    i like it a lot

  46. 146

    Not really impressed and you have way to many pics of Gaga.

  47. 147

    Website is sooooo much slower for me!!

  48. 148

    I think the stuff that's supposed to be on a side bar (ads, lists of top stories, etc) has been put at the bottom in a really weird way, so you have to scroll past that to get to the next page. Fix it please?

  49. 149

    Hey Perez! I love the new layout.. but it takes longer to load the page.. alot longer.. and my computer is brand new & Im on highspeed..
    Dont know if that matters but thought I would let you know!
    Keep up the good work!!

  50. 150

    I'm reserving judgement……….I'm not real keen on it at this time but it was the first time I saw it…….a little hard to navigate the site……..but hopefully it'll be just a time thing to grow on all of us………we're spoiled!

  51. 151

    its horrible, it takes so long to load even using chrome, over a minute, who ever critque it had no idea how to lay out a website, its confusing and crap all over the place hs no flow and its just ends then there is a large amount of useless blank space, its way to cluttered and confusing to look at with your eyes, the fonts should be in uniform and not " hows your father' its basicly one of the worst designed website for this sorta thing go and look at other site they might give you a better idea

  52. 152

    it will just take a while to get use to…but better

  53. 153

    Off center main text..huge ads/blurbs on the right that are almost as big as the main text…not good at all. The old layout at least utilized some logic. I dislike it.

  54. 154

    New and Improved????????????? Hardly!!!!!!!!!!!! The Skinny column looks cheap and the pages take twice as long to load as before…which was already slow!! Too many ads and other crap loading take the pleasure out of this site! Please fix it!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 155

    It's even slower than before! and that's at home and at work. I prefer the old look. I find the sidebar too wide. :(

  56. 156

    "We have redesigned the site with to offer you"…Still full of typos… Not a fan of the layout. Font for comments looks too small and crowded.

  57. 157

    Too much clutter!!! The only thing I like are the tabs at the top for the different sites. But other then that, the side bar is ridiculous. You don't need TOP STORY, MOST COMMENTED (five more stories) PEREZ TV. It's just too much.

  58. 158

    I really don't like the new layout. On my screen, I see about 20% content. and 80% advertising, plus I was greeted by a video pre-roll. Also have to scroll way too far down past the last story to hit the button for the next page. Not a fan.

  59. 159

    nice and compact, but too much on the right side of the screen. The articles dont seem like the main focus anymore, all the ads and videos to the right received the same font sizes etc. as the storied - remember we are here to read the stories!

  60. @v@ says – reply to this


    My name/handle looks weird now. It looks like @v@ in a different, frailer typeset. I doubt you can Bold that. I'll get used to the site. I hope.

  61. 161

    hhhhm, i like how big everything appears. problem is that each page seems to take a very long time to load.

  62. 162

    It looks cool BUT its waaaaay slower to load, the older pages were faster sorry Perez

  63. 163

    I love the new layout, now you only need new headers and it will be perfect! :)

  64. 164

    Nice new format however takes very long time to navigate through it. getting ready to slam computer

  65. 165

    The site looks fine but it load soooooo slooooooow! I have to sit and what 5 minutes per page. Not cool.

  66. 166

    I don't mind the new layout (I liked the old one too), but it's REALLY slow on my computer. It's taking at least a minute for each page, and that's too long for a blog-type webpage. Ive been checking perezhilton.com daily for years now, but if it continues to be this slow I'll have to stop.

  67. 167

    OK, I just did a ctrl + and it changed everything back to the way it used to be. Perez, it's not about the format, it's about the content, that irks us and is the cause of the greatly reduced hits.

  68. 168

    It takes way longer to load than the old way. The format is not bad, just to long to load when you do anything on the website.

  69. 169

    It's taking too long to load! Especially moving from page to page. Other than that, it's great. I look forward to reading this blog every morning before work - it's part of my routine!

  70. 170

    I really like the look and speed of the new website, but I HATE the ad you have to close before every page…super annoying!

  71. 171

    The new site looks great! One comment…..the hat you are wearing in the ad for the Jeep looks like the same type of hat that Fidel Castro wears….that really surprises me! Have you not noticed? I would think that you wouldn't want to resemble him in ANY way.

  72. 172

    it is so much better :)
    love it

  73. 173

    not easier to load. MORE ads = and no, we're not stupid.

  74. 174

    i dont like the new design of the site at all :( skinnier single column and so much to scroll down before i can skip to the next page. change back please!!! im on a mac using firefox…

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