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The View Ladies Take On The Terminator

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Whoopi nails it again, y'all!

Check out the video above to see the ladies over at the View discuss the whole Arnold Schwarzy fiasco. All of the women have very strong points, and we don't disagree with any of them on this.

However, we think Whoopi really hits a home run about feeling bad for the kids most of all. Sure, Maria is probably devastated, but she has real world experience and wisdom to help her cope — the kid's haven't achieved that yet. Especially the youngest one that hasn't had the choice of being the illegitimate child! It really isn't fair to him to be the focus of all this attention.

So while we think that Arnold is a pretty big slimeball, we respect him asking for all the heat to be directed towards him and not his family(ies).

What a stupid situation. This all could have been easily avoided, or at least dealt with right from the start, Arnold! But despite the circumstances, perhaps this accidental son of yours is destined for great things regardless of how terribly you handled it, and the people you hurt along the way.

The son really shouldn't be looked down upon for being born in the way he was, and we hope people realize that!

Hope you're doing okay, kid!

How do U feel about all this?

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15 comments to “The View Ladies Take On The Terminator”

  1. 1

    Arnold deserves no respect what so ever Perez. Don't give him credit for asking to respect them when he was the one who made this whole mess. He sure didn't have any respect for his own family.

  2. 2

    Maybe you should work on your sick culture, which is arrogant, selfish, greedy and lacking in consideration for other people. You fight for sport with the rest of the world, and with each other. All those big fancy universities, and you can't even figure out how to shape a decent society.

  3. 3

    nice upgrade…looks cleaner than before..there's still some clutter but one step at a time….you need to change the player of your videos, screen goes gray when i click play..but video works on pereztv. overall 3½ stars out of 5.

  4. 4

    Whoopi NAILS IT AGAIN???? She barely said ANYTHING in this 6 1/2 minutes. Yes, she did say she hopes the press respects the kids in this, BUT, ALL OF THEM BASICALLY SAID THAT TOO MARIO! There was NO DISAGREEMENT AMONG THE CAST ON VIRTUALLY ALL THE POINTS! and if you bothered listening to almost EVERYONE ON THIS SUBJECT… everyone says LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT…. and the sympathy is towards Maria, but they agree SHE IS A STRONG WOMAN. You, Mario, are blinded again.

  5. 5

    Obviously it is not the child's fault. However, his mother is a slut and his father is an untrustable ass. Who is to teach him right from wrong when it is obvious both of his parents are clueless?

  6. 6

    This whole situation is so odd. From what I hear the media was very close to exposing the facts around the case, which is why it got outed. My question is why in the world was this not a focus while he held political office, and people could call into questions his morality because of his political seat. It has only come to light after he stepped down? The media is putting the innocent child in the spotlight, and showing his picture. Exposing his mother, his father, creating judgment and hateful comments towards his family. Maria's family is no stranger to personal and public life scandals. Look around, affairs, children out of wedlock, divorce is everywhere. If you take away all of your personal feelings about the morality of it all, or the political agenda you champion… you find children that are taken care of, they are healthy, safe, and provided for (more than can be said for a lot of children). Who is worse, the person who take responsibility for his dependents regardless of how they were conceived, or the public who chastises people for their life's road as a human?

  7. 7

    I don't care what Arnold has done with his trouser worm; it's none of my business. If everyone would stop gabbing about it, his kids might get some peace. As for the gals on the View moralizing, I think they're all idiots, though none of them is as big an idiot as Perez is when he gets on his high horse (your typical ignorance is showing, Mario, so spare us all and STFU already). If all of you hypocrites are so worried about Arnold's kids, shut up about the situation already.

  8. 8

    If Arnold has done anything that seems to be concern for anyone else then that is THE best acting job he has ever done!!!! It is all too aparent he could give a rat's ass about anyone but himself. He is trying to protect his career.

  9. 9

    since Arnold changed his approach towards gay rights ( in a positive way) i knew something was wrong. we all know the conservative are worthless and what Arnold did, as a conservative, makes sense now. he was actually preparing the public opinion for the time when he truth would emerge, so we wouldn't be able to criticize him or call him hypocrite. it all makes sense now. it's funny how no one cares about the " ilegitimate" kid, as they call him… as a laywer i say the family only gets aggravated with an ilegitimate child because they'll obligated now to share financial assets; if it wasn't for that they wouldn't care less, cause we all know scandals always go away and we'll be entertained with the new scandal. right?

  10. 10

    Well, seeing that you pointed out many times that he was accidental, illigeitimate, and shouldn't be looked down upon, like anyone was anyway, you kind of did degrade the kid. Shut the fuck up about men and kinds, 1 that you are not(a man) and the other you like touching(kids). You have no idea what his situation was so fuck off you gay bastard.

  11. 11

    I think that is the worst part for Maria other than the breakup of her family is knowing that she befriended this women for over 10 yrs and all these yrs while this was going on. Cheating is one thing but fathering a child with someone else by not being careful is another.

  12. 12

    And yet here you are broadcasting this video in which they are ridiculing the children's father and perpetuating the media invasion. What the hell is wrong with you. So sick of your hyprocisy - Do you not think the children or the friends of the children might view this site? I think you need to take a long look in the mirror and examine your actions. There are some things that shouldn't be made public. This woman was quiet, but then had to tell the LA Times about it? WHY?? Why aren't any of you dogging the other woman too. Arnold is a pig; but frankly she's the bimbo that had an affair with a married man….She's a pig too and now that she's opened the flood gates (probably in an effort to extort more $$$$); she has harmed her child and the children of her "lover"….Personally, she's nothing more than a high class hooker. She should have left his employ immediately. She didn't and that makes her worse than Arnold.

  13. 13

    The View ladies got it right except one important view, what about these whores that have sex with married men. They should be shamed as well as the men that can't keep it zipped up! Who raises these women that have no respect for other peoples marriages and relationships? I say it's a two way street the douche bag cheating guys and the whores should both have to take crap from the media, but it always seems like the "other woman" always gets a reality show or a newspaper column out of it!

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    I think it's done, and I'm also pretty certain that the fourteen year old boy is glad to be alive; and he should be. I think people don't have enough closeness with their families today, so they love to talk about big stars who get caught in their own peccadilloes. I've seen an old Arnie documentary and interviews, and he made the rounds and then some, with no apologies and a dollop of misogyny, but he wasn't alone. Men back then would slap each other on the back if they managed to get some extra; but it was a trap, and faithfullness, respect and loyalty is the true gold standard that gets you to growing old with someone you love.

  15. 15

    Re: Alliestp – She isn't worse than Arnold but definately just as bad.
    Arnold deserves all the shit he gets, if he wanted to protect his family then he should have kept his little dick to himself. Why should i show respect to them when he hasn't ? Fuck you.Re: smithygirl – Good for her them, they should milk these assholes for all they've got. It's the married person that owns loyalty to their partner not the stranger. Arnold is the only person responsible for his actions, noone else.