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8 comments to “Lily Allen Is Not Enjoying Her Wedding Planning”

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    What do haters have anything to do with this? It's common for a bride whose planning things to get pissed over their wedding. Idiot. Also I recall you calling her a miserable bitch a few months ago and you're preaching about not letting "haters" get to you? Flop blogger.

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    Look, I'm not exactly a ray of sunshine and I'm not suggesting she should be either. But the only time I ever hear Lily say anything is if she's complaining or fighting with someone. With regard to the wedding, I will never understand why people feel the need to throw these elaborate affairs. If you're going to do that, hire someone to help you because you MUST KNOW it's going to be a huge hassle and a lot of work. Better yet, why not forgo the extravagant affair so you can focus on what's actually important.

  3. 3

    I think it's automatic that if you have Karl Lagerfeld designing your dress, you don't have a budget. And if you don't want to spend that much, then don't do it! Your bridesmaids certainly don't have to get Chanel dresses, the bride picks them out after all. And agreed with the poster above, hire a wedding planner if you're going to spend so much money and complain about the process.

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    It's her wedding, she's allowed to complain. Nothing ever stops your ass from complaining about anything and everything.

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    everyone is spouting all this positivity crap and happiness crap then u got lily doing the old fashion rant moan and whingey pom got to love that girl with her squeaky voice .

  6. 6

    She sounds like every single bride to ever plan a wedding! Don't tell her not to be negative (which is ironic, because you are the "queen" of negativity!), it's normal to be overwhelmed and frustrated, trust me!

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's just letting off steam.

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    seriously, perez, it is really stressful being a bride. why don't you try it before you tell someone else how to do it?