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Bethenny Frankel Catches Forbes' Attention, Makes Front Cover!

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bethenny makes the cover of forbes

Most impressive Real Housewife EVER!

While Lady GaGa may have landed the top spot on Forbes' Celebrity 100 list, it's Bethenny Frankel who's gracing the front cover of the magazine.

According to Moira Forbes at the Forbes blog, Bethenny was chosen for the mag cover because of her "business acumen." In an interview with the magazine, Bethenny makes it clear that her mission with Real Housewives was to build her brand and her business:

"What’s the point of being on TV if you don’t have something to sell?"

Overall, it looks like Ms. Frankel is on the cover of Forbes magazine because of "her ambition, marketing savvy, and her extraordinary success."

Congratulations, gurl! Keep up the good/hard work!!!

Do U think Bethenny Frankel deserves to be on the cover of Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 list issue?

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28 comments to “Bethenny Frankel Catches Forbes' Attention, Makes Front Cover!”

  1. 1

    this woman is such a butterface…hot body but her face is like 60 yr old granny

  2. o_0 says – reply to this


    Love Bethany! She is great and the skinny girl margarita is delicious.

  3. 3

    Luv her and her show…..also she is doing awesome for sales of the "Skinny girl" drinks…way to go gurl is right! Also, impressed by her time in Montreal, Canada….her hubby and her really appeared to enjoy the city - must say I luv it too!!!

  4. 4

    That Skinny Girl drink taste horrible.
    will NEVER buy again

  5. 5

    Her husband Jason is the real entrepreneur. He only has to put up with her constant berating and temper tantrums for a few more years, kids, etc. He can then walk away with half of her cash.

  6. 6

    Her face (mostly her cheeks and jawbone) make me cringe. I'd rather look old than fake any day.

  7. 7

    Love Bethenny, good for her. The reality shows are now "re-thinking" this selling of products. In Bethenny's case, they wish that they asked for a cut!

  8. 8

    Ok I just gotta say it, no matter what bad kharma comes my way…….. That is an UGLY WOMAN! My GOD! I can't believe how unattractive she is! SHivers…….

  9. 9

    Re: hushup – LOL. I don't know how he puts up with her.He's too good looking for her.

  10. 10

    She looks great on the cover. Stop hating people! So proud of her. My favorite housewife. Her and Lisa Vanderpump. Bethanny and her beautiful family deserve this and more. Inspiring.

  11. 11

    God bless her and her family!

  12. 12

    She looks better than GaGa.

  13. 13

    Ab-so-f*cking-lutely! Capitalism at its finest!

  14. 14

    i cant believe anyone would idolize reality show people… that is so stupid. i would never spend a penny on anything they endorse. its like rewarding them for acting like retards on tv.. and please don't reply to my comment.. i don't read them again. so go and keep making these fools famous for nothing.

  15. 15

    I am always surprised by seeing her and ready she is a success. I am not down with the new TV shows and the famelets that come out of them.

  16. 16

    absolutely she deserves it. I think women who rise from rubble to create such empires deserve to be celebrated. Funny how people berate her "looks" as it has anything to do with her value as a success.

  17. 17

    Bethenny is awesome. Love her. And, yes, she deserves to be on the cover. $100 million for creating a low-calorie margarita and bottling it? That's pretty genius.

  18. 18

    I don't believe for a second she's made even 1 million dollars from her crap!! Just hyping her bogus networth for ratings.

  19. 19

    Love her! She shows women that they can believe in themsefs. I haven't had Skinny Girl, but do admire her hard work and beief. When someone says no keep going until someone says yes!!! Good for Bethenny!

  20. 20

    Congrats GaGa for making it #1. :)

  21. 21

    Gotta give credit where credit is due. If she did all the work and worked hard for what she believed in well she deserves what came to her. I read all the comments on these blogs and that is what is enjoyable about this site. It's not Perez at all, it's all the ppl that comment. It makes my day. I sit here and laugh and shake my head and roll my eyes in disbelief on what the opinions are.

  22. 22

    it's so sad our society worships greed so much and people who should be role models are the worst kind of example we have. no wonder this country is so much darkness today.

  23. 23

    YES. Bethenny had an idea and doors were slammed in her face and Bethenny produced the product herself and it sold faster than they could produce it. After that all the companies that told her no tried to copy her idea or buy her product. She sold it but will continue to be the face of Skinny Girl. She is a smart and hard working person.

  24. 24

    I love Bethenny. Yes, I think she deserves to be on the cover of Forbes magazine's celebrity 100 list. She is smart, hardwoking woman and creative. I love her show. I love to watch how she is changing as a woman. How her family influences her in a positive way, how she looks the world from different angle, how wonderful her husband is, how cute her baby is and I love the way her husband guiding, directing her in the way that Bethanny is the one who is going to make the decision. Definitely her husband can see the good thing about Bethenny that other people can't see it. I hope that their marriage will last forever. Love Bethenny!!!!!!!

  25. 25

    You're such a flip flopper Perez! For someone w/ such "insight" as to who's going to launch and who's not, you sure missed the mark with her huh? Just a short time ago, you were calling Bethenney an "awful hack" and couldn't stand her, now that she's making it, and doing well for herself and her family, you congratulate her? Why because being nice to her might get you something or some recognition? IF you start off your site cleverly making fun of celebs, keep it that way, don't stick your nose up their a$$es for your personal gain.

  26. 26

    Yes, she deserves this.

  27. 27

    LOL!! So many haters!! Wow, I am sure all you criticizing her looks, are a perfect 10!! Guess what no matter how she looks, and I think she looks great, she is still FAR RICHER than you ever will be. Maybe that is why you are sharing with us your STUPID and BASELESS opinion. LOL!! Go get a job!

  28. 28

    Re: mitri2010 – AGREED