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Good to know! Check out the images (below) of Katy Perry's tour rider, which includes her dressing room and hotel room requirements, very specific rules … Read more…

54 comments to “Want Katy Perry To Perform In Your Venue? Here's What You Need To Know!”

  1. 1

    I've read some weirder ones.. she's ok.

  2. 2

    no…wait a second!
    What is it with Santa Margherita Pinot? Is she really drinking that stuff? It's nasty stuff.. UGH!

  3. 3

    Remarkably reasonable actually for someone of her degree of superstardom. If I ever got that famous I doubt I would have very high demands at all…I mean really stars are lucky to be where they are and it can be gone over night.

  4. 4

    Well, I guess if you live the life, you get the perks. At least everyone will be PERFECTLY clear on what she wants.

  5. 5

    Oh..and I wish I could make something up like this to hand out to my boyfriend.

  6. 6

    I'm not really sure how her requests compare to other artists…but this definitely makes me think less of her. Maybe all other performers ask this or more but It's a little outrageous! I mean she requests specific lamps for shit's sake. Does specific lighting really matter as long as there is something available to you?

  7. 7

    Lady Gaga asks for a roast chicken so I'd say it's pretty reasonable. I still don't think she needs everything on that list though.

  8. 8

    Someone should tell Katy Perry's people they have a pretty obvious typo on this. Do not "stair" at the client through the rearview mirror? Try "stare"…

  9. 9

    Actually, looking back on it that whole sentence was a fail.

  10. 10

    Someone needs to proof read these things before they are released. Otherwise there is nothing crazy, i've heard the only reason crazy demands are made most of the time is to ensure the venue will pay close attention to detail.

  11. 11

    Why do people cater to entertainers? I mean they aren't finding cures for AIDS or cancer… what a rip off no wonder ticket prices to these venues are outrageous…

  12. 12

    Do not "stair" at the passenger? WTF, the person who wrote this rider must also work for Perez. And I love the part where it says that the driver can't talk to anyone, but should never assume anything. If he has to make a decision, he has to ask. Well wtf is it man, talk or not?

  13. 13

    There's just no way these artists are sitting around trying to think of bullshit things to come up with in a backstage rider. Are they asked what they'd like? I'm sure. But in reality it's probably some eccentric handler or manager coming up with these lists.

  14. 14

    Why cant they just show up and sing? Furniture, in a particular color no less, food for a week and complete remodels for a 2-3 hour show. Psshhh over paid and underworked. How about a teachers lounge rider??? Just saying

  15. 15

    What a fucking prima donna! Ive lost all respect for her. Its nice to be comfortable, but this goes a little overboard. Just like anyone that works at Sly Stallones house is not allowed to look at him. Give me a fucking break!

  16. 16

    I can understand why celebs make riders bc backstage can be pretty gross and dirty with no toilets or toilet paper and they're away so much, they want to have some semblance of a home life. However, they've taken it too far and act too much like divas. "No carnations" Really? Is it going to kill you to have them? And especially overseas, it's nearly impossible to find the 'exact' brand of cracker you request. While hers isn't nearly as bad as others, celebs in general have become so greedy.

  17. 17

    what a talentless twat

  18. 18

    It's too small to read:(

  19. 19

    Psycho Bitch, she needs to grow up she is not that good!

  20. Bytch says – reply to this


    I really like her….this sounds so diva…i thought she was down to earth.

  21. 21

    I realize this is most likely not a big deal compared to other stars, but some of it was over the top. I'm surprised she requested certain types of furniture and draperies. That's really the only thing that stuck out to me. Nice typo though with "stair", good job to whoever wrote that!

  22. 22

    Wow, what a stuck-up biotch! Hope she enjoys her fame while it lasts!

  23. 23

    What a spoiled brat! I can understand the clean bathrooms, good lighting and specific number of seats. But most of that other stuff is just ridiculous. There are children starving in this world and this is a celebrities big concern. Selfish and egotistical.

  24. 24

    Okay, the really disturbing part of this is the provision that says that "Promoters shall hold tickets for each Performance, in quantities and in locations as designated by the Personal Manager, for distribution to the public through Resellers…and agrees that Company shall be entitled to retain, for Company's sole account, such portion of the proceeds from sales by Resellers." That's legal-talk for "KATY PERRY'S TEAM RESERVES THE RIGHT TO GET AS MANY FREE TICKETS AS WE WANT AND THEN SCALP THEM FOR PROFIT WITHOUT PAYING THE VENUE!" Not cool at all.

  25. Hamm says – reply to this


    people need to shut up! Seriously! she puts so much hard work! everything she asks for. She deserves! U guys think she's just a popstar.
    if u were in her place… you would ask for MORE! so stop the bull shit and get a life

  26. 26

    makes her look entitled..sad to see this


  27. 27

    Try and suspend your judgment for a moment. Actually, most of the time strange and seemingly trivial demands like these are interspersed with other regulations regarding safety and stage setup because the artist and team want to ensure that the entire document has been read. If one of the standards is not met, then how can they be sure that every standard–including the important ones regarding pyrotechnics and safety and such–has been attended to? Van Halen did the same thing: they asked that there be a bowl of M&Ms backstage but that no brown M&Ms be included. If there were brown M&Ms, Van Halen didn't perform because what if the crew didn't follow specifics on safety measures either? Acts like Van Halen and today's performers want to ensure that the venue is reading their documents carefully and preparing accordingly; it's not so much about being a diva.

  28. 28

    After reading that I'd hate to see GaGa's

  29. 29

    I'd tell you what I think if I could read the teensy print. (-:

  30. 30

    I'm surprised she doesn't demand a wing and a prayer to get her through another display of god awful vocals.

  31. 31

    "Always check vehicle matinees before pick up". Either Katy's vehicles are decked out with a cinema in the back seat, or I'm going to assume they meant maintenance? Makes me think this is fake…

  32. 32

    Yeah, this is fucking ridiculous. I know she's a big star, but there's never any excuse to be a diva. The last page is what pisses me off. Let the driver do his fucking job. If she thinks she's too good for the little people to even look at her, then maybe she needs to pay for her own driver to travel with her. I've definitely lost respect for her, especially considering this is someone who's been around a couple years and will probably only last a couple more if we're being honest here.

  33. 33

    I saw at least three typos.. I guess spellcheck isn't a priority..

  34. 34

    WHAT A DIVA!!! ugh

  35. 35

    Guys- all of this stuff is pretty standard. And this list is made up by production who is TRYING TO KEEP THEIR JOBS. Most of the stuff gets put on a rider because someone in production heard the artist say in passing "i mean carnations are ok, but they remind me of my terrible ex" so production bans them. And have you ever been into the "dressing rooms"? These venues are old, smelly sports arenas so to ask that the locker room with terrible flourescent lights and lockers from the 60's have a couple lamps and hang up some fabric? again, standard. These venues own these things. And finally, its actually really nice that she wants a 5 star hotel for her entire crew. If they do back to back shows, everybody lives on the tour bus (busses travel at night while everyone sleeps so they can be at the venue to start setting up around 8m) so to give her entire crew a 5 star hotel experience is really wonderful.

  36. 36

    The dressing room requirements aren't too bad. The only thing that stuck out to me the most was how the driver is pretty much a slave to her and her entourage…

  37. 37

    Looks like a sensible list

  38. 38

    "Do not "stair" at the back seat……….

    Geesh, maybe she should take some time off for grammar school

  39. 39

    …bitch relax!! you're just an efen pop singer.

  40. 40

    Re: peroxideswing – What moronic logic. It seems that these asinine demands would make it HARDER to pay attention to the important stuff. The staff is running around trying to get proper lamps and the right color drapes, while forgetting or half-assing other details…like say, oh….security and safety measures. The more shit that needs to be done means the more shit that's going to be forgotten or carelessly done. Stars can use this line of "quality control" all they want, but in the end,m it's just them acting like entitled douches.

  41. 41

    Pathetic. I work in the industry and for everyone wondering why they would hold extra tickets and sell them at a ridiculous price to the fans is because all the stuff you see on the "hospitality rider" is all part of a hard cost applied to the contract. If a promoter breaks even on the show, anything on top of that an artist can receive up to 80% of the extra money made. With her hospitality rider there is no chance to budge, and for that reason they scalp the extra tickets.

  42. 42

    Urgh. As usual, Perez. You don't get it. Not surprising, but still.

    There's a reason artists do this. Everyone has heard the legendary Van Halen "No Brown M&Ms" story. What people don't understand is that they had a technically complicated stage setup, and one of their roadies was actually killed because of shoddy work by the venue. "No Brown M&Ms" was a useful way of seeing how closely the venue operators are reading the rider. Not having seen Katy on stage myself, but knowing that her shows are quite the spectacle, I have a feeling that "ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS!" is her "No Brown M&Ms."

  43. 43

    I don't think the hotel/venue stuff is too crazy, specifying that the driver is not to speak to her, open her door, have the window open this much, park here, is diva. I mean, I get some of it for safety, but telling him to not by any means speak unless he is spoken to is mean in my opinion.

  44. 44

    wow. the demands of these "stars" are unbelievable- i have no interest in seeing her now.

  45. 45

    Celebrities forget how to do basic household things ie how to take care of themselves and this is why. Her environment sounds like a 10 year old's princess bedroom. When you always get what you want your demands just get bigger and your temper gets worse.

  46. 46

    Doesn't want much does she? I loved KP when she first started but lately I've gone off her, although I'll admit ET is a great single, she put me off with the awful California Gurls (heard she was being sued over that) and Teenage Dreams plus her habit of slapping makeup on with a trowel - I've seen a picture of her without it and it ain't pretty, she has a great figure, gotta give her that, and kudos for singing live (if not very well) but I just don't enjoy her like I used to. Seems to me she is trying too hard these days ;o)

  47. 47

    Britney asked for a mini gym and a humidifier, and you called those "Diva demands". Shut up perez.
    And now Katy Perry needs perspex modern coffee table with tons of other unnecessary stuff and you're saying is "good to know"?

  48. 48

    This is the most standard rider/driver requirement list I've ever seen. Looks almost cut and pasted. If you want to see a crazy diva demanding rider, check out Lars Ulrich (Mettalica) or DANE COOK.

  49. Jai says – reply to this


    Pretty standard as far as riders go. She's actually much less demanding than many other acts.

  50. 50

    so many typos! love the part about holding a certain amount of tickets so she can sell them to scalpers er resellers at 1000$ a piece

  51. 51

    I think it's reasonable too. maybe she's allergic to carnations! :P

  52. 52

    I think it's pretty standard. Alot of us have no idea, she might be allergic to carnations and i dont think anyone would want a fangirl driver. The thing that seemed diva to me was the specific colors and furniture in the room, It turns out she has a "Candyfornia meet and greet room", it is pink and uses the furnature. So i think its understandable!! :)

  53. 53

    I heard this on some tv news show yesterday and it made me angry. What is up with celebrities acting like they're above humans? The rest of us are so low that we can not look directly at them and must not speak unless spoken to? This is a girl like everyone else who sings on stage and wears ridiculous outfits. I could do that too! So how come im considered some low class nobody in her presence? So completely assinine. She's not even that great a singer… fair, but not great.

  54. 54

    Pretty tame rider TBH. I've seen 1000x worse.
    To the person talking about the Van halen no brown m&m's. The reason this happened was the band said as a joke that there be no brown m&m's or no show. It was a joke ppl it was admitted a long while ago that this was the case. Van Halens people just kept recycling the prevous riders and adding to it over the years.
    Get over it Beyonce's is soooooooooooooooo much worse and there are even tighter restrictions.