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MJ's Kids, All Grown Up!

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Wow! They grow up so fast, don't they!

Yesterday, Michael Jackson's children, Prince, Blanket and Paris, were all spotted coming out of an acting class together in Los Angeles.

Acting, huh? That's nice. No singing though? Did none of you inherit the music bug from your father???

Check out more shots of MJ's kids in the gallery (below).

[Image via WENN.]

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41 comments to “MJ's Kids, All Grown Up!”

  1. 1

    those kids really look nothing like him.

  2. 2

    Prince "God I can't wait to turn 18 so I can get the Hell away from this frigg'in freak-show of a family…"

  3. 3

    Blanket "Who's my REAL mom & dad?"

  4. 4

    Paris "THANK GOD I don't look like my mother…".

  5. 5

    "Inherit"??? You're kidding, right??!!

  6. 6

    WTF is THAT on the left? Future Chazz Bono.

  7. 7

    Paris is really pretty

  8. 8

    Of course they look nothing like him! By the amount of surgery MJ had, I think it is safe to assume he hated his looks - therefore, why would he want to pass on his genes? My goofy guess is that he harvested eggs from Lisa Marie (why else would he marry her) and used Ricky Martin's sperm (the older one looks a lot like him when he was that age, and Paris has eyes like Lisa Marie).

    As for the acting lessons - I guess the evil grandparents are preparing these kids to earn their keep and rake in some dough.

  9. 9

    mmmmm "michael Jackson" kids…give me a break yeah they look reallly black or mixed!!!
    please…look at his brother's kids who are mixed they still look black..not to say that's a bad thing because it isn't…but MJ was a hot mess that he couldn't even breed his own sperm to have kids…was he ashamed of being BLACK??? mmm idk but that says alot about the tormented person he probably was!!! a big shame…

  10. 10

    Paris is so gorgeous!!!

  11. BC666 says – reply to this


    Blanket….is that his name or what he's wearing on his head? That is one creepy looking kid. Have there been a number of missing animals in the neighborhood lately?

  12. 12

    Uh Perez, maybe they dont want to follow him in music and be constantly compared to him and have pressure on them to live up to insane expectations

  13. 13

    Re: xman66 – The kids in the Jackson family that are mixed are mixed with Latino blood, not white. Paris and Prince are no darker than I am, and Im mixed. And if they arent his kids, how come the oldest, Prince, has vitiligo like MJ did?

  14. 14

    they didn't inherit his musical talent because they are not biologically related to him. DUH!! even a moron could tell you these kids aren't his bio kids. That's why he kept them hidden for so long.

  15. 15

    hate it when peredophile enables the paps who follow around children

  16. 16

    the older two, well they certainly look different NOW THAT THEY DON'T HAVE THEIR HAIR DYED…. AND please, 'blanket' cut his hair or something…. he is starting to look like a freak….

  17. 17

    blanket actually looks like he could actually be michaels son, he has those jackson eyes, interesting. The two older ones are def not Michael's.

  18. 18

    the 3 kids are:
    Michael Joseph Jackson Jr (commonly known as Prince?) Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson
    Prince Michael Jackson II (nicknamed "Blanket"?)

    don't know why the first born isn't called Michael-then Paris and then Prince for the youngest one-as that is what their names are

    who wants to go through life being called Blanket?!?

    it's aobut time that the family and press begin to call him his proper name

  19. 19

    Re: wwefan01
    a lot of people have vitaligo to varying degrees, from all ethnic groups-it's most obvoius on blacks of course-you'd be surprised-

  20. 20

    Re: rosebud99
    in the end Michael Jackson looked nothing like his true self at all!!
    I believe that emotionally these kids are his, but DNA wise- no

  21. 21

    Does it REALLY matter whether they are his or not? They have his last name and were raised (i would presume) by him. They are his! Stop being such ASSHOLES toward some KIDS, jeez.

  22. 22

    and you all call PEREZ the asshole…

  23. 23

    The oldest one looks like Dr. Klein…

  24. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Considering the kids don't have a single one of Michael's genes, it'd be pretty hard to expect that his children could inherent anything besides money. It's obvious that the children were born of latino decent…not african whatsoever.

  25. 25

    Why don't you leave the kids alone, Perez? They should not be open game. You're no better posting pictures of the kids than the shots that your sworn nemesis, Palin takes moose.

  26. 26

    u know what u have jealousy and u know what fuck u!!! they are a thousand times better than you, stop talking bad about them first look at you in a mirror!!! fat ugly :)

  27. 27

    u sucks !

  28. 28

    are children who are you talking about …. stop prince 14 paris 13 blanket 9 but really? ur so fucking mean and bitch

  29. 29

    Paris is very pretty, Prince will be a very handsome young man, and blanket… you still got some time kido(;

  30. 30

    The two boys have the same eyes and eyebrows. Definitely makes me think they have the same donor dad. But, I feel bad for even looking at these kids. MJ was so set on not letting the public see what his kids looked like in order to protect their privacy. He must spin in his grave whenever the paps photograph his kids.

  31. 31

    The two eldest are not his biological children. His ex-wife reported that when she was filing for custody. I am sure she was paid a nice fee to quietly go away. I doubt the third one is, too. I wish they would cut that little rats hair!

  32. 32

    Re: BC666 – Fantastic posting!

  33. 33

    I love how some people call these kids "white kids"…they are CLEARLY bi-racial. ALSO while I'm here..those ARE MJ's bio kids…Blanket looks a lot like him, Prince looks like Mj's Grandfather (who is also white/black) and Paris looks like a darker version of Debbie…Gorgeous kids.

  34. 34

    These wonderful children are Michael ONLY because he said so…Debbie the white girl that was pay GOOD to do this #$%& is off the chart!! The children will know later in life and hate you for what you did CRAZY LADY!! I wish them [Children] all the best..Ms. Jackson should bring them up with the ONLY LOVE she has; Being a GREAT MOTHER to them all; GO IN GOD SPEED

  35. 35

    Re: CanadianBacon – They are clearly not mix with anything..Come on now…

  36. 36

    Re: Nelly_In_SJ – STOP LYING…

  37. 37

    Cute kids but Blanket needs a haircut.These are Micheal's children.So biologically they aren't but he recognized them as his kids.End of story.

  38. 38

    Good looking kids, no doubt BUT they dont look like him at all.

  39. 39

    Well thank god these beautiful kids could give a damn what ignorant strangers who dont even know them or their father beleive or assume. They know who they are and where they came. They shouldnt and dont have to prove anything to ignorant folks. Cause ignorance doesnt need to be address.
    Sad state of this world where theres just so much stupidy and ignorance and disrepect of kids and their father who they've lost.
    Prince has vitilago which has been confirmed years ago and recently by family and friends who actually KNOW them and their family. Where do strangers who know shit about them get off thinking their opinions about them really matter cause it doesnt. As long as they know and those that matter know they are his kids biologically thats all that matters. You aint doing shit for them and they dont even know you exist. They are happy and enjoying their life and continuing their father legacey of giving and love. Shame most here and on other sites and media as a while dont follow their example. Maybe with them their will be hope for the next generation and this one is in deep shit and I feel sorry for our world with such mass ignorance where children would have to feel theyd have to prove anything. They are Mjs kids and they know this and are very proud of it. Stop being so damn disrectful to them and their FATHER!!
    Beatiful kids, their father would be so proud of them!!

  40. 40

    Re: Diva Girl – Very well said!!

  41. 41

    For all you dumb ignorant s out there Michael Jackson is the Biological father of Prince Michael Jackson I & II and Paris.

    Prince Michael I has Vitiligo
    Paris has Blue eyes like Joe Jackson
    Prince Michael Jackson II looks just like MJ when he was a kid