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Brad Pitt's Movie Tree Of Life Wins At Cannes

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Brad Pitt's movie The Tree of Life has won the ultimate prize, the Palme d'Or for Best Film at the Cannes Film Festival.

The movie is directed by Terrence Malick and follows the lives of two young boys brought up by their strict and demanding father, played by Brad.

This comes as a bit of a surprise since the movie brought on very mixed reviews when it debuted last week.

Meanwhile, Kirsten Dunst took home the Best Actress award for her role in Melancholia, directed by the very controversial Lars von Trier, who claimed he "understood" Hitler.

We bet KiKi is shocked!

Get a complete list of the winners after the jump!

Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) for best film: "The Tree of Life" directed by Terrence Malick (United States)

Grand Prix runner-up prize: "Once Upon A Time In Anatolia" directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey) and "The Kid With A Bike" directed by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne (Belgium)

Best director: Nicolas Winding Refn (Denmark) for "Drive"

Best screenplay: Joseph Cedar (Israel) for "Footnote"

Best actress: Kirsten Dunst (United States) for "Melancholia"

Best actor: Jean Dujardin (France) for "The Artist"

Jury prize: "Polisse" directed by Maiwenn (France)

Camera d'Or (Golden Camera) for best first feature: "Las Acacias" directed by Pablo Giorgelli (Argentina)

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12 comments to “Brad Pitt's Movie Tree Of Life Wins At Cannes”

  1. 1

    I really want to see this.

  2. 2

    I love Brad Pitt Movies! Wonder how good this movie will do, the preview is extremely comfusing


  3. J.Mo says – reply to this


    looks like he has Michelle Williams on his back

  4. 4

    Doesn't suprise me that the biggest moviestar at Cannes wins the biggest prize. It's just a popularity contest to distribute movies that they think people will pay $10 to see. The movie is going to open in 10,000 theatres and be straight to video in 3 weeks time. When was the last time you saw a Brad Pitt performance that wasn't a walk in the woods. And it does look like Michelle Williams is on his back but don't say that because the kid will get a complex and end up in Broke Back Mountain Part II.

  5. 5

    shame on Cannes. Just wants publicity. bollocks

    as for Dunst winning…purleeeeease! that skank can't act for shyt

  6. 6

    I thought this was supposed to be an independent film festival with unknown actors/actresses doing and winning most of the attention. If Hollywood actors are going to dominate then it's just more of the same old thing - except just more pretentious.

  7. 7

    That must be his lovechild

  8. 8

    That would be Terrence Malick's movie, since HE is the director. Brad Pitt stars in it, but he's not the auteur.

    So glad to see the Dardenne brothers are back with a strong new movie." Lorna's Silence" (2008) was amazing, and they are past winners of the Palme d'Or. They have truly put a spotlight on Belgian cinema.

  9. 9

    not a big surprise about Brad Pitt but thought maybe Sean Penn would take it
    pleasant surprise about Kirsten Dunst
    this should translate into her getting better roles a maybe a bit of respect from people like Perez who seem to enjoy bashing her for some reason

  10. 10

    wish he'd go back to that hairstyle… or something short like that. I can't stand the greased back look he's sporting now. And for the brad basher up aboce, I give you inglorious bastards, babel, benjamin button….. and that's just the last few years.

  11. 11

    Let me guess….since Kirsten won something, you'll suddenly be a big fan?

  12. 12

    I can remember when he was normal before he got sophisticated and started hating America.