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Britney & Rihanna Get Racy At The Billboard Music Awards! Watch HERE!

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Check out Brit Brit joining RiRi for S&M at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Pretty good!

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123 comments to “Britney & Rihanna Get Racy At The Billboard Music Awards! Watch HERE!”

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  1. 1

    Still yat 46 b vymi

  2. 2

    first. Britney looks so sexy!!

  3. 3

    I will not criticize or be cruel ’cause I preach against it on this site…however, is it me or do they look ridiculous? I mean, I want to like pop girls other than Gaga, but ladies raise the bar just a little bit….

  4. 4

    Britney is lazy, lip syncing, and uninterested as usual… but it was still nice to see her. I think she is supposed to be performing later tonight too (probably gonna be typical sloppy modern Brit) but thats okay I'm still looking forward to it.

  5. 5

    i like brit dont get me wrong Id even choose her over gaga but it was going good and i thought rih rih was gonna go crazy dancing then brit shows up and everything just slows down from a 9 to a 1.5. then her lip-sync was so off. I felt bad they had to dumb it down just for brit brit tsk tsk tsk

  6. 6

    Although she may not have been singing live, I will rejoice anytime I get to see my gurl Brit on stage! :)

  7. alexg says – reply to this


    Perez! C'mon! Britney was not good at all! She lip-synched for no reason! She wasn't moving at all! She looked awkward! i bought tickets to see her but i think i start to regret!

  8. 8

    while they are both beautiful girls.. its becoming obvious to me music is no longer about being talented. its about sex appeal and auto tuned voices.

  9. 9

    Can you say LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    THE QUEEN AND PRINCESS OF POP!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 11

    This performance was a FAIL! 1st of all it was a Rihanna performance so of course it was boring, then on top of that it was stupid that Rihanna was singing live yet Britney was lip-syincing, Britney hardly even moved/danced so why was she lip-syincing?!… and the fake pillow fight was just…. Basically the whole thing sucked!

  12. 12


  13. 13

    They both look like play boy bunnies stupid only with big bums they should not be wearing that doesn't look good.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    LOVE IT!!!

  16. 16

    That's pretty amusing, considering that Rihanna was laughing at Britney during the VMAs a few years ago.

  17. 17

    If you watch it with no sound, the look like dumbasses. Of course, if you watch it WITH sound… they look just as stupid.

  18. 18

    Absolutly loved it!!

  19. 19

    It's funny how Brit is lip syncing while Rihanna isn't. Talk about an awkward rehearsal.

  20. 20

    I saw Britney live last year for the circus concert and she was awesome. She put on such a show I was not suprised she lip synced. All the dancing and entertaining would of knocked ANYONE out. I don't understand why people are so brutal to her and they don't even know her at all. If you don't like her than don't watch her.

  21. 21

    HORRIBLE lip-synching Brit

  22. 22

    I don't even think I still classify as a "fan" of Britney beyond just saying I am because that SHIT was horrible and I'm tired of waiting for something at least decent from her!!! Everything before she got on stage was alright and then it got messy. I can see Rihanna looking at Britney to see if their moves were simultaneous. It was just ahhhh!!!

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Why does Britney sound like a congested 10 year old girl? She does not look good in fishnets anymore! I thought it was just a mess!

  25. 25


  26. 26

    Re: BritneyQueen90 – You can find these outfits at any strip club or novelty shop in America… Can't exactly say the same for miss gaga's outfits.

  27. 27

    Why does this bitch keep lip-syncing??? wtf???

    and all you stupid idiots keep supporting her by buying her shit and tour tickets! WTF

    I love Britney Spears, but that bitch needs to stop being a drugged out fail on stage. IMAGINE, if people stopped buying her shit and she wasn't a money making machine anymore, she would be forced to change something around and maybe put in an ounce of effort for once. She half-asses her way through these performances, because she CAN and because people still throw money her way no matter what she does, so she realized it was easier to put in less effort. Her priorities are elsewhere in life.

  28. 28

    Britney does not look that good in a leather onesie! but it's all she wears lately. She is so beautiful but does it all wrong!

  29. 29

    Re: BritneyQueen90 – "FAIL OF THE MILLENIUM!" will always be crowned to Brit for that vma performance years ago.

  30. 30

    loved it. even though britney ALWAYS has to lipsynch

  31. 31

    Umm wasn't Rhianna laughing at this girl when she had that terrible performance at the VMAs?

  32. 32

    Re: Liz1212 – tire her out to sing live? are you effing serious? its ONE song and she only sings about 3 lines!!

    jeez you Britbrit fans have low expectations. Quit making excuses for her lazy lame ass. She doesnt even look interested anymore.

  33. 33

    Re: HappyBirthday – wasn't America as a whole laughing?

  34. 34

    STFU haters!!! You get on stage and lets see how amazing you do……yea yea whatever!!!
    Brit & Rihanna did good xxx

  35. 35

    All I got to say is…BEEEYYOOONCEEEE!!!! Wow! Did you SEE her performance? It was awesome.She killed it!

  36. 36

    I think Brit Brit feels like she has already proved herself. And in a way, its true-she has made a huge mark in the music industry. She now wants to relax and enjoy life more naturally.

  37. 37

    Wow! Britney looked soo fit and hot!! And Rihanna looks great as well. That pillow fight was so cute! I loved it

  38. 38

    Gaga and Beyonce never lip-synch, and their choreography is much more intense than Britney's. Not impressed. They are true artists.

  39. 39

    for anybody who thinks that is entertaiment (and by the way, i like the song) you really have a low thresholdfor entertainment.
    but its no dumber or faker than pro wrestling, so i guess that's the mentality of those who are entetained by crap like this.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    racy? becaue there's a stripper pole & they have long boots on. oh my. brit would be ok looking for a normal girl, but for a woman who's only talent is looking cute, so is so below average.
    elaine benes can dance better than her too.

  42. 42

  43. 43

    Jesus, looks like 2 tired rundown fat ass cows running around up there.

  44. 44

    The least talented black female singer and the least talented white female singer in the world both on stage together in skimpy outfits. Woohoo.
    They are the two luckiest people on the planet because I have no idea how they manage to outsell everyone else considering how bad they are.

    I am a man, but I think it is pretty sad that female singers like that have to basically prostitute themselves like that by dressing like whores on stage. Truly talented singers say like Celine Dion or Aretha Franklin never had to do things like that to sell albums.

  45. 45

    i think it speaks for all these 'artists (brit, rihanna, beyonce, gaga) that they all have to make up for musical artistic value with costumes and choreography. i'm no fan of keith urban, but notice none of that shit.

  46. 46

    A greasy hooker and an upright corpse.Way to rock out girls.

  47. 47

    And to think that Rihanna once laughed at a Britney on stage..This is even worse than that Gimme More MTV 2007 performance!!!? As much as I like Britney..Rihanna on the other hand is a fucking joke as well as a hypocrite.

  48. 48

    Lol @ everyone dissing Britney. This isn't even her own song. She made an appearance, she did her job and she looked like she was having fun. It's not her song, so she can't slay the stage like Slave 4 U in 2001. It's Rihanna's song. Stealing the spotlight would be kinda rude. NEWSFLASH: Britney lipsyncs. Don't tell me your all shocked that she did, because she's been doing it for years. And the song is called S&M, what do you expect them to look like? The outfits and pole fit with the song. It was a cute performance.

  49. fiera says – reply to this


    Just horrible!!! They both can't sing and everything else was lame.

  50. 50

    Worthless whores

  51. 51

    I can't help thinking of the first time Rhianna went to an awards show and Britney performed after just having a baby and everyone showed rhianna laughing at her.

  52. 52

    Hot!! I love this song!!

  53. 53

    I feel sad for britney whoever controls her is a sick fuck. She looked great though, man poor Rihanna. It's bad these pop stars are just models nothing of talent.

  54. 54

    Rihanna can't sing great, nothin new there. Didn't expect much from Brit and she didn't do that great of a job. But was nice to see her.

  55. 55

    Lame opening sequence
    Lame host opening sequence
    Lame host chosen

    thank god for the tv remote and previous channel button

    The whole production looked very clumsy

  56. 56

    They look classy…

  57. 57


    lol jk she sucked

  58. 58

    She has lost her ability to dance… she does everything half ass. How hard is it to shake your ass? She needs to just stop dancing and sit on a stool and (lip) sing.

  59. 59

    Re: Anabella Smart – You're right, I guess …. but why am I still hard???

  60. 60

    Okay to the Lady GaGa fan that say they look ridiculous…..LOL Come'on….Looking like strippers on stage is not more ridiculous than dancing like a crackhead on stage and call it the most artistic thing ever!!! Britney's lipsync was off like everybody said but her performance with Nicki Minaj was even worse! My god i feel bad for her, she seems like she have no soul no more! And is it me or Britney seems tall!! She wasn't that short next to Rihanna and she was so much taller than Nicki!!

  61. 61

    Re: sanfran1 – u talk about women rasing the bar too far? And What is Gaga doing dressing as one of the biggest sluts in the Bible, wearing Police Tap and Ham and being carried in eggs? LOL! U really can't speak when ur a fan of a woman who's like the Queen of Controversy

  62. 62

    Filthy, Trashy, Overdone… Nothing else to say about that performance.

  63. 63

    they were both pretty bad…all Rihanna did was rolling around showing what a slut she is and Brit has no energy

  64. 64

    Oh my gosh, her performance with Nicki was so hard to watch.

  65. 65

    this was good til britney came out, lip synced as usual and ruined the ending, Why do people still support her. I use to be a huge britney fan but she isnt worth supporting anymore. She acts like she doesnt care. She doesnt sing even when its only a few seconds and she dances likes she is drunk.

  66. 66

    Golden op for Britney. Rihanna lit a fire and Britney pissed all over it!

    Here's hoping Britney is on some serious medications. If that was her clean, clear and fully present, she should give up. It was sad to watch.

  67. IVIV says – reply to this


    if anyone else performed/lip synched like britney did here they would be crucified. look at how she tries to walk off at the end right away. her lip synch with nicki minaj at the end of the show was worse. If she isn't well enough to perform I wish she wouldn't. She doesn't seem happy up there. & that hat/mask thing was not Britney style at all, it just made her look silly & dare I say it…gaga esque. Not a huge Rihanna fan but I commend her for singing live, which she usually does. She will get better as time goes on.

  68. IVIV says – reply to this


    I DO think Brit's body is looking good though, you can tell she's been working out for tour. & at least she's not pretending to GIVE BIRTH ON STAGE lol i'll take zombie britney over childbirth buffoonery any day

  69. 69

    I'm starting to think shes suffering from serious anxiety and even social anxiety as weird as that sounds….love her to death but it's time she takes that break, we'll miss her very much but i rather miss her than have to feel awkward for her awkwardness on stage. And both ladies (rihanna and nicki) were trying to "support" her like to almost make her look interested or something….blah she does look her best she has in years tho

  70. 70

    And im sorry but Nicki's performance wasn't all that great either she kept pulling on her dress to cover uhh…her tights? and just looked kinda awkward trying to rap and dance and pretty much sounded like she was mumming words while stuck in the california girls video lol

  71. sgold says – reply to this


    This is heartbreaking and almost painful to watch! I mean i had no real hope for ri ri since she always did sing mediocre, but what hurts the most is my poor brit. What happened? When did she just give up? I think comment #27 said it best, we have to stop buying her albums and especially her concert tix, if we want to send her a message that either she gets her act together and gives it her all like she used to or she needs to find a new career. Because really its just not worth it anymore for the fans to spend so much for what little she gives. If she ever decides to do it big like before then Im there front row, till then sorry brit!
    No more $ from me, it may not be much but it's a start. Its tough love!

  72. 72

    Britney and Rhi-Rhi looked hot! All you haters half to realize that Brit-Brit has been doing this longer than Beyonce, Gaga and Rhi-Rhi combined…..At 30 Brit looks gorgeous! sexy and super fit. and while i'm a huge fan of Gaga's I will tell you her new album is know where near as good Britneys. Gaga at 13 was lined up waiting on Britney to perform…keep that in mind.

    I got goose bumps when Britney was introduced and you have to admit Rhi-Rhi's soung is aweome with her in it. Love for all.

  73. 73

    Re: justtospeaktruth – totally agree. brit lip synchs, and like every other female 'artist', it has to have a troupe of back up dancers. i'm sure beiber would do the same, as sucks mighty too. neyo & pit bull no better.
    the safest jobs in today's music industry: being a back up dancer or an auto tune machine. ugh

  74. 74

    Sticks & Stones may break my bones but lipsyncing is not enticing.

  75. 75

    What an interesting game they are playing…. sexy

  76. 76

    Why is anyone surprised with Britney lip synching? have u never watched her perform before? She like never sings live…and shes not going to go all out and crazy dance on here when shes about to start a tour. thats just not her.

    And for people ta;king about Bey and Gaga never lip synching, yes they do, and notice that if they dont lip synch they rarely sing during the chorus when all there fast or difficult choreogrpahy is

    hell, even Michael Jackson lip synched during some of his performances and tours….no big deal

  77. 77

    Why does Britney keep lip-syncing? What's going on with her Lazy dance moves? I understand she was a big deal like . . . 10 years ago, but she should just let go or try hard, she looks uninterested, I know that she can't sing at all and she never could but c'mon she used to be fit and had amazing dance moves and know she's just painful to watch, rihanna is waaaaay hotter!!!

  78. 78

    MK Ultra at it's finest.

  79. 79

    Girls will be girls very sexy!

  80. 80

    RiRi was ok while Brit Brit was just dreadful.

  81. 81

    So ABC is now showing Pornos???? THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!

  82. 82

    Re: deranged revolutionary – the word naturally and the name britney spears do not go together. there is nothing natural about brits performances. she is autotuned to death on record and lipsybcs live. shes a disgrace to real artists, especially the old school artists who paved the way for her to be a lazy ass. anyway, i thought rhianna sounded really nice. sad that she put in the effort and than brit just throws it all to hell with her lazy , medicated "performance".

  83. 83

    Re: wwefan01 – There is a difference between lip-syncing some lines and the whole song.

  84. 84

    Re: wwefan01 – Gaga's 'lip syncing is noticeably different from Brits all out Pretending to Sing! Gaga will put the mike down and let backtrack or the back up vocals sing during parts of her songs, which is FAR from different than miming the whole damn set! Britney was laughable tonight, its on Yahoo homepage even.

  85. 85

    Sometimes I wonder if she is truly lip-syncing. Sometimes I feel that even if she was singing live for real, people wouldnt believe it at all. Its like she sort of lost all credibility.

  86. 86

    And Rhianna after all the lives she has done… still cannot sing live, she sounds horrid with a lot of notes off.

  87. 87

    Re: OriginalRecipe – lol, mic***

  88. 88

    agreed. i don't give a shit enough about either of these 2. i just wanna say wtf happened to the site? its all fucked. and all i see everywhere is lady gaga which annoys the fuck out of me already.everywhere i look!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH

  89. RubyM says – reply to this


    Oh my god I love Rihanna but her voice was awful!! Britney was fantastic so suck it up all you haters hahahahaaa!! But Ri's voice…. ugh.

  90. 90


  91. 91

    they look like two old and tired strippers at the end of their lunch time shift. They moved like they were in slow motion and their costumes are ill fitting and rih squats like she's taking a dump while poor Brit Brit looks high as a kite.

  92. 92

    lmao, i used to like britney but not anymore.. she's a fat, lazy entertainer who lip syncs the fuck out of her songs.. i mean really? everyones just wasting their money on this garbage pail kid.. and this video was hideous.. oh britney have you no shame, go roll in the mud already piggy piggy…

  93. 93

    Re: lilnino – f_cking right on! lol

  94. Marty says – reply to this


    Rihanna can't sing live

  95. 95

    Well, this is awfully degrading for woman.
    They're air humping… the air, acting like prostitues and COME ONE

    Talent is GONE. Right not it's acting all sexy and AUTOTUNE

  96. 96

    WOW..BRITNEY looked amazing..Great work on the body..SMOKIN' HOT…can't wait til the Femme Fatale tour…GREAT JOB!

  97. 97

    Re: supandrea – That's a lie..GAG GAG lipsynched on ELLEN ..and GAG GAG doesn't sing live alove…FYI..Beyonce lip synched at Billboards…Chris Brown lipsynched at DWTS…everyone does.

  98. 98

    was that the practice?

  99. 99

    BRIT looked amazing..super sexy; super hot

  100. 100

    Britney doesn't want to do this anymore, assholes!! Her daddy is making her do it!!

    You gotta admit her body is looking better and better! LOVE THAT BITCH!!!

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