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Nicki And Brit Brit Perform Together At 2011 Billboard Music Awards!

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The prefect prelude to their summer tour together!

Check out Nicki Minaj's performance of Super Bass at last night's 2011 Billboard Music Awards, which then segued into her remix of 'Till The World Ends, with an appearance from Miz Britney Spears herself (above)!

We wish our Brit could have given a little more energy during this one, but all in all, she looked great and Her Minajesty KILLED IT as per usual, so we can't complain!

Hopefully these two will continue to perform together during the Femme Fatale tour!

Have fun, ladies!

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41 comments to “Nicki And Brit Brit Perform Together At 2011 Billboard Music Awards!”

  1. 1

    man… that was some awful stuff……sorry kids your idols all suck

  2. 2

    Her ass looks ridiculous compared to the rest of her body!

  3. 3

    Ahhhh… Britney pulls the old fast walking instead of dancing move again. Just seriously just useless live. No point whatsoever in her appearing live.
    I have zero interest in the other broad with the severely disfigured ass and ridiculous style. Her music sucks, besides the song w/ the Annie Lennox part… which was good but nothin great.

    And did anyone happen to see Jamie Lynn Spears lately???!!!!
    Her pics were on another gossip site recently and she hit the fuckin wall already!!!!!!
    She's fat now, at least 20 pounds too fat, her face is bloated and literally ugly.
    And she's now got very nasty Britney lookin extensions.
    She always looked good, but damn.

  4. 4

    she must've been exhausted from her previous performance, it takes allot of energy to flop around a stripper pole like a blind walrus getting electrified

  5. 5

    I've seen better performances on cruise ships Brit Brit is bullshit.

  6. 6

    Britney looks really good, that's it.
    If she is completely unable to sing live she should just give it up.
    Why pay money to see her "live" when you can watch her videos for free?
    Same effect really.

  7. 7

    They both suck!
    Britney can't sing, can't dance, why the hell is she on stage??

  8. 8

    is that all britney does? comes out at the end of the perfomance and lipsync couple of her lines of her music? what a joke.

  9. 9

    I just do not understand….I will not be mean and crucify her looks….that just is bullying and if you are gonna attack her, then Bieber is just another tool to attack….we just will not go there…..However I do have to say I will never understand how Britney got to where she was fame-wise….yes, she has fallen, but seriously the talent? Where? Music has been poor for sooooo long, lacking ANY talent….that is why I like Gaga…someone who can SING LIVE, Dance, play piano, who is INNOVATIVE….A true SHOW PERSON….This stuff from Britney is no better than a High School talent show in a small town…..I actually kind of feel sorry for her….get out of the biz, please….It is just horrifying at this point….

  10. 10

    MK Ultra mind controlled Pharma heads.

  11. 11

    I love Britney Spears, but she really should not have even bothered coming out on stage with Nicki Minaj for 10 seconds. The performance with Rihanna was good, and she should have left it there. Coming out twice at the end of two songs instead of being able to perform one of her own songs by herself makes her look weak.

  12. 12

    A pregnant hippo can dance better than Britney Spears.

  13. 13

    That's 4 minutes and 39 seconds of my life that I can't get back. #regrets

  14. 14

    …now i see why everyone says so much shit about niki here……i'm still tryin to figure out wtf that wuz………that was HARRIBLE !

  15. 15

    Not to mention that the other version of her album isn't far behind usually. (Bonustrack Edition/Normal Edition/etc.)
    Work it, Mother Monster. We're proud of you!

  16. 16

    damn, wrong tab :/

  17. 17

    It was a little lackluster… I love Britney, but why can't she at least try to sing live?

  18. 18

    We can all have a field day making fun of this wreck, but I'm just not in the mood right now. That was so hands down awful that I don't even know where to begin.

  19. 19

    Im sorry… I really dont get all the hype over Nicki Minaj. The only thing that I ever like about her is her makeup. She is a horrible rapper. And for Brit… she doesnt sing live or dance so what is the point of her performing let alone going on tour. If I want to see lip singing then I could just watch her on TV for free. Dont get me wrong… I love her music but she doesnt perform.

  20. 20

    On the plus side, Britney looked gorgeous last night… thats the only plus side.

  21. 21

    Awful performance. Lawl I felt awkward watching.

  22. 22

    I'm now convinced that Britney died several years ago, and that the studio execs simply decorate and re-animate her corpse every few weeks to keep the money-making handles turning.

  23. 23

    Why has she stopped dancing. She was a brilliant dancer…I don't get it!!! Someone explain it to me!!!!!!!

  24. 24

    Perez are you kidding me?! I ADORE Nicki but that was some terrible shit last night!

  25. 25

    It;s VERY sad……Britney used to be AMAZING….she always gave me goosebumps when she performed in the past….it's hard to believe that Britney's time is up and so soon at such a young age.

    If you don't give it 100% like you used to Britney, than for God sake—LEAVE THE INDUSTRY FOR GOOD.

  26. 26

    i just think the majority of you are ignorant. It wasn't BRITNEY's performance. it was a nicki minaj performance with a cameo from Brit. She made her appearance, she smiled, and she interacted with fans and she looked amazing. I think people forget Britney's priorities have changed. In 2003, she didnt have kids, and now she does… so STFU.

  27. 27

    so awkward…she sucked in both performances.

  28. 28

    Re: mochaddict – go back to sucking dried up clit! lolz!

  29. 29

    Everyone remember to keep buying FEMME FATALE the album is great the best one of 2011

  30. 30

    Why does Britney keep lip-syncing? What's going on with her Lazy dance moves? I understand she was a big deal like . . . 10 years ago, but she should just let go or try harder, she looks uninterested, I know that she can't sing at all and she never could but c'mon she used to be fit and had amazing dance moves and know she's just painful to watch, Nicki was waaaaay hotter and that's a lot to say

  31. 31

    Re: landonfromlondon – i agree it was a nicki minaj performance not a britney performance people are talking shit that she didn't dance but it wasn't her performance at all she did a great job and she looked better than ever so haters stop talking shit

  32. 32

    Re: Electro_storm – You're obviously have a really small vagina!! LOL Electro_storm has a little tiny vagina!!! pshy!! lol

  33. 33

    so why does britney have to dance anyways???? mary j blidge didnt dance lil wayne didnt dance, taylor swift doesnt dance a lot of artist dont dance in every performance…oh wait rihanna didnt dance either so why would britney just start dancing in the rihanna performance when she is a featured artist on the song if rihanna is gonna do a huge dance number neither will britney…and the nikki minaj performance same thing she doesnt have to dance…AND NO ONE CARES BRITNEY DOESNT SING LIVE SHE NEVER HAS WHO CARES

  34. 34

    Nicki was AMAZING my favorite performance on TV that she has done.
    I love me some Brit-Brit but I gotta say I was disappointed. She barely did anything out there. I mean I guess I understand because its her first time back after such a long period but I really hope she at least dances more or sings more (either or).

  35. 35

    oh and to add to the last comment Ke$ha shouldve joined them! On the remix you can totally tell Ke$ha wrote the song and I LOVE her on the track. And she actually didn't sound as terrible. Usually she is HORRIBLE live but I thought it was one of her best live performances to date.

  36. 36

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – Nah I have a cok, I would do you, but I don't fuck trashy losers, sorry whore

  37. RubyM says – reply to this


    What the hell IS that Nicki Minag thing? And that rapping bullshit?? YUCK!!!!
    Britney looks gorgeous though.

  38. 38

    On a scale of 1-10 I give this Super Bass song a 7. Find out why here: Super Bass Breakdown

  39. 39

    Wow, that was kind of sad. Where is the talent? That tour is going to be a huge let down.

  40. 40

    that was a classic performance, they looked good and britney sounded better then on the track

  41. 41

    love britney, but why does she keep wearing big ass heels? she has that look in her eye like "i hope to god i don't fall on my ass." sigh..whatever…hope her tours better.;(