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The Little Mermaid Getting TWO Movie Adaptations

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Little Mermaid Me

Disney fairytales are hot these days! The Little Mermaid will join Snow White as Hollywood's next property for studios to competively adapt to SEVERAL different live-action versions.

So what's next?

Sleeping Beauty? Aladdin? The Big Green? Ha!

Shana Feste, the writer and director of Country Strong, is working with Sony Pictures on an adaptation of Carolyn Turgeon's Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale.

She's not a alone! Joe Wright, the director of Atonement and Hanna, is ALSO developing a live-action feature based on Hans Christian Andersen's version of the fairytale.

The official synopsis for Shana Feste's mermaid flick reads as follows:

"When Lenia, a young mermaid princess, rescues a man from a shipwreck and carries him to shore, her selfless act is witnessed by Princess Margrethe, who is staying in a convent nearby for protection from the war her father is fighting against another kingdom. The shipwrecked young man’s name is Christopher, and in the weeks that he’s nursed back to health at the convent, he and Margrethe fall in love—but it’s not until after he leaves that Margrethe discovers he’s the prince from the kingdom her family is at war with.

Meanwhile, in the sea Lenia is suffering; she fell in love with Christopher in the moments she carried him to shore, so she makes a deal with the sea witch: in exchange for her voice and tongue she receives a potion that changes her into human form. Margrethe comes up with a plan of her own: she’ll be offered in marriage to Christopher, thus uniting the kingdoms and putting an end to the years of conflict between the two lands. But when Margrethe arrives, ready to win and wed her prince, she finds him enraptured with a beautiful woman who looks very familiar. Margrethe is sure she’s seen her before…"

Mermaid vs. mermaid? That could be inneresting!

We can't wait to hear more details about Joe Wright's version so we can make an informed decision about which one we're more excited to see!

Do U think two Little Mermaid adaptations are better than one or should Hollywood try to be a little more original?

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15 comments to “The Little Mermaid Getting TWO Movie Adaptations”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    How is it mermaid vs. mermaid? Margrethe is not a mermaid.

  3. 3

    ORIGINALITY is over!!

  4. 4

    Her TONGUE????????

  5. 5

    HEY, I loved The Big Green. Leave that movie alone :( :( :( :(

  6. 6

    That made me laugh when you made that Big Green comment. :)

  7. 7

    WHY DO THEY KEEP RUINING DISNEY CLASSICS??? DON'T THEY HAVE ANY ORIGINAL SCREENPLAYS? Why do they even have their jobs if they can't even write original stuff??

  8. cords says – reply to this


    I need to be cast as a mermaid in an adaptation of the little mermaid. However this is closer to the original story, so technically its a remake of Haans christian anderson book.
    Either way i want in lmao

  9. cords says – reply to this


    @Pienado : Have you actually read the original book? She cuts her tongue out in exchange for legs for 3 days and at the end she dies. She doesnt marry her prince, he marrys a spanish princess. Disney doesnt create all of these stories theyre baby friendly adaptations of Original stories by other authors

  10. 10

    Tim Burton is actually doing Sleeping Beauty! So I'm guessing Aladdin will be next :P

  11. 11

    These are NOT Disney classics. All of these stories that Disney has used to build an empire were actually originally written for adult entertainment. In one version of Cinderella, the step-sisters cut their feet off to fit in the slipper the prince has (It's unclear if it is really a glass slipper, it may have originally been fur). Most of these stories do not have "happily ever afters," So in actuality, Disney screwed the stories up. I think it's awesome that they're finally bringing the real versions of these stories (though some of them, it is unclear what the originals are) instead of the watered down Disney stuff. Bring on the real stuff!

  12. 12

    Re: trisaratop – Disney is anything but original with all of those movies. Ever heard of the Brothers Grimm? Victor Hugo? Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve? Hans Christian Anderson? That's who Disney was stealing their "original classics" from.

  13. cords says – reply to this


    Re: kelljc – Thank you! put into words what i couldnt haha! Nice to see someone who reads instead of religiouscising tripe sppoon fed to them by the disney corporation. Disney movies are good for feel good happy times But they are innaccurate in terms of the original tales

  14. 14

    I like the story but the problem with live action mermaid movies is that they always fail at the underwater scenes - the tail in particular never looks right.

  15. 15

    Re: trisaratop – is that comment supposed to be ridiculous? was it not disney that took these original stories and bastardized them in the first place?