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Downgrade! X Factor Replaces Dannii Minogue With…

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Who? Huh? Really?

For those of you who are not familiar, this is Tulisa. Tuli (as we are going to refer to her) is part of the girl group N-Dubz, but now has been snatched up to one of the new judges on the UK version of The X Factor.

Geez! Was there literally no one else interested in the job or are you guys penny-pinching to afford Cheryl Cole's salary stateside???

No doubt Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow will be nothing but nice to her, but what will the rest of Britain think of the girl who's replacing the beloved Dannii Minogue??? She certainly wouldn't have been our first choice…or second, third, fourth, nineteenth, forty-seventh….

Thoughts, Brits? Are U happy with their choice for the third judge???

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69 comments to “Downgrade! X Factor Replaces Dannii Minogue With…”

  1. 1

    No, I am NOT happy with this awful choice. This chav knows NOTHING about music. I was going to audition next year, but now I'm not so sure. I don't want to go anywhere near this disgusting nobody.

  2. 2

    Firstly Perez, she's not in a "girl band" because she's the only girl. And secondly a) Most people in the UK actually hate Cheryl so you can keep her, and b) Alot less people will watch the X-Factor now because really it's gone to the dogs. I do tihnk this will be its last season.

  3. 3

    NDubz isn't a girl group. It's a threesome (two guys and a girl) who rap/sing. Also as a Brit, it looking less and less likely that I'll be watching X factor this year (after watching it religiously ever year since it started)

  4. 4

    Um, she's actually the only girl in N-Dubz, along with two guys. They're a British hip hop/R&B group, not a girl group.

  5. 5

    Firstly, shes the only girl in the group, apart from that its 2 rappers.
    Secondly, NO! Half of the UK thinks N-Dubz are a joke anyway…some will love her, but a lot will hate her i would say…ill not be watching this series. was excited for kelly rowland, but this has completely outweighed it

  6. 6

    She's a chav icon and a major dick.

  7. 7

    Who are you to talk Mario??? You wanted to be a judge on American Idol even though you're a nobody like this girl.

  8. 8

    um…N-Dubz is not a girl group. They are a wannabe Black Eyed Peas.

  9. 9

    WOAH! There will be no hating on Tulisa, she's pretty great. And N-Dubz is not a girl group you idiot! I think she'l be okay it's not like Cheryl was good at judging.

  10. 10

    Actually Tulisa is replacing cheryl as she was confirmed ages ago. kelly rowland is replacing danni. and N-Dubz arnt a girl group. its tulisa her cousin dappy (whos male) and his best mate frazer (whos male), there like an r&b urban band and there AMAZING. im not sure if shes right to be a judge but as a person and artist shes brilliant.

  11. 11

    tulisa is part of N-Dubz, but it is not a girl group, she is the only girl in it there are two other boys dappy and fazer xox love you perezxxxx

  12. 12

    Perez get your facts right before you go slating people. I'd rather she was on Xfactor over Cheryl any day. At least Tulisa has genuine talent and is naturally gorgeous, unlike 'I can't sing & I only got pretty after thousands of pounds worth of surgery' Cheryl Cole.

  13. 13

    Can't be any worse than Dannii (who the hell is she?) Minogue……no one would've known who that bitch was either if she weren't Kylie's sister.

  14. 14

    Tulisa isn't in a girl group. N-dubz is a 3 part band with two boys and tulisa. They are really famous in the UK x

  15. 15

    why so harsh..

  16. 16

    Actually Perez, Tulisa is very well known in the UK and Ireland (where the X Factor is shown so no one cares what you think anyway!), the group she is in, N-Dubz, are really popular and we have seen them work so hard over the past few years to get there. Unlike the manufactured Lady Gaga's and Katy Perry's of the music industry, they did not rely on gimmicks and people like you to get them publicity. They made their own videos and recordings and worked really hard.
    I'm not a huge fan of their music but they have got talent and don't rely on Auto-tuned crap like Cheryl Cole who you thought is a more deserving judge. At least Tulisa is a really good singer, got where she is in the music industry on her own, NOT like Cheryl Cole who entered a singing show and married a footballer.

  17. 17

    I'm excited, here in England she's a role model for so many girls my age, I think she'll definitely bring something to the show that Cheryl really couldn't. And as for her being 'unknown' so was Cheryl, she got more known in America after doing the X Factor, so maybe this is Tulisa's turn :) It's an amazing break for her, and i really think that she can make it :) xx

  18. 18

    omg "girl group" really? so your journalism skills don't even extend to googling now?

  19. 19

    shut the fuck up perez. everyone knows who tulisa is in the UK. And it's NOT a girl group, do your fucking research you fat ugly judgemental balding fucktard.

  20. 20

    Re: EnchantedToMeetYou – A Nobody who is 1/3 of one of the UK's biggest girl hip hop groups

  21. 21

    also i do not think she would be a good choice, x factor is going to be so bad this year

  22. 22

    1. Cheryl was just a girl from a band before X-Factor
    2. N-Dubz are huge in Britain
    3. Its not a girl band

  23. zazi says – reply to this


    Why is everyone on here so small minded? Tulisa knows a lot about music, she's in the industry currently and she'll be the 1st judge on the X-Factor that can actually sing. Tulisa is not a disgusting nobody either. She with her group N-Dubz (who are not a girl group, they're a group with 1 girl & 2 guys) have 3 platinum selling albums, 8 top 40 hits, 3 sell out tours, a sold out show at The O2 arena, their own tv series, book and have sold over 1.5 million records in the UK and she's still only 22, thats more than everyone on here could ever achieve in their entire life.
    Tulisa is going to be amazing on the X-Factor! She has exactly what the X-Factor needs. She knows exactly what's going on in the industry at the moment, has had a successful career, says exactly what she thinks and is still really nice & down to earth. Tulisa is from a tough background so she can relate to lots of different people. Tulisa knows what music people what to hear and I personally think there couldn't be a better choice for a judge for the new series of X-Factor.
    Perez you need to actually listen to N-Dubz music and then you'll realise how talented Tulisa is. You know nothing about her so you are not in a position to comment on her.

  24. 24

    N Dubz is not a girl group you MORON.

  25. 25

    okay well she's not in a girl group, n-dubz are a chavvy "hip hop" group or whatever. this is an awful choice, awful. she knows nothing about music.

  26. 26

    Excuse me?!?! What on earth is this ridiculous article i'm reading? Who the hell told you Tulisa was a nobody? She is part of a TRIPLE PLATINUM SELLING band, (NOT a girl group) and are the biggest urban band in the UK. Now seeing as this IS a UK show, who on earth cares if you don't know who she is? She might be a nobody to YOU but she certainly is not to us! She is infact my idol and the one person i look up to dearly, and she has more talent than Danni and Cheryl put together! & i find this article highly insulting! Who do you think Cheryl was before X factor? She was a NOBODY to people in america and came from a girl band who were less successful than MULTI PLATINUM SELLING N-dubz. She will do a better and more honest job than Cheryl and Danni could ever do, don't be so quickto flipping judge!!!! Argh this article has angered me so much.

  27. 27

    and dear perez what was cheryl cole before joining x-factor or marrying ashley cole? a nobody (a c or d lister at least) . simon knows how to build images

  28. 28

    So we lose Danni who's only famous for some bit part in some Aussie soap and being Kylie's sister and we lose Cheryl who makes a career out of lyp synching and beating up black toilet attendants.

    In their place we get Kelly Rowland who has a great voice and a member of one of the most successful girl bands ever and Tulisa who's worked her butt off in genuine group that wasn't manufactured, write all their own material and actually have some originality about them.

    All I can say is… Cheryl who?

  29. 29

    Since when has n-dubz been a girl band? She's actually pretty huge in the UK, very talented and perhaps very relatable to young hopefuls. Possibly more so than Danni and Cheryl.

  30. 30

    Re: zazi – Oh my lord you've said everything i wanted to say!!!!!!
    People are so narrow minded it disgusts me! She is able to give the advice neither Cheryl or Danni put together could ever give! We finally will have a judge on X factor who actually has the right to judge singing due to her amazing talent! This article angered me so much, i think Tulisa is the perfect woman for the job and i am failing to see the sense in these terrible comments

  31. luzr says – reply to this


    very happy with this choice of tulisa! very well known in the UK and is one of the few that can actually sing. definitely will NOT miss danni minogue, couldnt stand her! not too happy with the choice of kelly rowland either, so tulisa is definitely my favourite judge!

  32. 32

    i don't think this girl will be afraid to speak her mind, could b good tv but i honestly just don't think it will b the same without dannii, simon n cheryl x

  33. 33

    Re: AndyBSG – Oh i love you! You f*cking said it all! It's so true, we will FINALLY have TALENT judging TALENT.

  34. 34

    Who is she? and she's what, 23? come on she's got no experience no succes , nothing !
    She's a just a not-so-bad-looking-but-not-that-beautiful-girl…
    X factor UK is gonna be an epic FLOP since cheryl and dannii left.
    The show could have survives without either dannii or cheryl leaving but not both ! especially when half of the other judges are useless.

  35. HEEY says – reply to this


    Obviously you haven't came across N-dubz. I, personally, don't blame you. They are not my taste at all. I am instantly put off by their unoriginal songs and chavy attitudes, BUT - just because something isn't YOUR music taste does not in any way mean it's 'bad'. The people on here need to realize that. As for her judging X Factor… As I said, I don't pay attention to N-dubz so I don't really know what she is like, but I don't think I will be watching. I can imagine there will be a lot of mini-chavs who will put a downer on the mood of the show. I live in the UK, but I think I'm just going to stick to watching 'the voice' online. It seems to be the only genuine singing show that exists at the moment. The US X Factor WILL purposely put awful people through to the TV auditions to humiliate them for 'entertainment'. You may very well find it entertaining, but I think I will step back this year. I realized how narrow-minded the X Factor has become when I watched The Voice. In case I didn't make it obvious… I like The Voice. Haha. I will miss the Christmas-y vibes the X Factor used to give you in Winter though.

  36. zazi says – reply to this


    Re: Olivia0306 – did you just say she has no experience and hasnt had any success? How dumb are you. Google N-Dubz and you'll see how successful Tulisa is and you'll also find out she is in fact 22, not 23. She's been more successful in life by the age of 22 than you ever will.

  37. 37

    tulisa is an amazing singer she has a raw talent and been through a lot in her life i think she will do a fab job as a judge she was bullied and her mum has a mental illness she has been through stuff that none of us can evan begin to imagine things that she has come back from she got through it all and look where she is now fantastic roll model for our kids dont knw why ur all hating on her yous havent evan given her a chance yet mabey yous dont like her music but that dosnt mean shes not good at what she dose !!!!

  38. 38

    Hmm you obviously know nothing about this Perez .. don't open your mouth about shit you dont know. SHe's is in N-Dubz .. which is a number 1 selling group which is btw NOT a fucking girlband. Oh and i'm sure loads of people will hate having an X-Factor judge that can actually sing .. yeah that would be bad.

  39. 39

    Hey Perez! it's me again! bet you thought i wouldn't come again and send you some love! ahaha! love? eay? well like before you slagged my queen brit off and i made that hate page on you in 2007 well i think i will re open it now boy! CORRECTION tulisa is in a BAND NOT GIRL BAND you fool! second DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER HEM HEM YOU DONT KNOW TULISA YOU HAVE NEVER MET HER SO WHY JUDGE FROM WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD? eay? , perez give tha girl a chance! she would make a FABuLous judge on x factor ! she has worked harder than cheryle cole has to get into the music industry and i am warning you now! ndubz fans do not take shit from anyone! they will be at you like a hawk hun! go back to using your wifey for fame ! and stop posting crap about people you don't know! else i will re open the site! and you can not do anything to stop me love :) enough love! dizzybunny x

  40. 40

    This article is SUCH a hilarious fail that pepsi came out my nose (enjoying that image? ) N-Dubz are not a girl band in any way, shape or form. I'm not actually a fan but even I know she's the only girl in the band! They are very UK-centric (but so was Cheryl) and are considered to be pretty big up and comers in the hip-hop/grime scene.

  41. 41

    Tulisa is a chav icon the same way Cheryl Cole was when she started the x factor. Im guessing thats why they chose her.

  42. 42

    i am very upset about this ! i hate N dubz and i just want Danni and cheryl back !

  43. 43

    You should probably get your facts right before you start bitching about someone. Tulisa is the only girl in the group N-Dubz and she is a talented singer who always looks amazing too. Oh and dear Mr. EnchantedToMeetYou aka the first comment, how can you possibly call her a no body when you're the guy on about auditioning for the x factor and shes the judge lmao, mug!

  44. 44

    More over, who is Perez Hilton? hahahahahahaha

  45. 45

    Funny You're saying Tulisa is a nobody. She is in the biggest uk urban band's. sold out arena's which no other urban band has been capable to do so to this date! Not to mention she is currently cracking the american music scene. if anyone could give advice on music, she's the one. coming from nothing to how big she is now. Not like any manufactured band, she has worked off her own back to get to where she is today, she is the role model for the contensts off xfactor too look up to. when danni… she just scraped off her kylie, no talent. tulisas the better choice. enough said.

  46. 46

    you really need to check your facts. N-Dubz is not a girl group…she is the only girl in the group. And just because you have no idea who she is doesnt mean the rest of our country isnt aware of her…sure N-Dubz are rubbish and she'll probably be useless…but people actuually know who she is!!

  47. SMK says – reply to this


    WHO even cares about X FACTOR? It's one of those flash-in-the-pan shows that is popular for the few months that it is screened and then it dies away. There have only been two successful winners (Leona and Alexandra Burke) and even they have faded of late. 2009's winner was DROPPED after a few months and last year's winner is yet to make any impact. These shows rarely find stars - aside from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood! Everyone just seems to fade away.
    P.S. Tulisa is bang-on trend and up-to-date with the current music scene in the UK so she is a perfect judge. The end. :D

  48. 48

    The X Factor is a British show. Not an American show, so why the hell would we care if you knew who the judges were? Tulisa is part of a very famous band in the UK and I should expect she was hired to represent the younger generation. No one in their teens knew who Danni Minogue was until X Factor. It's going to do wonders for her career.

    As for her actual ability to judge, she's very talented herself (love N-Dubz or hate them, she's a really good singer) plus she's really personable. I reckon she's going to prove all the haters wrong- and a lot of boys think she's prettier than Cheryl Cole. Go fucking figure.

  49. 49

    Perez, Your not in England so you DON'T know whose popular and who is well respected in England. Nearly everyone HATES Cheryl Cole and DOESN'T even WANT HER in the show. Tulisa is way better

  50. 50

    dani was hardly qualified for the job in the first place, and only became famous because of the show….. whether you like n-dubz or not at least Tulisa can sing and grafted her way to where they are!! and yeh i like the choice - she keeps it british and she will hopefully represent the british talent!!!! …. and n-dubz as a girl band - yeh daffy would love that!

  51. 51

    Re: EnchantedToMeetYou – knows nothing about music… no you my dear know nothing about music- she on the other hand has achieved quite a bit!

  52. 52

    Wow. Um, as a lot of other people have mentioned, N-Dubz is a very successful group in the UK. They're are two guys, Dappy and Fazer, along with the only female, Tulisa. Not a girl group. You would know that if you bothered to properly research this story. I am not a big fan of N-Dubz myself, but they have quite a lot of fans in the UK so I think she might do well. I'm not ecstatic about the new line up but I'll give it a go. And are you forgetting Cheryl Cole is/was basically unknown in the US before Simon Cowell/X Factor. At least give Tulisa a chance.

  53. 53

    hi perez as many ppl have mentioned before N-DUBZ is not a girl group tulisa is the only girl. and you know what she is a really good singer she has raw natural talent and is really beautiful and she isnt famous for having a famous beau. she and her band worked hard to get where they are. she is a a strong woman. tulisa is concentrated on her career. she is basically the leader of the group. a girl amongst 2 crazy guys like dappy and fazer, she is much more levelheaded. you love nikki minaj and fergie well this gurl is just as successful and talented you should really look into her. and please dont shorten her name its already short enough

  54. 54

    Tulisa? Really? Is that the best Cowell could do, it's nice to see he's really scraping the barrel for the UK version in order to push the American one. I won't be watching X Factor this year, it's clearly gone to the dogs, litterally. Gary Barlow I was happy about as he actually has talent and experience. Tulisa has been round for 3 seconds and is about 12. They should have brought Sharon Osbourne back now that Dannii has gone, fans would have loved that, people were angry when she left. There's still one spot open so hopefully she will makea return, God knows it's the only thing that can save the show at this point.

  55. 55

    In fairness the show is about the talent and not the judges. people clearly don't like change, but hey, give the girl a break she might surprise us all.

  56. 56

    Oh My God - 1: N-dubz is not a girl band- theres 2 boys and 1 girl (Tulisa, Dappy, Fazer)

    2. She is a MUCH better singer than Cheryl (ive actually been to see n dubz in concert , they actually sing LIVE unlike Cheryl)

    3: She is well known in the u.k (trust me i live there)


  57. 57

    Well she can sing 1000x better than Dannii so we shall see…

  58. 58

    p.s. N-Dubz isn't a girl group.

  59. 59

    1. N dubz isnt a girl group
    2. Tulisa actually sings live unlike Cheryl (trust me ive been to their concert)
    3. She isnt a chav (cheryl came from a newcastle council estate and has a criminal record)
    4.Shes well known in the U.K
    5.She actually has talent
    6. Just because tulisa hasnt been brought into America by simon like Cheryl doesnt mean she isnt good


  60. 60

    Perez, N-Dubz (as terrible as they may be) is huge in the UK. Don't act like this girl is a nobody, because your precious Cheryl was unknown in the States when she started on the X Factor - you had NO idea who she or Girls Aloud were, despite them being one of the UK's biggest girl groups. This girl can actually sing, which Cheryl cannot.
    By the way, N-Dubz is NOT a girl group - the group consists of this chav, her male chav cousin and their male chav friend.

  61. 61

    1) This news is OLD
    2) Tulisa is part of N-Dubz is a group with 1 girl and 2 boys
    3) I like indie music, but N-Dubz are pretty good in their own right.
    4) She auditioned for X-factor but didnt get through the screen test because she was so foul mouthed…. LOL
    5) I think she's gonna a be a great judge, she will defenitly say whats on her mind
    6) You obv haven't heard N-Dubz, or have seen "Being N-Dubz" because you would totally change your mind. Don't judge her.

    Thats the end of my rant.

  62. 62

    I saw her on never mind the buzzcocks last night and she seemed humble and to have a sense of humour about herself and her bandmates. I say we give her a chance because we were all young and lacking in experience once. I for one never really thought Cheryl would turn out to be as perceptive and warm as she has done. Shame on you judgemental bullies….what makes you all experts anyway, are any of you qualified musicians? Or just opinionated prats?

  63. 63

    NDubz is pretty HUGE in the UK. I don't like them but… do your research?

  64. 64

    Re: TheGossipJunkie – You obviously don't know what you're talking about either! She is THE ONLY FEMALE!

  65. 65


  66. 66

    you write like you know who she is, but you had no idea before you cut and pasted this from another website

  67. 67

    Yeah we like her over here, unlike Cheryl Cole Tulisa can actually sing and DOESN'T need voice enhancing everytime she sings. Cheryl's overrated, the USA can keep her ;)

  68. 68

    WTF! Britain love N-dubz as a band and BTW their a BAND two BOYS and Tulisa so shut up! Tulisa have worked hard 11years straight to get to where she is now so you can do 1 perez do your research before slanging off Tulisa! NDUBLET FOR LIFE NOW FUCK YOU !!!!

  69. 69

    Well she's pretty well known over here in the UK & Ireland, she doesn't need to be known in America to get a job in the UK . The N-Dubz aren't a girl group theres 2 guys and Tulisa..