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Jordan Ward Defends Being 16 and Pregnant…Again!

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Ok, ok, fine - she's 18 and pregnant now. Splitting hairs…SHE'S STILL TOO YOUNG!!!

Recently, we posted the news that MTV's 16 and Pregnant star Jordan Ward was sperminated with her second child. Baby #2 comes from the same daddy as her son Noah and as far as we know, she's pretty far along.

Now, it seems we aren't the only ones who have some concern about a girl so young being pregnant with her second child and many others have voiced their opinions to Jordan personally via her Facebook. However, Jordan is asking all haters to promptly move to whichever direction will get them away from her fastest, as she couldn't give a hooty-toot what they or anyone else thinks of her life choices. She posted this statement on her Facebook fan page, saying:

"I’ve read every comment on here. Yes I’m pregnant again. I really do not care if you think it’s wrong. I am married, we pay for everything, we aren’t living off of family or anything. We pay rent, we own our car, for insurance, pay for food, pay for our cell phones, pay for clothes and whatever Noah needs. And we are moving in a house in August. & here’s a kicker…..IAM THE ONE WHO TAKES CARE OF NOAH 24/7!”

Preach it! Sell it, sister! Tell all the young girls it is okay to bring a life in this world when yours is just about to begin! Show all the naysayers who want you to go to college and get a degree that settling for minimum wage is just as good as a Bachelor's degree.

Go on, girl! Tell the world what's up!

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67 comments to “Jordan Ward Defends Being 16 and Pregnant…Again!”

  1. 1

    Omg shut the fuck up and leave the poor girl alone. Who says she can't go to college later in life when her kids are older? You're basicaly down every woman who's content in her life being a stay at home mom raiseing her children.

  2. 2

    this girl is such an idiot. her boyfriend had to join the air force for them to survive financially but its totally okay to have another kid at 18. this is why people hate americans.

  3. 3

    Preach Perez! Although it's good to hear that this girl is married and is making it financially (which I honestly don't fully believe), it sets a bad example for young girls out there that have the potential to be something more THEN have children and be able to better provide for them.

  4. 4

    Dear Idiot Perez: Until you live your life without mistakes, STOP BULLYING. You are being a bully. It doesn't matter whether you agree with her lifestyle or not, it is HER LIFE. The same as others may not agree with your gay lifestyle, it is YOUR life to live as you want. I don't see you working as an architect or doctor. You are only a blogger, which requires the education of your average 7th grader. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones BULLY

  5. 5

    It's not the life I'd choose for myself, but hey, it sounds like she has things under control, so I don't see why you'd be so judgemental about what her goals are in life. Not that I've seen her episode or anything.

  6. 6

    College isn 't for everyone (this coming from someone with a prestigious bachelors degree and the student loan debt to prove it). If she loves and provides for her kids what difference does it make?

  7. 7

    Would it shock your world Perez that if you go to college for an 'I don't know what I want to do degree' that it really doesn't help you get a job nowadays. Studies have shown that unless you plan on graduate school or are going for a technical degree you only end up earning about 200,000 more over your lifetime compared to the 1,000,000 that was the case 20 years ago. Therefore, honestly, if she has a job and can pay for everything now and is happy, why would she pay 50,000/year to go to college? I am a graduate student and I loved college, but I fully believe that its not for everyone. And who is to say she won't go and take classes online and get a degree in a different way. Did you actually go to school?

  8. 8

    Who are you to judge I got pregnant at 16 had my second baby at 19…We all have surprise in life thats unexpected we just need to know on how to make the best of it.. my husband and I are now (me 23) and my husband 25, we own a house a car and are more successful than most people that are older , my point is that even though people who make mistakes have a chance to make it right it will require a lot of work but my husband and I did it he concentrated on what was best for his family and himself and he got himself a real good job myself am an owner of my own business


    what im trying to say is if you get pregnant there are options and if you decide to be a mom or dad its not the end of the world..you could make you child a good life if you work really hard for it

    and the reason i decided to write this long comment was nobody believed in my husband and myself they thought of us as losers just like PEREZ is making it seem my husband and I made a mistake by not being safe but we decided our lives was all about our babies we stopped feeling bad for ourselves and ignored ignorant people like PEREZ and worked for what we got now anything is possible even with 1,2,3 etc My Husband and I have 3 beautiful baby girls and I am glad to prove all those ignorant people wrong =D

  9. 9

    perez, i usually LOVE you, but you sound like an ass. This girl may be 18, but she is married, and not living off the system. Also, her husband has stepped up and joined the air force. So even if you don't agree with her choices, she's doing a whole lot better then alot or 20-30 some year olds i know. Leave the girl alone..

  10. 10

    While I think it's a bad idea to be married and two kids at 18…who are we to say it's wrong and that it won't last? It sounds like they are responsible and taking care of themselves and their baby…more than I can say for some 40 year olds I know. Kids don't think far enough ahead to realize what is in the future for them. However…I went back to school at 32 so she can always go back and get that degree…I did. I also had a best friend who had her first at 16 and everything turned out just fine. So it's not always bad.

  11. 11

    Re: DTepp22 – No..actually there are alot more valid reasons for people to hate Americans than one girl having kids at a young age asshole.
    Re: rickrollinator – Its only a bad example because she is on tv. If she wasnt on tv, noone would even care.

  12. 12

    Why does everybody believe that Perez writes all these articles? It is his website, but he has writers that were hired to write for his website.

  13. 13

    Re: BeatGoesOn88 – well, his name is on every site, so he'll be held responsible for everything said on this website.
    other than that. maybe she ain't a role model, but she shows other girls that you can make it anyways. I'm not supporting teen pregnancy at all, but as long as she can make it work on her own (and with the baby daddy) then we should just leave that girl alone.

  14. 14

    I don't usually care to leave comments on sites like this, but I find it really pathetic that this is considered "celebrity gossip." You wonder why these teenage girls are getting pregnant and it's because people keep giving them attention. The girl is 18 years old, and she's married and is clearly trying to take care of her own family. Not many 30 year old people can say that. My mom had me when she was 16 had her second at 19 and she has a bachelor's degree in nursing and has worked as hard as possible to support her family. Age is just a number, it's not about age it's about maturity. Are some of these young girls capable of being good mothers? I doubt that, but there are some that are actually committed to trying so leave the poor girl alone. Why is it that people make a huge deal about things like this and then continue to glorify the cast of the Jersey Shore as if they are completely amazing. They get drunk and have promiscuous sex every night and yet that's entertainment? Time to take a good hard look in the mirror and start reporting on "actual celebrity gossip" instead of this reality TV crap. The people at your website posting these stories Perez, are much like you, pathetic and ridiculous.

  15. 15

    Does no one use condoms anymore?

  16. 16

    Re: starstrukk47 – who's paying for this kid?

  17. 17

    had a baby @ 17 then the next @ 19, then 20 then 23…STILL married to the same man and im 33 about to turn 34…life is ok for me AND my family..YOUR f'd up if you think it cant work

  18. 18

    Bullying is bullying no matter what side you take Perez, you're picking on a girl you've never met in your life for the decisions she makes that have nothing to do with you. If she's got it together and having children is what she wants to do in life, who the hell are you to tell her otherwise? College isn't for everyone. Out of curiosity, was it a college education that secured your career being a professional bitch, or was it solely due to your whiny attitude?

  19. 19

    if the're going into the air force, who cares for the kid? how are they paying for all of this. i see they say they are paying ofr all this stuff, but it must be from the tv show, how else could teens afford this. so the example is to get pregnant and hope for an exploitative tv show to pay for it.

  20. 20

    ..its 2011 and now a days it's normal to have two kids by two diffrent dads and divorced by 20 and remarried by 21 lol I mean seriously at least this isn't the case with this girl..I still feel bad for her for having kids so young but that could have been prevented. I wish her the best in life though.

  21. 21

    You don't have to be rich in order to be a good parent and provide what your kid NEEDS (keyword being "needs" not wants).

  22. 22

    Why doen't everybody just leave this girl alone.It is her life.I got pregant at 18 had the baby at 19 and now he is about to graduate from high school in a year, so there every thing turned out fine.After all it's realy not the worlds job to judge her now is it.

  23. 23

    What business is it of anyone to judge? Your not supporting them with your tax dollars! If there was a formula for a happy marriage/life the divorce rate wouldn't be so high! I hope they are happy and have a healthy child, and I think it's great that they are making it work. They seem to be doing better than the ones living in section 8 housing, going for seconds at the abortion clinic!

  24. 24

    It's interesting that somehow a marriage certificate means they're ready to be parents…
    Being somewhat financially stable doesn't mean that from a neuro-biological point of view they are well prepared either. I feel sorry for this CHILD because she has completely lost her childhood. There aren't any "college isn't for everyone," justifications for that.

  25. 25

    Honestly Perez I'm disgusted you think this is so wrong. Obviously if she can provide for herself and her child and her husband is working towards a degree than leave the poor girl be. Yes, she wasn't be careful a second time, but who EVER said it was okay to pass such harsh judgement on those that make mistakes. She takes care and loves her children and loves her family. Whatever happened to being nicer and make more of a positive impact, because this is a really bad case of whining and bitching and being totally out of line. She is the exception to the rule, and let her be. Some people do not actually go to college, it happens, and it's happening far more often that you expect because of the cost of student loans and tuition. She may not be SUPER educated, but she's trying. She gets to show all the young girls out in the world that if you are in a healthy relationship and are financially stable it's okay to get pregnant again. Because lets just be honest here, all the baby boomers were 18-25 years of age. Don't be immature, and don't be such a bitch.

  26. 26

    Re: starstrukk47 – Hate to break it to you but the younger you have children the worse off you are later in life. Just look at the statistics for teenage moms. Most are real winner/sarcasm.

    She should not be happy about this, and the only way she's making it is because MTV paid her for her story , if not she'd probably be on welfare no joke.

  27. 27

    Re: lovelyjennifer – Hon, it's not a "mistake" if it happens twice she knew better this time don't you think? Love doesn't pay the rent, love doesn't provide proper necessities for the child. I'm sorry but anyone who that thinks love can compensate for money and common sense are fools.

  28. 28

    Well, in all fairness, she probably made like a gazillion dollars off the show and is in a better position than my ass to take care of her kid (s) =)

  29. 29

    PEREZ, SHUT THE FUCK UP. and all the people who are talking shit about this girl, SHE WANTS TO HAVE HER KIDS AND SHE CAN TAKE CARE OF THEM SO WHY NOT? who the fuck are you to tell somene they're too young to get married or have kids? not everybody wants to or should live the same and they are living EXACTLY how they want to!! nt everybody wants to go to college and do what you want, some women WANT to stay home or have their kids young. shut the fuck up!

  30. 30

    She isn't a girl anymore, SHE IS A GROWN ASS WOMAN. She can have another child if she wants! These girls make big money off of the show anyway - her family is going to get along just fine. Also, some of the girls on there have had twins, instantly bringing two lives into the world. I commend her for defending herself. Also Perez, as much as I support you, this was very arrogant and ignorant of you. You don't know anything about this girl or if her life is just beginning. You are being unnecessarily judgemental of her, so get off of her back. Single/Teen mothers always get a bad rap. Having a child is not the end of the world.

  31. 31

    Re: DTepp22 – Why are you on an American website then? You arrogant prick. Get the fuck over yourself. Stop being so damn judgemental of people because of where they are from, what they claim to be, and what they have. Assholes come in all nationalities, and you are no exception.

  32. 32

    perez isnt saying everyone has to go to college. but 2 children is a huge responsibility and one very very few 18 year olds can handle. its unlikely she's providing the best environment possible for the children because, lets face it, she would not be able to get much more tha minimum wage for a long time (because she won't have much life/work experience, most likely dropped out of school, can probably only work part time etc) 2 kids is a whole different scene than one. idiot.

  33. 33

    I got pregnant with my first child at 17 and then got pregnant with my second child at 20. I graduated high school and college. That was my choice though. So what if she wants to be a stay at home mom. She can always go to school later when her kids are grown. Perez I think you were a little hard on the girl. If they are paying their own bills, then who cares if they have 20 more kids? As long as they are happy and well taken care of and the parents can support them, why not be happy for them? Is it a good thing to be a teen mom? NO! But it also isn't the end of the world. Teen moms can continue their educations and lead wonderful lives with their kids (however many they choose to have) If this girl is happy then I am happy for her! Best wishes to this family!

  34. 34

    Re: ForeverWyld – having 2 children by 18 isnt a simple "mistake," its not as trivial as flashing someone your vag, you're bringing another human being into the world. perez is entitled to his opinionn

  35. 35

    i think its very ignorant to make a comment regarding not getting a degree. no matter how old you are with a child school will always be an option. how many people in this world have no kids and still end up as dropouts on minimum wage. perez, (or whoever wrote this comment) you are a bully and just because your life is so 'fabulous' living in your bullshit little apartment with your ugly dogs hiding behind your computer, doesnt mean you have the right to cyber bully. thats why you got punched in the face.

  36. 36

    Re: MomTwoThree – because partying is all well and good, it only effects you, but bringing another human being into the world is a big deal. your mother sounds amazing, but seriously for most people having kids at 16 is absolutely ridiculous

  37. 37

    Yup. This girl is dumb.

  38. 38

    Re: ForeverWyld – Shut up

  39. 39

    I dont think its fair to say her life was just beginning, and now its changed because of having children. When she is 35-40 she will have grown kids who are starting their own lives/going to college/working/travelling and it means her and her partner can do their own thing… maybe party or travel, or study… whatever it is you think she is missing out on as a teen!

  40. 40

    Uhm… I'm sorry.. As a woman in charge of her own body she has every right to decide what is right for herself. If that's having another baby that's her deal. It's called FAMILY PLANNING. Whoever gave you the right to decide on someone else's choices. I choose to have my kid in my 30's. She doesn't. GOOD FOR BOTH OF US! We're women in the 21st Century!!

  41. 41

    Yeah…have fun with that..

  42. 42

    Re: DTepp22 – THAT is why people hate Americans?!? At least in the US, this girl and her husband have to take care of themselves and aren't living off the taxpayers. In the UK, they'd be given a free ride, at the courtesy of tax payers, like myself! I live in a welfare state where my hard-earned money goes to people like this everyday. I'm sick to death of ignorant people like yourself making comments about entire nationalities, based on the morons Perez posts on his site. Every single one of your favourite celebrities and favourite shows are AMERICAN! Get over yourself.

  43. 43

    as much as I agree that shes too young.. you should shut the fuck up you chode, you really have no right to be judging anyone.

  44. 44

    if only lady gaga had had a kid at 16, things wouldn't look so bad to you, would'em?

  45. 45

    As long as the baby is loved and they can afford to meet his/her needs there really isn't an issue, once her kids are happily at school she can always go back to university, she probably has the money too now as well.

  46. 46

    Re: starstrukk47 – I think it's people like you Perez is referring to; you can't even spell raising correctly. This teen mom is probably the same and has no idea how to use proper grammar because she has a subpar education. He's not bullying her he's just stating the truth - this girl is clearly too young for a baby (nevermind two). I feel bad for these kids because they are not going to get the life they deserve. Her boyfriend seems like a real loser and I can't see him being in the picture for much longer.

  47. 47

    Well, im going to assume this time it was planned… At least this girl isnt involved in phisical fights with the babydaddy or isnt involved in drugs and that stuff, or leaving the baby with her mom to party and get drugs… which its already good… they are a family, a young one, but a family… so lets not judge them, evry one of us have different expectatives of life, if for her, it was to raise a family this young, well, thats respectable… they are doing a good job with it, for what i have read.

  48. 48

    At least she's taking care of her children.

  49. 49

    She's married, and takes care of her own kid and decided to have another, people used to have a kid at a young age long ago….maybe all she wants in life is a family nothing wrong with that

  50. 50

    Really guys. Regardless of whether she wants to go to college or not. Almost all of our families back in the day got married young and had children young because our parents and grandparents had DREAMS of WANTING to start families. Is our society SO fucked up that it's now frowned upon for WANTING to start a family & being able to support that family? Really? There's older people who can't even fucking support their own families out there. Why the fuck aren't you posting a blog about that since your such a "high and mighty" person? You're a fucking useless piece of shit. Stop being such a bully, asshole.

    I KNOW Jordan & she and her husband are the GREATEST teen parents I've ever seen. You wouldn't even guess they are as young as they are. Now fuck off and leave them alone to live their lives in piece. They're awesome parents. Who are you to judge anyhow. You may be older but you'd probably be a shitty parent anyways.
    Look at Octomom she's 456546 times older than them & she can't even take care of a family. Fuck you dude.

  51. 51

    I'm so tired of all this,"stop bullying" comments. Since when did stating your opinion about something become bullying…:/
    I honestly don't agree with her either. Am I bully because I think that having two children so young is a bad idea? (Which is basically what Perez said, just in a sarcastic way.)
    No, it's called an opinion. Get it correct.

  52. 52

    my best friend's little sister gave birth to her first baby at age 13 and by the time she was 18 years old she had FOUR KIDS … it is so sad :0(

  53. uhash says – reply to this


    I think the point/problem is not people having children YOUNG, per se, as much as what's sad is having certain responsibilities limit choices. It's unfortunate that this choice of having children young will limit possible early career paths. It's unfortunate that people don't plan for children, which include financial capabilities, etc… Also, the whole money thing shouldn't be relevant for these folks right? The networks MUST be paying them a living wage. They are probably getting more money than me. :T

  54. 54

    Actually they really didn't get that much money at all.

  55. 55

    Brian and Jordan has a fantastic family base that has helped them raise Noah and will continue to love and support them in any desicion they make. Believe me they did not make 6 grand so I hardly think MTV glorified them they took advantage of them.

  56. 56

    Don't be a bully! i don't think any young girl who watch the show will want to be a teenmom. some years ago girls who didnt see having a husband and kids as there main purpose would be looked down upon. Fortunatly, know girls can choose what to do with their lives. perez you preech about acceptance, so stop bullying others! personally i dont think people are ready to have kids so early in their lives eihter, but that doesnt mean i dont have respect for other peoples choices. also think about her kids, is it fear to them, to say they shouldnt have been born???

  57. 57

    she made peanuts

  58. 58

    So sickening. You sit here and point your finger and judge everyone under the sun… yet when it comes back to you, you can't handle it. She is 18- she is married, she is financially stable and can take care of herself and children. So what if she is a teenage mother- . We are all INDIVIDUALS and make our OWN DECISIONS. She's married and adding to her family. Stop being a bully and leave this poor girl alone. At least she is trying to do right for her family and husband- and can own up to her obligations of being a parent.

  59. 59

    Due to one of Jenelle Evan's friend leaking how much they make, its reported that they made $5,000 for their one episode. When you have a child and you're out on your own, $5,000 doesn't go very far. So the show is NOT the only reason shes making it right now.

    Is it really that far fetched to believe that at least ONE of the girls on these shows are actually taking care of their kids! We all know where girls like Jenelle, Amber, etc. set the bar, but probably the one girl on here that doesn't have baby daddy drama, child neglect issues and still acts like a teenager and you're concerned about her getting pregnant a 2nd time? Sure, its not the most ideal situation, but at least shes not a total a**hat and actually takes care of her child/ren.

  60. 60

    What gives you the right to comment like this on another person's life.
    As she stated she is financially stable and caring day to day for her child, there is no proof that having children young ruins your life. For instance I have one friend who had a child aged 18, she is in university, financially stable, emotionally stable and in an healthy relationship living quite contently.
    I'm not saying everyone will have this outcome - but maybe just leave her alon so she stands a chance of having a normal life?

  61. 61

    Re: ohaliciamarie – you do realize that by being so rude and obscene, you're just making yourself look even worse than the people you're insulting. how come you're allowed to make assumptions about people you don't know even know, but no one is allowed to comment on Jordan's situation (when, I might add, she chose to put herself under public scrutiny by appearing on the show). Most of the people saying that Jordan's decisions were not ideal are being calm and rational about it. The people defending her are being immature, hateful brats to those who do not agree with them.

  62. 62

    Perez this post makes me very upset. I am a 26 year old mother of one with another on the way and I never finished college. You know what? I am perfectly ok with that! I have plenty of time! For right now, I want to be the best mother I can be and contrary to what seems to be your belief, that means staying home to take care of my son all day every day! I think it would be more irresponsible of her to get a job and let some daycare raise her child. While I don't agree with her having children so young, I do think she is choosing her path and making the best decisions for her family. Yes if she were to work she would have a minimum wage job, but why should she have to work. If she can do it, I think a moms place is with her children!

  63. 63

    Re: DTepp22 – Whats wrong with getting a job that will support your family? yeah they made a mistake in getting pregnant in the first place, but this man is doing what he has to do to support his family. Most men in america would rather live off welfare, and this man is refusing do to so, he has gotten a job so he will be able to provide for his wife and child. I don't exactly see what's wrong here.

  64. 64

    Re: stickrat – The air force has plenty of options for ppl with children. From what I understand only the father will be joining which means the mother will be staying at home with her children. Yes, money will be tight, but they will have a steady paycheck and not have to live off welfare. As I said, there are many many facilities in the military to help out families of the airmen. The example is, if you screw up, get a job and take responsibility, don't wait for someone to do it for you. I would agree with your point if he wasn't joining the air force, but as an air force wife there is no doubt in my mind that they are able to make it on their own just fine. Plus is everyone forgetting that she used to have quite a successful modeling career… I imagine she saved at least some of THAT money.

  65. 65

    Re: UhYeah – Agreed, but her husband went out and got a JOB like a real man. He joined the Air Force and is taking care of his family just as a MAN should… there is no "living off the system" here

  66. 66

    There are lots of people that don’t go to college and now Jordan will be one of them. But hey, we all know that she never had any intentions on having that kind of life anyway. So let’s stop fooling ourselves and have an honest conversation. Raising smart, creative, and thoughtful children is very hard work and I can’t imagine doing it at 18 with 2 small babies wanting for my attention. Just because she has her own place, and can pay the car and utilities bill doesn’t mean she should start having kid after kid. She needs time to find out who she is, her husband needs to find out who he is, and both need to find out what marriage truly means. But most importantly their children need time to be babies and have mature parents. As a grown woman, I wish she would have waited and gone out and explored the world, but since she didn’t, I wish her family the best of luck.

  67. 67

    Re: ohaliciamarie – REALLY? Well, you really have a way with words. If they are anything like you I think you just made the point that many of us have been saying. The F-word is one of my favs but you must use it correctly or it loses it's meaning.