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Parents Group Goes After BritBrit And RiRi's Performance!

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And it begins!

The overly-sensitive watchdog group, the Parents Television Council, is protesting the two singers' performance from the billboard awards.

Here's what they're saying:

"The song title alone reeks of the adult entertainment industry and last night's performance wasn't far from it. What happened in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas, as the saying goes. It certainly has no place at 8:00 pm on the publicly-owned broadcast airwaves."

Ha! We get it! They used that clever tourism phrase that Vegas uses! Do you get it???

Come on, people. Not only was this later at night (8pm is MUCH better than, say, when kids are getting home from school), but the show is aware of FCC guidelines. We're positive the content was thoroughly discussed before the go-ahead was given.

The PTC continues:

"I cannot imagine what would possibly lead the ABC television network to air a profanity-laced, S&M sex show on primetime broadcast television. The overtly sexualized performance by Rihanna and Britney Spears was no accident or mishap, but a deliberate effort to target teens with images and lyrics that that glamorize whips, chains and other sexual fetishes."

First off, no sex was had, so you can't call it a sex show. Maybe a sexy show.

Secondly, how does a depiction of something overtly sexual actually harm someone when it's all implied? Let alone something where everyone is giving consent… but let's be honest here, it's just a dance routine.

And don't get us started on the idea that it was a "deliberate effort to target teens," because that's a pretty big stretch EVEN IF that's what they were trying to do! Where in the performance do they directly call teens to attention??

We agree with them being able to voice their opinions on it, but it when it comes to the effort they're putting in to punish and regulate those who were involved, we can't help but think that passion would be better suited for an avenue more important — like sitting down and TALKING with your kids about what they're seeing, instead of just automatically resorting to censorship.

Or maybe just turn off the TV??

Do U think the PTC should pursue this??

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102 comments to “Parents Group Goes After BritBrit And RiRi's Performance!”

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  1. 1

    I gotta play a little devil's advocate here and stick up for the PTC (whom I usually hate). perez - there is NOTHING good about showing little kids simulated sex acts,and showing their idols dressed as little whores. Not to mention, these 2 aren't just dressing like little whores, but also acting like them in their personal life. Sorry, but I do agree that there should be some form of censorship for a show that young boys and girls are watching.
    You forget something Perez - KIDS CANT GIVE CONSENT. So talking to them about consentual sex is not a valid statement. Although you being the little perverted homosexual that you are - probably see little difference between 2 consenting adults banging and someone banging a 11 year old girl who "gave consent".

  2. 2

    I agree with the PTC

  3. 3

    Britney's looking HAWT.. I definitely would :P

  4. 4

    Talk about having too much time on your hands, bunch-a fatty soccer moms.

  5. 5

    Perez you are an idiot and like a prior commentator said, a hypocrite. The Billboard Awards were highly publicized and promoted towards the teenage demographic more than any other. The station and the producers of the awards show were well aware of who the largest target demographic was and they allowed something that I think is inappropriate to be televised at 8pm when teenagers and even some younger children are still watching tv.

    The song and the performance were very sexually driven and promote sexual promiscuity and the fetish world of sexuality. I think children and/or adults shouldn't have to have this type of imagery thrust upon them. With that said, I understand your point that they could always turn off the tv but one would assume that especially on an ABC network that is owned by Disney, that the content of shows on the network would be more appropriate and child friendly considering it was only aired at 8pm.

    I support the PTC, I think they are well within their rights to be angry about this.

  6. Jbo says – reply to this


    I guess I'm a prude, b/c I thought it was a little TOO much for 8:00 pm on a Sunday… Perhaps would have been better to close the show out with - then the kiddies are in beddie… I saw Beyonce's performance as VERY positive for women and she's an amazing role model - she should have opened the show.

    I get SO annoyed when I hear Brit's camp talk about her "being a mom of 2 now" that's why she doesn't dance like she used to - BUT acting like a S&M freak on a stripper pole in a leather leo doesn't scream mom of 2 to me…. Stop talking out of both sides of your face….

  7. 7

    The show was full of occult rituals and victims of MK Ultra.

  8. 8

    I kind of agree with the PTC - this performance looks like a scene from a strip club, kids don't need to see their idols looking that way. Look at someone like Adele who is popular because of her amazing voice and talent, she doesn't need to slut herself up to be famous. Why can't more singers follow her lead and show their talent instead of their ass.

  9. 9

    I can't stand either one of these studio created phonies. I don't support lip syncing. I also don't support people teens look up to, not being educated. I also don't like that these people sport gun tattoos on their bodies, or any other graphic works of so called art. Rihanna never learned to sing properly, she sings through her nose. When not lip syncing that is. Support real talent, real role models, real musicians!

  10. 10

    This group is just drawing attention to what was a very ho-hum performance. Britney looked drugged, and Rhianna looked….skanky, as usual.

  11. 11

    I thought it was boring really.

  12. 12

    Re: PerezTheHypocrite – Male rappers etc have done worse and yet PTC hasn't done a thing against them. So the problem here is when women aren't used as sex dolls in a man's videoclip but when they use their sexuality for their own gain. In other words they don't like women without their pimps.

  13. 13

    Sit down and explain what they're seeing? Okay… "Well honey, Rihanna's holding chains and simulating bondage to reinact her S&M song. S&M stands for sadomasichism which is when you inflict pain on yourself and others to enjoy sex." Hardly appropriate…Oh but wait, she wasn't having actual sex, it was just 'implied' so it's all good right? Whatever, this shit was totally inappropriate for anyone under 18.
    I hate that excuse of "well it's the parents responsibility". No shit, bit guess what, it takes a village to raise a child and everyone has a personal responsibility to act appropriately and within acceptable bounderies. There would be so much less need for censoring if ppl stopped acting like such sluts and actually sent out a positive msg to kids that they can learn from.

  14. 14

    it was a little gross, come on…and the pillow fight? um, ok…the worst by far was the pole dancing if your gonna be on a pole be acrobatic and amazing not sloppy and bored, just makes it more tasteless

  15. SusiV says – reply to this


    For starters "PerezThe Hypocrite", you obviously grew up under a rock and didn't get to see the real world till it was too late to educate you.
    Also, neither of those 2 artists act like "little whores" on their personal life. You should know, you obviously read about this tuff.

    This country needs to go over to Europe and learn something. America is filled with prunes and people that think the human body and SEX is a bad thing.

    I grew up in Spain, watching body wash commercials where a chick would be straight out naked on her bathtub, taking a bath while promoting the soap… Or a show in the evening where the guest is a world known stripper who is extremely talented but also ends up naked on stage.

    That's because the human body is part of who we are and we shouldn't have to hide it like this stupid PTC says.

    I'm sure half of those people from PTC have kids who already know what sex is, who have probably already seen porn and if they are teens, are already having sex.


  16. 16

    Totally agree with the PTC. I'm not a prude - but 8pm is not late, and this should not have been on at that time. Yeah, according to you, parents should have let their kids watch this stripper act, then, talk about it? Why don't you actually become a parent before telling others how to do it.

  17. 17

    First of all, I didn't think it was such a great performance. Rihanna was rolling around with her legs spread the entire time, morphing into various sex positions. Then Britney comes out and makes the song sound like a computer and they start humping the stripper poles- again, legs open. I really don't think it was appropriate. Sunday night, at 8 pm, is definitely going to hit the kids. That was ridiculous and I am by no means a prude. The dancing sucked and it was way, way too sexual for kids to be watching. The song itself is controversial and it's blasting nonstop on every radio station. But adding a visual sex lesson? Way over-the-top. I never agree with the PTC but this time I do.

  18. 18

    obviously you don't have children Perez. this was tasteless.

  19. 19

    I'm just going to say that the performance was so bad that nobody could even figure out that it was supposed to be sexy. It wasn't sexy, just awkward.

  20. 20

    Following that logic- we should just go ahead and get rid of all censorship. Snuff films @ 8! Hard core porn @ 9!
    You don't like it? Shut off your TV!
    You're afraid your kids will be affected? Talk with them about it and explain it!

    What ever happened to social responsibility?


  21. 21

    Hate to say it, but I have to agree with PTC. Pole dancers, strippers and lapdancers are not actually having sex, but I think we can all agree that they are considered to be in the sex industry. And make NO mistake, Britney and Rhianna are selling sex in order to sell their music.

  22. 22

    ok…i have no idea why some people have to comment on such stupid things!!!
    this performance was even as sexy as some others. and if you really don´t want to let your child see it, than why don´t you get yourself inform about the show or even turn it of if you see a performance like this.
    and if you are afraid your teen will do something inapropriate after seeing this when it´s your own problem that you never really talked to they about sexuality!!!! i live in germany and we already get informed about birth and pregnance in school in 5 or 6 grade!!!!!! and the teen pregnance rate is just 1/4 of the US one…..

  23. 23

    it should have been banned for lameness. and any parent who's going to let their young kids watch that show should be blamed

  24. 24

    For the first time ever, I have to agree with the PTC… it was almost a porn movie on the stage! I don't know why Rihanna always has to be that slutty..ok, she has no voice and no talent so maybe it's her best bet to make money but still!! It's not a good message for young girl, neither it is for any women, we are not sexual object and it's just sad to see her act like we actually are.

  25. 25

    I can kind of understand where the PTC is coming from, when you consider the time slot, & the fact that young people will be watching It does seem silly to OK a highly sexualized song & performance. However, This performance did seem a little harmless to me in comparison with others I have seen in the past. I liked that they did the pillow fight though, because I thought it was innocent compared to everything else, & showed them not taking it all so seriously. The content of the song, & the outfits were what was not so appropriate. Though I love Brit & Rihanna both, the performance WAS lame, & maybe not the best idea for that show at that time. However… as a parent I stand in firm agreement with the notion of it being the parents jobs to keep an eye on & monitor what their kids watch. I don't like censorship, & I don't like restriction coming from the government or any other organization. I am capable of being aware & knowing when to change the channel, or not have it on at all. I think EVERY parent should as well.

  26. 26

    I think it was a bit much… but lets be serious, if the kids are young young then they are just watching it and not understanding. They dont even understand the lyrics. If they are teenagers then chances are they too are having sex. This is one of my favorite songs that is out right now. I love both of them. I do believe that maybe this should have been kept for a later time slot, but who really cares. These people from the PTC always need something to bi*ch over.If you dont like it, then dont watch it. Both of these perfomers are not trying to be role models. They are singing to make money and be famous.

  27. 27

    And this is one of my biggest gripes with this country. People are scared to express themselves, for as soon as they do, 15 people bash them back into silent submission. If someone's child wants to imitate these behaviors, one cannot blame this on any music or performance. There are obviously underlining issues which need to be addressed. C'mon people, this is all part of growing up. What would this world be like if kids took their parent's advice and had thrown out their Elvis Presley records? As parents, you can only instill enough sense in your child and hope they can differentiate between right and wrong on their own accord. Every other act of restriction is futile and only fuels the flames of rebellion.

  28. 28

    The reason why it doesn't seem like a big deal to some people is because you're an ADULT who has become desensitized to vulgarity from the outward daily portrayal of it in society! Remember when primetime tv was reserved for the news and shows like MASH or Cheers? When awards shows were about SINGING TALENT and not who can have the most risque and talked-about performance? I guess I'm old, even though I'm not even 30…because I miss those good old days.

  29. 29

    oh please, all you have to do is change the channel

  30. 30

    you dont have kids, perez. enough said.

  31. 31

    Parents council is LAME but that performance was just dirty she began 'singing' with her legs spread I mean….. she might as well had an orgasm woulda sounda a lot better!

  32. 32

    The offensive thing about their "performance" wasn't the sexualized content, it was that they totally sucked

  33. 33

    I am sorry but that should not have opened the show. I think there should have been some kind of advanced warning that there would be something so highly inappropriate being shown at 8pm on a Sunday. Taylor Swift said in one of her speeches she grew up watching the Billboard Awards… I doubt she saw anything like that back then. This is EXACTLY what is wrong with America these days. Thankfully my kiddo is too young to have wanted to watch that but had he been old enough and I would have let him I would be royally pissed off that they performed that as the opening act. I would never dream of letting him watch the MTV awards because going in you know it is going to be sexual and mature.. but on ABC? really? I love Brit and was excited to see her perform but they should have had Beyonce open the show.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Normally I can't stand the PTC but this time I agree with them. Maybe sex was only "implied" in this performance, but it was a strong implication.

    Not to mention that S&M sounds like shit when Rhianna sings it, but it sounds even worse when Britney sings it. And I LOVE Britney Spears. But this song is just horrible. Period.

  36. timo says – reply to this


    parents- turn the channel and start parenting. obviously, the billboard awards are not meant for small children. duh! i also wonder if it was 2 men doing the same thing would everyone be calling them whores? i love the "spreading the leg" comments. people are attacking them because they're women. and i'm a man!

  37. 37

    Re: texaslady83 – Also Here in Texas it was on at 7pm which is far from my kid's bedtimes..

  38. 38

    Perez shut he fuk up.You know and I know damn well that the performance and words are too much for ABC channel.It's a fucking family channel.This song plays in Kid consignment shops, chucky cheese and it irks the hell out of me….
    Her performance was just blunt and obvious.But thats what they want…..to show these grown up situations….society is ruining our kids mind. it's all about MIND CONTROL.

  39. 39

    For once, I have to agree with the PTC too. I was watching tv with my parents when I remembered the Billboard Awards were on so I changed the channel right as Rihanna was crawling on the ground, the camera behind her showing up her ass. I changed it out of awkwardness that I wasn't going to watch something like that with my parents (and I knew they were both going to bitch about how inappropriate the performance was). And, FYI, 8 PM is NOT late. Maybe for 4 year olds, but most children are still awake at that time.

  40. 40

    My kids weren't watching because they didn't care to. However, as a parent I want the right to chose what my kids will and will not be watching on T.V. - I don't need or want this watchdog group babysitting me.

    Furthermore, violence on TV is way worse than something like sex which is natural and beautiful.

  41. 41

    I don't usually agree with the PTC however this time I do.

    When you have children, you will understand. But it's so easy to instantly label us as stuck up soccer moms. But trust me, your day is coming too.

    I realize I can change the channel. I realize I don't have to let my kids watch and I didn't let them watch. It's just sad that I can't let them watch shows like this because my daughter loves music, watching dance routines and the costumes.

    Why can't people see this side of things instead of instantly getting defensive about it? Can no one see that it is children who have the dreams to be a performer, a singer, a dancer one day and so they too would love to watch the professionals and the ones they listen to on the radio? It's the kids who inspire to be these people, not us adults.

  42. 42

    Rihanna dances like a whore, she is born to work at a strip club

  43. 43

    The Parents Television Council can eat my fuck.

  44. 44

    I see nothing wrong with it. It's in the same time slot Desperate Housewives is in and they've been racy too. It's simple shut it off. I don't recall them talking about being role models lately and besides it was 8pm. Kids should have been nearing bedtime not letting the tv babysit them. Another reason kids are so fat. PTC is a joke for people too lazy to raise their kids. If it was on and u even saw her come out dressed as she was wouldn't u have changed it at that point if she "looked like a whore"? If u continued to watch it ur only contributing to something ur against and helping rating. IDIOTS!!!!

  45. 45

    perezzzzzzz yer defending this one pointlessly- it makes perfect sense to 99% of peeps why they are upset- you need to be less biased-

  46. 46

    Re: texaslady83 – Beyonce was dressed like a whore too.

  47. 47

    Re: ness11 – If it's a family channel then explain hits like Grey's, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Brother's and Sister's, Soaps, etc… what kind of "family" channel is that? However, they do have a FAMILY Channel that this didn't air on and maybe u should have been watching that. Oh but wait that has "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" on it and oh my if we talk about current issues like teen preg, sex, prevention, etc… ha

  48. 48

    Horrifying! The song is great but the grinding, writhing (not even good grinding or writhing yeesh! she can't sing either - she is a one trick pony - enough with all the sex lyrics! can't she do something original? thank God for Gaga! Best part was Britney!

  49. 49

    Idiots. Do they not pay attention? If they did they would know exactly what it takes to get people to talk about you in the music business. Parents need to be aware of what their kids are listening to, and if they aren't it is their own fault. PTC is like a listener who used to get outraged about what howard stern would say, but listen longer so they could get more and more outraged. It's not the only thing on tv. Change the channel or turn it off. If you keep watching, and throw a hissy fit, it's YOUR fault you watched it.

    PTC is pathetic.

    And yes, I have a little boy, and I change channels, don't let him play video games when I think they're too much and explain to him why certain things are inappropriate to say. It's called being a parent. I don't expect the media to raise my child, unlike most worthless parents in this country.

  50. 50

    Agree with the PTC here. TV is getting very risque and it's not just a matter of "change the channel" folks. Kids can watch anything on their phones, at a friends, so it's not that simple. I thought it was bad when Miley started pole dancing at the Kid's Choice awards and now we've got these two "ladies" acting like sluts on stage. That is not entertainment. And Perez, who are you to judge any group who are concerned about the images and messages that young people are getting today? You can look at it and think it's just harmless fun, but as a parent, I see it differently. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I strongly disagree with you on this one.

  51. jham says – reply to this


    Respect your opnion but couldn't disagree with you more. The music industry's (not talking about the artists - even though they're the industry's slaves) no. 1 target audience always has been and always will be the people who are the most easily influenced and who have the highest discretionary to disposable cash flow ratio: kids and teens. You really think S&M is appropriate for kids? Really? Come on. And it's not cencorship - the government has nothing to do with this debate (as you duly noted Billboard was clearly within the boundaries of FCC protocol) it's people choosing what they want on the stations THEY PAY FOR. Take it to cable - but then again, many parents block certain cable stations . . . so Billboard doesn't want that do they? I can't think of single reason why it would be healthy for a 9 year old to be schooled on S&M. It's pretty messed up.

  52. 52

    That performance was so pathetic. I am so sick of women doing cliche "sexy” shows - the stripper pole is played out and the entire act was substandard and stupid. Rhicanna and Britney grow some class. That looked like trying way too hard and required zero talent.

  53. 53

    Perez… THIS WAS A TACKY AND CRAPPY PORNO!!!! ABC should be ashamed of themselves, and I don't know what is happening to you, but it's not good… Kids stay up to 10 or 11 now days. Heck I was up until 9:00 3o years ago, and we all know the crappy parenting that goes on now. YOU ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH… AGAIN WILL SOMEONE PLEASE CREATE A DECENT CELEB WEBSITE? Perez, your days are numbered as a blogger, cause YOU suck at it!!

  54. 54

    And my 2 gay friends with kids were equally disgusted too!!!! It's a responsible parent thing.. NOT A RIGHT WING THING you idiot!!!!

  55. 55

    Re: SusiV – You and Perez need to take an English, spelling and grammar class… Your words show how ignorant you are!!

  56. 56

    Re: zobiana – Really? I can't listen to the radio in the car without something inappropriate coming on. I am an excellent parent….it's not as easy as "change the channel" - you could be sitting with the remote in hand but kids will still see SOMETHING before you are quick enough to change it. There has to be some responsibility on the part of the artists these days! How about the fact that Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez - both teenagers - were in the audience. Who cares is we assume they are having sex? We should not be shoving an S and M performance in their underage faces.

  57. 57

    Re: PerezTheHypocrite – I agree with you. As much as the song is popular, it is not a song I want my 13 year old sister to sing along to. I also know that I watched award shows when I was younger for the performances and that was like the first act. They should have atleast dulled it down or had it at the very end.
    Re: SusiV – But this isnt Europe and every country cant be like that. There is a reason why we have our own cultures, because it works for us.Re: tianab99 – You cant watch your kid everytime. There are boundaries on what can be put on tv and there is a reason for it. Even if a kid was flipping through the channel, they would have seen it and wondered what it meant

  58. 58

    Re: timo – They got pissed off when Adam Lambert simulated oral sex on stage. It has nothing to do with them being women, it is the fact that they are implicating sex. Obviously you dont have kids and if you do, then they must have you watching them 24/7. It is totally unrealistic to say that you have a 10 year old kid and you sit next to them all the time and make sure they are sheltered from everything. Most kids have tvs in their room and ABC isnt a channel that needs to be blocked. It has nothing to do with the parents and everything to do with the people that approved the performance.

  59. 59

    Re: yeaman – Clearly it isn't working for us since our obesity is high & so is teen pregnancy.

  60. 60

    the most offensive thing about this performance was seeing an overmedicated britney lazingly lipsynch because she is too untalented to sing a few lines live for a few seconds.

  61. 61

    I thought it was too much! I agree with the PTC- not on ABC at that time. If Rihanna wants to do that in concert- OK I just would never take my kids to her concert but on ABC- I just wont even watch any award shows with my kids. Thought Rihanna spreading legs was the tackiest.

  62. 62

    great performance

  63. 63

    Re: zobiana – Oh get off your high horse and stop bashing parents. This isn't letting kids watch violent movies or shows at midnight. This is about inappropriate content on a kid friendly 8 pm show that is targeted towards kids and teens. This crap is everywhere, you can only hide your kid so long. Rather than blame parents, everyone needs to be more socially responsible so kids can watch tv with their parents rather than be forced out the room @8pm on a Sunday.

  64. 64

    Oh my goodness, it is not like Rihanna & Britney were getting naked and doing it. Here is my other issue what what children lets say 10 and under doing watching it anyway, I mean seriously do these "groups" not have anything better to do?

  65. 65

    Re: wtf2001 – Clearly, you cannot force other countries ideologies onto another country that has had their own culture for centuries. You could try adapting some of the style but there is no way the US can ever drastically change. We are this way for a reason. Every country has its flaws. North Korea starves its citizens, hardly let them ever leave the country, and had/has concentration camps. We cannot just go in and change a country, the same way someone cant try changing ours.

  66. 66

    it's so funny how we americans act so prudish towards sexuality and nudity yet our country has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy. hell we even glamorize it (bristol palin, 16 and pregnant). i mean really, you can see more skin at a beach or a public swimming pool than in this performance. and if your watching it with you little kids (which i don't know why you would be) and they asked you what was going on you could always say, "it's just some crazy pop stars trying to act sexy". either that or "never mind honey, now go back to playing your ultra violent video games". yeah that's more the american way.

  67. 67

    You're fcukin homo pumpkin head! you have no business talking about kids fruit butt, you gave up that GOD given privilege when you sold your soul and became a fcuking homo. stick to talkin like a 13 year old girl in first person plural, that's the only thing you're good at.

  68. 68

    Not so much their dirtyness bothers me as how shitty Brit was pre-recorded.

  69. Bytch says – reply to this


    Its actually embarrassing to watch britney spears. And even more embarrassing watching her fans grasp at air to defend her.

  70. 70

    This performance SUCKED - I cannot believe she was paid to perform. She should have been bending over to collect 1 dollar bills. No talent what-so-ever. I am irritated with most radio music it is corporate run pop bs. Her first CD was good. The rest has been crap. Total crap.

  71. 71

    Re: Whoaaa – Well said!

  72. 72

    Clearly whatever twit wrote this article has never had nor met a child in their entire life. 8pm IS family time just before bed. It's on a public channel, one of the rare more censored channels everyone can watch and not be HBO crud. Implied gratuitious whatever.. girls are growing up thinking they have to put out and be whres in order to get attention. You hate gay bashing.. well this is woman bashing. This is teaching a 10 year old is nothing more than what she can put out and then she is nothing and might as well kill herself. Good job moron

  73. 73

    Re: jham – AGREE!!!

  74. 74

    It's pretty risque, but those two have to resort to that due to their lack of musical talent. That said, the PTC is made up of stupid people. Since they're not smart enough to change the channel, they have to bother our government. I really wish these lunatics would stop trying to run their world.

  75. 75

    If you don't want to see something . . . just don't!

  76. 76

    This is so absurd. PTC should get a life.

  77. 77

    The only crime committed was the hideous lip syncing and letting shitney hop.

  78. 78

    it really wasnt that bad, if they're performing a song called S&M i dont know what people expect the dance routines to be like.
    the PTC constantly create a huge hype over absolutely nothing!

  79. 79

    Re: biana v – im under 18 and i already knew all of this stufff. trust me, kids learn more at high school than on TV

  80. 80

    Oh my god, I can't believe people are actually agreeing with PTC. Half of their teenage kids are probably out having sex as we speak. As if a sexy dance number is really going to affect them that much. You see much worse just walking though the mall. This is so stupid.. teenage kids aren't as innocent as their parents think.

  81. 81

    im sorry, i normally disagree with PTC, but come on now, rihanna's performance was EXTREMELY sexual - the song itself, the props, her outfit, and the dance moves. This just isn't right for children to be watching. Why is it fair for children not to be able to watch a program because certain performers have to completely over-sexualise their performances? It's just degrading to themselves, i normally love rihanna, but these performances really make me lose respect for her, can she not put on a good performance with out wearing like nothing? It's just pathetic.

  82. 82

    OMG!!! R u serious?!?!?!?!?! If u dont want your kids to see this, then turn off the TV… I'm living in a real free part of this World (Europe/Germany), without that stupid double standarts… Well, we discussed things in school (about saxuality and all that stuff and we talked to our teachers, if we had a problem with it) and we talk to our children about that… I agree with Perez, that parents should speak with their kids, what they have seen on TV (but not by saying "thats wrong")… My mum did… And I'm not perv or smth like that… And I havn't been confuesed or offended by those Pictures… It's only a show, you idiots… OMG!!! I think that kids think it's perv, because their parents told them so… they just see the show… so did I… So go and do smth for the community and the world that is more important… like laid down in law assurance, to secure the future of ur kids…

  83. 83

    THE WORLD HAS GONE TO SHIT ANYWAY. who cares. Its now normal for little girls to dress like strippers. Its now normal for 16 year old's to be parents. Who gives a fuck about two talentless skanks being whores on tv, Its really no big.
    p.s Perez you are such a chode. CHODE CHODE CHODE

  84. 84

    Shut up, Mario, until you're a parent who has little ones exposed to all the sexually explicit and implicit crap that's aired on TV. These young performers seem to want to one-up each other with sleaziness, and kids ARE watching TV at 8:00 pm– especially the most vulnerable tweens and teen-aged kids. They see so much of this crap that they think that it's the norm, despite good parents' trying to instill morals and normal behavior. What do we have to do– turn the TV off at 7:00 and not allow them any entertainment after supper/homework. Britney and Rihanna are disgusting whores for whatever will get their name out there and shock people. Nasty.

  85. 85

    Why can someone just blow up the PTC while they are all still inside. They are made up completely of idiots. Its bad for society to allow these stupid organizations any kind of voice or power. NOTHING should have to be frigging censored because uptight parents think they are going a good job..But they are not. Clearly their preaching, bitching and moaning is doing NOTHING. Teen pregnancy is on the rise, Teen STD is on the rise and kids are just generally all around dumb as hell these days. How about, Instead of shielding your kids from sex and telling them DON'T HAVE SEX, DON'T HAVE SEX, DON'T HAVE SEX YOU SHOULD BE TELLING THEM TO WEAR A CONDOM, TO WEAR A CONDOM, TO WEAR A CONDOM. Like I said, Nothing should have to be censored because lazy parents are too busy trying to DICTATE how what people should fine appropriate or not. TWO WORDS. PARENTAL——CONTROLS. It's not hard to point the damn remote at the TV and block a show or an entire network. Why is America filled with retards?

  86. 86

    On a side note, How much of a frigging loser do you have to be to get so outraged by what you see on TV you feel the need to hit the internet..Write out a template and mass email it. Then proceed to use that template to send to show advertisements,etc. I mean seriously..PTC = Bunch of desperate bored housewives.

  87. 87

    the lambert effect

  88. 88

    Re: frankiebabeey – The point is, they shouldn't be performing an S&M song during Prime time– never mind whatever dance matches the ridiculous song! You must not have kids. When/if you do, you'll understand. In fact, no one who is childless should even be commenting on this issue. I'm not a contractor, so I don't offer advice to a builder– get the point?

  89. 89


  90. 90

    Re: PerezTheHypocrite – That's a bold and unfounded accusation. How is Britney acting like a whore in her personal life? She's raising two kids and being a good mother. She didn't have these kids out of wedlock like many other celebrities and the "16 and Pregnant" kids on MTV. Get with it…neither she nor Rihanna act like whores in personal life…FYI..Britney you are smoking hot..great legs, great bod, great rack..beautiful

  91. 91

    Re: frankiebabeey – I totally believe you're under 18. Your point is that you learn more at school than on TV therefore it's ok? Are you retarded? Where do you think the kids who teach you learned this shit to begin with? That's right-tv,internet, movies, magazines etc. You know this bc it's everywhere and you only proved my earlier point that parents can't be the only ones controlling their kids and hiding them from inappropriate content. The point is, this show is supposed to be family friendly; swinging on a pole half naked singing about sadomasichism is not family friendly. Get it? No, bc you're an idiot. Grow up.

  92. 92

    i didnt see it very appropriate either, but not even for adults… dont think it was necessary. ive read a couple of europeans saying it would've been normal here?? wow, i must live in a different europe cuz im absolutely sure i'll never see anything like that (brit+rih's performance) on tv, specially at 8pm.

  93. 93

    OK so if you see something 'unsuitable' on TV you just sit there and watch it anyway? And when it was announced Rihanna would be singing S&M that didn't set off alarm bells either? I'm sick of Puritan idiots who apparently let the TV do the parenting.

  94. 94

    I am in full agreement with the PTC…however, where are they during some of the Family Guy episodes, or during the hot love scenes on other shows that are on prime time? I am glad that there is some sort of control but it should be used even more. We are showing way too much to kids these days and now everything is "acceptable". Majority rules right, even if it is wrong?

  95. 95

    I am not sure what the rating on the show was but it most certainly would qualify for TV-MA. If it wasn't rated mature how can parents determine whether it is appropriate for their kids to watch.

  96. 96

    the performance is AT BEST average…….truly…….nothing to see here folks….keep moving….if it offeneds….then turn your fucking tv off….if you are expecting church during a music awards show then you are dumber than you look….and on top of all of it…the song sucks……so…..as far as i am concerned…..these two girls (or their teams) hired the PTC to get everyone excited….cuz that is the only way that would happen…….

  97. 97

    I 100% aree with them. That performance was pure filth, they should have reserved it for the Playboy Channel…

  98. 98

    I would have to DISAGREE with the PTC. Don't sit there and blame entertainers for your childs behavior. If you think your child is going to get up from the couch after seeing this performance and run around with whips and chains then I think the PARENTs need to take a step back and look at how they are doing in the parenting job. I'm tired of Parents running around expecting Entertainers to be thier kids role models, thats a parents job. Talk to your kids about the performance and help them understand its a performance in which to bring entertainment to the world.

  99. 99

    For those who think Beyonce should have opened the show - are you kidding me? The so-called embodiment of female empowerment was wearing less clothes than Rhianna and Britney and a song about "girls" running the world is the very opposite of empowerment. As for the general argument, why is perfectly fine for men to have scantily clad female dancers but not for female artists to appear scantily clad to perform their own music? Talk about double standards, this reminds me of the furore towards the end of the last X Factor series here in the UK about Christina Aguileira and Rhianna being too racy at a similar time of the evening, but Wagner (male contestant) had scantily clad dancers rubbing themselves all over him week after week. Oh yeah, and I agree you Americans are too prudish about sex, you make it seem dirty rather than something natural ;o)

  100. 100

    I really don't care how people dress on stage because it's a stage but rihannas performance was disgusting she didn't even get up off the floor just moved a little to spread her legs etc it made me sick it should have been on later in the show but at the same time earnest can change the channel especially if a song called 's&m' is about to be in or if it's Rihanna she's always doing something slutty she makes me laugh she thinks she's sexy her dancing is horrible swell as her voice

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