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Sarah Palin Has "Fire In The Belly" For Presidential Run

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Someone get her an antacid and put an end to this madness!

Now that Donald Trump has officially opted out of running for President in 2012, Sarah Palin's back to being the sideshow act frontrunner (?) for the Republican party.

On Friday, Sarah sat down with Greta Van Sustren on Fox's On the Record to officially announce she is definitely considering a run at the Presidency, but is holding off from moving forward with a campaign because of her family.

Pause for the obligatory double-take at that last sentence. Yes, she is putting her family before her candidacy, something we don't think she gave too much thought on when she ran for Vice President. Still, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to run really, really badly! She explained to Greta:

"I think my problem is that I do have the fire in my belly. I am so adamantly supportive of the good, traditional things about America and our free enterprise system, and I want to make sure that America is put back on the right track, and we only do that by defeating Obama in 2012. I have that fire in my belly…It's a matter for me of some kind of practical, pragmatic decisions that have to be made. One is, with a large family, understanding the huge amount of scrutiny and the sacrifices that have to be made on my children's part in order to see their mama run for president. But yes, the fire in the belly? It's there!"

Burn, baby, burn…what a ridiculous inferno!

Take our advice, Sarah - stick to reality television. There's more money in it the more outrageous you are and no one cares if you know the capitol of Russia or not. It's where you belong!

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25 comments to “Sarah Palin Has "Fire In The Belly" For Presidential Run”

  1. 1

    Fire in the belly and rocks in the head don't make for a president.

  2. 2

    That "fire in the belly" is indigestion from too many free meals when she goes out to make all those ridiculous speeches. She needs to take some Tums and go take a nap.
    She likes getting paid. Don't take her "president" talk too seriously. It just raises her value as a "brand" so Fox Will give her a raise.

  3. 3

    Hey Perez U fat fuck, has your hair transplant healed yet? When will you be doing the revolting debut so you can embarrass the gay community again with some hideous cut and color? You may be able to change your balding turnip you call a head, but you will never change whats inside of it..that of pure evil.

  4. 4

    BTW, Perez u are still the bullying NASTY piece of shit u always were. You're also a supreme hypocrite. I would take 50 Palin presidential terms before I ever took just one example of your "fashion" or political advice into consideration. FUCK U PIGGY! You'll always be the fat self hating putrid little bastard and not a thing will ever change that until you do some serious soul searching. And I ain't buying this "I've Changed" crock of BULLSHIT for one second. The evidence builds up by the day which proves you have NOT changed one bit.

  5. 5

    she remembers last time she had a kid who was pg without benefit of marriage… this time she made the kid (track) marry the pg girl BEFORE the campaign….. hahahahaaaa cares about her family my ass. Those kids have no social conscience and a total sense of superiority… just ask anyone who knows them. A mother who cared about her family would have stayed home (or made her HUSBAND stay home) and take care of whatever has caused those kids to be so wild. But no, Sarah wants what Sarah wants, who cares about the kids.

  6. 6

    You totally ripped-off your "New" lay-out from The Dirty.
    You're an unoriginal hack POS.
    How's the view from floor bitch?

  7. 7

    She'd be more useful ground up to feed cattle or the starving children in Africa. The day she becomes president will be the day this country is no longer mine to call home

  8. 8

    Please, please run for prez!! Late night tv will be so funny. But really, I agree with lemonbird - it is all just hype. She's dumb, but she isn't that dumb to realize she couldn't handle the pressure and commitment of the oval office.

  9. buck says – reply to this


    It would be much better to have a president with "fire in the belly" than an inexperienced communitee organizer who hasn't run a thing in his life and has no clue on budgets, capitalism or world affairs. Just 2 shorts years away, please hurry!

  10. 10

    …and I guess if you're a gossip blogger, nobody cares whether you can spell CAPITAL or not.

  11. 11

    Re: buck – You are retarded. Palin quit her duties as governor, was investigated for abusing government money, and the extent of her international experience is that she can she russia from her house. If this moron ever became prez, China & Russia would be licking their lips at the prospect.

  12. buck says – reply to this


    Re: retardo81 – not saying it should be Palin but as we all know anyone would be better than our man obama

  13. 13

    uhm, you are sooo late with this, on greta LAST WEEK….. but, SHE DID NOT SAY SHE WAS RUNNIING!!! She said she would like to run. Right now, there are a number of GOPs in the race, and she had to resign as Governor to raise money to pay off all RIDICULOUS LAWSUITS! She might what to be president, but, with all the insane threats out there, I DOUBT she will run. Besides, every time she says something like that, she gets interviewed AGAIN, and that means more $$$$$$ for her. She is not as DUMB as you all think.

  14. buck says – reply to this


    Re: retardo81 – btw retardo, you should do some research as to why Palin resigned. the corrupt democrats and their childlish games forced her to due to the thousands of ficticious law suits they filed against her. the laws in Alaska do not allow for state funding against the suits so she would have gone bankrupt in defending herself. just another of the dirty political games the dem's love to play. and as far her foreign poicy is concerned i'm glad to see you're getting your news directly from SNL. And, i'm sure all Americans would take her foreign policies over the current embarrassment. At least she has an understanding of how the world works.

  15. 15

    Perez, nice sexist statements that you make and you think it's ok!!!! How exactly did Palin not think about her family when running for VP? They were WITH HER ALL THE TIME!!! Not at home like maybe some of the mens' families running for office…And, idiot, her show was to promote Alaska and the beauty of the state. It was not a reality show.. or at least not the way that you imply… Why don't you just go back to writing about Gaga again and again and again? You don't even realize that you have way OVER EXPOSED Gaga and making the readers of this site not like her anymore!!

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Oh, this is wonderful news! I hope she wins the Republican nomination, that will absolutely ensure the victory of the Democratic candidate.

  18. 18

    She doesn't even understand the branches of federal government. I'm not sure I want someone who has to take a high school level class to grasp what her job would be to be president. Plus, I was disgusted with how she pretty much threw her infant at the cameras at the end of the debate. I don't think a woman should have to stay at home with her family, but if she's going to be a leader and tell other people how to run their lives, she needs to get her shit together first. If this is the best Republicans have to offer, Obama will be re-elected.

  19. 19

    oh, hell to the no !!!!!

  20. buck says – reply to this


    Re: zobiana – God , lets hope he isn't re-elected

  21. 21

    I'm 100% sure she stole "fire in my belly" line from Alaska Congressman Don Young.

  22. 22

    Palin is a hack. A total has-been. She has credibility with the idiots who devour reality shows and Cheetos for breakfast. I hope she runs. She'll water down the already polluted Republican toilet bowl of a party.

  23. 23

    someone please kill this bitch before she starts campaigning. no really, she needs a bullet in the head .

  24. 24

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – you sure got a lot to say for an ugly fat chick….

  25. 25

    Theres no way she'll ever be qualified to run for president based on state and local experience without the all important resume builder of "community organizer."