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Arnold Was Unhappy With Sexless Marriage

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arnold schwarzenegger was unhappy with sexless marriage

Guess every story has two sides…

Maria Medel, a former friend of Mildred Patty Baena's, has opened up about some affair details she was told by Arnold's mistress.

Here's what Maria had to say about Arnold's mistress' obsession with the man:

"When I met Patty she had already been working for Arnold for several years. She had a minishrine to him in her house - his movie posters, pictures, newspaper clippings, action figures."

Sounds like SOMEBODY watched Predator one too many times!

Here's Maria on Arnold's unhappiness with his marriage:

"Patty said Arnold had been complaining that his marriage was sexless and Maria was never around, flying all over the world for her TV news job."

"She said that one night after Arnold had been complaining about feeling lonely and unloved, he started drinking. After a few drinks, Arnold asked Patty to have a drink with him. One drink led to another, and then another. Patty said they started kissing and that led to their first sexual encounter. They had unprotected sex."

We can certainly understand how Arnold would be frustrated with a lack of romance in his marriage, but instead of dealing with it by having an affair, he should have been more open with his wife about it!

Obvi we don't know the whole story - maybe they did try couples' therapy, maybe they did have an open dialogue about their physical issues, but even if they did all of that and things STILL weren't working out, that's not an excuse to go behind his wife's back…and then lie about it FOR YEARS to add insult to injury!

There's not one straightforward answer to all of this, but we can safely say that things would have worked out better for Arnold if he had been honest with her.

What do U think? Is a sexless marriage a reasonable excuse to have an affair?

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41 comments to “Arnold Was Unhappy With Sexless Marriage”

  1. 1

    If Arnold had a son with Maria the same time he had a son with this other chick he was obviously getting some. What a terrible excuse.

  2. 2

    women wonder why their guys cheat on them, men love sex, if you can't give that to a man, it's not going to work, sad but true, Shriver looks like a frigid bitch too, I'm not surprised

  3. 3

    You believe this lying whore. Sorry but that's what she is. Wasn't this lady and Maria pregnant around the same time?? It's been known for years that Arnold is a real vile piece to trash. I'm so thankful he's been outed. As for his wife, I actually don't feel sorry for her. At all. She married this arrogant bozo and oh well-nasty guy.

  4. 4

    Why didn't he let Maria eat anything other than Austrian wiener?

  5. 5

    If their marriage was that "sexless," I don't think the maid & Maria would've been pregnant at the same time…

  6. 6

    "Obvi we don't know the whole story"
    Seriously? "obvi"? Please don't dumb down the English language any more than it already is. I have never heard the word "obvi" used in place of "obviously". That just sounds stupid. Is it really that hard to write the word "obviously"? Obviously, for you it is.

  7. 7

    Betrayal x 100.

  8. 8

    I don't care what was going on in their marriage there is NO excuse for having an affair - period! It wasn't a completely sexless marriage because Maria was pregnant at the same time as Mildred. Not to mention he was having UPROTECTED sex with somebody else - he could have brought all sorts of diseases back to his wife and child. Nice try Arnold - you are still a pig!!

  9. 9

    I don't believe this for a minute. Married guys hoping to score something on the side always whine how their wife "neglects" them, how they're not getting any at home. They'll say just about anything to get laid, not that in this case he had to do much for it to happen. This woman is as dumb as Arnold if she believes any of this.

  10. 10

    I think Arnold knew if he told Maria about the affair, she would have filed for divorce then. The guy just wanted to have sex. Maria knew what kind of guy she was marrying. Her husbands needs should have come first. I'm not saying what he did was right by any means, but Maria obviously thought more about her career than she did her man/marriage. She should have never married Arnold in the first place.

  11. 6one9 says – reply to this


    If I lived in a sexless marriage“““““““ I wouldn't blame him one bit for going else where!!
    Sex““““IS “““` a part of marriage.
    Females can't be holding out b/c they are pissed off, etc!!
    Keep your man sexually fulfilled and most likely ““““““ he won't stray away!!
    and before you haters start““““““ I am a female! ☺
    and this goes for “ you men“` out there as well. Keep me happy ““` and I won't stray either. ☺

  12. 12

    I have no problem with what Arnold did. Noting that the cost for this piece of ass seems a bit high in retrospect. He's got NEEDS afterall.

  13. 13

    bullshit, this is a story leaked by either arnold or the maid or both to make them look better. Yeah, cause I bet Arnold never strayed outside his marriage and was so lonely and sexless until this dream girl came into his life. LOL Bitches please, he was probably poking anything with a vagina multiple times a day. The marriage was probably sexless cause his wife didn't want his std dick anywhere near her.

  14. 14

    Hell yeah, it's her fault and it's biblical:

    "3 The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. 4 The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife. 5 Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control. "

  15. 15

    Re: 6one9 – Shut the fuck up.

  16. 16

    Re: plaztar – Shut the fuck up you loser.

  17. 17

    It's not a good excuse to have an affair for anyone. Not just men love sex but women do too. Clearly there was some sort of barrier between them on a deeper level for their marriage to be sexless and unromantic. There is NO GOOD REASON to cheat on your partner, it's disgusting and an absolutely deplorable thing to do to someone. If you're unhappy in your relationship you WORK IT OUT. If you can't work it out than you decide whether or not ending it is what's best for both of you. You DON'T go behind their back and do something like this. There is NO GOOD EXCUSE, NO GOOD REASON, NO GOOD ANYTHING to do this to someone. PERIOD.

  18. 18

    I call bullshit on this. Why is this so-call friend opening up her mouth? She needs to mind her own damn business. Let Arnold and Maria solve their own problems. Besides was she actually there? Yeah, the man had 2 kids at the same time. Hmmm..
    And if what she claims is true Arnold should have took it outside the home. RESPECT!

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, brother. That's the exact line all men use when the wife's not around because she has a life, and he needs a convenient receptacle. Seriously. I don't believe this, period. I can see how the mistress would propagate this though, because it suits her agenda. Sexless? Maria gave him FOUR kids. I doubt she'd ever turn him down if he was being a decent husband and father. Utter and Total baloney.

  20. 20

    Strange he knocked up Maria 4 times and once at the same time he knocked up the butterfaced maid. She's the creeper that climbed into another woman's bed.
    Arnold Dude, you could have at least had some flippin taste!

  21. 21

    Isn't that what every man says when they want a quick fuck behind their wives back?

  22. 22

    It wasnt that sexless that both the mistress and Maria had children 5 days apart…and let me also say this a cheater is going to lie to not only his wife but the mistress to get what he wants. It wouldnt make sense to the mistress for him to say I have a happy marriage and everything in the bedroom is fine, but hey wanna have sex?…now does it? He obviously lied to his wife in an effort to keepo the affair secret, so just like you cant be a 30% pregnant you cant be 100% in a relationship when you are cheating, so it suited his purpose to lie to get what he wanted….shame on anyone to say anything to the effect poor Arnold his wife isnt having sex with him…..lets look at some of the other things that have come to light, he had a bed set up in his office and there have already been other people talking about how he had trysts there. Now about this stupid person she had a shrine…that only shows her obsession with him she would have made any excuse in her mind to have sex with him…he is a dog plain and simple and she is a few sandwiches short of a picnic

  23. 23

    if Patty's family knew nothing then I believe this woman knew nothing also
    she doesn't strike me as someone who can keep a secret-so if she knew anything she would have blabbed it ages ago-she just seems that kind!
    just talking now for her own 15 minutes making it up as she goes along

  24. 24

    Again, you are shockingly naive. I'm amazed you have made it to your mid-30's.

  25. 25

    Right, their marriage was so sexless that the wife and the mistress were pregnant at the same time.

  26. 26

    According to the The National Aids Counsil, the highest rate of HIV increase is in couples in relationships and marriages, leaving the question, is anyone really safe in a relationship. Did Arnie get tested?

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    So, couples drift apart and come back together in a marriage. On the off chance he felt sexless, as Maria's chosen husband, it would also be up to him to do what it takes to get things back on track. Maria has always seemed a reasonable woman. Take personal responsibility, but going outside your marriage disrespects your vows and your partner and disregards your kids.

  28. 28

    no there's never a reason to cheat. if someone feels like they have to cheat they should just leave. i don't advocate people leaving their families but at least they're being honest.

  29. 29

    Maria was getting pretty skeletal/skanky looking there - and she k new he was a womanizer. What did she expect?

  30. 30

    There's a reason marriages become sexless. Maybe Maria realized what kind of guy she married and decided to protect herself.

  31. 31

    Or maybe the tramp is a liar, or the friend is a liar. Obviously it wasn't a sexless marriage, they had children while the whore was working there.

  32. 32

    NO! i dont care what your damn excuse is, you made vows in a church, you are supposed to hold to those for the rest of your life, not just go off and find a piece of tail when you have needs. If there is an issue in your marriage, including your wife not wanting to have sex (and given that they have 4 children i dont believe that) suck it up and dont let her have her way (i speak as a wife myself) and drag her to couples therapy! There is problems in your marriage? Dont act like its going to go away, deal with it together, even if you need to get outside parties invovled.

  33. mw says – reply to this


    Re: ajanatascia02 – Great point lol!

  34. 34

    I hope Maria stopped having sex with him when she found out. I think she knew all along, and just hoped he would keep it down and low. Shame on her for standing up for the pos when she wanted him to be governor. Shame on him for being a total pig. So ugly.

  35. 35

    Yea thats the number 1 reason i think men cheat right? But then they were pregnant around the same time. How do you explain that? I'm guessing he went through months of not having sex?

  36. 36

    Re: jazz99 – That's appalling. You're blaming Maria for marrying him!?! Vile men like him are manipulative.
    Perez, it's disgusting to even ask if it's okay to cheat on a spouse. Of course it's not; it's never okay.

  37. 37

    I am sure her friends are trying to help her justify screwing a married man. Whatev! And as dirty_couture pointed out, Maria's baby was born first.

  38. 38

    Re: plaztar – You are obviously an idiot, men cheat to gratify their ego, it has nothing to do with their wives.
    A.Maria was pregnant at the same time with the housekeeper so that means they were having sex.
    B. If He wasn't getting any from Maria then a. why did he marry her ? and b. why didn't he divorce her ?
    C. Men always blame it on the wife if they cheat, it's the oldest excuse.
    D. Women love sex too, with a great lover so even if it was true that he wasn't getting any then maybe it was HIS fault.

  39. 39

    i keep nagging my bf for sex he would rather do photoshopping and yes u do think about going somewhere else - but u dont u just think ok this is my miserable life.

    u dont go and eff the help

  40. 40

    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – WELL SAID I AGREE

  41. 41

    Why did Arnold marry Maria? She was his step up to the political career he wanted. She married him because she liked what she saw. It didn't work out. The man is a womenizer and she knew it before she married him. He already had a reputation. I think Maria's known for sometime that the boy was his. She didn't want it to get out though and when it did, she had to act like she was so shocked. BS! I think they can work it out still if they love each other enough. Love is not sex but sex is a very strong component of a relationship. Marry someone else, he could cheat too Maria. Stay single if you don't want to deal with it. I admire Hillary Clinton so much. She didn't care what the public thought about her decission to stay with Bill. She knows her man and she loves him and she knows he loves her too. She didn't care what anyone else thought. It's her marriage and she's in it for the long haul. That's what I call "A Strong Women".