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Cheryl Cole Fired From U.S. X Factor And Replaced By…

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Chezza is out as a judge! And now Nicole Scherzinger is taking her place!

In a surprise move, Cheryl Cole was axed from the U.S. version of X Factor, it was reported on Thursday.

Scherzinger, who was originally supposed to be a co-host on the show, will now be replacing Cole on the judge's panel.

So why is Cheryl out???

Her accent is partly to blame! Producers feared her thick Geordie (British) accent would be too hard for mainstream American audiences to understand. Plus, there were other issues too, such as a "lack of chemistry" with fellow judge Paula Abdul.

So, Cole got the boot!

Does this mean Cheryl will return to her role as a judge on the U.K. version of X Factor????

Not quite!

Producers wants Cheryl back in England, but she's understandably miffed by being fired and may want nothing to do with X Factor anymore!

Oh the drama!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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119 comments to “Cheryl Cole Fired From U.S. X Factor And Replaced By…”

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  1. 101

    Re: charader – ZZZzzzzZZzzzZZzzz

  2. 102

    This is disappointing news. I was really looking forward to Cheryl as a judge. I loved her as a judge on the UK version. I'm American and I had no problem understanding her accent. I love Nicole, but she judged that other show on NBC and she wasn't that great. I mean if this is about us not being able to understand her then they might as well replace Paula because she never made sense on Idol. And who cares about the chemistry between her and Paula. The show isn't about the judges, it's about the contestants and I believe Cheryl would have been a great mentor for them. This decision makes me not want to watch the show. I don't want to watch Simon and Paula bantering Part 2. I had enough of that on Idol. It's the X Factor's loss.

  3. 103

    She should go back home were she is appreciated.

  4. 104

    I am glad that Cheryl is out of the xfactor, she was going to embarass herself, i live in the uk for more than 15 years an i can't understand her myself, plus the UK don't like her and is untrue that she is uk sweetheart, i think it was the wrigth desition fired her, Nicole will do far better job then Cheryl.

  5. 105

    She deservers it. She dumped Dereck from DWTS to get that job,I thought that blew. She looks like she just wants to be famous type anyway. I bet Derek will beg to take her back. That ole saying. You reek what you sole Nicole will be better for the show anyway.

  6. 106

    I was looking forward to seeing Cheryl Cole on XFactor. Not a fan of Nicole. She was on Dancing with the Stars not long ago. Let's face it, anyone with a successful career would not be doing a gig like that. And now she's qualified to judge?? Plus, she looks like a Thai ladyboy!

  7. 107

    Im kinda glad there are to many BRITISH shows in America. BBC is kinda taking over TV. Not good America.

  8. 108

    paula abdul has little chemistry with anyone except simon cowell, and thats just because they are fucking together. any female is in trouble with paula abdul sitting on simon's cock

  9. Julya says – reply to this


    what kind of lame excuse is that? how is she hard to understand? I mean i'm dutch and I can understand her so why the hell wouldn't the american audience..

    wow that's just weird..

  10. 110

    AW I love Cheryl, think she should come back to England to be on uk one

  11. 111

    nnoooo omg i can't belive they fired her!! i was only going to watch the show because of her =( now i dont even want to watch it

  12. 112

    Re: pie107 – therea a bunch of talentless pretty people here in the usa

  13. 113

    Shame on you Simon if this is true, another man who's let Cheryl down! Why get rid of someone interesting and replace her with beige Nicole. So insulting that the network seem to think the American public are too stupid to understand a Northern English accent - so they're feeding you bland and dull instead!

  14. 114

    It's not about the accent really - it's the fact that she unknown. The UK wouldn't like it if Carrie Underwood was a judge - she isn't known at all in the UK. It's the same for the US. Nicole was great in the UK version (Cheryl was apparently annoyed that Simon brought Nicole in) and it was obvious that FOX insisted on Nicole being a "host" as a safety net so when Cheryl inevitably got fired,they had a ready made replacement who was available at the right times.

  15. 115

    Re: DimeDime – Fuck your hope idiot!!!!!!

  16. 116


  17. 117


  18. 118

    Re: Cheryl#1American Fan – RELEASE A BIGGEST FART INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 119

    Re: gem_gem26 It most certainly is an American blog! 100% American. Perez may mention some hacks from the UK like Cheryl, but sorry, it's still American, not in ANY way international.
    I love the morons bashing Nicole, who can actually fucking sing! Cheryl is a hack and the Fox Execs never wanted her! I live in the UK now and have yet to meet a person who even likes her. Ohyeah, that's because I don't hang out with morons.

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