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GaGa's New Album To Debut With Sales Of…

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born this way to debut at number one

We're totally putting our paws up for Wifey! She absolutely KILLED IT with her new album release!

Lady GaGa's Born This Way is set to land the #1 spot on sales charts next week, with 900-950k albums sold, including both digital and physical sales, according to Hits Daily Double.

Aside from T-Swizzle's Speak Now, which sold 1.14 million units during its opening week last October, this is the biggest debut we've seen in a long time!

Congratulations, GaGa! We KNOW the album will continue to sell like hotcakes…or should we say MONSTERCAKES! Ha!

Did U contribute to GaGa's impressive Born This Way release?

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196 comments to “GaGa's New Album To Debut With Sales Of…”

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  1. 101

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – and whats wrong with fat ppl u piece of shit

  2. 102

    EVEN If it was for ONE DAY! This is because of her 0,99 cents album that she's number 1! Her 'monsters' bought 10 of this… If Britney would have done the same She would have sold 200.000.000 of Femme Fatale (I'm not a Britney fan)

  3. 103

  4. 104

    do not fucking make it a big deal that this FUGLY BITCH is a songwritter! SO WHAT? She isn't the best. Everyone can write their songs! SO STFU like its a huge talent! She isn't the best dancer either. The only thing you can be proud of is SHE IS THE FUGLIEST ATTENTION WHORE! STOP CALLING HER THE QUEEN! It takes more than 3 years and 3 albums to be a queen! She's still far away from all of Madonna's accomplishments!

  5. 105

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – We all sprang from apes, but your kind didn't spring far enough. As I wrote before, YOU'RE JUST TRASH, you and all your kind of people, part of a trashy kind, part of a worthless kind, Your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory and If you were twice as smart, you'd still be stupid, low life…

  6. 106

    She is so desperate for more fame that next album it will be free.

  7. 107

    Even Jennifer Lopez with her brand new song is having more than double views on Youtuve than your "mommy monster" with her new songs, and Judas has almost 50% negative views.

  8. 108

    Well ya-when you sell a sophmore album for the price of only 99cents then of course it's going to. That was her cheap and sleazy way of making record sales.

  9. 109

    You idiots do realize that the .99 cents thing was a promotion because of Amazon correct? They paid for most of every album to promote their new music system that you got with the purchase -_-

  10. 110

    Prime example of ignorance and Perez messing up on an article, Amazon sold her album at 99 cents for a reason

  11. 111

    Haters: No delusions, no buying more than one copy, no fraud…..you are in such denial….Just open your hateful, jealous eyes and ACCEPT Gaga domination….LEGIT. Her album is great, no Fame Monster, but great….Different, provocative, imaginative…love it. Her tour will dominate as well….You all are really pathetic….you scramble with inane excuses, when NUMBERS DO NOT LIE!!! GAGA rules world-wide!!!! Stop the hate and just accept the truth….life is easier that way….Love love love!!!!!!!!

  12. 112

    I hope all you talking about the album being $0.99 on iTunes know that this was not Gaga's doings.. Amazon is taking a huge loss on every sale of the album. They are paying full price. The only reason the album is $0.99 cents is because Amazon is trying to grab new customers from Apple's iTunes. This has absolutely nothing to do with Lady Gaga. It is a modern day tech battle between the music selling madhouse Apple and an actual emerging player in the digital music forefront. Get your facts straight before you bash Lady Gaga you ignorant pricks.

  13. 113

    I hope all you talking about the album being $0.99 on Amazon know that this was not Gaga's doings.. Amazon is taking a huge loss on every sale of the album. They are paying full price. The only reason the album is $0.99 cents is because Amazon is trying to grab new customers from Apple's iTunes. This has absolutely nothing to do with Lady Gaga. It is a modern day tech battle between the music selling madhouse Apple and an actual emerging player in the digital music forefront. Get your facts straight before you bash Lady Gaga you ignorant pricks.

    **Excuse the double post for corrections.

  14. 114

    Ummm, Britney's "Oops" album sold 1.3 million it's first week back in 2000!

  15. 115

    Re: sanfran1 – lmao.. you are the delusional dumbfuck! it's not like everything she does goes number one .. other pop stars beat her ass all the time! remember FLOPAS? I mean .. judas!? edge of FLOPORY? fashion of his FLOP, by whitney houston? flop this way? LOL .. you're the crazy one.

  16. 116

    wasn't there a fake pic of Christina Aguilera's album selling for 99€ but it was discovered it was fake…werent u Perez calling her desperate n all the other bullying names u n the little monsters love to say..now gaga actually is selling her album 4 99€ n yet again, gaga fans have an excuse n see no problem wen just a few months ago were bullying Xtina for a FAKE pic of her album selling 4 that much…Just like they called every1 a gaga copycat n now it's been proven gaga is the one that copies n they say it's ok… Hypocrites…..

  17. 117


  18. 118


  19. 119


  20. 120

    Re: M: – CRY BABY!!!

  21. 121

    Re: M: – Why have you responded three fucking times to this? NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK

  22. 122


  23. 123


  24. 124

    yes its a beautiful album, every song has a hopeful,powerful,romantic message.
    I physically bought mine at best buy for its full price, I like a good hard cover cd case i can go through while listening…somethings never get old.

  25. 125

    Re: M: – They also didn't have massive pirating via the INTERNET in the "Madonna Days". And P.S., AMAZON (not Lady Gaga) set the price at 99 cents to COMPETE with iTUNES and to get people to try out their mp3 CloudPlayer or whatever, (i.e. Amazon ate the loss because they figured the benefit would be that more people would start using their service). Get your facts straight before you comment on somebody's success that you clearly know nothing about.

  26. 126


  27. 127

    Also, I'm a really big Gaga fan, but why the fuck would anyone buy more than one copy of a CD unless they bought it in physical form and wanted one for say, the car, and one for in the house? Obviously I know it's to boost sales, but that's just dumb.

  28. 128

    Re: sanfran1 – How can you say numbers don't lie? Gaga's fans are known for buying multiple copies of songs and albums. Her album was 99 cents, meaning her fans could buy 16 copies for the price of a normal album. You're trying to say all her fans only bought one copie of BTW? Seriously? Are you 12 years old. No, my one friend has bought 24 copies of the album, and i'm sure hundreds of fans are doing the same. So numbers do lie..

  29. 129

    I'm clearly a gaga fan and I bought a hard copy of the special edition album for full price on May 23, 2011 at Target. Nothing more. Nothing less. Thank you for your concern.

  30. 130

    I dont believe these numbers until the officially tally has been released. Every single off the album has sucked so bad there is no way the album sold those numbers.

  31. 131

    WELL…to be honest..the album only gets a 4/10 from me..and that four constitutes just four good songs on the album. Its not the album of the decade, if anything her first album was better…way better.
    By chance I was listening to Katy Perry's album from last year, as well as Kelis' - Flesh Tone..both albums own BTW's ass :)
    As for the $0.99 price, if you think how many hundreds of thousands of people could have logged onto amazon that day, its easy to see at least 450k of the 900k shes supposed to sell this week comes from that deal. Clever ploy, however to people with half a brain, makes her look like a sell-out artist who's cheating to get into the history books. Gaga my dear, did anyone ever tell you, you have to WORK to get to the top? It wont get handed to you because of cheap deals, re-used fashion from others and a sob story about not fitting in…

  32. 132

    I don't think this is anything to be proud of. She cheated her way to the top of the charts. That number of album sales is unheard of, and it's only because she was practically giving it away. Is her ego that enormous that she wanted to guarantee the top spot? I will not buy this garbage.

  33. 133

    ONLY because she was giving it away.

  34. 134

    Re: Electro_storm – As far as you know. Madonna doesn't play an instrument and doesn't write her songs. Both are untrue, long before Madonna hit the charts in 1983 (when you were just an itch in your daddy's pants), Madonna played drums and keyboards in the clubs of NYC. She came on the scene exactly as she was, a street urchin, and didn't put on any false appearences. She wrote several of the songs on her debut album which had relative good success - not great. She wrote several of the songs on her sophomore album which was her breakout, Like A Virgin. She wrote all of her songs except one on her next album and ever since she has co-produced and co-wrote all the songs on every subsequent album. How is is possible that you have no idea about the talents of the woman that made it possible for LG to exist and thrive? You don't have to look very far to see how much LG is influenced by Madonna — and the reason she gets so much shit about it is because she is underhanded about it. Honestly, LG's BTW CD cannot touch "True Blue" which spawned 4 #1 hits, but more importantly still sounds great 3 decades later. It's fine to be a LG fanatic, but don't undermine Madonna in the process.

  35. 135

    what is so hard to comprehend amazon had a promotion of their own doing. amazon paid the difference for every .99 cent born this way cd sold. on the other hand, lady gaga and her team did try to get the free copy of born this way giving away free with a phone at best buy counted. billboard magazine disqualified this promotion. get the facts straight before blindly stating b.s. based on hate.. what a waste of energy.

  36. 136

    Re: IheartGaga – your honesty is very refreshing. several years ago prince had a number 1 album out but he gave it away for free in a british newspaper. he also gave it away for free at his concerts. even though it was free billboard magazine still cinsidered the amounts that were givin and it went to number 1. not really fair to the artists that are selling their albums for a regular price. srill, its really cool when an artsist gives away their cd or sells it for 99 cents a la prince and gaga as more people can get the album without having to spend alot of money.

  37. 137

    Yes!!! This is great news. So happy for her. And yeah i bought a few copies and the digital downloads as well.

  38. 138

    Re: FS
    Don't worry when I worked in Best buy yesterday they couldn't give it away. In two days they didn't sell one and they were giving some away with a new cell phone and no one was taking it.

  39. 139

    first of all this is cheating and billboard shouldn't allow it. If they changed the rules with brit's blackout album ( not a britney fan) then they sure as hell should change the rules with gaga's album.

  40. 140

    lol i just read she spent $1000 on her OWN alubm!! Who does that?!! someone who is desperate. Madonna didn't need to do that to become #1 in 32 countires Taylor swift didn't need to sale low prices to become#1. Britney didn't promote tons and still became #1. pathetic. Again this should be against billboard rules and i will laugh if they change the rules again at the last minute! haahah

  41. 141

    Re: Coal125 – yeah and ofcourse only desperate gaga would promote them.

  42. 142

    To be fair, Gaga didn't tell Amazon to sell her album at 99 cents, Amazon made a business decision to sell her album at a loss to build their cloud music platform and steal market share from Apple. Strictly a business decision by Amazon, nothing to do with Gaga or her team. Granted, you are probably right that fans bought multiple copies of the album for 99 cents plus from itunes or at best buy.

  43. 143

    Re: cocteauboy – why is it so hard to comprehend that ofcourse gaga took this promotion! She knew it would boost sales. It's not like she took the promotion only to help amazon geez.

  44. IVIV says – reply to this


    & when Britney releases her "I Wanna Go" single & it SLAYS all of Gaga's pathetic singles, I will laugh :) no song off BTW stands a chance against "I Wanna Go" lol

  45. 145

    Considering that it cost .99 to buy the album and I bought two copies just to get the free 20 GB of storage on my accounts, I don't see how this is something to crow about. I'd venture to guess that more than 2/3 of those purchases were bought at the .99 price point by people who don't even care and will probably never listen to it…like myself and a few others I know.

    I don't really see how this sales number is really something to trumpet.

  46. 146

    Re: lovers – the amazon 99 cent sale was a lucky break for gaga. she had nothing to do with it. people are here stating she initiated the deal and she clearly didn't.
    if you want to bitch, bitch about the best buy deal and the free copy of her album with a purchase of a phone.. billboard already announced those sales are disqualified. this isn't rocket science just business.

  47. 147

    Haters are so funny!! I mean, why can't you just admit she's fucking great and that she's ruling the industry because she is the whole package!! great writer, great dancer, great body, great singer, great great great. And yes, she sold the cd for 99 cents just for 1 day and in Amazon, not on I tunes, where she's on top in 23 countries of 24, I mean, come on!!!!!

  48. 148

    Re: lovers – Gaga didn't "take" any promotion. Price was set by amazon. Let me put this into words you may understand. iTunes and Amazon compete in mp3 downloads and now Cloud services (look that up if you don't know what it is, and my guess is that you don't). iTunes dominates the market and Amazon wanted to steal some of their market share. Everybody knows (including you) that Lady Gaga is a HUGE HUGE HUGE artist. Amazon (like everyone else) knew her album was going to sell BIG, so they wanted a piece of that. And the only way they were going to be able to get people to come to amazon.com instead of purchasing it on itunes (which is where Lady Gaga promotes that her album and singles are bought "go get it on itunes!") was to sell it at a ridiculously low price. They were willing to take on loss on profits because they wanted to build their market share. This was a marketing scheme by amazon.com, not Lady Gaga.

  49. 149

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – Wow, that was pretty lame and immature. If you don't like Perez or Gaga why are you even on here? You think bashing them on his site is gonna get your point across?

  50. 150

    Re: J-Doll – Ouch, little harsh ya think?

  51. 151


  52. 152

    Gag's present massive popularity does not mean she'll be hugely popular 10 years from now. I used to like Gaga's music circa 2008-9 before there was complete media saturation. Can this bitch just gtfo for a few years, stop wearing dumb costumes, STOP USING COCAINE and write something halfway decent again?

  53. 153

    Yeah when you sell your album for 99 cents it's bound to happen and let's not forget the free copies being given away at best buy when you purchase a cell phone etc., what a fucking cheater.

  54. 154

    Exactly "Brommie" You said at all! Perez why you are hiding information? Taylor didn`t sell her album for 99cents like this trash ugly singer. Some people do whatever takes to manipulate the attention. it is even unfair and disrespectful with the other artist that Billboard is counting this albums. You really are delusional Perez and Gaga too if you all really believe that makes her album as successful as "Speak Now".

  55. 155

    As for the dollar album, constant radio/video plays and this fucking site, it's all PAYOLA PAYOLA PAYOLA

  56. 156

    She`s a fraud and she is ridiculous! She is gone!

  57. 157

    Re: Electro_storm – Madonna is and continues to be a worldwide sensation. Just because she may not get as many hits in AMERICA as she used to, her music is still killing it in every other worldwide market. She is hardly a "has been". In 2005 she had the biggest WORLDWIDE hit of her career with "Hung Up" hitting number one in something like 47 countries, and that was 23 years into her career. Get back to me when LG is doing the same that long into her career.
    You best hope Madonna retains her Guinness World Record for best selling female recording artist in music history, otherwise who else could Gaga copy?

  58. 158

    of course she sold 600k copies on Amazon for 99cents

  59. 159

    Re: M: – love u!!!

  60. 160

    I think a lot of people here have some major anger issues.

  61. 161

    Re: IdiotsareSTUPID – she knew the album was Flop thats why she did it.

  62. 162

    Re: ladyloowho11 – Wow, you know everybody?

  63. 163

    Re: MJJ – such language, geez! I would expect more from a fellow MJ fan :(

  64. 164

    Re: doesitmatter29 – Unlike lady gaga fans am not a sheep am myself and I don't claim to adhere to some sort of MJ fan protocol and unlike gaga, MJ didn't demean his fans by claiming then to be different then everyone else he treated us the same. Yeah I swear so what.

  65. 165

    Re: MJJ – uumm, very confused by that statement. First, never said I was a fan of hers, so that whole sheep statement was just unnecessary. Second, I don't get what you are saying about demeaning fans, can you please clarify.

  66. 166

    Re: MJJ – oh, and what I was referring to earlier was the language you were using when talking of someone you don't even know. I thought someone who would have MJ's name and picture as their profile pic would be familiar with his legacy :(

  67. FS says – reply to this


    Nice album cover Caca face. Oh, and the next time you eat paper, make sure to choke on it. MADONNA #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  68. FS says – reply to this


    she is ugly, fake, opportunist, no talent, rip off artist who tries too damn hard to be different that it cross the pathetic line and has become the most laughable clown to come out of the music industry in a while. How can anyone take this douche bag seriously when she exits out of eggs and gives birth to gold slime on live TV. What is she trying to say with that nonsense?

  69. 169

    Silly cocaine addict can't get to a million copies even if she gives it away for 99 cents. ajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajajajajaj - What a FLOP!!

  70. FS says – reply to this


    Have you read LA Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Boston Globe. The Globe and Mail, Chicago Sun Times, Lincoln Journal Star, A&E Playground, The Examiner, Big Hollywood, New Zealand Herald, just to name a few. The reviews are very luke warm or down right negative. Only her die hard fans will think it's the greatest masterpiece since Mozart. The rest who aren't so blinded will be able to form an opinion not driven by idolatry.

  71. FS says – reply to this


    My mama told me when I was young, you're no super star.
    She rolled a joint and poured her vodka in
    In the glass she shoved up my ass
    There's nothing wrong with copying the best
    She said "Madonna's perfect babe"
    So hold your pen and get your "rip off" on
    Listen bitch when I say
    I copy cat in my way
    Cuz Madonna makes no mistakes
    I'll stay on this track baby

  72. FS says – reply to this


    rar rar oh flop ga, ra ma oh Ca Ca, gaga ooo la la, judas oh flop ga,
    Hide ur songs from me cuz I'm ready.
    gonna take ur songs & change your melody
    Ah oh ah ah ah
    Ah oh ah ah ah
    I'll bring you down
    and steal your crown
    I'm just a copy cat
    With a face like a rat
    I'm tryin' to be Madonna baby
    oh oh oh oh
    I'm just a total fake
    Your all so stupid for fuck sakes
    I'm ripping off Madonna baby
    rar rar oh flop ga, ra ma oh Ca Ca, gaga ooo la la, judas oh flop ga,

  73. 173

    Re: hell2dno – Why don't you just shut up instead because you don't have anything good/nice to say. Love wins honey, can't spread it you shouldn't spread anything.

  74. 174

    Re: IVIV – At least GaGa writes most of her songs on her album instead of just lending out her voice to get it mixed in a computer that she later lip-syncs. Don't you tell me that she doesn't have to because she does still have to prove herself.
    And if that was Britney's debut album she wouldn't sell much, because it was really bad album for her. She needs a longer rest.
    The old Britney was great, amazing but the new one sucks in every way as an artist.

  75. 175

    u made me cry listening to the album. Thank you for the release :) )

  76. china says – reply to this


    all of them sold for 99 cent on amazon coz no one is willing to pay more than that for the crap album of the decade…

  77. 177

    Who cares? It's still a disappointment despite the hype and promotion. You can't polish a turd but you can promote the hell out of it and pray for the best. You people really don't think her record label had any kind of deal with Amazon? I'm glad she's number one and all because it proves that hard work pays off, but to think that it's because the album is great is just silly. Now she needs to rest and eat something to gain some weight back. Don't go all Megan Fox on us.

  78. 178

    Re: BlahBlahBlah3009
    If you had bothered to read the article in Billboard, you would have read that the Best Buys "giveways" will NOT be counted toward sales.

  79. 179

    Re: china
    "all of them sold for 99 cent on amazon coz no one is willing to pay more than that for the crap album of the decade… "
    Really? Because it's still #1 on Itunes, where it's selling for $15.99. Nice try, though!

  80. 180

    Re: james1403 – First of all, dumbass, "Flop" isn't a proper noun, unless you're referring to Madonna's movie career. Second, she would have done it for more than one day xD. You're obsessed with gaga as much as i am

  81. 181

    Re: FS – You're the biggest Gaga fan i know baby

  82. 182

    o.O Her album is selling for 99cents. I pay less for tampons. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but these sale numbers should not count. Its like cheating. Selling your album for that cheap is obviously going to move more units and allow your fans to buy multiple copies to help you and not bust their pockets. What a sham. You're delusional Perez. That album was shit and even Gaga knows it, which is why she made that move. I don't like that woman, at all, but I respect the fact that she admits when she puts out a crap song. Like she did with Telephone. Just waiting until she admits she put out a crap album because she got lost in all the gimicks. But I'm sure she and her people will wait until all you dumb asses buy 50 copies at 99 cents each.

  83. 183

    Re: monarc – ROLLING STONE Stopped being a credible source when they had Snookie from Jersey shore on the cover of their magazine. =/

  84. 184

    Wow, I can't believe Taylor Swift sold so much. I'm actually surprised Lady Gaga didn't beat her numbers considering how many fans she has and how cheap the cd was.

  85. 185

    Let's use some common sense here. Reports are estimating that first day sales of her album (the day of the 99c sale) were at 100,000 sold. Other reports are estimating that by the end of the week, the album could sell as much as 900,000. I'll be generous and say that a very huge majority of those first day sales were from Amazon. But that still would be less than 1/8th of the total sales by the end of the week (might be a little more now that Amazon announced another 99c sale day). So if Amazon's sales weren't included toward her first week sales, it wouldn't have made much of a difference. The album would have still sold well regardless.

  86. 186

    Re: M: – You're an imbecile, shut up.

  87. YOURS says – reply to this


    Every beyonce fan is dissing on gaga and her music because shes the queen now and shes number 1 but seriously Gaga is doing great no matter what

    and beyonce is just recycling all the music and it sounds bad seriously i just heard 1+1 and its not a hit….and i know that a lot of people are gonna buy this just because they like her as a person and what she used to be blabla…her music is not good now period
    when she will come up with HITS ill be the first one to buy

  88. 188

    Some of you people are SO effing pathetic. WHY DO YOU CLICK ON ARTICLES ABOUT HER, READ THEM, AND THEN COMMENT? If you hate her so much WHY are you wasting your time on her? Go do something better with your time. Oh wait, you have nothing better to do than hate on someone who has reached more success in 25 years than you will in your entire life. I bought the album for FULL PRICE and it is AMAZING. Love GaGa.

  89. 189

    just a heads up perez i work for a radio company, and we are getting flooded with emails claiming gaga is cheating the record industry. We are receiving emails from ny times, huffingtonpost,spin etc. People are really upset about the unfairness and unequal value for her album. This could ruin people's record sales for those that actually sold it at a specific price. hahahahaha….people are laughing about her.

  90. 190

    um even rebecca black could land to #1 with 99cent and some free copies so yeah, not surprised

  91. 191


  92. 192

    Love Lady GaGas new Album. Lady GaGa you roc and your climbing fast. The 1 thing I love the most is herway of creativity. Her being the motorcycle, LOL Who 's brilliant brain is going to think like that. Just don't let anybody take that away from ya. YOU ROCK GIRL

  93. 193

    Lady GaGa is #1 on Forbes List now andOprah is #2 now. So I think Lady GaGa has been doing good. Every song I hear is good. and shes #1 on Forbes, Hey that's great for her, and she's young too. I say tyou go girl. Lady GaGa I'll be a 50 yr. old monster. LOL

  94. 194

    I wasn't planning on purchasing her album but I bought it yesterday. I can't resist bargains! I hope it has at least one good song because that would mean my money wasn't wasted. I can't believe it was only a dollar. I hope all new CDs are a that cheap opening day.

  95. 195

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – If Britney could lend her voice to autotune and be honest about it, barely dance, AND still sell alot of albums then maybe your precious Gaga is doing something wrong. Don't be jealous that Britney has been year for over 10 years and still can sell with the top artists even though she barely does anything.

  96. 196

    &lmao whys everyone comparing her to britney? when gaga stays here after 13 years then yeah we can compare them but stfu now, britney's slaying

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