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New X Factor Promos Are HERE!

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It's coming! It's coming! The X Factor is coming!

For anyone who doesn't already watch FOX, this may give you a reason to tune in.

The X Factor is premiering this fall and they are rolling out the promotion with these two adrenaline pumping (dare we say epic?) commercials!

Simon Cowell is back and we couldn't be happier!

Check out the two promos above and let us know what U think! Will U be watching when X Factor finally hits American television this fall?

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7 comments to “New X Factor Promos Are HERE!”

  1. 1

    Ah, they hated each other. No surprise there. A straight shotting tough cookie like Cheryl would have a tough time tolerating Paula. Lemme guess how it went: flako Paula wigged out and Cheryl "I don't take crap" Cole got the boot for telling her like it is. Too bad, I thought Cheryl was great, but I guess wacko brain dead Paula makes for better TV. Personally I cannot stand Paula, too high on herself and too freakin dumb — beyond words dumb. Cheryl has spark and sparkle and could tell it like it is — she was more understandable then Paula mumblemouth was half the time on American Idol. Accent my arse.

  2. 2

    I want Cheryl BACK!!! this is LAME!! Simon Cowell can get her back for sure!! just re-negotiating that's all. America will be MORE open minded with people like Cheryl. Europe, Australia, Asia are so creative with talent and all we got is Gaga! which is good but there should be MORE!!! and Nicole is SO mediaocre with a flopping disease with all her songs and how MANY DAMN shows that girl has been on!! Simon you're SMART!!Please get Cheryl BACK to save the medaiocre watered down American version of another

  3. 3

    This is stupid if Cheryl Cole is not in it I will not be watching. I wish it FAILS!!!

  4. 4

    I just had to watch an advert to watch an advert and it wasn't worth it either SUPER cheesy.

  5. 5

    Combo of Cheryl and Steve Jones would have left viewers having to watch subtitles.
    Really strong accents.
    I have lived in UK for 25 years and have a hard time understanding them

  6. 6

    HA! Cheryls been kicked and i am laughing my head off, i hate her in he UK and now been a failure at this WAYYYYYYY!!!! But i do feel like its stupid that its cos of her accent, like that matters, and i dont think Steve will be any better with his Welsh-ness. This series is a fail for you.

  7. 7

    Firstly, Cheryl Cole was the worst judge by far on the UK X Factor, rarely giving any constructive advice or criticism, most of us thought we had got rid of the bitch to the US X Factor, now I have an awful feeling she might get asked back for our new series, please ITV don't do it to us! Secondly, Nicole Scherzinger guested as a judge on the UK series and went down really well with the public, far better than Cheryl, we were hoping she might be a judge on our next series, especially as she is partly based here due to her relationship with Lewis Hamilton. Cheryl can't sing live (or very well at all in truth, autotune city), Nicole can. Finally Cheryl has an accent you could cut with a knife (and I'm British), I couldn't understand why they offered her the job in the first place for that reason alone (although there are plenty of other reasons). I rest my case and just hope she sticks at trying to launch her music over in the US, not that I think she'll succeed but it gives us in the UK a break from the talentless bint for a while ;o)