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LiLo Has Been House Arrested!

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LiLo Starts House Arrest

That's right guys, it's begun.

Lindsay Lohan surrendered herself to the Lynwood Jail at the early hour of 5:00 am this morning, where it was then determined that it was fine and dandy for her to serve her sentence at home.

She was fitted with an ankle bracelet and sent on her way in under an hour:

"She is now confined to the interior premises of her home at all times." - LA Sheriff Spokesman

Like we've said before, it's probable that she'll serve only 2 weeks due to good behavior and the ridiculous reason of "overcrowding" and "budget" even though she's in her own house.

But, as long as she learns her lesson, right??

Linds, learn your lesson and get back to acting!

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20 comments to “LiLo Has Been House Arrested!”

  1. 1

    Stay at your luxury home for two weeks? What's the punishment?

  2. 2

    watch that bracelet go off in 3..2…

  3. 3

    Yeah, it wasn't a problem with Paris Hilton was released for overcrowding. Keep sucking it, Mario.

  4. 4

    Aren't the majority of Americans under house arrest? (Unemployment is a mudderfucker)

  5. 5

    I agree with blowbot. What's the punishment of living in luxury for two weeks? Anything she needs from the outside world she can send out for.

  6. 6

    What a joke!! And what happens if she strays and the bracelet goes off? Another bail post? If it goes off , it should be treated like she escaped from prison. At the very least, I hope she gets a really bad rash from the ankle bracelet!

  7. 7

    perez, do u not pay attention to the actual news? obviously you dont because you would have known that the overcrowding is a REAL problem, its made national news and brought the Supreme Court in to it because the CA correctional system is violating 8th amendment rights of inmates. I

  8. 8

    perez, do you not pay attention to any real important news? because if you have you would know the overcrowding here in CA is a REAL problem. It has made national headlines and the Supreme Court has now been brought in because the CA correctional system is violating 8th amendment rights. I do not support lindsay and she needs to have a rude awakening but dont try and act sarcastic and stupid as if the overcrowding is an excuse. its real, i know this, i have experienced it first hand with people made to sleep on floors when it is prohibited. Grow a fucking brain and think before you speak on shit you know nothing about.

  9. 9

    Does the press think the public are stupid? Lindsay's whole legal woes are a publicity story - for what purpose, I'm not sure, maybe just to sell products, but this isn't at all plausible. I refuse to believe a word.

  10. 10

    2 weeks - she'll go stir crazy and be snortin rails by day 3

  11. 11

    She'll violate her probation and be back in court and probably in jail or on house arrest within a few months.
    This actually would be a punishment for her, because she's not the homebody she claims to be. She's desperate for attention and craves being out and around people that kiss her ass. Without being able to go out to clubs and getting that attention, she'll be miserable.

  12. 12

    Good for you Lindsay it gives you time to read scripts . Its all Bull anyway because If you did not take the chain you did not break probation .
    Supports Lindsay !

  13. 13

    Hey, goofball 227, are you an idiot? How the HELL does over-crowding in the jails relate to a HOME arrested person? She should have to serve every one of the 120 days. That should be the offset. You either go to JAIL and get out early, or sit in your luxury condo and do 120 days! I could not believe it when I read she is not even subject to drug testing anymore!! No wonder she never learns anything.

  14. 14

    are they going to be drug testing her while she is on arrest????!

  15. 15

    It's 35 days house arrest according to other sources

  16. 16

    Oh yeah, she can have unlimited visitors, no drug alchohol testing and can't go to work! Where do I sign up?

  17. 17

    Re: ashleysmashley227 – seriously! The eighth amendment is the right to no excessive bail or cruel or unusual punishment. You mean to say that overcrowding is cruel punishment. No Sweety, cruel punishment would be doing the same thing to them as they did to their victims.

  18. 18

    Re: RedBlayze – I agree! She should be forced to stay in her home for the entire 120 days, have an ankle monitoring bracelet to prevent her from drinking AND be drug tested weekly. This is like a free pass to party at home every night. In what world does the court system think this teaches her a lesson? She obviously thinks she's above the law and has a total disregard for the court, so she deserves to be punished.

  19. 19

    ill stay there for 2 weeks she can stay in my rental place .

  20. 20

    LIndsay has NEVER Stated she thinks she is above the law ! And punished for what ? She did not take the necklace there for did not break parole . SO punish her for what ? For a store getting their 15 minutes of fame ? The whole store story is so messed up with so many holes in it . I have seen the video , it shows Nothing . And if the clerk can stop Lindsay for an earring , you mean the clerk did not see the necklace when Lindsay was wearing a v-neck shirt ? BUT can see an earring ? Come on people . This is all such BULL . Hold your head up Lindsay !