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Is Bristol Palin Dating Kyle Massey? Reports Suggest She IS - And Sarah Is Furious!

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Oh man, oh man, OH MAN!

Dear lord, we don't know if these reports are true, but we are PRAYING that they are! LOLz!

Amidst the news that Bristol Palin and her Dancing With The Stars co-star, Kyle Massey, are filming a new reality show together, and speculation that Sarah Palin may have purchased $1.7 million home near her daughter in California, The National Enquirer is reporting that there may be a connection between the two…and it's a doozy!

Apparently, the former Governor of Alaska wants to keep tabs on Bristol because during her time on reality competition, she not only got into a RELATIONSHIP with the That's So Raven actor, but also realized that maybe she and dear ole' mom may not see eye to eye on politics!

The two have been feuding over the issue of gay marriage, and according to insiders, Bristol even banned her mom from her new home, which may have prompted Sarah to look into the mansion close by!

A source explains:

"Sarah is furious at Bristol for going so quickly from man to man. She is doing her best to prevent Bristol's new relationship from being featured in the reality show. Bristol told Sarah: 'Back off and let me lead my own life!' She doesn't agree with her mom's politics or her controlling ways. Bristol is completely rebelling against her mother - now that she's experiencing life outside of Alaska and away from Sarah. She has opened her eyes and realized how sheltered and programmed she was."

Well, we certainly hope for Bristol's sake that she IS learning about different perspectives and ideas, as we think all young people need to learn what works for their PERSONAL beliefs, instead of blindly listening to what they're told!

We think Sarah owes her daughter this time to do her own thing, especially given the sacrifices her family made in order for her to run for Vice President and follow her OWN political dreams!

What do U think?? Should Sarah give her daughter some space?

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29 comments to “Is Bristol Palin Dating Kyle Massey? Reports Suggest She IS - And Sarah Is Furious!”

  1. 1

    Well, you had reported that Bristol bought a house in Arizona. If this is the case, she will have plenty of space, a couple of states, in fact.

  2. 2

    Sheltered?! How in the hell did she get knocked up?

  3. 3

    didnt she have a kid? You would think she would try to take care of it….

  4. 4

    Sarah plain seems like a fucking nightmare

  5. 5

    now she likes the brothas

  6. 6

    Bristol has moved to LA to become a freak! It worked for the Kardashians…

  7. 7

    Perez's stalker-like obsession with Sarah Palin is starting to bore me. I'm beginning to think he is suffering from some sort of psychological problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.

  8. 8

    Palin just bought a house in Scottsdale Arizona. Bristol previously bought a house in Arizona.

  9. 9

    God Perez, get your facts straight. Sarah Palin bought a house in Snottsdale, AZ, supposedly so she can launch her presidential campaign there (or run for an open senate seat when she loses). Bristol bought a house 20-30 miles away in Maricopa (B.F.E.), AZ, but moved to LA to film the reality show. You're such an idiot.

  10. 10

    Hahaha -that's great. I hope it's true. Kyle seems like he'd be a fun boyfriend.

  11. 11

    unless you name your source I don't believe it!
    in gossip sites like this I tend to believe it's a always made up for sensationalism and to promote your site
    the gossip sites can get away with saying any kind of crap by falsely attributing it to a "source" or a "close indsider"
    then claim they don't have to divulge their source because they are a "news organization" and they are a "reporter"
    gossip sites are not news sites- they should be required to name the source so we can assess the validity of the claim

  12. 12

    The real reason the Sarah is worried is because she does not want her daughter dating a black man

  13. 13

    Kyle Massey is smart, talented, and employed. Perhaps Kyle's mother isn't so thrilled by Bristol.

  14. 14



  15. 15

    Lol I am more more worried about Kyle then Bristol! WAY TO downgrade Kyle?!?!?1 A single mom who happens to be white and even worse SARAH Palin is her fucking mother!!! ARE YOU INSANE? With all the fine white women out there he has to choose a Palin??? Better hope Bristol doesn't get pregnant!

  16. 16

    IF, and i do mean IF this is all true, i wish her the best in finding what personally works for her. i do not believe that just because your parents live a certain way or believe a certain thing that you as your own person have to follow. it us up to you as an individual to make your own mark in life.

  17. 17

    Eww. These Disney characters need to stop "trying" to be so edgy. Bristol is a drunken whore, whose face looks 37 because of her surgery. Whoever Kyle is, he is a dumb fuck. Dignity is worth more than ANY paycheck, and by associating with the Palin clan, he has lost all of his.

  18. 18

    I would not be happy if my daughter was dating Kyle either. Bristol is acting out, like all sheltered children might. I just hope she doesn't do something that can't be salvaged. Quite frankly how her mother controls her or what Bristol does is really none of my business. I of course have an opinion, but truly it's not my business. Her mother only wants what she thinks is best for her daughter.

  19. 19

    Why is she so pissed? Bristol's over 18 and nothing ever gets said about Kyle, so I mean, he must be doing somethingright. She can go wherever she wants with anyone she wants to. What's the problem?

  20. 20

    Re: harrycontests – Perez suffers from the same type of mental illness (it's true). Dare to compare their modus operendi: self-appointed Grizzly Mom and Queen of all Media, lack of ethics, both are liars and misinformed.

  21. 21

    Isn't Kyle Massey Gay?

  22. 22

    ewwwww, really???

    Sarahs pissed cause hes black

  23. 23

    Hmnm..wonder how she felt about Levi? Seems she did not like him either. The time to be watching your daughter is when they are teenagers. The girl is 20 now. Too late to put the brakes on now. Besides when do Mz. Palin spend time with her own toddler? That kid needs her too. Let Bristol take care of Bristol. Me thinks she wants the State of Az. Just sayin…. Oh, and both Palin and Kyle was on DWTS Finale the camera showed them in the audience.

    Peace out!

  24. 24

    Kyle NO!! Stay away from those commi nazis.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    There's a reason someone buys a home thousands of miles away. They want to try to learn how to live life on their own terms. Bristol has a right to be Bristol. Moms can give advice if asked for it, but other than that, that bird has flown. Manipulating will only serve to distance a daughter long term, and can be irreparable.

  26. 26

    Im glad to hear that Bristol is FINALLY realizing what the world has to offer! If she want to be in a relationship with Kyle Massey, let her, she's a grown woman! To Hell with what her mother wants. Sarah must realize by now that her own daughter is a fully grown and becoming an independent young woman

  27. 27

    Let's just be real. She's upset because he's black not because she's jumped around from guy to guy. What? Is Bristol not suppose to date at all? I mean…geez. It doesn't appear that she gets around. I figured a year inbetween guys is NOT going from guy to guy. Racist bitch…

  28. 28

    Re: margaretmc – Why wouldn't you be happy about your own daughter dating Kyle, hmmm??? Last time I checked he was a good guy with a great head on his shoulders and is successful. Is it because he's black?

  29. 29

    She is not some teenager that can just move to L.A and get all crazy and wild and start living la vida loca. Bristol needs to be responsible and act like the mother that she is and take care of her child. Be a role model for her child, not someone that her child is gonna be embarrassed to have as a mother.