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Moby Goes After Brit Brit AGAIN!

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He's really got it out for her, doesn't he?

Moby has once again taken a bizarre, sort-of-but-not-really dig at Miz Britney Spears, by claiming that her music, as well as Ke$ha's, shouldn't be labeled as such!

He explains:

"It's fun, but I don't think of it as music. It's manufactured. I appreciate it as a pop culture phenomenon and some of the songs I like if I hear them in a shopping mall or something, but it doesn't function as music for me. Music is something that communicates emotion and integrity in a really interesting, direct way, and when I listen to the pop music you're describing, it's hyper-produced corporate product. That isn't really even a criticism, but I just think calling it music is a misnomer."

Well, to each his own, we suppose!

But we think it's pretty unfair to pigeon-hole an entire genre and discredit its ability to express emotion just because of how it's produced!

We're sure that there's a lot of people out there that would listen to what he produces and not consider it music, as well! No need to single anyone out and make those kind of statements!

What do U think of Moby's comments?

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152 comments to “Moby Goes After Brit Brit AGAIN!”

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  1. 1

    I totally agree! It all sounds the same in the Pop genre. Electronic voices, stupid club lyrics, etc. As he said, sometimes there is a place for it. But, calling it 'music'? Not!

  2. 2

    I couldn't agree more. Their so-called music only has beat, no melody, no REAL vocals, no originality or creativity. It's a product to be consumed and as such it has no artistic merit.

  3. Waboo says – reply to this


    What an idiot. He makes songs for Britney, then slams her. But no, I'm sure his electronic dance bullshit is much better than Britney's or Kesha's even. Music means: "Vocal or instrumental sounds possessing a degree of melody, harmony, or rhythm." If you want to change the definition of it, then make your own fucking dictionary.

  4. 4

    What about the song he produced for britney on her album in the zone!!! Also who the fuck is moby when was the last time he had a hit!!!!

  5. 5

    And perez he was talking about pop music as a whole not just britney/kesha i think lady gaga is in that genre too!!!

  6. 6

    It may be manufactured. But it's still music.

    Besides, what have you put out in 10 years Moby. Nothing anyone's listening to.

  7. FS says – reply to this


    I think he's spot on. Gaga, Brit, Xtina, Rhiana, Katy P, etc, etc, are artists with no depth in their sound or lyrics. It's bubble gum fluff. It's like saying Will Smith was a real rap artist. Kudos to you Moby.

  8. 8

    I agree Moby. Art is dead. The Entertainment Industrial Complex decides who to elevate and who we should like and they pump that on the tv and the radio and morning shows and late night shows. Lady gaga is the rage–she's the latest generation's Madonna. Bethenny Frankel is a guru who made it all on her own–really, wasn't she on tv for like half a decade? There's The Voice and American idol. It's all just too much. It's all manufactured.It's like you have to leave the States and just shut off all the crap they're trying to sell you to keep any sense of yourself and what you really like.

  9. 9

    Spot on.

  10. 10

    Moby is absolutely right and you know it. And I don't like Moby either.

  11. 11

    "It's over…nobody listens to techno…"

  12. 12

    And Moby hit's this one out of the park.

    It all should be relabeled to "Musound" or "NoiseMix". And they should refer to themselves as such. "Hi, I'm Britney, and I make Noisemix".

  13. 13

    I agree!!! Well said. Today it's NOT about the music but amount the $$$.

  14. 14

    What he's trying to say, in a polite manner, is that it's all one giant amateur-hour-childs-play-crap that's REALLY unintelligent, thoughtless and super-simpleton crap that probably takes around 4.3 seconds to make by some uneducated studio engineer who sits behind a mixing board and a mac loaded with premade "beats" without having one iota of knowledge in regards to what an quarter note is. None of them do. They hit play on a beat machine and call it a day. Fucking retarded. And people think that blood, sweat, tears and actual thought went into making today's garbage. Yay for the majority. Keep dialing up those dollars to make these losers rich. All to ya.

  15. 15

    WTF? I never sing along or dance along to any crappy Moby songs. I sing and dance to Britney and Kesha and it makes me happy. That IS fucking music. Moby should get over himself.

  16. 16

    Britney is a performing monkey. Finally, someone is calling it what it is.

  17. FS says – reply to this


    wanna help contribute to a Gaga blog? The anti Perez approach. It's the blog that doesn't have it's dick up her ass and able to be neutral with it's Gaga posts. Opposed to blowing glitter up her ass everytime she farts. email me gagablogger@rogers.com and I'll send you the URL.

  18. 18

    I agree. The same writers/producers "cross pollinating". It all sounds the same!! Also, before Autotune and other "tools", you actually HAD to sing. I am so tired of seeing these "performers" lipsync so they can dazzle us with their choreography. If only they put that amount of dedication into perfecting their vocal abilities. Pink's performance of "Glitter In The Air" on the Grammy's proves she can do both. We need more true singers such as Adele who actually have something relevant to sing (and sing well) about. Damn!! I only wanted to say "I agree".

  19. 19

    Moby is SPOT ON

  20. 20

    He's 100% correct. The same beats, the sam bpm, the same fucking auto-tune. It's mostly bullshit with the odd genuine hit.

  21. jham says – reply to this


    I agree that most of pop music is entirely manufactured with specific formulas in the studio and could be sung by anybody. Most of it - certainly not all - but alot expresses very little truth and emotion, and is more about sales. It's far less related to an art form and much more related to marketing. But of course, Robyn and Adele would be considered "pop" i guess, and they don't fall in that genre. He's probably just talking about the Britany's, Katy Perrys, Kesha's and Rihinnas of the biz. I mean if these ladies aren't singing about sex and/or partying . . . they're not singing. It's all they sing about - i mean it's all that's given to them to lip synch.

  22. 22

    It's music, the only problem is them, they can't sing and their lyrics are stupid

  23. 23

    hmmm… he may not like it but it's music. I don't like pop and I don't like the kind of music that he does BUT it is music. I can understand what he is trying to say but I thing he's rude and full of himself… What's the point…?

  24. 24

    Where does he get off criticizing their music… most of it is produced by electronic artists just like himself.
    Besides, who is even talking about Moby these days. Why is he making headlines for trashing pop artists and not getting PR for releasing a new album.. Nobody talks about this geek unless he's fighting with Eminem or doggin other pop artists. What a loser

  25. 25

    I must say that I have to agree with him.

  26. 26

    If I were a musician I would be sooo pissed at people like Britney that lip syncing and walk around people that dance in a huge stage production and call that entertainment.
    The sad thing is people eat that crap up. No talent required. She doesn't play an instrument, doesn't write music, the studio creates her sound and she sip syncs to it.
    To each their own is right, but she doesn't see a dime of my money!!!

  27. 27

    He is totally correct, and he explained it very well. How is it "unfair" to have your own opinion on something?

  28. 28

    Re: woofenstein – Just because your horizons don't expand further that the Top 40 doesn't mean no one's does. Moby's kind of a big deal. People know him.

  29. 29

    I'm all for house,salsa and some pop music that makes me want to dance in my room like I'm 12 and have fun. Pop music takes a beating for being too 'flakey'. It was never meant to be deep. However, I have to agree that this new wave of Britney, Lady Gaga,Kesha and Katy Perry are just f'n brutal. Their music is boring, uninspired and pathetically lame. They're average to hideous looking girls, lypsinching, and dancing lazily to the same shit music wearing hideous costumes. The taste bar keeps getting lowered and ppl keep listening to it anyway. At the old age of 22, I feel so out of touch with music bc this is supposed to be the voice and sound of our generation and I just think it sucks so hard.

  30. 30

    I don't think he's talking about pop music in general, Perez. He's talkin about a subset of pop that sounds like it was made in a factory and looped. Gaga, some of her music sounds like this,but the songs that aren't singles, she sings well and plays the piano. The music industry is on life support since mj died. Love him or hate em, he was an innovator, always trying to create new sounds up until hs death. His old school songs are still played at proms. Can u picture that years from from now today's young artists?

  31. 31

    There's music that is deep and reflective but there is also music that is just fun with a hot beat that puts you in a good dancing mood when you hear it. Both types are perfectly valid but I just find it rich that Moby of all people is criticizing today's popular music. When was the last time he topped the charts or had a single out for that matter?

  32. 32

    He's right and you guys know it.

  33. 33

    I agree but it sells so they obviously are doing something right. When was the last time he was even relevant?
    Re: SlaveMeh – They just like to forget that Lady Gaga IS pop and she is the same cardboard copy of people before her.
    Re: canuckistani – This song plays everytime i hear the name Moby hahaha

  34. 34

    Damn some off you are stupid!!! Pop music is not supposed to be meaningful its pop music its suppossed to be FUN!! If you want music with meaning listen to country music or something other then pop!!!

  35. 35

    No one listen to techno bad joke anyways if he only means the Britney, Kesha etc., i.e the pop females of the moment then I see his point. But he can't generalize all of pop like that because not all pop is bad there are great examples of legit wonderful pop music.

  36. 36

    Re: FS – I agree with you completely, but I would have to take Xtina out of your list as she does not conform herself to that same club dance music all the pop artists are doing these days.

  37. 37

    Re: adg100 – Perfectly stated, period!

  38. 38

    Re: bowlerderby – OMG!! That was so funny! I love your comment "your horizons don't expand passed the Top 40".. so true!

  39. 39

    Pop music is what it is. I don't believe in acting high and mighty about it. I do agree, however, with one poster above who said much of today's pop music is boring and uninspiring. Over the last ten years or so, it has kind of gotten really generic with the same tired beats and godawful street language lyrics. I've been out of the loop over the past 10 or so years, because I really stopped paying attention to a lot of new acts since then, although there have been a few great exceptions over the years.

  40. 40

    He is right! And he is not coming across bitter or judgmental just simply making a obvious statement.

  41. 41

    Re: SlaveMeh – Who said country was meaningful, you've obviously missed the point. I'd have to say country is worse than pop music, hahaha, just my opinion. There's a lot of meaningful music out there and that includes pop music, just not the crap that's played on the radio. Pop music can be unique and original too without sounding like the same recycled beat on the radio. Lady Gaga's trying, I gotta give her credit, about 30% of it is pretty original.

  42. 42

    music videos ruined music, let's face it. Instead of being about sound and rhythm, it became a visual art. Now, with people like CaCa and Britney and Kesha, etc., it should be called performance art, not music.

  43. 43

    Satanic Illuminati product performed by MK Ultra mind controlled victims.

  44. 44

    Why are you mad at him for speaking the truth? Look at the top 10 songs they are all meant to entertain but there is no real talent - subtract GAGA from that comment.

  45. 45

    Although I agree with what he is saying it's interesting though as he is such a musical purest that he would be walking through a shopping mall and not more specialty type shops. Kind of a contradiction isn't it?

  46. 46

    I think Moby's comments are totally fair. What's unfair is being forced to get constant auto tune blaring from the car radio because it's all pay to play anyway. Unfair to single out Britney? The only album of hers I liked was 'Blackout' and she produced it more privately because she was still 'crazy'. Too crazy for the mega plastic pop scene. Then with 'Circus' it was just back to the same margarine dream. Music is a living thing and these heavily pre packaged deals kill it.

  47. 47

    I think even Britney would agree with Moby. That's exactly what it is, and she's always been perfectly happy to comply with it, as her talent is dancing/performing, not making real 'music'. It is totally manufactured & she's made gazillions from it. There's nothing wrong with it, but it is not music in the historic, truest sense of the word. There is no emotional expression it it - it's painting by numbers or fast food music and she just does exactly what she is told to do with it.

  48. 48

    i couldn't have said it better myself

  49. 49

    Kind of lame since there's always been pop stars that had music produced for them. This is nothing new. Moby must need publicity.

  50. 50

    I understand what he's saying but he's talking about music like he created it. Whether he likes it or not music isn't just what he accepts as music. …Next!

  51. 51

    Re: depechegurl – The only thing original about gaga is her outfits!!! Quote "Pop music can be unique and original too without sounding like the same recycled beat on the radio". And then you lost me when you said gaga, gaga music all sounds the same examples born this way sounds like express yourself,Judas sounds like bad romance,alejandro sounds like ace of base and so on and so on!!

  52. 52

    "Porcelain" (his song) is one of the worst songs of all time, with his stupid OVER-PRODUCID vocals, so… What is he talking about? Didn't he work for GODNEY on "Early Mornin'"? And wasn't it awful compared to other songs in the album? So?… This bitch just wants attention, ENOUGH SAID!

  53. 53

    I completely agree! Britney Spears has really gone downhill. Her voice is so manufactured and she cannot even lip sync properly, to boot! I cannot believe people still support her. She needs to come out and admit she doesn't actually sing. I think people would have more respect for her admitting it instead of terrible live lip syncing that doesn't even match up!

  54. 54

    Moby totally wrote one of Britney's songs. It's called "Early Mornin", and it's from her fourth album, "In the Zone". He should be dissing pop music if he writes it. lol

  55. 55

    Moby is right!!

    And let's not forget that Britney is the Queen of Lipsync!!

  56. 56

    And who is Moby to talk about anyone??

  57. 57

    Her performances are to music, what frozen dinners are to food.

  58. 58

    what a fucken hypocrite he fucken produced and wrote songs for britney spears album in the zone. plus doesn't he perform the same fucken music like rihanna, gaga, and britney and kesha? last time I checked his music sounded exactly like there music same elctronic sound. sounds to me he just wanted some attention no one is buying his new album. just watch britney and the other celebs are going to call him out also. espicially since he worked for britney spears and hired him as a producer and songwriter. he probably pissed that none of these artist are hiring him anymore for his flop songs on there album and he did a shitty job producing music for britney album. he probably just pissed that britney didn't added him on her album blackout, circus, or femme fatale lol.

  59. 59

    LOL i think it's safe to say his career at writing songs and producing music for other pop artist is officially over. no artist will want to work with him ever again if he going to write a song for you and then produce and then talk shit about you lol.

  60. 60

    though Moby's "music" is far from it… he does have a point. There's no creation going on there.

  61. 61

    I could not agree more…I mean c'mon to call britney MUSIC is insane…

  62. 62

    I totally agree….I love it when someone who actually knows about music makes an intelligent statement about all the poor pop music that exists….He of course, likes Gaga….he is an original and a visionary just like her….The two together on a song would be interesting.Re: SlaveMeh – He has been quoted as saying he likes Gaga (he went to a concert and was impressed)…WRONG again. Gaga is in a class ALLLLL by herself.

  63. Laury says – reply to this


    He's absolutely right. Britney is by no means an artist or a musician. Her producers do all the work for her and she just phones in the vocals which are always robotic and lack emotion and soul. And while in her heyday, she could easily fool people into thinking she had talent because she could dance, now that she can barely move, people are finally seeing her for what she really is: a fake.

  64. 64

    "Moby Goes After Brit Brit AGAIN" Perez your reading comprehension skills aren't worth a shit. That's what you took away from his interview. Do yourself a favor GO TO COLLEGE. Get an education. You use to be amusing - now i just view you as an idiot. Moby is SPOT ON.

  65. 65

    think most of us, and although not moby fans per se, agree with his assessment in general. britney certainly isn't the only one who fal into this category, but she is the epitome of what he's talking about.

  66. 66

    Re: SlaveMeh – That's why I said 30% of Gaga's music is pretty original, in my opinion. Now had I stated 100% is original (lol) would have been a load of crap. I agree with you on those similarities with the songs you mentioned as I have made the same comparisons with Ace of Base and Madonna. Born this way has got to be the crappiest song of hers (sounds like a horrible rendition of Express Yourself) and Judas is a knock off of Bad Romanace. All I am saying is that she is trying at least, unlike the others.

  67. 67

    Re: Laury – so your saying Britney phones in a few words and phrases to the studio, maybe just a few vowels and consonants, and the all-knowing, all-powerful producer programs them into his computer, shuffles them around a bit and out they come in the right order as a finished vocal track. As against this, we have actually seen many paparazzi pictures of Britney going into and coming out of recording studios, so we may suspect that at least part of this isn’t true! But what does she do in there? Sing a few random words and phrases then go home? For a producer to create acceptable vocal tracks from them would be a task of unimaginable complexity and take forever. In fact, it would be a lot simpler and quicker from the producer’s point of view if Britney would just sing the complete song right through, however badly. This would be a gigantic shortcut to getting all the words and phrases required, and in the right order, for any amount of diabolical processing to take place. Goodness knows, if she goes off-key a few times, there’s always the Almighty Autotune to put things right. Right?
    You know how dumb you sound!!!

  68. 68

    Man some of you guys are really ticked off about what Moby has to say huh? Lol, I don't think he was mean about it at all. He was saying how he felt and how he feels as a song writer, musician and "artist". Moby's concerts are actually pretty amazing, he has a support band, but he will blast around and play ALL the instruments throughout the concert and he will blow your mind doing it.

    I'm not a huge moby fan (one concert in 2001 and I went because I had a crush on the girl I went with). I think it's a fairly accurate depiction of what pop music is these days, within the confines of his humble opinion of course.

  69. 69

    Re: sanfran1 – Your a fucking IDIOT………… Keep believing that!!!!

  70. 70

    Re: Laury – If you want to claim that her voice is usually or always put through some kind of synthesizer then I would have to disagree. On most of her albums, her voice is rarely, if ever, electronically altered. Listening on good headphones shows this to be true. She does use a robotic, metallic kind of voice sometimes, and it sounds electronic or artificial, but that is an effect SHE creates. In a few places, the producer or mixer adds a kind of thin electronic fuzz on top of her vocal line.“Femme Fatale” is different from her previous albums because it does feature more use of electronic processing of her voice, but these are effects customized to each track and not just a load of generic distortion such as you get by misuse of the notorious Autotune. The “Autotune” argument, of yours, - which is that Britney is such a bad singer, and requires so much Autotuning to bring her into key, that Autotune is forced into distortion. But, as I said, what you hear on “Femme Fatale” isn’t the Autotune distortion sound, and at least 90% of her vocals, even on “Femme Fatale”, aren’t distorted anyway! Again I say “Listen with good headphones!” I could call upon any number of producers ready to testify that she can sing perfectly well in the studio and needs no more Autotuning than anybody else, but you conspiracy theorists say they’re all lying, so I won’t bother.

  71. 71

    Sonic garbage it what 80-90% of "music" is today

  72. 72

    Ummm his music sounds nothing but manafactured.

  73. 73

    I used to like Moby when he did underground House,Hardcore and Techno kinda stuff. Not a big fan of his new stuff either, but i kinda agree with him on some point. But then again not all pop music is the same. Take a look at Robyn and Lady Gaga. What they are doing is pretty different than what these other pop stars are doing.

  74. 74

    Yes, I agree with him 2…

  75. 75

    I actually agree with Moby here. Britney's music isn't emotional at all - I'd say that the only time Britney hinted that her music was meaningful was when she sang 'Everytime' and I think she wrote that herself. Now she's doing the club dance thing like everyone else, which I feel out of touch with because I'm not into all that

  76. mw says – reply to this


    he i right on…she is not music..she is a product. it lacks soul and t's very sad.

  77. mw says – reply to this


    doesn't matter "who is moby and when the last time he had a hit?!" was … he is absolutely spot on.

  78. 78

    Moby totally called it. Word for word.

  79. 79

    Moby is right on the money. I like artists who write their own songs, play their own music, tour large and small venues and don't hid behind "featuring" guests. If you're in a band and you play the "computer", I'm not impressed. I hate artists who hide behind autotune, costumes and dance numbers. If they choose to make fluff music, that's their choice, but I HATE HATE HATE they show up at music awards shows. They don't belong there. McDonald's makes a shitload of money, but it isn't good for you.

  80. Low says – reply to this



  81. 81

    Moby … oh ye of electronically produced dance music … has room to say that to ANYONE? I'm thinking not. Maybe that would be a valid criticism of someone with actual musical talent, but considering every song I can think of that he's come out with was clearly backed or entirely composed of electronic, computer-generated music, he should probably shut his trap and find a more productive way to steal some spotlight for himself.

  82. 82

    Moby wants to be Eminem, That is all.

  83. 83

    He's so right! I agree 100%!

  84. 84

    Re: catsmeow – Moby is way too big to want to be anybody else. Let alone a poser like Eminem. Moby's like a deity and he's spot on.

  85. 85

    I love Brit Brit but Moby is a musical genius and he is 100% correct

  86. 86

    Dear Moby,
    Shut up.

  87. 87

    It didn't seem like he wanted to be mean. In fact, he tried to say it as graciously as he could, but the truth hurts. Britney's music, if you can call it that, isn't Britney's music at all. It could have been any other person and it will still sound the same. No individuality.

  88. 88

    Re: SlaveMeh – i would just stop saying anything because everything u are saying just makes u look like a fool. you actually want people to believe that britney sings on her albums and 90% of the vocals are not autotuned? do u really believe that? come one get real. first of all if she ever really sang and sang halfway good then she could at least sing a little bit live.and we all know she cant do that. then u say that we all have to carefully listen to her vocals with headphones on so we can hear that she is actually singing? how old are u? 11?

  89. 89

    it's totally true, i love pop music, it's catchy and feel-good and you can have a good dance to it, but it's not proper music really - it's so manufactured, the singer has no real connection to the music, and so it doesn't communicate any emotion etc.

  90. 90

    lmao moby who? what a retard, he always goes after everyone to get attention, it's britney's turn this time i guess, whateves

  91. @v@ says – reply to this


    To be fair, I listen to an alternate rock station that features a lot of new rock, metal and heavier blues-rock artists, and it kicks major behind; but you won't get this great stuff promoted on mainstream. You have to go and find that underground. Sabbath, Zeppelin etc. rarely saw radio or t.v. play either in the day. They only seem to promote instant ramen pop that churns out like club cotton candy, squeezing out fast, maximum dineros, and then it's on to the next fad tune. They like musical *stars* more than actual quality musicians, because they can promise them the reduced contract world, turn them into a malleable marketable product, and extrude profit until next month's 'discovery.' To be fair to them, the star and the record company both also benefit more together than either would alone, and if youth want to buy it, then it's a living for them. Plus the industry and the way profits are being made now is reforming, and always changing and progressing and can be difficult for anyone except these stars with big backing.

  92. 92

    Best way to save is called collective buying!!! search online for "Printapons" every day a local business will be featured and prices will be discounted upto 90% off

  93. 93

    I think he is right!

  94. ONIT says – reply to this


    Concerning the history of pop music, he is wrong, but who ever thinks he's about techno music, knows even less about music than he does.

  95. 95

    Moby is an idiot…. but there some kind of truth in his opinion… i like britbrit… but this time i think she overdid the electrical voice thing… I personally hope that one day she will write a song with a big meaning for her… and produce a lp that blows us away… and pop music is not heartless… there are a lot of realy heartfull written songs, by the performer… Like Lady Gaga…

  96. 96

    Re: adg100 – Hilarious. LMFAO.

  97. 97

    'hyper-produced corporate product'… Me gusta. I'll have to remember that one.

  98. 98

    He's entitled to his opinion, Perez, and I one hundred percent agree with him. Moby's music is fantastic, anyway.

  99. 99

    I find it funny how most of the people on this website think that if it's not in the Top 40, it's not worth listening to. Such idiots XD

  100. 100

    Re: poo_poo – Are you twelve? Moby is a legend amongst those who actually expand their breadth of music outside of the Top 40.

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