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New Nick Cannon!

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Check out the just-released video from Nick Cannon for his new song Famous (above)!


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20 comments to “New Nick Cannon!”

  1. 1

    is this a joke?

  2. 2

    I am impressed

  3. 3

    Reminds me of an Eminem video with how he is in different characters…except there are no clever lyrics…or talent…

  4. 4

    Can you imagine him being your man?? If I were Mariah I would be embarrased.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    when he tries to be funny he's awful.
    this is the shitiest song i've heard so far this week.
    is there somebody that cares about this annoying and marginally talented guy (and not because he's married to mimi). oh, i forgot he's the host of a reality talent show. so proud.

  7. 7

    I am so happy that Mariah found happiness finally. But seriously and not to be mean, but this dude always comes across as either a nerd or developmentally challenged; I can't decide really. He must be great in bed, because he doesn't have money and he acts freaking goofy and well not exactly good looking!

  8. 8

    Exactly what's wrong with Music. He nailed it with the cliche pause and yelling. Horrible. Money, Cars… hahaha this fool has no idea. Yo - Hope Corey Gunz is nowhere near this dude.

  9. 9

    I thought it would be worse, it's just as bad/good as any other Euro type song that's out there. He's going with the flow. On another note, I must admit that everytime I see him I think about the fact that he is with a woman who is quite obviously extremely narcissistic, controlling and at times unstable, how is this a healthy relationship? I would say it's quite abusive, but he will probably never really admit to that, most men won't. I will always wonder why the two got together, because personality wise and body language wise, they are not in love, nor are they having sex. It's sad.

  10. 10

    Ok.. I was entertained for 3 minutes. That's a ton more than any of the other crap posted on here.

  11. 11

    wow @ everything. You sure presume a lot. Actually all GOOD marriages are like that :P The selfish hyper sexualized ones are the ones that only last 6 months. Women are controlling and a good man nods and says yes, dear. That's how it will ALWAYS work and if you're not with that type of person get ready to be cheated on and dumped.

  12. 12

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  13. 13

    he uses mariah for fame, he would be a no body without her

  14. 14

    People please!!! It's not that bad. Ya'll forgot he is a comedian, first and foremost. It was fuckin funny. If you dont think so, you got a stick up ur ass. No one has to be a legit singer these days. Just cause his wife is the bomb ass singer, doesn't mean he is. Take it for what it is. Comedy!!!

  15. 15

  16. 16

    Come on, guys! Nick is a comedian and he's super corny! He's not ashamed to admit he's corny and that's what gives him his charm. Regardless of his corny ass, the song/video was entertaining and cute.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    So, is this Akon featuring Nick Cannon or Nick Cannon featuring Akon??? Nick isn't doing in this song. I'm sure this song would be on the radio. Way to be "famous" using Mariah's name, Nick!

  19. 19

    Re: rickraton – umm were did this come from u aint that famous

  20. 20

    umm wat is this is this a prank …fyi u aint that famous liven off of mariah wtf now she has to take care of 3 kids