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More U.S. States Allow Cousins To Marry Than Same-Sex Couples

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Same Sex Cousin Marry Map

Really? More U.S. states allow first cousins to marry than same-sex couples??

Despite the majority of the nation having a negative stigma against first cousins marrying (even though there are famous cases throughout history), 19 states permit restriction-free marriage for the couples.

Yet, only 5 states allow same-sex marriages!

Doesn't make much sense to us. If that many states can support love between cousins, we don't see why they can't just support love between same-sex couples as well!

Quite the statistic, isn't it?


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64 comments to “More U.S. States Allow Cousins To Marry Than Same-Sex Couples”

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  2. 2

    Well, hopefully you haven't just strongly associated the grossness of first cousin marriage with the "grossness" of gay marriage. In any case, I had no idea it was legal to marry your first cousin in my birth state! Gross!

  3. 3

    Im glad you pointed this out. Things aren't as bad as I had thought. I feel a lot better about our contry now

  4. 4

    well marriage between cousins is a very old thing… like since marriage existed people have married cousins so you can't compare a very old practice with a new one. same sex marriage will be legal in all states eventually but its not like people are passing laws in 2011 allowing cousins to marry, its been on the books all this time.

  5. 5

    wow… thats ridiculous

  6. 6

    Oh my God that is ridiculous! How stupid our country can be.

  7. 7

    I love how there's always that stereotype about us in the South fucking our cousins when it's legal in California AND New York.

  8. 8

    wow that is very interesting

  9. 9

    Perez is not associating the two. They are just pointing out the fact that despite a large majority of american's hating the idea of cousins marrying these states allow them to marry. Conversely the majority of american's accept gay couples wedding but it is outlowed in most states.

  10. 10

    I honestly did not think there were any states that allowed first cousins to marry. I knew that second cousins could in some states, but first cousins? I am surprised. Oh well, you learn something new every day.

  11. 11

    Why do the gays want to get married anyway?

  12. 12

    But of course! This makes perfect sense …in a defacto theocracy.

  13. 13

    The institute of marriage is beyond f-ed up. It's insane this many states allow cousins to marry. I still don't understand why gay people can't marry too. Straight people are not doing a good job with it anyway.

  14. 14

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that more than 2/3 of those states are not southern and that Mississippi and Kentucky are not on that list. In Mississippi they are super serious about it too. You have to get a blood test to make sure you aren't related.

  15. 15

    way to keep it classy USA

  16. 16

    SO TRUE!!!!!

  17. 17

    that's disgusting. what is wrong with people? sick.

  18. 18

    That is just laughable… There are so many great and tolerant people in America but seeing this is just depressing….

  19. 19

    another gay agenda posting……

    they allow second and third cousins only…..not direct cousins…..LEAVING OUT INFORMATION PEREZ.

  20. 20

    Re: Violatrix – not first cousins marriage….second and third cousin….perez is a liar.

  21. 21

    Re: Genghis Khan – not first cousins…perez is a liar.

  22. 22

    Re: Heaven_Oblivion_Bliss – because they can….they have no other logical reason….doing it just to do it….

  23. 23

    Re: Team Kim Richards – thats supposed to make it better?!!

  24. 24

    Find a new subject to bitch about homo.

  25. 25

    Thats disgusting! What is wrong with your country! People who are biologically related to eachother can legally get married? Yes 2 people who are in love and just happen to be man and man or woman and woman cannot? SAD! I'm so glad I'm Canadian!

  26. 26

    Well, I just hope that the folks who are saying that this is gross aren't in support of homosexuality. Because then that would make you a big, fat hypocrite. Like violatrix said, there have been people throughout time and people now that think gay marriage is gross. And if you were in support of gay marriage and not same bloodline sexual relations, it would go against the main state of mind of homosexuals: love who you want to love. (And that means ANYBODY!)

  27. 27

    WOWWWWW…. Was anyone else as shocked as I am that you can marry your first cousin in all these states? It really is a joke that same-sex marriage is looked down on, yet you can marry your freaking cousin! People are born a certain way and should be able to marry that way. People are NOT born attracted to cousins!!!

  28. 28

    Re: Team Kim Richards – He is actually correct. After your post, I looked into this. What I found was actually 20 states that allow FIRST cousins to marry. There were an additional 5 that only allowed it if they were over 55 or 65, or if one was infertile. NC allows first cousins to marry, but not double cousins.

  29. auds says – reply to this


    While we all now know that marrying one's cousins causes genetic mutations that are horrible & brings forth recessive genes, up until 100 years ago it was not entirely uncommon for people to marry their relatives, especially to keep the wealth between a family. Look at royalty passed down thru the ages? The idea of gay marriage is very new & will take time to be put into place, so it makes sense more states have old laws in place where it's legal to marry cousins… so have some patience and keep supporting gay married & it will win out in the end.

  30. auds says – reply to this


    Re: BeatGoesOn88 – Honey, this isn't shocking at all. People have been marrying cousins since the beginning of time… the only reason why it's so taboo is because there are horrible genetic diseases that become prevalent when people who have the same genetics breed. Have you ever looked up the royal blood line? It's insane, everyone married they're cousins just to keep the wealth in the family & that's where the blood diseases hemophilia and von willebrand came from.

  31. 31

    Well, now you know the reason why the average IQ of the nation is 90. And why sites like this thrive. Yay for the home team. Yay for the home team.

  32. 32

    Re: auds – you are the only one out of the 30+ people that have commented on this that actually sound educated. why does almost everyone on this site sound like a 14 year old girl who just saw a mouse. "EEEEEW! GROSS!"

  33. 33

    And this is the reason for all those Low IQ results . . .

  34. uyeah says – reply to this


    Haven't you seen "Gone With the Wind?" The Wilkes always married their cousins, in that case Melanie and Ashley Wilkes. It's a Southern thing.

  35. 35

    Great story!!!!!! I hope it gets picked up by the international media. fukn bizarre. well done.

  36. 36

    actually…. mail this story to the Daily Mail ( uk ) ASAP.

  37. 37

    Re: Heaven_Oblivion_Bliss – why are u on a site run by a gay guy then, cousins eewwww i dont care first or second thats gross

  38. 38

    That's creepy. Wouldn't your children run the risk of genetic mutations?

  39. cappa says – reply to this


    California? Really? You make me ashamed :(

  40. 40

    wait, west virginia doesn't allow first cousins to get married?

  41. queue says – reply to this


    Adam and Eve had kids and they had to have had sex with each other and so on and so on. So according to the bible, its ok to F* your first cousin, brother, sister etc. WAY FREAKIN GROSS!! It will come… equality will come… 2012 and after. Once the GOP leaves the scene bc they F*'d up royally this year, the DEMs will hopefully pull it together….

  42. 42

    Re: PlayingTheAngel
    And if you were in support of gay marriage and not same bloodline sexual relations, it would go against the main state of mind of homosexuals: love who you want to love. (And that means ANYBODY!)

    that's just dumb, just because i think gay's should get the right to marry, doesn't mean i have to be okay with people marrying there dad's or sisters or cousins or pets!
    that is a totaly different thing.
    thank got i don't live in the f-ed up country that is the USA
    god bless the rest of the world;)

  43. 43

    the only answer is to end marriages as legal issue and make them a church issue like baptisms

  44. 44

    This is inaccurate, for most of the states on this list saying that they allow "unrestricted marriages between first cousins" is wrong. For states like Wisconsin, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Utah… only allow cousin marriages if the couple is too old or physically cannot bear children. Just saying your wording of the article is inaccurate, carry on!

  45. 45

    So same sex couples can't get married but i can marry my cousin…. That is fucked up America… Get your priorities right!

  46. 46

    I don't know about the other states on that map, but in Alabama you can't marry within six degrees of consanguinity, so the closest you can marry is your 6th cousin, which is true for most states. I am a Family Law attorney. Makes me question the accuracy of this map.

  47. 47

    That's ASSerica for you.

  48. 48

    Sad… I don't get the hate in this country!

  49. 49

    My beautiful son is the result of a pairing with my first cousin. We were kids, drunk. I worried about how he'd turn out, based on a lot of the ignorance I believed, which is certainly shared by many posters here. There is only a 3-5% chance of defects in the children born of such unions, unless there is a history of a particular medical situation in the family. My son is now 32 and has a beautiful 4 month old daughter. Both are "NORMAL". I do not believe that homosexuals should be forbidden from marriage, but I take offense at people who would make rash judgements of others, in any situation.

  50. 50

    just proves how effed up the system really is they prefer to breed retards than allow same sex couples marry

  51. 51

    YAY CANADA, we Canadians know its wrong to marry your cousin..

  52. 52

    Wow. That does seem a little ridiculous, doesn't it?

  53. 53

    Shew, shit. I sighed in relief when I seen my ole state of KY wasn't on the bottom list. It's bad enough we're rumored to marry our cousins… lol…

  54. 54

    Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. And the evangelical right doesn't want women to have the option of abortion, but inbreeding is just fine. And all those poor lonely people with no cousins are up shit creek. Sux to be cousinless and gay. Or Perez and bald.

  55. 55

    It's funny that states where you would expect first cousin marriage to be legal, like Arkansas and Mississisippi, it's illegal and legal in more progressive states like California and Illinois.

  56. 56

    consanguineous marriages are not a good idea no matter what ppl say, however they are tradition in some asian cultures which is why they might allowed in new york and california. By the way marrying a cousin does not cause genetic mutations, they are already there in the heterozygous state. no matter what your culture is or how much you love someone, having children with a cousin needs a serious consideration of the risks since even genome wide homozygosity can cause disease.

  57. 57

    I live in Georgia and am just weirded out by this. The marriage between cousins of course.

  58. 58

    Re: Canadian_n_proud – Agreed with you, isn't our country bloody great? :P

  59. 59

    gross!! whats wrong with america??

  60. 60

    Might want to check your facts there, buddy.

    Pretty sure Indiana does NOT allow marriage between first cousins. And I'm sure that's the same story for the other states.

  61. 61

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  62. cappa says – reply to this


    Re: notafanofperez – @ notafanofperez. Actually buddy … you have your facts wrong. there is quite a bit of info available on the internet …. but possibly the most concise version for someone like you, would be Wikipedia … an extremely well sourced article. go to: wikipedia > cousin marriage > current status > USA . then check out the individual sources in the reference section. have fun and let me know what you find out.

  63. cappa says – reply to this


    Re: notafanofperez – and then hit up wikipedia > Cousin marriage law in the United States by state . the references are all statutory codes.

  64. cappa says – reply to this


    Re: Stiger05 – and because you are a family law attorney ( LOL ) you would be wise to look at the National Conference of State Legislatures website.
    go to ncsl dot org > issues & research > human services > state laws regarding marriages between first cousins. look for Alabama at the top of the cousin marriage legal list. I am astounded by the denials. THIS is the problem America.