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RiRi's New Video Has Upset The Children Parents

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Rihanna's new video Man Down (above) is causing a lot of trouble in just one day. The Parents Television Council has come forward to put RiRi on blast for having a "cold, calculated execution of murder" in the vid. They do not approve - but maybe they don't understand.

The council's argument against the video is that gunning down a man, regardless of the fact that he is a rapist, in a crowded, public area is NOT the sort of message RiRi should be sending to her fans and isn't a suitable form of justice. In their statement with regards to the video, the council adds:

"If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass …"

Okay, they aren't wrong there, but did they have the sound off when they were watching this video? Do they not hear the lyrics? The song isn't about justifying killing someone who has hurt you. The song is about how violence shouldn't beget more violence. It's about a woman doing the unthinkable after having the unthinkable done to her - and feeling remorse about it. At least, that is our interpretation.

What do U think? Does the PTC have a point or are they reaching for conflict?

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75 comments to “RiRi's New Video Has Upset The Children Parents”

  1. 1

    This is why stupid peeople (parents) shouldn't watch tv.

  2. 2

    Not a real big Rihanna fan but I hate the parents council and I bet they never personally been raped. If someone gets raped the ONLY justice is that mother fucker dying!

  3. 3

    Me thinks the only reason why you're defending her is because she's paying you to promote her…like plenty other celebs are doing. Cough…Lady Gaga..

    They're right..if Chris Brown were to make a video similar to this one, he would get so much more backlash…more than her. Why? Because he's a dude who hit a girl. But when she writes songs like S&M, it doesn't make her look anymore mature than Chris Brown.

  4. 4

    I think because shes a women thats had problems with domestic abuse people thought she would go down a lighter path song wise but shes not shes singing songs like s&m and man down which is actually promoting violence!

  5. 5

    Here's an idea: if parents are concerned with what their kids might see in the new Rihanna video, or any video, then monitor what they watch!

  6. Icky says – reply to this


    This video is awful..Rhianna is was just a vistim of violence and now she is promoting violence. I agree that rapists should be executed or at the very least neutered, but this video is just tasteless. I have watched violence before and this video is nothing but an attempt at "shock value". I couldn't tell you if the song was good or not the opening scene made the music pointless. And that for Rhianna and her camp shoudl be the real issue. Yuck! You suck Ri Ri…why???

  7. 7

    I don't understand why responsible parents would let their young kids watch Rihanna videos anyway? She sings about S&M. Do we really need a council to tell us she is not targeting Justin Bieber's fans?

  8. Bytch says – reply to this


    Your site is actually intolerable with ads now. You get ASSAULTED with pop up shit going to this site. Ugh. At least D L I S T E D doesn't assault you with shitty ads or run ads before videos!!!

  9. 9

    I believe that you can't put a censor on art of any form. Art has been questioned by people for decades. The fact is, no artist should be criticized for their work. The PTC needs to spend more time on educating their children rather than blindfolding them.

  10. 10

    Well this has a story I like it I mean I prefer it more than S and M. Other artists just make scary videos or rihanna herself… Whatever I love this song and the video. :)

  11. 11

    As someone who has suffered through rape, the video sends a powerful message unlike most videos today. The lyrics and video are not only powerful but a much stronger message sent than banning it

  12. 12

    First of all parents work and they can't watch their kids 24/7 so the parents don't always have the fault.

    Second of all if you're at a club, party or w/e and act like a "whore" then don't expect the men to behave calm and stay as if nothing had happened.

    I would understand if somebody who was just walking by and some man or men come and rape you, but showing "off" your moves and just being plain whore and the kill a man because you just danced to him or w/e.

    I don't like Rihanna, but come on.
    She was hit and then she makes trashy "whory" songs.
    I don't take this chick seriously.

  13. 13

    I'm pretty sure your interpretation of the song is wrong, Perez. It's a metaphor. She's talking about breaking up with a guy, breaking his heart, and it 'killing him.'

  14. 14

    Re: Revolennon – EXACTLY! stop using tv as a babysitter or if you cant be around to see what your kids watch, TALK TO THEM about the things they see and hear! Re: Icky – have you ever been a victim of domestic violence? if you have, my deepest and sincere sympathy. if not, how can you possibly judge something you do not understand? i agree, she is not setting the best example, but she is human and dealing publicly with an issue that is extremely difficult to heal from and probably doing the best she can, doing what she thinks is right at the time. people scrutinizing her is probably not best for her recovery.

  15. 15

    I have to agree with you Perez. I don't think there is anything wrong with this song or video, and normally I am pretty conservative with violence (I believe in the right to own guns legally, but not to commit harm to others unless you are defending yourself or someone else from being harmed). This may sound contradicting, but this is how I feel…

    Like someone mentioned, none of these people speaking on how wrong the video and song is… must have never experienced the pain of rape or have the compassion for someone who has. Here is a real example of how serious rape is…I know a woman who was walking a path with her 4 children, when a man came up and dragged her into the woods and brutally raped her. The whole time, telling her that if she looks at him he will kill her right in front of her kids, then kill her kids. This is a true story… and there is proof in the city's newspaper back in the 80's. Thankfully she was okay and the man was caught. Unfortunately he was released not too long after that… how is that justice? Honestly, it's hard for me not to go looking for the guy now and just shooting him in the f***ing face. It takes a lot for me to say something like that.

  16. 16


    Now seriously, imagine that happening to you… how TERRIBLE that would be mentally for someone. That is something I know, for myself, I could never forget or get over… the fear, the disgust. Many people commit suicide every year after a rape incident… now where is the real justice there? Someone who rapes another person doesn't deserve life or even to sit pretty in jail, just like murderers don't deserve that sort of luxury. They make a choice to steal something from that person that often leaves people lifeless for quite a long time, even with therapy.
    The law doesn't do enough to help rape victims. So, so what if a victim shoots their rapist in the face, all the power to em! I just wish parents would put themselves in people's places. This song is so good because the lyrics show so many emotions that would literally be going through someones mind in that situation. If they don't like it… maybe they should watch what they're kids are doing online while they are online.

  17. 17

    You can make your point across without actually SHOWING the act itself. Movies and videos did that for YEARS. Only recently when the level of violence and sex as escalated in the media outlets in our society have many artists out there gone overboard showing higher and higher levels of violence, and more and more overt acts of sex on mainstream media. We as a society have become desensitized if you think what was shown in the video is acceptable. Think of the iconic artists of the 60s and 70s–The Who, the Stones, the Beatles,the Eagles, etc. Entire careers singing about social injustice without resorting to what these artists today feel they NEED to be noticed. Very sad.

  18. 18

    They just loveee rihanna dont they? in my opinion, if a mofo rapes you and you shoot him that's justice because god knows they'll just put him in prison for 6 months and he'll be back on the streets on probation. How many movies have used this idea anyways? cmon, don't let videos and tv raise your children….how about actually parenting them?

  19. 19

    The song and the video definitely have a powerful message, there's no contesting that.
    But no, if I had kids there is no way in hell that I would let them watch this video.
    Rhianna is a horrible role model for children/teenagers.
    Rape is a serious crime, and I think it's deplorable the way it's used as a justification for murder in this song.
    It doesn't matter what they did to you, if you kill a human being you go to jail.
    Rhianna should be promoting actual ways to deal with something like rape. So many women live in silence because they're scared and ashamed of being rape victims. So many rapes are unreported because of that.
    Rhianna had a powerful message that she could have brought across in a much better way.

  20. 20

    Re: Camycam – did you watch the video? she shot him because he raped her …

  21. 21

    I like the song, dont like the video. On one hand, the song is her feeling remorseful and the guilt she feels over killing 'someone's son'. It's is by no means glorifying or justifying murder, but the opposite, even when she's the true victim. However, the video is graphic at the beginning and does show her killing in cold blood and feeling no emotion, which is contradicting the song's msg and kinda takes away from it.
    I wish PTC would stop comparing other artists' actions and just criticize them on their own material. The point isn't about hypocrisy and what Chris Brown is doing, it's about what Rihanna did. They're just using a controversal, hated guy to stir up anger from ppl.

  22. 22

    Re: liquidsugar – so you can't go to a club, dress sexy and have a good time dancing w.e the f way you want because if you do guys will rape you? you're actually defending a man that decides to go rape a woman and saying it's her fault because she danced with him. She already released an album (rated r) prior to Loud that talked about all her anger and frustration…..why can't she move on have fun and be more upbeat now? she at least deserves that.

  23. 23

    Mind controlled and triggered by rape…she must be used to that.

  24. sanaa says – reply to this


    Good song and she does it justice.

  25. 25

    Re: mustbenargles – and the law will continue to not do enough for rape victims is people choose to take the law into their own hands.
    justice is not served that way. in that case the victim becomes the offender, and i have to tell you, murder is a more serious offence than rape.
    so in your logic, this rape victim, who has now become a murderer, should also not be allowed to sit in jail because they took the life of another human being.
    the cycle is endless.
    all people can do it REPORT IT.
    that's the best you can do right now.
    it sucks, but it's the truth.

  26. 26

    I don't agree with censorship, but this girl is just bad news. She has revolver tattoos on her legs and seems to do or say anything to draw attention to herself. She lip syncs like no tomorrow, and sings through her nose. There's no talent required for Ms Rihanna, she's just a modern day Milli Vanilli lip syncing to studio created crap! Her bozo the clown hair, and plain dirty look just doesn't cut it.

  27. 27

    Another thing, when are parents going to take responsibility… my 11 year old brother gets online, but he has never watched anything like that online. My parents sit with him when he's online, they don't use the internet as a babysitter. They aren't overprotective but they don't want him seeing stuff that he shouldnt at his age.
    Instead of blaming Rhianna for HER music video (you know, she has the right to express herself the way she wants)… maybe parents should blame themselves.

    Just because the video isn't good for kids (which I agree it's totally not) doesn't make it wrong… When are people going to get through their heads, not everything is made for children. Sex and violence sell and those two things are going to be in movies, music, tv, and internet. Be a RESPONSIBLE parent and monitor what your kids are doing online… simple. Quit blaming people who have the freedom to do what they want.

  28. 28

    I'm starting to think that the parents council is just picking on Rihanna. A lot of people hate her because she didn't become some spokes person or model for domestic violence. Sorry, but that is her choice. Just because someone goes through something doesn't mean they have to become a hero. It's ideal, but not mandatory. Other people simply hate her because she went through a dark phase with Rater R, & they are still harboring petty grudges over it. If you really don't care for Rihanna because of her music that's one thing, but too many people hate for petty reasons. Leave the girl alone already. She can do whatever she wants with her music, & she can dress however she wants, & do her hair however she wants.

  29. 29

    Freedom of speech. I think the people that make up the parents council need to find a new hobby or job.

  30. 30

    rhi sucks and so does this video. Chris has taken too much responsibility for this crazy chick. She sings about LIKING to be beaten in many songs and then killing men. Honestly i didn't hear anything about rape or it even being a bad guy> Maybe it said it at the end but the song and ghetto video (thanks for stereo typing black ppl) were so bad I turned it off

  31. 31

    Re: scotch_pirate – Yes, I watched the video. I'm referring to Perez's intepretation of the song lyrics(3rd paragraph). The song isn't about actually shooting someone, it's a metaphor. The video, on the other hand, is very literal.

  32. 32

    Re: Whoaaa – say what you want about rihanna but i've never caught her lip sync once……at least give the girl that much you douche.

  33. 33

    Do they even should music videos on tv anymore? Then why are they complaining. Don't let your kids watch if it's that big of a deal to you.

  34. 34

    Re: mustbenargles – Well said! Agreed 100% with you!

  35. 35

    Re: liquidsugar – No one is responsible for the actions of someone else, no matter how much of a "whore" they act like. It's up to the person to control themselves and not rape someone. Also, by "whore", you mean someone who likes sex? So if you like sex, that means you are asking to be raped? Horrible for you to basically defend rape and rapists by extension.
    Re: Ari Pari – I'm so sorry.
    Re: justtospeaktruth – I agree.

  36. 36

    i cannot believe the council made such an insensitive statement. yeah, no one would want to see chris brown in a video portraying violence because we've already seen enough violence from him! any valid argument or point the council made was negated and canceled out by this ignorant chris brown reference. sure, the council is against the showing of violence or murder on tv, but when it comes to alluding to a private, hurtful matter, ie a domestic violence case, essentially defending a woman beater to protest the video of a woman who was the VICTIM, the council has no moral issue with that. this is completely thoughtless and tacky. but coming from a group who thinks glee is turning the youth of america gay, im not really surprised.

  37. 37
  38. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Turn your GD tv's off IF ya don't like it! Give me a F`ing break already!! It's a video!
    I would gun the dude down who raped me or one of my “ girls“““““`PERIOD!

  39. 39

    RiRi is trying wayyy to hard to be sexy.. she is coming off Trashy… Trying so hard for shock value.. but then again this is the normal path of the Illuminati!

  40. 40

    Violence is the only thing blacks understand.

  41. 41

    All comments about this video and the contents aside.. this song is annoying and a pathetic attempt at trying to sound like regaee. Not catchy and sooooo annoying.

  42. 42

    Re: Ari Pari – I am truly very sorry to hear that, and I genuinly hope you're doing okay. I wish you all the best.

  43. 43

    i only agree because this was done so tacky. she could have left her gimics behind and made it honest. and as far as the chris brown thing it's true. also many people forget/don't know that crhis brown is also a child victim of domestic violence from someone who wasn't even his real parent it's no wonder the kid has problems .

  44. 44

    I understand why someone would react, because it is murder, yes, but is it justified? I would say so. I don't know of many people who would genuinly think it would be "unfair" for your life to be taken away, after you brutally ruined someone else's. I remember that I read an article once about a rape victim who said that during the rape all she could think of was "I hope he doesn't kill me," and the years afterwards she wished that he had. Rape is *always* torture, murder does not have to be, thus I find sexual abuse and rape to be worse than murder. It is THE worst thing anyone can do. The rapist and the rape victim's experiences are polar opposites, the rapist feels the best thing he/she could ever feel, while the rape victim feels the worst thing they could ever possibly feel. If anything can be called evil, this is it.

  45. 45

    Re: Mad Dog – You live up to your name. Good for you.

  46. 46

    anyone who thinks there is something wrong with this video is idiotic. Riri addressed something that most people wont. We all have had people hurt us, and have wanted to respond in anger. the song is about how that is not the path that u should go, and it shows her remorse. this parents association is just looking for drama because they hav nothing better to do. ALSO…this post is clearly about Man Down, so why is S&M being brought up? Anyone who saw that video also can clearly see that it is about more than sex….or maybe just too ignorant to see it.

  47. 47

    I think that since her lyrics showed remorse for killing the man, so should the video. That would have made it better. Because in the video… it just shows her killing the man and then what lead up to killing him and then running away. No tears, no "Why did I do this?" moments.

  48. 48

    Re: Mad Dog
    Ignorant racist pig,you're probably a cousin fu*ker.Only fools make generalizations of race, gender,and religion.No one is defined by their race alone,because human beings are multi-facid.And remember that whites invented the first handgun and created the NRA.Dumb Fu*k

  49. 49

    I think that the video would have been better if RIRI didn't have remorse for shooting the SOB. All RAPISTS SHOULD HAVE THEIR BALLS WACKED OFF

  50. 50


  51. 51

    Well, I do see that at least the violence does have to do with the song's lyrics, BUT the entire point could've been made with the guy in a casket or with less graphic blood. It didn't have to be so graphic. The song is really good and has a great beat. And she definitely had it that graphic to get more attention for the song. The point that if Chris Brown had done it is a good one though. Hell, if KANYE had this in their video he would've been blasted as well. It's less about WHO had it than the fact that it wasn't entirely necessary in the first place.

  52. 52

    Man Down is artistic, real to the core. forget the criticism about that one scene, The underlying message is whats important. GO RI RI!!!

  53. 53

    Re: Lady Amalthea – You have have the greatest point that I wish everyone could see!!! People say she's playing the victim… But in the end the victim is trying to play the guilt card by making people feel bad for them… She is putting everything behind her… She didn't choose to be attacked, nor did she choose to let people know… But people are so sick the can't just mind their own business… She isn't the only celebrity to have been attacked but since her attack was public people think she must now devote her life as a mentor when she is already an established artist…

  54. 54

    It’s really sad how most people started disliking Rihanna after her incident with Chris. It’s almost like she’s being shunned because she was beaten and now she’s “tainted” or something. Have anyone listened to Rated R? It wasn’t just dark and moody, it was the right album for her to come out with at that time, and it spoke of her pain and her strength. And as far as being sexy and provocative goes, Rihanna hasn’t done anything Britney, Christina, or even Lady Gaga hasn’t done. So, what’s the big problem? Is it because she’s black and not allowed to behave raunchy like those other girls? Why the double standard? It’s funny how “Judas” can be metaphoric and S&M can’t, even though the video shows the true meaning out the song and Rihanna said herself it wasn’t about sex…Lady Gaga is allowed to be deep but Rihanna isn’t? As for Man Down, anybody who listens to the song can tell you she’s singing about the regret she feels over killing a man. The video just happened to tell you why she killed him using a very controversial subject.

  55. 55

    Re: ThinkOfYouCK – First of all you never fuking saw what happened after the murder!!! She killed the man and then it went back to earlier that day when she is happy minding her business with her kids and then she goes to the club and gets raped and it nothing after that no feelings on how she felt afterward… It just showed the pain it brought to her and explained why she shot the man… In no way does it make this seem like what she did was right… You have probably never been in this situation so you honestly can't speak as well as she can…

  56. 56

    This Video does show remorse for killing him… "I didn't mean to lay him down, But it's to late to turn back now, Don't know what I was thinking now he's no longer living"….

  57. 57

    She knows people are sensitive and I think they could have gone a creative route to show it. Where you dont see her shooting him or him dying but something different where you still get the point. Or atleast dont show him getting shot and the blood coming out.

  58. 58

    Re: yeaman – honestly i think she was trying to capture the whole jamaican feel to it, like island movies don't really do well at being metaphoric about violence and they just show it, i like that she was blunt with it imo

  59. 59

    parents, your kids shouldn't be watching rihanna, watch your damb kids

  60. 60

    Re: Mad Dog – your retarded , like white people don't understand violence!!

  61. 61

    i dont think her message is that you should shoot a rapist. its just a plot line, if this was a movie no one would care…

  62. 62

    parents are really annoying. if a world was according to them there would be nothing, no music, no tv, no shows (even good ones like House). its kind of funny - when a person is young they want to do everything and they do but the minute they have a child, they immediately think - OMG I don't want my child to go through it etc… I'll probably be the same way once I have a baby…

  63. 63

    Re: angecorrompu – Ppl don't think Rihanna is 'tainted' and hate her bc she was assaulted, that's a really irresponsible thing to say. They dislike how overtly sexualized her lyrics are and her violent innuendos. LG's Judas is just as controversial as Rihanna's S&M, is receiving tons of criticism and she's white. Christina became Xtina and did her whole dirrty schtick and was labeled a whore and received tons of flack as well. She's white. Britney went from teenage bubble gum popstar to sexpot, shaking her ass in a nude bodysuit and was criticized for alienating her preteen fanbase. She's white. As you can see all the girls you used as examples have been criticized as much as Rihanna and they're white, so please don't bring race into it.
    That being said, I agree that the song does show remorse and the lyrics are harmless. I just wish she maybe hadn't used such a graphic video. Art can just as powerful when it's implied, rather than shown explicitly. Just bc someone else is doing something, doesn't mean you have to follow them.

  64. 64

    i hate how censored music is ecoming now, rihana has actually created something interesting and I bet i won't even get shown on tv now

  65. 65

    I think the song is awesome as well as the lyrics, but the video is kind of confusing because in the lyrics she's singing about feeling remorse, but in the video it shows the retaliation part, but not so much the remorse part. The story in the video could've been done better.

  66. 66

    But I'm sure many rape victims may think about doing this to their rapist, but violence is never the answer.

  67. 67

    whatever the story of the song is and the video with it …… GUNS SHOULD NOT BE PROMOTED AND OR EXPOSED TO ANYBODY . its just wrong . wrong always . if there is one kid that steals mommie or daddy's gun and takes it to school for example … then what ?!??!

  68. 68

    I don't interpret it your way at all Perez. I have a 4 year old and I don't want her watching this GARBAGE in a few years. Rihanna has been shit ever since the Chris Brown beating. She IS a piece of shit for making this video.

  69. 69

    Great music video. These parents that want to shelter their children from every little thing needs to know that the world doesn't, hasn't, won't, and ever will conform to their close-minded conservative standards. Also, I smell another #1 for RiRi (between this and California King Bed).

  70. 70

  71. 71

    Re: starlighht – Listen up idiot, there is a world of difference between consensual S&M play (which is very controlled as opposed to violence which is not) and domestic violence, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about so just shut the fuck up please!

  72. 72

    Re: Saetana

    Brown doesn't seem like the S&M type. Maybe that's why they go into it. Hell, who knows : )

  73. 73

    OMG LIQUIDSUGAR HAS SAID IT PERFECTLY! I mean, honestly. I'm not for rape AT ALL but shit, if you're sitting there acting like a damn whore, knowing with intentions to tease this guy thinking you've got the power, you've got another thing coming. That's probably 1/2 the reason girls nowadays are being raped. And then they want to solely blame the rapist. Well who drove the dude to do so?! I mean we're human, if you taunt me with a guy I'm pretty sure I'd want him too (not to the point of raping him, but hopefully you get what I'm saying). I used to love Rihanna, now after this whole Chris Brown nonsense, she all of a sudden wants to be some bad-ass sex addict crazed down-to-her-roots whore and it just goes to show how far people would go to stay relevant.

  74. 74

    Get over it!!

  75. 75

    I thin the real problem is, that eventhough this is a serious song, with a serious message, Rihanna presents herself as an oversexed femme fatale… If she wasn't dressed in this Lolita clothes, the video would be a ot better. The way she looks makes her somekind of fatal seductress, first she flirts with the guy, then she pushes him away, he gets agressive and then she kills him, because she's a cruel seductress and that would really be the wrong message…