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Has Cheryl Cut Ties With Simon??

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Such a shame that it's come to this.

After essentially being axed from both the UK and US versions of The X Factor, Cheryl Cole has reportedly cut contact with Simon Cowell!

The singer's mother, Joan Callaghan, says:

"She was terrified Simon had become her puppet master and she was being turned into his new Sinitta - Simon's little pet. She is determined to carve out a career without him. He'll have to come up with something special for them to even speak again."

We're sure she's probably not too happy with the way things have gone, but we would never suggest burning bridges with him all-together!

Unfortunately, this sort of seems like this whole situation took on a life of its own, and was pretty out of everyone's control by the time she got pink slipped, but who knows?

There has yet to even be an official announcement, so all we can do is wait and see what comes of this whole mess!

What do U think?? Should Cheryl cut off Simon??

[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “Has Cheryl Cut Ties With Simon??”

  1. 1

    Cheryl trusted Simon and said he was one of the most important people in her life, but it appears Simon doesn't do loyalty! Sad thing is I think Simon should have held his nerve, the American public would have loved her

  2. 2

    Never mind if they ever slept together- she now knows what it's like to be f#@ked by Simon…

  3. 3

    Well, its a job. Not everybody can just leave their jobs because they dont like their boss.

  4. 4

    What does Simon owe this untalented ungrateful nobody? If it were not for Cowell or the X-factor in which she milked to the very last drop for free publicity to promote her crappy auto-tune music to the top of the charts, she would still be just another c-List chav WAG despite not being able to sing who got into a Girl band based on her looks and infamously punched a woman for not giving her free sweets for being a "celebrity".

    The fact is this, she was given a chance to prove herself worthy, she FAILED. no one else’s fault but her own.
    This is Showbiz, you can't have someone wipe your ass 24/7 especially if your not up to it in the first place.
    The ones who sacked the miming chav wasnt even Cowell but the Fox execs who are investing over 100m in the show! so of course they are going to scrutinize every last detail, why would they risk all that money for a talentless unknown in America just so she could "promote" her profile? the show should be about the contestants not Cheryl!
    Cowell should never have given her the job in the first place there are plenty of other people that had better credentials. Now she is sulking like a brat because shes been put in her place.

    you must think low of the American public if you think they would "love" a miming chav convict for assault who can't sing or dance and has a terribly inflated ego. I am surprised she was even allowed into the country to work with her conviction and criminal record.

  5. 5

    I read that same statement in a few magazines recently and it was said that it was a "friend" or "someone close to" joan callaghan, not actually her so as far as I've read she didn't say that herself. I might be wrong but everyone is saying different things so we don't really know anything

  6. 6

    She wouldn't screw him, so he black listed her. it's that simple.

  7. 7

    I have a very good idea. Let's cut off Cheryl and send her back to where she belongs so we don't have to see or hear from her or about her anymore.

  8. 8

  9. 9

    knees like Demi Moore

  10. 10

    Without Simon 'she'll have to come up ' with something, anything interesting or special if she wants a career. Another pretty face with good mgmt and mediocre talent!

  11. 11

    Re: a_word_of_advice – Couldn't have said it better myself :]

  12. 12

    @a_word_of_advice - wow an essay on someone you claim is of no interest to anyone LOL! No I think badly of the UK public for never supporting their own and hating success - wont be long before the mob turns on Kate Middleton

  13. 13

    Re: a_word_of_advice – An essay on someone you claim is of no interest to anyone LOL!

  14. 14

    Re: jeanmarie – completely agree - the girl is lovely and that came across on the X Factor, but she can't sing or do much else, can she? I think she's screwed because X factor made her our sweetheart. My dad and I were talking about how nowadays it's not about the music, it's about headlines and media hype. Cheryl Cole is our Britney Spears.

  15. 15

    Is it already time for another episode of "That Woman Who Pays Perez To Mention Her Every Single Day But Nobody Cares"?

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Considering we all knew Simon was the driving force behind her solo career, then no she shouldn't. It's a shame she got the boot from XFUSA but it was a surprise to no one, now it strikes me that she is feeling sore and rebelling which is oonly going to do her harm. Simon has bigger fish to fry and won't fight for her. Now she'll just have to slink back off to girls aloud because that's all she'll have the power and talent for without him and x-factor.

  18. 18

    Who the hell is Cheryl Cole? Why is she famous?

  19. 19

    who cares and who even watches that show. stay in your own country you money hungry brat. they can't just make a nobody a judge. you might be famous in england or wherever she came from but shes not sh** here. that's why they took her off. don't make simon look like an idiot here perez you keep changing your story everyday about this irrelevance going on in our country.

  20. 20

    Re: adg100
    your an idiot.

  21. 21

    My God Joan has no shame. Cheryl would be nothing without Simon. They should be thanking him instead of threatening to blackmail him. No wonder people call them the GREEDY TWEEDYS. Simon would do well to stay well away.

  22. 22

    Re: pearl chavez
    my daddy says my daddy says

    obviously media runs everything. and you just figured that out? did you seriously compare her to britney? god these comments are so amusing.

  23. 23

    She's an ungrateful brat is what she is. It was Simon who made her a star in the UK. He gave her the gig in UK X Factor and in the US version of the show. If she got sacked from the US version it wasnt cause of Simon, he was the one that got her on the show, it was the FOX execs who didnt want her cause of her bad attitude and reported fights with Nicole Schrezinger.

  24. 24

    there was a blind vice in the past year about a girl singer from overseas who was coming to america and she was going to be really shoved down people's throats. This singer was also having an affair with someone really high up. So there you go.

  25. 25

    She has the biggest knees I've ever seen in my entire life.

  26. 26

    When are you going to realize that no one besides you really gives two shits about her? She seems like sucha whiney twit! bleh go back to UK already

  27. 27

    Pretty girl but I've never heard of her.

  28. 28

    hahaaaaa…. she f'd him for nothing. hilarious. bitter faced slag. now go away pls

  29. 29

    LOL if you think the amount I wrote qualifies as an "essay" then I suggest you READ more literature and text, who knows? it might improve your taste in culture.
    I am just fed with the tabloids and Ms Tweedy's PR team constantly spinning stories to make this woman a "victim" when she is not and everyone else the bad guy. She only got her comeuppance and what was long over due. These "poor me" stories are getting old. Afterall ANY success she has had was 100% not down to talent since she has none.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    She should be gratefull for being the fortunate recipient of his largesse for so many years.
    What's all this nonsense? Were they romantically involved? Is that it? Self created drama.

  31. 31

    I really think they could have given Cheryl at least 1 season on the show to see how a US audience would take to her before letting her go prematurly, but for whatever reason, they choose not too. Simon, however, is the last person I would blame in all this though. He fought so hard to even get her on the show in the first place.

  32. 32

    Selfish overrated self absorbed little BRAT. "He'll have to come up with something special for them to even speak again." nevermind theyre supposed to be very close friends, but no, Cheryl says get me something great and then we'll talk. She needs to damn well get over herself, how could she ask for double her pay when she has no talent whatsoever! Hope she stays off the radar for good.

  33. 33

    You know them Bosses who hire the pretty girl they fancy, in the hope that one day she will fall for him. The fact that her Mother is talking about Sinitta (that's what happened to her) it's all starting to make a lot of sense now. Simon was always telling her to drop her boyfriends and that husband of hers. Simon has always fancied Cheryl. She probably told him it was never going to happen and Simon who is so used to getting what he wants, started being mean to her on set in America and talking over her. All very strange indeed.