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Tennessee Takes Netflix Seriously! Sharing Login Info Can Land You Jail Time!

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tennessee is hardcore about netflix

Maybe we'll seek out a Blockbuster next time we're in Tennessee, just to be safe!

You may THINK you're doing something benevolent by giving your Netflix login info to your BFF so they can catch up on Dexter before the next season premiere, but starting July 1st, you're actually committing a crime if you do this in Tennessee.

The Volunteer State's governor has signed a bill into law which says that using a friend's login for Netflix or the music service Rhapsody can land you up to a year in jail.

According to the law, if you're convicted of stealing $500 or less of entertainment by illegally distributing login information, you can get a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. If you steal over $500 of digital entertainment, the jail time and fines can be more severe.

Technically, the law is aimed at "hackers and thieves who sell passwords in bulk," but according to the Tennessean "its sponsors acknowledge it could be employed against people who use a friend’s or relative’s subscription." Scary!

Here's what the bill's House sponsor, Rep. Gerald McCormick, had to say about it:

“What becomes not legal is if you send your username and password to all your friends so they can get free subscriptions."

We'll just bring some DVDs with us if we want to watch movies next time we visit Tennessee. Our friend can find their own way to get up to speed with Dexter. Ha!

If U live in Tennessee, will U stop sharing Netflix info? To everyone else - do U think this law will expand to other states?

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8 comments to “Tennessee Takes Netflix Seriously! Sharing Login Info Can Land You Jail Time!”

  1. 1

    I live in TN. No I will not stop. I pay for the service and I can do what I please with it. I can only let SO MANY people use my account, and If I get hacked its my fault. Ugh, what is up with TN making these dumbass bills lately. It doesn't matter about the economy, just about Netflix & 'Don't Say Gay'. I'm glad TN legislators have all this time on their hands, I didn't vote for their asses.

  2. 2

    I live in TN and I won't stop…I t is a crazy law and obviously our lawmakers have nothing better to do with there time than to make up crazy ass laws..Shouldn't they be concentrating on improving our state instead of making us look like dumbass hicks..

  3. 3

    How do you spell fascist in Tennessee?

  4. Ammie says – reply to this


    Pretty soon we will not be able to share books that we buy, or recipes, or clothing. As long as only one person is logged in at a time, that should be all that matters. What else will they control? Got to stop this NOW before it is too late.

  5. 5

    if only we still had blockbuster in nashville….then things might be a little easier

  6. 6

    now how are they gonna be able to tell im sharing my password with anyone?i could of very well went to my friend or even parents house and decided to long onto my own account to watch my show.

  7. 7

    So if I buy a car, and let my friend drive it, is the auto industry gonna come after me cause thats more money they didnt make by selling 1 more car to someone? And yeah…what if I go to my friends house and use my netflix over there?? What a load. I live in TN. And right now…Im sickeningly embarassed by this state. I agree….the "Dont Say Gay" bill and now this…….what better things does TN have to do??? Lets not focus our efforts on the people (and cities) who are still displaced from this year AND last years floods or anything. Geeeeeebus.

  8. 8

    Being from TN has turned into an embarassment lately. First you can't say "Gay" in schools and now this. As if people don't already think we are "dumb hicks", way to make a case for that…