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Ben Affleck Inspires Others To Rob Banks!

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Tell us if you've heard this one:

Two nuns walk into a bank. Except they're not nuns, but bank robbers dressed as nuns and they whip out some huge guns, rob the joint and skidaddle.

That's basically the log line for Ben Affleck's flick The Town - and also, last night's top story in Palos Heights, IL!

Check out the video (above) to see how two robbers, a man and woman, ran with Ben's movie and robbed a bank…and got away with it! Damn!

Sounds like a case for Jon Hamm!

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6 comments to “Ben Affleck Inspires Others To Rob Banks!”

  1. 1

    yes 'the town' was a dam good movie

    or also point break had the presidants rip patrick :(

  2. 2

    Is anyone really surprised? Sick people probably copy all the horror/gore movies too like hostel/saw.

  3. 3

    Maybe the Bank tellers thought it was for The Town 2…JK!

    Hope everyone is safe and they catch them nuns!

  4. 4

    WHAT? I live like 10 minutes away from here…crazy!

  5. 5

    the town was a good movie… I swear everything I see a movie where they rob a bank or pull off a heist and its successful and they get away with having tons of riches.. hell it makes me want to get in on the action.. LOL of course I never would..but it sounds fun!

  6. 6

    hope no one got hurt!!! good for them!!! those dam banks got bailed out and people are losing their homes and banks won't work with them..