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Chelsea Handler's Considering Leaving E! (Yay, Team Kardashian!!!)

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It didn't take Chelsea Lately long to finds its niche and audience on the E! network, but with several seasons under its belt - and a spin-off - viewers are wondering where Chelsea Handler plans to take the show next. Then answer, interestingly enough, might be off the air completely.

In her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chelsea revealed that her late-night program on E! may be seeing its final days as she, a self-proclaimed control freak, doesn't know if it is worth her sticking around much longer. Several factors have led her to this conclusion but mostly, it sounds like she is just tired of her format and tired of her network as a whole. She explained:

"We'll see how it goes and if it works out for me to stick around here. It's a lengthy process. They tell you you're valuable, and then you get a counter and you think, 'I guess you really don't care about me at all.' Nothing is set in stone, so if things go south, then obviously I'll be moving along … I want to do something that's going to utilize my brain a little more than this show," she says. "If Lately is the show that I'm going to do, it's going to change. But it may turn out that I'm done with it altogether. I can't keep doing the same thing; my brain is bleeding. I want to do something that's more mindful and isn't celebrity-centered. I'm not looking to totally bail on E! They've done a lot for me, and I like it here. If you take away the Kardashians."

Oh, hello green monster! Is someone a little jealous that their show comes in FOURTH behind the Kardashians, as well as Holly Madison's and Kendra? You know, bitter isn't a very nice color on anyone!

P.S. - Once again, we must insist: TEAM KARDASHIAN!!!

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63 comments to “Chelsea Handler's Considering Leaving E! (Yay, Team Kardashian!!!)”

  1. 1

    Yay team kardashian??? YOU LOSER. How can you have a post that is so biased??? Do the kardashians pay you to be 'team kardahiasn?' Love Chelsea and her show.

  2. 2

    It would not be a smart move for her to leave.

  3. 3

    ""You know, bitter isn't a very nice color on anyone!""

    STOP BULLYING AGAIN……still doing it Perez….picking on people that you don't like….

    We all knew you were full of shit with that crying video of apology…It lasted about as long as Paris changing herself when she got out of jail…….

  4. 4

    asshole much Mario?

  5. 5

    If you actually read the interview she isnt leaving just looking or another tv venture where she doesnt have to speak about just celebrities. And I agree the team karshian thing is A LITTLE MUCH.

  6. 6

    Team Handler

  7. 7

    You were on Chelsea's show a few times…..I think it's YOU who is bitter because you haven't been asked back maybe.

  8. 8

    There movies always remind me of those great classic and independent movies on bmoviesondvds.com

  9. 9

    fuck the kardashians !!!!!!!
    ill watch e news fashion police and chelsea's show
    i won't be watching E really if she leaves, i think some others feel the same

  10. 10

    Team Kardashian or Team Crapdashian? Handler is right to consider leaving. Her show is way too smart for the bimbo induced network such as E. I love that she doesn't have to kiss anyone's ass in the high school of Hollywood. Hmmmm…what should I watch on a tv??? A girl who used to clean and organize closet's for a living with no personality or a woman who is opinionated, funny and smart? I guess if I didn't have to think I'd choose the first. Seriously, Perez stop kissing ass to stay with the "in" crowd it's so high school geek of you I hope you hooray for the Kardashian's when their Kmart perfume and 15 minutes of glory are over and they're selling their shoe and handbag line on QVC.

  11. 11

    Chelsea does not come off as jealous of anyone. Her show is getting old and needs new material, she's smart "well and dumb" she will figure it out!

  12. 12

    So because she wants to be intellectually stimulated and is put off by the insincerity of network executives that registers as….jealousy towards the Kardashians to you? Not very sound logic. She may be an alcocholic shrew but I agree with her sentiment, the show is a little too generic for what she could provide. I think you're just bitter because she's admitted very candidly that she hates you.

  13. 13

    Just because Kardashians suck up to you and she doesn't give a shit about you. She was making a joke. The shows are completely different….the only thing that's the same is the channel. I love keeping up with the kardashians AND chelsea lately.

  14. 14

    Fuck E and Fuck the Karda$hians! I wish they would all go away and crawl back into the hole they came out of. The only things worth watching on E are Fashion Police and The Soup. I won't watch anything else on that stupid network because it all has to do with the Karda$hians. Even the Armenians hate the Karda$hians.

  15. 15

    The only reason you bash her all the time is because she called you out on your shit. Recently you've been writing some rude things, you're going back to your same bullying style, and it's not hot on you.

  16. 16

    Re: LovelyCup – Why? It's not like she's hurting for the $. She has made tons from her show, her 3 books and she made a spinoff(although we'll se how long that lasts). She clearly has hit a wall and if she's not happy, then good for her for trying to find something that does. People forget even though her show is immature, Chelsea's a smart, articulate girl, she needs something more mentally stimulating.

    Perez, it's "Green- eyed monster'. If you're going to insult someone, get it right. "Green monster" is the nickname of a wall @Fenway Park…moron.

  17. 17

    Re: CatAttack – Totally agree with you on that!

  18. 18

    I always wondered why she wants at Comedy Central or something like that. She's to good, too funny and too smart for Superficial E!…

  19. 19

    Team Handler. Perez I thought gays like strong woman the kardashians are not strong or talented. They get paid to do nothing but sleep around. Wait isn't that a whore?

  20. 20

    Seriously? How does she come off as jealous? Anyone with half a brain is sick of the Kardashians. E! has been taken over by them, E! News is like 15 minutes of news about actual celebrities and the rest is about them and their retarded shows. If Joel Mchale and Joan Rivers leave E! will be dead to me

  21. 21

    Jealous! who you kidding.. You are the jealous one. You don't have a show! I'm team Chelsea. Now why did you stop going to her show? You are the bitter one I can see you don't like her. Keep doing what you do best. Gossip and steal news from other people. She's funny and if she says its over it is because she wants out not because they don't want her. Actually E! wants her sooo bad…

  22. 22

    hahaha ur such a douche perez. ur as green as they come of chelsea she actually has a successful show and u have a fucking blog. way to go ull never be as rich or popular as ms. handler. she owns you

  23. 23

    Mario or whoever wrote this post is purely pitiful. Why should Chelsea, or anyone else be jealous of the Kardashians? They are talentless famewhores. At least Chelsea has a talent, even if you're not fond of her comedy her title is that of comedian. Kim and her flock get what title? Realty Stars? Whoring yourself on television is not a talent. I am very surprised that you're not embarrassed to announce publicly that you're team Kardashian. You have very poor taste!

  24. 24


  25. 25

    everyone likes the kardasians because everyone likes watching a train wreck

  26. 26

    Re: Beatrice Valentine – Haha yeah, a "fucking" blog you read and thousands of other people! Kinda hypocrite much?! I would like to see Chelsea leave, her face makes me sick. Plus it's so typical of her to pick on other shows, I'm not a fan of the Kardashians either… But I'll agree this points just at one thing: jealousy!

  27. 27

    Team Kardashian? You fake coke head slob. You've been on the Handler show but you SUCKED balls. You ungrateful hasbeen. I bet Kris pays you and that supplies your meth. You will always be a plastic evil old jerk.

  28. 28

    Something mindful is a great idea. Who the hell are the Kardashians? Never heard of them.

  29. 29

    If she's bitter, she deserves to be. Chelsea is the only redeemable talent on the E! network and having porn stars be higher rated is completely insulting. She knows E! is the most vapid piece of crap ever, pimping out the Kardashians and ex-Playboy models. If she left, it wouldn't be out of bitter or greed, just being tired of such a stupid network.

  30. 30

    THIS IS THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN. at least before, when you were being mean, you were being honest. i could smile at the things you wrote because i was true–so what if you called kim fake or britney spears' kids retarded looking–it wasn't off base!! BUT NOW??? NOW YOU ARE A SNIVELING, MONEY-GRUBBING WHORE. let me guess? kriss jenner signs you a monthly check and in turn you say nice things about her waste of space, plastically made daughter? you are PATHETIC now. i hope you know you've traded your soul…for what??? an invite to kim's wedding??? a few dollars from leann (what was that you used to call her?? homewrecker, was it??) skeletor rhimes, etc, etc. you are a sad little boy, who on the inside is still an unliked fat fuck hoping that the popular kids might just give him the time of day today. if i ever want to know anything about celebrity gossip, i'll go to the superficial where the writing is sharp, clever, and honest. in the meantime, i hope your success PLUMMETS as quickly as it rose.

  31. 31

    Perez needs to move toward a show like Chelsea, a blog is boring after such years, Perez is able to sell his soul to have what he wanted, for that he think kissing the ass of Kardashians is going to help him have a show in Etv, Etv has some executives who are deeply madly in love with the kardashians girls, Kim or the teenagers. This is why the K family is becoming powerful in ETV. Chelsea is very talented, rivers is so talented if these two ones are gone E is going to die. I don t see etv since the crap is becoming the power in Etv. Chelsea and Rivers are the only one I see but all the spin-off Kardshians. To me there is intervention to do inside ETV. The K teenagers has to be protected by law from theirs parents. This is the secret for me in Carpathians power in ETV.

  32. 32

    I liked Kendra at the beginning, the girls with heff it was nice but since the KARDASHIANS arrived they grow inside ETV like bad grass. For maintaining this power Kris is able to do everything to keep the tap open (big bucks). The teenagers are perfect to maintain the ETV executive’s attention, been teenagers and been in birth control and talking about on TV is to me an invitation to all paedophile to increase the rating. In the world of Kris it s completely ok. There is intervention inside ETV. Chelsea has to fight inside ETV or to let the crap in ETV and to find a good network.

  33. 33

    I doubt she is jealous of the Kardashians. I've read her books, she doesn't a give a shit about anything pettyl ike that shit. Just because Chelsea doesn't kiss your ass like the Kardashians do doesn't mean you have to be so rude about her lately. Fuck you.

  34. 34

    Why do you defend the Kardashians so much? They are famous for nothing, none of them has a career or do anything noteworthy. Chelsea is totally right!

  35. 35

    You are just pissed she won't have your fat ass on her show anymore!

  36. 36

    They probably are booting her because Kims big ass wants her own show about married life.

  37. 37

    Someones bitter they haven't been back on her show..huh Perez

  38. 38

    Perez isn't even trying to keep up the his anti-bullying stance anymore is he? He used to at least disguise it by using backhanded compliments. Just because Kim hung out with him at a few parties and took a few pics with him he has been licking her ass. He used to talk so much shit too. Mario is the fakest bully bitch on the internet.

  39. 39


  40. 40

    No on! cannot stand her.. she is not funny and cant deliver on lines at all.. i dont understand who the hell watcheds her stupid show in the first place…

  41. 41

    Chelsea is the ONLY thing I watch on E! so if she isn't there, which would suck, I won't be spending much time watching that channel.

  42. 42

    At least she has a show. Why are you so hateful towards someone who was nice enough to have your ugly crackhead self on her show? What has Kim done for you?

  43. 43

    Re: Armkin – kinda hypocrite much? awesome sentence structure. yea i read this asshole of a blog and im ready to leave. perez is such a douch and everyone on here knows it just read the comments on this page alone. this blog is tired and outdated his stories are late and biased. and then theres suckasses like you on here up is brown eye.

    so anyone out ther can you recomend any other blogs that are worth reading??

  44. 44

    interesting is she tries to go strictly into acting

    would love to watch her backpedal on a lot of her rude and crass statements about other celebs when she has to actually work with them on the set
    the "it was just a joke" defence doesn't hold water with me because a lot of times so called "comics" spew some pretty despicable things about others (like Joy Behar also does- same can be said about Perez) and they get out of being sued for slander with the "just a joke" comment
    fool some of the people….as the saying goes
    but they don't fool us all
    what you put out into the universe stays there and sometimes comes back to bite your backside

  45. 45

    She clearly isn't jealous or bitter, moron.

  46. 46

    Team chelsea (at least her brain functions)

  47. 47

    I think she should do everything she can to get them to go along with her changes. The problem is, E! IS celebrity centered. I don't think she is bitter by any means. She's worked hard, and for many years, to get where she is. The other girls (Kim, Kendra, & Holly) slept with the right people. Literally.

  48. 48

    Just because someone disses another person or show does not mean they're jealous just means they dislike them, otherwise guess that means you're jealous of half the people you write about when u make your snide remarks??

  49. 49

    She's just fishing for more money… contractual tactic… Get it guuurl……

  50. 50

    You're argument is baseless and biased. I see the new "nice" Perez facade being slowly peeled away to hide YOUR jealous interior. How about you create the blog that you said would not bully celebs anymore. You're passing judgement on miss handler (who is by far a better person than ever will be). The Kardashians are great and all, but they have no discernible talent, unlike Chelsea. Chelsea has created a comedic empire and if you would have taken the time to read and understood the ENTIRE article, you would have seen where she was coming from. Grow up Perez.

  51. 51

    she actually works hard and i remember seeing her on late night comedy like ten years ago. the kardashians do not work. they just have cameras follow them and silly little job tasks given to them. chels is still successful and needs to know that america watching her show is laughing along with her jokes while the other part of america, like me, that watches the kardashians is just to talk smack. i watched them back in 06. they used to have a tiny little house. now they grew into money greedy fools that prob wack off to themselves. keep up the good work chels! your an awesome female comedian that we need on the air!

  52. 52

    She's not jealous of the Kardashians. She is just like the rest of us.. praying for the day that they all load up on the mother ship and get the @#$% out of here!!

  53. 53

    The Kardashians are nothing but WHITE TRASH!!!! Chelsea is brighgt, funny, and unlike that TRASH, she has talent.

  54. 54

    Team Chelsea! And yes, YOU are the jealous one. I've seen your lame hosting gig on Oxygen with those low life trashy Bad Girls Club. You'll never land a "real" / "credible job, just this weak lil gossip / bully site. Funny how her After Lately show got re-newed sissy boy. She's calling the shots! Do your research for a change.

  55. 55

    You are too funny Perez… Yeah let's support girls that have no real talent, and bash Chelsea who is fricken funny.. even though I hate when she bashes Republican women!! She's funny and has talent!!

  56. 56

    I don't know why people on here are bitching about E! when they represent the same thing that Perez does: CELEBRITIES!! I mean, I could see if you didn't like E! because you prefer another outlet instead. But some of y'all are acting like E! is totally worthless. I, for one, like them because their news show is now an hour long. I also like their THS's. The soup is cool. I don't keep up with it like I used to, but it's OK. And Chelsea used to be alright (that's where I discovered Perez!), but I got bored with her quickly. I REALLY don't like her attitude. I know she's a comedienne and all, but I think that deep down she has the ego of Paris Hilton and Kim K combined. So because of that fact alone, I now find Chelsea's show incredibly unappealing. Oh, and if you want to talk about unappealing, let's talk about Fashion Police. Joan is funny- she has good jokes. And all of the hosts are OK on their own, I guess. But for some reason, when they come together, they become quite obnoxious. Oh, and the Kardashians are boring. Straight up. But even though E! isn't perfect, it doesn't make sense to go against them. I for one, think it will be fine without Chelsea. I know she gives them A LOT of viewers, but let's face it: That narcissistic woman needs to find a different network because if she thinks she's "too good" to do celeb gossip, than who needs her???

  57. 57

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – **THEN who needs her, not than. (Oops!)

  58. 58

    Of course her viewers are less than those shows; 'Chelsea Lately' airs four new episodes a week for most of the year. The other shows air one new episode a week for like a twelve week span. I don't think she's bitter at all. She doesn't need the show anyway, her books sell extremely well.

  59. 59


  60. 60

    TEAM CHELSEA!!!! Get rid of those hordashians pleaseeee, they're done! too much! enough of those hairy monkeys! pLease Perez!! Mario!! Or whaterver you'll call yourself next! ENOUGH!!! no more karsahian hores! Damm you ryan seacrest and paris hilton for putting these brainless skanks out there!!
    stop watching their show people and they'll go away!!!
    go away!!

  61. 61

    I love Chelsea and don't really care for the Kardasians, but Perez Hilton is awesome and not a bully. I am really impressed with how he has changed. He has a right to his own opinion and I think he expressed it in a sweet and sincere way. Just because you disagree doesn't mean he's being a bully.

  62. 62

    Sorry if I offend people but only LOSERS watch reality shows, and only the worst kind of LOSERS watch the Kartrashians!!! Chelsea is 1,000 times better than that horrid family.

  63. 63

    Re: HILRAY
    You can't be more wrong. A "certain type of person" enjoys train wrecks, not EVERYBODY. Believe me, not everybody, thankfully.