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Frances McDormand Takes On Rude Audience Member

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Frances Bad Audience Memeber


Frances McDormand didn't really need another reason to prove how rad she is, but, she gave us one anyway!

She's been in this Broadway play called Good People, and she seems like the frontrunner to win best actress from the Tonys — and now she absolutely deserves it.

Why? Because a rude audience member answered a loud phone call during the climatic moments of the play, and Frances wasn't having any of that shizz!

Check it:

The ring echoed from the balcony, drawing gasps from the audience, which included Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Incredibly, the woman with the phone took the call, saying, "Hello." McDormand said, sternly, from the stage, "When you're done, we'll resume." She continued when the rude playgoer stowed the phone.

Badass! We're sure the rest of the audience was grateful that she put that person in their place, regardless of having to put the play on pause. We'd expect nothing less from the cop from Fargo.

Taking a stand is so fab, Frances! Keep up the great work in your play! Good luck with the Tonys!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Frances McDormand Takes On Rude Audience Member”

  1. 1

    God, I f***ing hate assholes on their phones.

  2. 2

    she should just say it's not her in the pics

  3. meme says – reply to this


    Very unprofessional. You NEVER break character for any reason. She should kiss her TONY goodbye.

  4. 4

    that's awesome. go frances

  5. 5

    one of my fav movies of hers is Fargo-she was amazing in it!

  6. 6

    You gotta love Frances Mcdormond she doesn't take crap from anybody though she's not the only former oscar winner nominated for a Tony this year Vanessa Redgrave is also. but if mind serves me correctly Mcdormond has never been nominated for a tony prior to this and Redgrave is if I remember correctly on her 5th nomination having won 2 previously the last being in 2003 for A Long Days Journey into Night

  7. 7

    She is so BOSS!!!!! What kind of asshole would answer their phone during a performance? BTW Perez-do you have someone checking your work ever before you post? It's 'climactic," not climatic-unless it was a performance about the weather.

  8. 8

    i'd have knocked that phone out of that bitches hand if I was sitting next to her! What self absorbed bitch! Good on Frances!

  9. 9

    that was an awesome play!

  10. 10

    Way to go Francis. That is beyond rude.

  11. 11

    Re: meme – Yes! How is it badass? Just proves she's not a very professional actress. However, it was cool that she did that (just wouldn't expect it from such a high caliber performance…)

  12. 12

    Re: meme
    if someone chooses to be part of an audience, their JOB is to be quiet , turn off phones, be respectful and attentive once they walk thru that door. If a audience member breaks their part of the deal, the actors should have every right to break theirs if the audiences actions were enough to INTERFERE with the actors lines /performance. It's like blocking a punch. defending herself. The actors are doing it for THE AUDIENCE and their art. I am sure she cares less if she loses her Tony. It would just collect dust. She is an incredible actress, professional as hell so what's one more award. She has quite the resume. I understand when actors flub their lines or forget , they play on and don't break from character , I get ALL that. but what she did was more badass and more people need to put people in their place especially in movie theatres with normal people. Hell, I bet now audience goers will take this in consideration and not wanna get called out for being a jackass by one of the most professional actresses in the biz ! Tony Schmony. She has Coen brother at home to write her something else new!

  13. 13

    I do not think she should have broken character that would have taken me completely out of it as an audience member though I would have agreed with her, but would not have been able to get back in the story. That was so rude of the person, if I was sitting next to that person I would have had to do something.
    Stage actors do have to deal with disruptive audience members though, Lea said drunk audience members would yell at the actors in her show Spring Awakening, but as an actor the show must go.

  14. 14

    Re: meme – And just where did you take acting class…? KMART? She did exactly the right thing.

  15. 15

    To those saying it was unprofessional, this sort of thing happens all the time between actors and especially rude audience members both on and off Broadway. Actors who have enough awards to build a castle have even broken character to put an audience member in their place. Before each show there is a message played stating to turn off all electronics because they DISTRACT the actors on stage. If someone is having a loud conversation in the middle of a show, an actor has ever right to say something if they feel it is affecting their performance.

    I'd rather have an actor stop and ask an audience member to respect theatre etiquette then have the actor half ass a performance because they're distracted.